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Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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Surnames: Wilson
I am hoping that someone can give me some information on the book "Les Familles de Caraquet". Is this a book I can buy? I have been told that there is information in it on the Wilson family that moved to Miscou Island and would like to read about them. Thanks.

Re: Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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Yes this is a book, but very hard to find a copy. I've been trying to buy a copy for a long time now but can't seem to find a place that still has it. Your best bet is to check with your library genealogy section.
Les Familles de Caraquet" by Fidele Theriault: 1985; dictionnaire geneaologique. (THÉRIAULT, Fidèle. Les Familles de Caraquet. Dictionnaire Généalogique incluant les pionniers des paroisses de Bas-Caraquet, Bertrant, Grande-Anse, Maisonnette, Paquetville et Saint-Simon).

Cheers Gerald :-)

Re: Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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I have a copy of an old book called THE HISTORY OF MISCOU AND SHIPPEGAN by William Francis Ganong, first printed in 1906. I have never really read the book but after seeing your post, I had a quick look through it. There is an old map of Miscou Island and it shows many names of tracts of land which was given to some settlers and I saw the name 'WILSON' in two areas. One name that has come up a few times was one ANDREW WILSON. When I get some time, I'll have a closer look through the book and see if there are any other references re: WILSON.

I also have another book by the same author called THE HISTORY OF CARAQUET AND POKEMOUCHE.

Pat in Ottawa

Re: Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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Surnames: Wilson
Northern NB Acadians
Entries: 125311 Updated: 2006-08-11 01:55:59 UTC (Fri) Contact: Jean-Yves Fournier

Descendant Register, Generation No. 1


1. Andrew Wilson was born ABT 1780 in Aberdeen, Scotland, and died 4 MAI 1852. He married Jessy Gavin. She died 11 SEP 1854.

Children of Andrew Wilson and Jessy Gavin are: 2 i. Charles Wilson was born 19 MAY 1819 in Bartibog, NB. He married Helen Ducy 13 JAN 1847 in Pokemouche, daughter of James Ducy and Margaret McDonald.
3 ii. John Wilson was born 15 MAR 1822. He married Margaret Ducy ABT 1850, daughter of James Ducy and Margaret McDonald. He married Mary Power.
4 iii. Andrew Wilson was born ABT 1823. He married Phoebée Chiasson 9 JAN 1860 in Lamèque, daughter of Chrysostome Chiasson and Marie Brideau. She was born 9 MAI 1845.
5 iv. Joseph Wilson was born 6 JAN 1824. He married Mary Cowan 16 fév 1851.
6 v. James Wilson was born 1826. He married Ann Brown 21 aoû 1870 in Lamèque.
+ 7 vi. Anne Wilson was born 17 NOV 1827.
+ 8 vii. Peter Wilson was born ABT 1839.
+ 9 viii. Robert Wilson was born ABT 1841.
10 ix. Margaret Wilson was born ABT 1843, and died 18 déc 1889 in Lamèque. She married Robert McConnell 20 fév 1882 in Shippagan, son of Georges McConnell and Ludyvianna Dempster.
+ 11 x. Catherine Wilson.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 2


7. Anne Wilson (Andrew Wilson1) was born 17 NOV 1827. She married James MacDougall 23 JAN 1860 in Lamèque, son of Angus MacDougall and Jane Robert. He was born ABT 1833 in I.P.E.. She married Fabien Lebouthillier 3 fév 1868 in Shippagan, son of Damien Lebouthillier and Isabelle Gionet. He was born 31 JAN 1837, and died 1920. He was buried 3 SEP 1920 in Bas-Caraquet, NB.

Children of Anne Wilson and James MacDougall are:+ 12 i. Margaret-Jessy MacDougal was born 16 déc 1860 in Shippagan.
13 ii. James MacDougal was born 2 MAI 1862.

Children of Anne Wilson and Fabien Lebouthillier are: 14 i. Fabien-Olivier Lebouthillier was born 7 déc 1868.
15 ii. Anonyme was born ABT 1870, and died 1870.
16 iii. Alexandre Lebouthillier.

8. Peter Wilson (Andrew Wilson1) was born ABT 1839. He married Diana McConnell 6 fév 1861 in Shippagan, daughter of Georges McConnell and Ludyvianna Dempster. He married Isabelle Bezeau 20 SEP 1879 in Shippagan.

Children of Peter Wilson and Isabelle Bezeau are: 17 i. Ellen-Reta Wilson was born 13 SEP 1888 in Miscou.
18 ii. Élisabeth Wilson was born 1 SEP 1890 in Miscou.
19 iii. Susanne-Isabella Wilson was born 9 MAY 1893 in Miscou.
20 iv. Anna-Jane Wilson was born 20 JAN 1896 in Miscou.
21 v. Mary-Anastasia Wilson was born 10 MAY 1898 in Lamèque.

9. Robert Wilson (Andrew Wilson1) was born ABT 1841. He married Mary Campbell 12 JAN 1881 in Pokemouche, daughter of Alexandre Campbell and Mary Ducy.

Children of Robert Wilson and Mary Campbell are: 22 i. Robert-Andrew Wilson was born 26 aoû 1888 in Miscou.
23 ii. Mary-May Wilson was born 9 MAY 1891 in Miscou.

11. Catherine Wilson (Andrew Wilson1). She married David-John Brune 28 JAN 1878 in Lamèque, son of Jacob-Rum Brune and Henriette Stark.

Children of Catherine Wilson and David-John Brune are: 24 i. Wilfred-James Brune was born 23 SEP 1890 in Miscou.
25 ii. Margaret-Lima-E Brune was born 24 MAR 1901 in Lamèque.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 3


12. Margaret-Jessy MacDougal (Anne Wilson2, Andrew Wilson1) was born 16 déc 1860 in Shippagan. She married Angus McGinnis 26 NOV 1882 in Pokemouche, son of Ronald McGinnis and Bridget Ducy.

Child of Margaret-Jessy MacDougal and Angus McGinnis is: 26 i. John-Francis McInnis was born 16 JUN 1901 in Inkerman.

Re: Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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Thanks very much.

Re: Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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Thanks for your reply.

Andrew Wilson is my great great great grandfather
to Joseph Wilson m. Mary Cowan
to Catherine Wilson m. John David Brune
to Catherine Wilson (my grandmother) m. Nelbert Barbour

This is the line I am interested in if you have some time to look it up. Are you interested is selling your book? Where did you buy it?

Deborah (also in Ottawa)

Re: Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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Thanks. This is my line. I have some of this information from the church records. I do not have the marriage of Joseph Wilson and Mary Cowan (my great great grandparents) documented. Do you know which church they were married in?
Thanks for your help.

Re: Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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Hi Deborah:

The book belonged to my grandfather who lived in Bathurst, NB. My father had them and now I have them. I think one of the other people who responded to your question may have more info for you than I can provide but let me know if you want me to look further for any info.


Re: Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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Classification: Query
Hi Pat,
When you said you hadn't read the book, I thought there was no attachment to it. I can understand that you would want to keep them in the family. I would too if I could find one!
Thanks again,

Re: Wilson family and Les Familles de Caraquet

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Wilson, Wiseman
I am looking for information re: Ann Wilson, who had a son, George Wiseman, with Cornelius Wiseman, of ??/Bathurst. I have not been able to trace anthing of Ann`s family, nor of Cornelius` father. Ann`s parents are both buried in a cemetery in Bathurst. Cornelius was murdered on Halloween night as a very young man. George is listed in subsequent census as living with his grandparents, but Ann disappeared. She may have remarried, but George is always listed with his grandparents. She had a bother, Thomas, Any help would be enormously appreciated.
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