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Cemetery look-up help

Cemetery look-up help

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Surnames: Wallace, Cain
If someone has a cemetery book I would appreciate a look-up.

Buried in Purcell, OK, I have:
Lucinda Cain Wallace d. 1905 Graham OK, bur in Purcell.
James Ransom (Rance) Wallace d. 1909 Same

I would be interested in any other Wallaces in the same cemetery.

Thanks so much,
Pam Cain

Re: Cemetery look-up help

Posted: 1238154998000
Classification: Query
The McClain Co., OK, History and Heritage book, Vol.1, states that they were buried in Graham, OK, but their tombstones were not located. Do you need other information about them or their children?
J. Evans

Re: Cemetery look-up help

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Classification: Query
Thank you so much.

I have Lucinda's family and parents, but, if there is additional info listed on James Rance Wallace I would like to have the info. I would also like a listing of their children (and spouses) if listed.

I have some info gathered from census records, but, it is hard for me to get a complete picture of this family.

Some of the sons were outlaws, and while I can find some info online, the articles quickly turn to the more famous names leaving me lacking on the Wallaces.

By chance does it mention James Ransom Wallace's parents?

Thanks so much.
Pam Cain

James Ransom Wallace

Posted: 1238351450000
Classification: Query
Born: Sept. 9, 1824, GA.
Died: Dec 4, 1890.
Parents: unk. Wallace and unk. Taylor, both born in SC.
Occupation: possibly a school teacher.
Married: Nov. 30, 1848.
Their children were reared at Ginger Chapel, near North Port, AL, which is near Tuscaloosa.
9 children: I will send their names in next message.
J. Evans

James Ransom Wallace Children

Posted: 1238363925000
Classification: Query
1. Amanda Berrynice Wallis (25 Aug 1851- 12 Nov 1852)
2. William Monroe Wallace (23 Sept 1853- 2 apr 1857)
3. Frances Marien Wallis (24 Oct 1855- 8 Jan 1858)
4. Josephine Winifred Wallis (26 Apr 1858 -Dec 1945); md Wm. Franklin Boswell.)
5. Travis Houston Wallace (5 Sept 1860- 14 Apr 1925) md. Sudie Elizabeth Fleet.(family story and photos within this book; also has birth as 1850.)
6. Thomas Jefferson Wallace (b. 1863)
7. James Wilson Wallace (25 Jan 1865- 24 May 1894) Buried: Hillside Cemetery, Purcell.)
8. Mary Mariney Wallace (25 Jan 1868- Sept 1932) md. Richard Green.
9. Robert Cain wallace (4 Aug 1870- 6 Dec 1936) md. Sallie Elizabeth Strong.

Re: James Ransom Wallace Children

Posted: 1238368356000
Classification: Query
I cannot thank you enough for this information.

Your kindness is appreciated.


Wallace Family

Posted: 1238369172000
Classification: Query
There are other Wallaces buried at Purcell's Hillside Cemetery.
Let me know if you need their names, etc.

Re: Wallace Family

Posted: 1238515621000
Classification: Query
Yes, if you don't mind, I would like any Wallaces in the same cemetery.



Online Hillside Cemetery Records, Purcell, McClain Co., OK: Re: Wallace Family

Posted: 1238698515000
Classification: Cemetery
I just located this yesterday. I'll try to send you their birth dates if they're in my book.

Hillside Cemetery - Records Lookup Database
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ID Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Lot Number
Rows: 1- 20
Details WALLACE KENNETH 05/1984 237
Details WALLACE A.C. 357
Details WALLACE ROSE 396
Details WALLACE I.H. 396
Details WALLACE TOM BURNS 03/1988 416
Details WALLACE EULA 04/1975 416
Details WALLACE NANNIE 03/1984 528
Details WALLACE TRAVIS 06/1977 529
Details WALLACE MARTHA 12/1976 529
Details WALLACE WINNIFRED 08/1961 554
Details WALLACE TOMMY G. 12/1982 554
Details WALLACE SUSIE 01/1979 554
Details WALLACE GEORGE 01/1984 554
Details WALLACE JOSEPH 07/1954 563
Details WALLACE PAUL 668
Details WALLACE BILL 04/1975 669
Details WALLACE CORRELIE 00/1919 349

Rows 21-38
Details WALLACE TIM 01/1991 237
Details WALLACE SHELIA 10/1997 237
Details WALLACE BETTY LOU 06/1991 260
Details WALLACE LEE 10/1996 298
Details WALLACE SALLIE E 00/1927 305
Details WALLACE ROBERT C. 00/1936 305
Details WALLACE G.B. 328
Details WALLACE W BORDEN 01/1997 341
Details WALLACE W. LORENE 08/1993 341
Details WALLACE PAULINE 05/1990 341
Details WALLACE BRADEN 05/1989 341
Details WALLACE MAUDE 00/1936 341
Details WALLACE W.D. 00/1932 341
Details WALLACE BORRKS LINN 11/1950 341
Details WALLACE T.H. 00/1920 349
Details WALLACE JAMES 12/1949 349
Details WALLACE JETTIE / 06/2003 237

More Wallace burial info

Posted: 1239240759000
Classification: Cemetery
Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, McClain Co., OK; Riverside, CA*; Ardmore, OK**

(1) Travis Houston Wallace, b AL, 5 Sep 1850-14 Apr 1925; md Sudie Elizabeth Fleet, b AL, in Tuscaloosa, AL, on 7 Apr 1880.

(2,3) Travis Wilson "Kid" Wallace, 15 May 1888-28 Jun 1977, b I.T.; 1st wife, a Hall; 2nd wife, Martha Hogue, a Chickasaw, 30 Dec 1908-29 Dec 1976.

(4) Carnealious : Carrie" Frances Wallace, 6 Nov 1890-22 Feb 1919, b I.T. (Female)

(5) George Washington Wallace, 9 Sep 1885-31 Dec 1983, son of Travis H. and Sudie Wallace, who was the dau/of Reuben and Susan Thomas Goins; md 8 Jun 1911, Terrell, OK. Farmed on Susie's Chickasaw/Choctaw allotment land in Goins, OK, then moved to Purcell.

(6) Kenneth George Wallace, 3 Dec 1916- 19 May 1984; md Jettie Elizabeth Dumas, 22 May 1937.

(7) Tommy Gaylord Wallace, 29 Oct 1938-7 Dec 1982; VietNam Veteran; md Janice Boatwright, Purcell, 13 Feb 1958.

*(8) George Washington Wallace, Jr., 19 Apr 1926-21 Oct 1980, Veteran of WWII, (bd Riverside Nat'l Cemetery, Riverside, CA.); md 1st wife, Winifred Leah York, who died in home fire and is buried in HIllside Cemetery, Purcell. He md 2nd Joanna Gullion and 3rd, Charlotte unknown.

**(9,10) William Earl, 17 Jul 1897, Graham, IT, -4 Apr 1969; 1st wife, Vivian Cardova, with whom he possibly had a son; 2nd wife, Mattie Hulen, 30 Aug 1895-4 Mar 1985, with whom he had 6 children; Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery, Ardmore, OK.
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