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Family Books

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Surnames: PORTZ
i am interested in obtaining a copy of one of the family books from the village of Winterborn, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Would anyone have any advice on how to get one or at least access to the information within the books?

Any recommendations would be most helpful. Thanks!

Re: Family Books

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Do you know for a fact that there is a Familienbuch for Winterborn? I don't see one listed in these indexes of Familienbücher, although it's possible Winterborn is contained in the Familienbuch of a neighboring village.

Re: Family Books

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Winterborn may be contained within Niderhausen an der Appel. Thanks!

Re: Family Books

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Did you see a Familienbuch for Niederhausen an der Appel listed in the links I provided? I didn't. What information do you have that there IS a Familienbuch for Winterborn or Niederhausen?

Re: Family Books

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I was in contact with the man who was currently contributing to the book. I have been unable to make contact with him of late. He indicated that the book was no longer being published, which makes me wonder if it isn't a family book. I appreciate you help.

Re: Family Books

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"currently contributing to the book" - You mean the book isn't finished yet? Perhaps that's why you can't find it. The ambiguity of the information you have provided really prevents people from helping you. How about providing an author's name, book title, publisher, and publication date? That way those who try to help you won't be looking for a needle in a haystack.

Re: Family Books

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Hi LearnGenealogy,

What might I expect from this Parish Book including Mettendorf?

I have found some ancestors from Mettendorf on LDS pilot
online and wonder if there would be any more information in this book? Secondly, how do I obtain the book?

Title: Family album of the Pfarrei Mettendorf, Dekanat new castle 1641-1900 part ON BEHALF - Mu part II Ne - Z
Author/Hrsg.: Naumann, Werner/West German society for family customer registered association (WGfF), seat Cologne
Feature place: Cologne
Feature year: 1999
Extent: Part 1,472 sides; Part 2,471 sides
ISBN: ISBN 3-933364-13-2
Row; Volume: German local kinship books/row B; 185
Publications of the West German society for family customer registered association; 111

Supplementing data
Worked on period: 1641 - 1900
Worked on places: Mettendorf
Number of families: 3,378 families
Purchase over: WGfF
Price: 24.00 EUR

Thanks for the URL which allowed me to find a book for Mettendorf village.


Re: Family Books

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Most Familienbücher contain information compiled from original sources- typically church records, vital records, and sometimes other sources. They're locality based. They contain information on individuals in a given locality for a specified term of years. Familienbücher are usually arranged by family, with lists of nuclear families and their members, along with their birth, marriage, and death dates. Because they're compiled records, they don't contain all the information contained in the original sources. For example, they may not contain the names of baptismal sponsors, or marriage witnesses, or notations about consanguinity, which are usually important clues that are found in the original church records. Because they're copied from other sources, they also inevitably contain inaccuracies.

Familienbuch der Pfarrei Mettendorf: Dekanat Neuerburg 1641-1900 (Family lineage book for the parish of Mettendorf, deanery of Neuerburg) is available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City ( search for Place = Mettendorf), but has not been microfilmed, so it can't be obtained at local Family History Centers. To purchase a copy, check with the publisher: the Westdeutsche Gesellschaft für Familienkunde (West German Society for Family Study):

Or you could check the original church records for Mettendorf. They've been microfilmed by the Family History Library and can be rented and viewed at any Family History Center.

In the future, please be aware that online German>English translators are pretty bad, as you can see by comparing the translations I provided above with those in your original post.

Re: Family Books

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Thanks for the advice. I am considering a trip to Salt Lake to follow up on your suggestions. I presume advance reservations are not needed as I am new to this type of visit.

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