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Can you help?

Can you help?

Jenny Grass (View posts)
Posted: 965257477000
I've been searching forever to find where the name GRASS originates from...can you help me? I want to know more about this name and my ancestors I live in Billings Montana thanks so much!

Re: Can you help?

Posted: 965288117000
Edited: 993596518000
Jenny -- Where the name GRASS originated depends on which family you are from.

We have documented our family back to Mathias GRASS and Anna BLAESS who were married 1648 in Wingershiem, Hochfelden, France. Which is located in the department of Bas Rhin, Alsace, France.

GRASS is a fairly common name in France. It is also a fairly common name in Germany and in Italy. Possibly in other countries.



Jenny (View posts)
Posted: 965343374000
Thank you for that information Ann! Im also wondering if anyone traces the GRASS name to Grasse, France?? If so, why/how was it changed from Grasse to Grass? Thanks much..Jenny


Carolyn (View posts)
Posted: 965729922000
I've been researching that family too and 'word-of-mouth' takes us back to Grasse, France, but I've been unable to go back any farther than Germany (which might have been a stop-over on the way to the US and ultimately Canada). I don't know if we are from the same family or not. My great-great-great-grandfather was Jacob who came to the US in 1752. Please reply.


grass surname

phyllis tope (View posts)
Posted: 965996905000
my search has led me to believe that the GRASS FAMILY wereoriginally from germany,mennonites. they settled in pennsylvania, i believe lancaster. my great-great-great grandfather was EDWARD GRASS, son of JACOB GRASS ,who immigrated from germany. keep in touch, phyllis tope.


Steve Grass (View posts)
Posted: 966804426000
Ok, here's what I can ad to the story.

The name grasse/grass seems to have two origins; the german and the french.

If there is a connection, I have not seen it, but there may be one anyway.

The French Grass/Grasse seems to be from the family associated with the city of Grasse in Southern France.

Being aristocratic, it is likely those that survived the revolution might have emigrated, especially to French speaking Canada, where we can find today many people with that name, or a derivitive. Via what I suspect was illegal immegation, they also seem to have migrated into Maine.

The key to tracing the family way back is to link today's grasse/grass family memebers to those listed in the huge "book of Grasse".

All kidding aside, there is a large two volume geneology in the public library in Grasse, France that traces a HUGE family tree back to the year 1200.

Apparantly those Grasses migrated from Italy, and possibly there is a connection to Grassi. Sounds plausible to me since Grass in Italian basically means fat, or abundant, or whatever.

The bad news is that the book ends its forward march through time in the thirties. It was published as what seems to be a limited edition publication for the family or something like that.

If you ever get anything resembling a Grass family tree of recent generations or something like it I'd be interested in seeing it.

Good ancestor hunting!

Steve Grass
Father - Lewis Alvin Grass, Jr.
Grnadfather - Lewis Alvin Grass, Sr.
Grandmother - Alice Grass formerly, Alice Stevens
Before idea.

Location of family was - Methuen, Malden, Mass.


Carolyn Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 966851340000
Dear Steve,
Many thanks for your reply. I was unaware that there is a 2-volume genealogy in France that traces the Grass family back to 1200 AD. I have approx 20,000 names in my genealogy (including spouses and parents of some of them) and many of the lines are up-to-the-present. I have 5 Lewis Grasses. Could you please give me the spouses of Lewis Alvin (Jr Sr) and Alice Stevens. I might be able to tie you in with my line and help you go back further. My gr-gr-gr grandfather Jacob came to New Brunswick in the 1780's. Within the next 2 generations the family had spread into Maine (Presque Isle/ Fort Fairfield area mainly) and from there later generations spread down the Atlantic seaboard (including Mass.) as well as west. If you wish, you can contact me at my email address: Hope to hear from you soon.
Carolyn Johnson

Lewis Grass abt 1877

Posted: 975504875000
Edited: 1004984389000
One of your ancestors by the way isn't Lewis Grass born abt 1877 in ME. MY gggrandfather died in Methuen MA in 1900 (George Grass) after moving from Fort Fairfield, ME to Methuen after 1890. His wife Lucy Lyons also died in Methuen in 1894. Other siblings of Lewis 1877 are
Mary E 1870, Byron E 1867,Lucy M 1874(Elizabeth Edgar are the only two I have full info on)


Steve Grass (View posts)
Posted: 975512221000
Thanks so much for your posting. It may well be that the Lewis Grass you mentioned is my paternal grandfather.

I know nothing about his family or possible siblings. The date of birth is possible.

My grandfather was named Lewis Alvin Grass, Sr., my father being Jr., and my grandfather married Alice Stephens.

I believe they did live in Methuen, and I think my father was born in Methuen. They lived in Malden when my father was a kid.

Apparently my grandfather was college educated, possibly Ivy League, and possibly in Journalism or something related. This is ALL bery unclear.

I know my father, born in 1919, was an unexpected pregnancy and took place very late in his mother's life, perhaps when she was 40 or so. Thus 1877 is a very likely birth date for Lewis, Sr.

I'd be curious to know if you have any family history that possibly confirms this potential relationship, and if you have any family tree information going back from Lewis.

Thanks so much for writing!

Steve Grass


Steve Grass (View posts)
Posted: 975512393000

Somehow your august post never came to my attention, but i did see it just now.

I'll write more in a bit.
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