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How to change from FTM 2006 to FTM 2012

How to change from FTM 2006 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1330401076000
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I am hoping to change up from a FTM 2006 to a current version of FTM. Is this possible, or is my version too old to transfer to the newest version?

I admit to being fairly weak on computer skills. We are buying a new computer using a Microsoft OS and Windows 7.

Re: How to change from FTM 2006 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1330405195000
Classification: Query
It is in fact very simple as FTM 2012 will recognise your FTM 2006 file and offer to make a copy of the file and convert it to FTM 2012 format.

Here is a a summary of the steps

I assume that you are going to install FTM 2012 on the same computer as your FTM 2006?

Open your FTM 2006.

Go to Tools>Compact and compact the file. This puts it in the best possible shape for conversion to FTM 2012 file format.

Make sure that you also have a good backup of the file.

Close FTM 2006.

Note you don't have to uninstall FTM 2006 from your computer for the next steps.

Install FTM 2012 from the application CD

It is usually an auto start job and follow the prompts

When FTM 2012 first starts, it may detect a patch (there have been two patches) and offer to install the patches. You should do this.

When FTM 2012 is installed go to Help>About and it should show version 21.00..506. The .506 is the key bit.

Note you also have to register FTM 2012, which is different from activating an Ancestry subscription. If you are already an subscriber, use your user name and password when you register FTM 2012 otherwise create a new account.

FTM 2012 should detect your FTM 2006 file (a file ending in .FTW) and offer to convert it. You should accept this.

If it doesn't detect the file, from FTM 2012 go to the Plan View>New tree>install from an existing file.

Navigate to where you have your FTM 2006 file saved , select it and continue.

That really is about all there is to it.

You will have a bit of a learning curve from FTM 2006 to FTM 2012

In the help section there are some very useful tutorials and also a 360 page Companion Guide as a PDF file.

I have also provided you with a few useful links. The webinars in particular are very good.

FTM 2012 Support:

FTM Blog:

FTM 2008/9/10/11/12 Knowledge base:

FTM up to 16 Knowledge base and support:

FTM-Tech (Where all the high end users hang out): FTM- another help posting site: Online Family Tree, My Canvas, FTM, etc: Blog –Great site for help on online matters:


John D

Re: How to change from FTM 2006 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1330405845000
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Thank you so very much. I was worried that FTM 2006 would be too antiquated.

I hesitate to ask this question, since you answered so wonderfully for installing it in my current computer.

What if I am installing it in my new computer? Do I have to uninstall FTM 2006 from my current computer and reinstall it into the new one before I do the steps that you sent me?

Re: How to change from FTM 2006 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1330406678000
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If you are installing FTM 2012 on a new computer you don't have to touch FTM 2006 which can remain forever on your old computer.

The only difference in procedure is that using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) on your old computer you need to copy your FTM 2006 file (the one ending in .FTW) onto a memory stick or CD or some suitable method to transfer the file to the new computer.

Once you have copied it to the USB memory stick (or thumb drive as some people call them), you then need to copy it from the USB memory stick to a suitable folder on your new computer. It doesn't matter where you copy it to, (and again you use Windows Explorer), but I would suggest that you create a new folder on the C Drive of the new computer and call it something appropriate like' "My Family History files" .

Put the .FTW file from FTM 2006 there and then from FTM 2012 Plan View>New File>Import from an existing file, and navigate to where you have placed your .FTW file from your old computer

Important point!!!!!

In copying your .FTW file from FTM 2006, please use Windows Explorer for the .FTW file. Do not use FTM 2006 backup as this will create a .FBC file which FTM 2012 cannot read!!!!!

All of this is really very straightforward and much easier to do than to describe

John D

Re: How to change from FTM 2006 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1330409124000
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Thank you!

Re: How to change from FTM 2006 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1330410160000
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Don't forget to post when all is up and running

John D

Re: How to change from FTM Version 16 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1330812640000
Classification: Query
Oops - I made a mistake. I discovered that I have FTM Version 16 (not 2006)!

Is it possible to change up from FTM 16 to FTM 2012 without losing my files?

If so, will the old FTM 16 work on a new Dell PC Windows 7, 64 bit computer? Or do I need to install the FTM 2012 on my old (Dell, Windows XP) computer before I change computers so the files blend together?

I am so sorry about the confusion.

Re: How to change from FTM 2006 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1348243449000
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John D
Many thanks for the simple clear and succint way you described how to transfer files. I have tried many other answers to my question but yours was the only one that I understood. AND IT WORKED. Thanks
Paul H Ball

Re: How to change from FTM Version 16 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1348259552000
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FTM 16 is simply a slight update on FTM 2006. They are virtualy identical programs, except FTM 16 has three enhancements in the source area over FTM 2006; but the file format is identical.

My instructions previously posted still stand

John D

Re: How to change from FTM Version 16 to FTM 2012

Posted: 1348270399000
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Note that since writing these replies there has been a further patch with a lot of nice enhancements released today.

If you are installing FTM 2012, it should detect and offer to install the latest 704 patch

See also

John D
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