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Grandfather's initials were J.C.

Grandfather's initials were J.C.

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Surnames: Mamie Thompson, Wendy Stigall, Susan Stigall, Ingrid Stigall, Charles Stigall
It's a sad story. My mother passed when I was almost ten years old... Wendy Ellen Stigall, and at my mother's funeral, I found out that my grandfather was not my grandfather! The man that was there at every baseball game, etc. was the father of my aunts and uncle (Susan, Ingrid, Charles). At the funeral a man walked up to me and said he was my grandfather, all I was told was that his name was JC. I assume those are initials, but not sure. From what my aunts would give me... not much, was that he used to hang at a bar called Yancy's. I remember Yancy's bar because I would go there when I was little with my grandmother (Mamie Thompson). My past is very broken and I would like to know my history. any and all information is warranted and much appreciated.

Re: Grandfather's initials were J.C.

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Surnames: C
"It's a sad story ... any and all information is warranted and much appreciated."

If you use the "%" wildcard character in a search at you come up with 16436 potential matches for a J.C. (3243 births, 2747 deaths, 8554 marriages). In my own database I have about 500 matches for a J. C. These resources may be too early for your time frame. Unfortunately neither data base allows for searching by sex. You could go to the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds offices and search their indeces for your J. C. (one appointment per week, 4 hours only, $7 to look at any record after 1929). Their staff would be happy to help. Librarians can be very helpful for this kind of search (a relief from reference requests for current stock quotes and weather reports), or any volunteer at the area Family History Centers would be happy to help. Good luck!

Gary Rebholz
Milwaukee, Wis.

Re: Grandfather's initials were J.C.

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The docs you need to obtain are:

1) The death cert of Wendy Ellen Stigall
2) The marriage record of Wendy Ellen Stigall, (if there is more than one, all of them).
3) The birth/and or bap record of Wendy Ellen Stigall, if Stigall is not her maiden name, then you need to find out what that was.

Any one of theses documents, and the more the better, should confirm her parentage, hence who "JC" was. Marriage and birth/bap records are the primary sources of data, a death cert is secondary. Similar records for her siblings might help you sort out your story.

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Re: Grandfather's initials were J.C.

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Classification: Biography
Name: Wendy Ellen Stigall
Death Date: 12 Apr 1990
Location: Milwaukee (May be abbreviated)
Certificate: 202207

Name: Wendy E. Stigall
SSN: 399-74-2153
Born: 28 Dec 1959
Died: Apr 1990
State (Year) SSN issued: Wisconsin (1976)

Re: Grandfather's initials were J.C.

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Thank you all for the suggestions.brie those that posted about my mother. I knew her all the way until she passed when I was ten. I know her birth and death date. It is her biological father that I need info on. My real grandfather. I will go with her birth certificate, but I am thinking that the father of my aunts and uncle will be on hers too. Even though he is not her dad. JC is the name I need... I will keep looking.

Re: Grandfather's initials were J.C.

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I am truly touch for I knew your Mother, grew up with her and sibling. I was looking for Susan and came across you. Please write me,

PO Box Three
Mukwonago WI 53149
Reverend L Goodwin

Re: Grandfather's initials were J.C.

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My Aunt lives on the east coast. Thank you for the kind words. I will talk to Susan about you. did you happen to know J.C. Papa was my grandfather, but I would like to know about the man who came to mother's funeral and told me I was his real grandson.

Re: Grandfather's initials were J.C.

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Hi. As an update, my aunt stated that his last name is Pritchard or Prichard. I still am no closer though than I was three years ago. It really doesn't help when my grandmother recently passed and my aunts and uncle can't remember him. S

Re: J.C. Pritchard or Prichard

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Surnames: Pritchard Prichart Prichartt Prichard
Excellent! Talking with your aunt falls under rule number 2 or 3 in doing family research: talk to your relatives. They have so much more information about nameless family members than strangers on message boards.
DIY Tip: now that you have his full name, use online sites like you have already done with this message board: ancestry, family search or newspaper subscription sites (available through many libraries) to find him. Also try the Pritchard / Prichart / Prichartt / Prichard message boards.
That's a great project for 2015.
Happy New Year!
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