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TOWERS family in Tipperary

TOWERS family in Tipperary

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Does anyone have any information about the TOWERS family from Tipperary and Offaly?

My great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Towers, was from the RC and civil parish of Eglish in Offaly (then County Kings). This is near Birr and the border with Tipperary.

Towers is a very unusual name in both counties but there are more in Tipperary. I'm trying to trace back the origin of the family.

Elizabeth Towers was born about 1820, married Michael Herrick in Eglish, County Kings, in 1841. They had six children baptized there. I have death certs for Michael and five of the children from NYC.

Hoping someone can tell me something about the Towers name in Tipperary or Offaly/Kings. Thanks.

Re: TOWERS family in Tipperary

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Expect you have looked at the surname distribution if not this may be of use.


Re: TOWERS family in Tipperary

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Yes, thanks. It's based on Griffith's Valuation as I'm sure you know and I've combed that thoroughly. But thanks for the suggestion.

Re: TOWERS family in Tipperary

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You probably have this already:

Griffith Valuation is used as a census substitute in Ireland 1846-1874. This took place in Tipperary in 1854:

Thomas Towers, Parish of Eglish, Townland Carrigeen, Poor Law Union of Parsonstown(Birr) tenant of Earl of Rosse
#5 land 1 acres 2 roods 26 perches

James Towers, Parish of Eglish, Townland Whigsborough, PLU
Parsonstown (Birr) tenant of William Berry
18 land 90.3.22
19b house and outbuildings

Michael Herrick, Parish of Drumcullen, Townland Knockbarron
PLU Parsontowns(Birr) Barony Eglish tenant of John H.Drought

8Bb garden John Herrick 0.0.32
#9 land John Herrick 1.3.37

10a Michael Herrick house, outbuilding and land 3.2.32
10b John Herrick house

1846 Commercial Directory
Timothy Towers, Banagher a market town in the Parish of Reynagh, carpenter Main Street

John T. Towers Edenderry - Agent for North British Merchantile Insurance

John T. Towers, Edenderry - Manager Hibernian Bank Limited

Telephone books:

1 Seamus Tower, Waterford,
Towers in Dublin, Meath, Wexford, Wicklow &
Kilcoe Greenfield (?)maybe Cork.

The British telephone book for Northern Ireland has a few
Towers: Belfast and Armagh

Annette Code

Re: TOWERS family in Tipperary

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Thanks, Annette. I do have most of that. I'm really trying to find earlier info about the Towers and Herrick families, especially as the names are not typically Irish. I appreciate your help as always.

Re: TOWERS family in Tipperary

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That is one thing I found really strange when searching for my husbands family. The names were very strong English names.
That is due to the amount of Scots and UK farmers who were
brought to Ireland by the British Government. Most of the land was given to the Lords, Earls etc. of England, they needed people to farm and so thousands of farmers were brought to Ireland either by the Lords and Earls from their
own lands in England or just encouragement to move to very
good land for growing things. Don't need to scrap a living
and feed your family from a farm full of rocks in Scotland.
Also carpenters were among the people brought from the
English Estates to the Irish Estates.It was also a method the government used to bring Protestants to Ireland in an attempt to outnumber the catholics. These were called
'plantations' of people not trees. You will see that term
used but its usually people. In the early 1800's it was still illegal to educate a catholic and so 'hedge schools' developed, the Establish Church was Protestant, with small chapels or other methods of worship for Catholics. This is why some early baptisms are in the Church of Ireland
parish registers. The early Methodists and Presbyterians records are also in the CofI registers to the early 1800's.

There are 4 Herrick marriages CofI in Ireland, 2 miscellanous counties, 1 Cork and 1 Roscommon to the
surnames Corker, Bradfield, Morgan and Grey.

There was 1 Tower CofI marriage in Tipperary, did I give you that? Eliza to George Cooke? Templemore, Tipperary.
Others Dublin, Londonderry, Sligo & Tyrone 1847-1869.
(I can't see what I wrote before)I have the Towers civil registrations there is 1 Tore from 1838 in Roscommon, and one in Sligo 1851 all others 1867-1875. There is only one baptism for Tipperary, the rest being Dublin.

Johanna Towers born 14 Nov 1868 #467 Terryglass, Tipperary
Fa: Benjamine Towers Mo: Lucy Wolfe #LDS Film #101182
You should be able to get a copy of this birth certificate
from the General Registry Office: it costs about 10Euro.

There are just 5 persons named Towers in Tipperary in the
1901 Census. Although there are 61 elsewhere.

The only Herrick's listed even close to Tipperary are in Galway 1, or Cork 2. There is 1 Tower in Waterford in the Irish telephone book. None in the british phone book for Northern Ireland.

If you are wanting to know how they lived then I would suggest some good history books on Ireland, you can find
book particular to Tipperary in the shop for Eneclann, the
Genealogy Department of Trinity College. I've read enough
history that I prefer to read history in novel form where the author has done the research.


Re: TOWERS family in Tipperary

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Surnames: Towers Tooher Toor
There were Towers from County Tipperary (Catholic) living in Castleton, Vermont in the 19th century. As you mentioned, quite rare, so I thought it might have been a variation on Tooher or the like.
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