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FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

Posted: 1329074060000
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I have FTM 2012 on a computer w/ Windows XP and it runs fine, a bit slow on startup but with over 8,600 individuals and associated items - I expected that.
What I didn't expect was how long it takes to generate a descendant report of 14 generations - egad - I could move to a new house faster. I shut down/disabled everything else on my computer, ended all processes that were extra - enhanced the performance of the computer, did one generation at a time increase - and it still took forever - actually it never finished - I gave up after 11 hours.
I finally got fed up, reloaded my FTM 2006 and the 688 page report generated in less than 10 minutes.
So, it's not my Windows XP computer - it is definitely the program - even if the program is a resource hog - it shouldn't take days for FTM 2012 to generate a report that took FTM 2006 less than 10 minutes.
Any thoughts? Am not financially able to buy a new computer, I have plenty of hardware installed.

Re: FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

Posted: 1329077187000
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You are using one of the slowest version of FTM. Version 16 is much faster than any of the newer versions when it comes to report generation.


Re: FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

Posted: 1329078297000
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Will that give me the option to choose items to include in a report? I like omitting social security numbers.

Re: FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

Posted: 1329078935000
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The new version will allow you to select what facts to include in your reports. I do not include "Sex" as it adds lots of lines to the report.

Hopefully your machine has ~2 to 4 GB RAM. The largest reports I've been able to make with the new version of FTM is about 2,000 pages. I've had to make smaller books of about 2,000 pages each.


Re: FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

Posted: 1329088830000
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Edited: 1329090292000
for Robin Hodgkins

Welcome to the world of FTM 2008,2009,2010,2011 and 2012.

All thes versions run extremely slower than FTW 2006 v16

Also, after 5 years of development, some of the reports that were available on FTW 2006 are still not available on these versions.

Some reports [kinship for example] take hours to run versus minutes on FTW 2006

Also lots of bugs still exist in the FTM versions [just one small example, under certain circumstances---child born out of wedlock, the register report is wrong]

If you have a large data base-----slowness becomes a painful experience

etc, etc, etc

Just search on slowness, or bugs, or reports won't run, or Synch, or no spouse entered, etc, etc on this forum to see the issues still existing with the FTM Versions

As part of that searching you will see many many suggestions for work arounds to solve the slowness and bug problems, but if you use/accept these work arounds the bugs and the slowness still remain


You can make the best of both worlds if you can still do this:

1-Keep your database on FTW and do ALL updates on FTW

2-Periodically export your FTW data base to FTM 2012 [it just takes a few minutes] and use some of the capability of FTM to help scrub/clean up your FTW data base - FTM has some capabilities, e.g, in the places area to scrub your data --- You can have both systems open at the same time and if you gave two screens put FTW on one screen and FTM on the other screesn and when you see and error [say a place error in FTM] the edit that place in FTW.

3-If you see a report in FTM you like then run the report from FTM [assuming it doesn't take forever]

4-If you see a report in FTW that you like then run the report from FTW

You can also export the FTW Books to FTM but be careful, all chapters may not export

Re: FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

Posted: 1329137922000
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I have given up on FTM after using various versions for at least 15 years. FTM 2006 (or version 16) is the last one that works for me. The newer versions may work fine for small databases but are extremely slow to the point of being unusable.

Also, don't believe that FTM 16 will work on 32 bit versions of Windows 7 as was ain't so.

I am reluctantly moving my database (about 160 MB with 35,000 persons)to RootsMagic 5.

Re: FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

Posted: 1373485383000
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I have been using FTW 16 for many years. Recently took the plunge and converted to FTM 2013 because of the size and media. Ftw 16 stores everything in one file.
I've generated family books without much trouble.
I've made enough additions and changes that I cannot go back without losing all my media (need to re-associate all photos).
My problem is I'm trying to filter a 30,000+ file and generate a custom report to use as a to do list for searching for obits.
BIG SHOCK. This thing is slower than a snail for reports. Takes over 3 minutes to do a filter, I've not waited long enough to get a report. I am used to using v 16. I regret the day I cut the ties and switched over completely.
I like being able to automatically update ancestry family tree file.
I used to do the updated in 16 and periodically create a FTM file.
You would thing that since they moved all the media to a different folder, main file is so much smaller, that it would be mush faster. But NOOOO!

Re: FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

Posted: 1373487845000
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It's a well-known problem.

You can keep both 16 and 2012 on your system if you want, using one for research and the other for reporting. It's cumbersome but some people do this.

Perhaps 2014 will be better; one can only hope.


Re: FTM 2012 extremely slow report generating

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I switched to Master Genealogist, I have much more flexibility with reports. With over 11,000 in the tree now, I cannot wait hours for a report to generate. TMG is not as user friendly, but is much better at handling larger files.
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