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William Hobday / Thomas Hobday (b. 1690)?

William Hobday / Thomas Hobday (b. 1690)?

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Surnames: Hobday
I'm working my way back through the family tree of the Virginian Hobdays, which is my line. I made it as far back as a William Hobday. I can't find any information on his parents, but when I search for information on one of his sons, John Hobday, I keep getting that John's father was a Thomas Hobday, who is listed as being born on the same year as William Hobday. Here's the scoop:

b. 1690 in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, VA
d. 1783 in Gloucester, VA
married a woman named ANN (1690-1770) in 1720. Children:
RICHARD HOBDAY (1720-1770)
WILLIAM HOBDAY (1723-1770)
CHARLES HOBDAY (1724-1749)
JOHN HOBDAY* (1726-1783)
THOMAS HOBDAY (1728-1790)
ISAAC HOBDAY (1731-1790)

The conflict lies when I search for information on John Hobday (1726-1783). I continuously find others' trees in which his parents are listed as THOMAS HOBDAY (1690-1783; the same as my William Hobday) and SUZANNA HOBDAY (1690-14 Jul 1729).

b. 1690 in Gloucester, VA
d. 1770 in Gloucester, VA

married to SARAH HOBDAY (d. 1719) in 1710. Children:
MARY HOBDAY (1709- ?)
JOHN HOBDAY (1714-?)
RICHARD HOBDAY (1715-1770)

married to SUZANNA HOBDAY (1690-1729) in 1720. Children:
WILLIAM HOBDAY (1723-1770)
CHARLES HOBDAY (1724-1749)
JOHN HOBDAY (1726-1783)
THOMAS HOBDAY (1728-1790)
ISAA HOBDAY (1731-1790)

Does anyone have any information on this? I'm sure I've overlooked something! Thanks a lot!

Re: William Hobday / Thomas Hobday (b. 1690)?

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Surnames: Hobdy, Hobday, Cotton
Nicole, I'm so glad to see somebody working on this line. My 5th great grandfather is Robert Hobday, who was born in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., VA on 13 May 1744 to Sarah Hobday (no father listed). He eventually moved to Sumner Co., Tennessee where he died in 1797. He married Talitha Cotton in Halifax Co., NC. I do know that his grandparents were Thomas and Sarah Hobdy and he may have inherited slaves from them. So I believe that my Robert is the grandson to the Thomas Hobday and Sarah that you have listed.

I visited the Swem Library in Williamsburg, VA and took photos of all the pages of the Abingdon Parish Register pages that had any Hobdays listed. I know that they are listed online, but I wanted to see the originals for myself because I know that often mistakes are made when transcribing them.

How did you figure out the children of William & Ann?

There is so much false info online, it's hard to find out the truth.

I travel to Williamsburg often and I am able to go to Gloucester County so if there is anything I can look up for you, let me know.

You can see my Hobdy family website at

My line is as follows:

1 Robert Hobday b: 13 May 1744 in Abington Parish, Gloucester Co., VA d: 16 Nov 1797 in Sumner Co., TN
..+Talitha "Lytha" Cotton b: 1752 in Hertford Co., North Carolina m: 1770 in Halifax, NC d: 16 Nov 1846 in Sumner Co., TN
....2 Thomas Cotton Hobdy b: 1780 in Halifax, Northampton Co., NC d: Aft. 1850 in Morgantown, Butler County, Kentucky
......+Elizabeth Brackin b: 1781 in Orange Co., N. C. m: 19 Mar 1800 in Sumner Co., TN d: Aft. 1850 in Morgantown, Butler County, Kentucky
....... 3 Alexander Hobdy b: 1818 in Kentucky d: Bef. 1880 in Butler Co., KY
..........+Sarah Ann "Sally" James b: 1825 in Butler County, Kentucky m: 26 Jun 1843 in Butler County, KY d: Aft. 1880
............ 4 Evelyn Hobdy b: 28 Jan 1846 in Ohio Co., KY d: 16 Apr 1938 in McHenry, Ohio Co. KY
...............+Samuel Francis Warren b: 07 Aug 1834 in Garrard or Butler Co., KY m: 04 Feb 1863 in Corning, Clay Co., AR d: 09 Dec 1911 in Warren's Mill, Butler Co., KY
.................. 5 Alexander Arthur Warren b: 16 Apr 1868 in Butler Co., KY d: 15 Nov 1947 in Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL
.....................+Martha A. Short b: 20 Feb 1874 in Missouri m: 02 Jan 1894 in Greene Co., IL d: 04 Feb 1899 in Warren's Mill, Butler Co., Kentucky
......................6 Catherine Evelyn Warren b: 12 Jan 1895 in Warren's Mill, Butler Co., Kentucky d: 07 Oct 1983 in St. Louis City, MO
....................... +Ora Ezrah Hatfield b: 08 Dec 1897 in Elsberry/Annada, Lincoln Co., Missouri m: 10 Apr 1917 in Alton, Madison County, IL d: 14 Mar 1944 in San Francisco, CA
..........................7 Edsel Arthur Hatfield b: 02 Jan 1919 in East Alton, Madison Co., IL d: 05 Jul 2007 in St. Louis City, Missouri
............................ +Jessie Louise Whitelaw b: 19 Apr 1921 in St. Louis, MO m: 10 Oct 1942 in Camp Robinson, Pulaski County, Arkansas d: 26 Feb 1991 in St. Louis County, MO
................................ 8 Elaine Marie Hatfield -- ME

I hope we can help each other.

If you'd like to email me directly, you can at

Elaine Powell
Orlando, Florida

Re: William Hobday / Thomas Hobday (b. 1690)?

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Surnames: Hobday
As it so happens, I have been to your website and found the picture of the birth register for Robert Hobday there! I was amazed that someone else had researched the Hobday family--I've never known a single Hobday outside of my immediate family despite moving around a fair bit, so I sort of subconsciously thought we were the only ones in the States, and no one would possibly know anything about us.

I have your Robert Hobday listed on my family tree, though with his father being Richard Hobday (1720-1770), and his grandfather being the William Hobday that I find conflicting with your Thomas Hobday. That's the trouble--I keep finding matching information for William and Thomas. Same dates for birth and death and the same children (though different wives, and I believe Thomas had a second wife).

I found the children of William and Ann by working my way up from myself. My line goes as follows:

William Hobday (the man of mystery, maybe Thomas Hobday is correct!) and wife Ann
6th child: John Hobday (1726-1783) and wife Hannah Green
5th child: Howard Hobday (1765-1844) and wife Mildred Fleming
5th child: William Howard Hobday (1797-1885) and wife Ann Ballentine
6th child: James Fleming Hobday (1829-1865) and wife Helen N. Cooper
2nd child: James Henry Hobday (1854-1917) and wife Alice J. Smith
4th child: James Howard Hobday I (1894-1981) and wife Ethel Marie Mason
1st child: James Howard Hobday II (b. 1923) and wife Regina Wanda
only child: James Howard Hobday III (b. 1960) and wife Jacqueline Chafee
1st child: Nicole Hobday (me!) and their 2nd child is my brother James Howard Hobday IV

William and John Hobday were part of the Abingdon Parish, the rest are all just listed as being from Gloucester until my grandfather, who was born in Portsmouth. This is as accurate as I can guess, just from cross-checking siblings and such to ensure that I was getting the right parents matched to children. But I'm stuck with the William & Ann / Thomas & Suzanna thing. And I can't find any parents listed for them anyways. But I know the family must go further back than that. It has to start somewhere, in Europe eventually, if one goes back far enough.

If you happen to find any information on William and Thomas, please let me know! It would be a great help, I'm very curious. I was on a roll until I hit William. My email is:

Thanks again!
-Nicole Hobday
living all over the place

Re: William Hobday / Thomas Hobday (b. 1690)?

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Surnames: Hobday

I will send you an email as well; however, we are closely related. Your Dad and I are 1st cousins (your Grandfather Jimmy and my Dad are brothers) and we grew up together in Churchland.

I've been researching the Hobday line for many years and much of the info online is stuff I've posted.

Like you and every other Gloucester researcher I know, I am stuck at the William Hobday and Ann ? generation. I hadn't noticed the potential conflict with Thomas / Suzanne etc. before. This is quite interesting.

I have a huge Hobday database in Family Tree Maker that I can send you (or I can send it in GEDCOM format). Let me know what software you use and what version.

Re: William Hobday / Thomas Hobday (b. 1690)?

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Wow, that's incredible! I would greatly appreciate any information you have. I just recently started researching-I was curious about our European roots but I haven't found any of that yet. It seems we are born and bred Virginian! And I didn't even know I had 2nd cousins! I really only interacted with my grandparents.

I'm really stumped when it comes to William and Ann, and even more confused about Thomas and Suzanna.

I don't have any family tree software as of now, and I'd only be able to access a free program. Suggestions?

Thanks so much! I'm excited to learn some more.

Re: William Hobday / Thomas Hobday (b. 1690)?

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Hello, cuz! (I think). I am related to the Hobdays of Abingdon Parish in Gloucester County, VA. (I live about a mile from "Little England" at the mouth of Sarah's Creek and the York River, just across the river from Yorktown, where several of them are buried.) I have not gone back as far as you, but my ancestors were William Hobday and Ann Fleming Hobday, but this William was a later generation - born ca 1797. I believe that he was the son of Howard (1765 - 1844)- not sure who Howard's father was - & Mildred Hobday. A number of Hobdays & Flemings are buried at Little England, but its current owners will not allow access to it. One or more of them were sailors; in fact, one (just listed as "cap't Hobday" was asked for by name by George Washington during the Yorktown campaign in 1781, to guide DeGrasse's fleet into the York River. Somewhere, I have photos of some of those graves, which I'll try to find for you.
Regards, LH "Bucky" Burruss

Re: William Hobday / Thomas Hobday (b. 1690)?

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nicole & elaine

emailing you photos of the Hobday tombstones at Little England (known as "Perrin's" during the revolution)
Bucky Burruss
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