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Texas Guinan-Queen of the Nightclubs

Texas Guinan-Queen of the Nightclubs

Al O'Brien (View posts)
Posted: 1057493621000
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Surnames: Guinan, Moynahan,
The subject is the title of a book by Louise Berliner, telling of the life of the entertainer, Texas Guinan. She was married to my Grand Uncle, John J Moynahan in 1904 and started her career in the Cripple Creek, Colorado area.
I though I'd post this information in case it might be of interest to other Guinan researchers.
Al O'Brien

Re: Texas Guinan-Queen of the Nightclubs

Susan (View posts)
Posted: 1077516051000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Guinan, Duffy, Moynahan
Hi Al, Texas is my great aunt. Hope we can connect for exchange of information.

Re: Texas Guinan-Queen of the Nightclubs

Posted: 1111183105000
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Surnames: Guinan, Moynahan,

Just posted a bit of info re. "Texas". Found her in 1930 in Manhattan, NY, Dist. 1-250, family 286. Appears to be renting gives age 42, born TX, parents Canada.

Found her parents in their 70's with a son James, 37, born NY, and his wife and children in Queens Co., NY, NY City, 3rd Assy. Dist., ED 41-800, 2618 94th St., owned home. Send me an email if you want the details. See my other note posted today.


Re: Texas Guinan-Queen of the Nightclubs

Susan (View posts)
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Surnames: Guinan, Duffy,
Janell, thanks for the post. I don't believe Michael and Bridget (Texas's parents) had a son named James. There were lots of kids (according to our Family Bible) but the names James has never surfaced.I don't have my paperwork handy,but I think Michael died around 1929 in New York and Bridget came out to California. But I am always lookin for new info, because I haven't found Michael's brother William. So thank you again, and please pass on anything you have.

Re: Texas Guinan-Queen of the Nightclubs

Mae (View posts)
Posted: 1133782680000
Classification: Biography
Surnames: Guinan, Duffy
Texas Guinan's brother William did not follow his famous sister and their kid brother Tommy into the nightclub business.
Nor did he follow his married sister Pearl [and her family] out to Calfornia. William Guinan was a business executive who lived quietly, away from the spotlight, and who died in Manhattan. I have a copy of his obituary.

Re: Texas Guinan-Queen of the Nightclubs

Posted: 1270251090000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Guinan, Moynahan
Back in 2005 you said you had a copy of William Guinan's obituary. Is it in a public family tree, or could I get a copy? I'm Al's daughter, John Moynahan was his father's first cousin. I'd be very interested

Re: Texas Guinan-Queen of the Nightclubs

Posted: 1274260592000
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Some general info on Texas G. that may be of interest:



and on youtube:



Re: Texas Guinan-Queen of the Nightclubs

Posted: 1316358951000
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Susan, if you're still reading these posts (since 2004?) I'm Al O'Brien's daughter and I'm trying to find pictures of Texas and John Moynahan together. Wondered if your family might have any. I'm tracking down other Moynahan relatives and will share anything I find in my public family tree.

Thomas O'brien

Posted: 1327093491000
Classification: Query
Surnames: O'brien
Barbara O'brien (obrien4210), I can't seem to get the email link for your contact to work, so I'm trying to reach you through this message board...

I'm doing some hobby research into Thomas O'brien (brother to John W. O'brien) from Colorado. I'm not related, but looking into a story that involves Tom O'brien in Wyoming.

I don't know if you have anything that would help me, but at the very least you may find the story interesting.

I guess you can contact me through this post, or hopefully my email link will work.

Slade Franklin
Cheyenne, WY

Re: Thomas O'brien

Posted: 1327101836000
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I'm not sure why you can't reach me through messages. I receive them from others, so maybe it's a quirk in the system. I'd love to get stories about Thomas O'Brien - it's such a common name that we may or may not have the right one, but I'm still very interested.
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