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Eberhart book

Eberhart book

kay deuster (View posts)
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Surnames: Eberhart
I have a copy of the following book:

(Excellent condition)
51/2 X 8 inches, 263 pages

This is what it says on the face cover of the book:

History of the EBERHARTS in Germany and the United States from A.D. 1265 to A.D. 1890 - 625 Years
by Rev. Uriah Eberhart
With an autobiographical sketch of the Author, including many reminiscences of his ministerial and army life.
Chicago Lawn, Ill., 1890

I have no connection to this surname. Would be willing to mail to anyone who wants this book. Only cost would be for postage.


Re: Eberhart book

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Hi ,I would like to have your book ,Please get in touch with me. Alvia

Re: Eberhart book

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Sorry everybody, this book is gone. I mailed it to the first e-mail that responded.

Re: Eberhart book

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Kay, I have put the check in the mail for your postage.

Everyone, I have looked thru the Eberhart book and found that it doesn't include the Eberhart family of Huntington County, Indiana.

"The History of the Eberharts in Germany and the United States" by Rev. Uriah Eberhart, 1891. The Reverand was the President of the "Eberhart Family Association" of Chicago Lawn, Illinois. One half of the book is dedicated to the Illinois Eberhart's.

He does include alot of information of the German Eberhardt's:
Eberhard, "The Noble", "The Groaner", "The Mild", "The Young", Henrietta "Duchess of Wirtemberg", Duke Eberhard "With the Beard", Count Eberhard "The Younger, Duke Eberhard III, Duke Leopold Eberhard.

Eberhart Families of America
I will outline tomorrow.

I can do lookups and email scanned pages of the book until someone claims this book. Postage is $4.
Teresa Wagner, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Re: Eberhart book index LOOKUPS

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p. 39 "Peter and Michael came from Germany in the ship Friendship, in 1727. Joseph came later that same year. Tradition says they were brothers."
p. 40 Joseph Eberhart
p. 49 Jacob, the third son of Joseph, who came from Switzerland, Germany in 1727.He settled in Northampton County, Penn.
p. 52 Peter Eberhart, the 5th son of Joseph Eberhart. His father gave him 200 acres in Lower Milford twp, Lehigh County, Penn.
p. 56 Peter Eberhart, one of the "3 brothers" may have died soon after settling in Northhampton.
p. 57 Michael Eberhart another of the "3 brothers". A member of the Great Swamp German Reformed Church and might be buried there.
p. 61 Jacob Eberhart, eldest son of Paul Eberhart, b. 1760 Northampton County, Penn and in 1773 moved with his parents to Westmoreland County, Penn. Married Barbara MEYERS and moved to Trumbull County, Ohio. He died in Medina County, Ohio.
p. 65 John Everhard, 2nd child of Jacob and Barbara Everhard, b. 3 Nov 1786 in Armstrong County, Penn. Moved to Mahoning County, Ohio and married Ann HARTER.
p. 67 Christina Everhard third child of Jacob and Barbara. Married Christopher RASOR and lived in Medina County, Ohio.
p. 68 Mary Everhard, fourth child of Jacob and Barbara. Married William RASOR at Wadsworth Ohio.
p. 69 John Jacob Everhard 5th son of Jacob and Barbara.In 1812 moved from Armstrong to Trumbull County, Ohio. Married Elisabeth SMITH in 1815. Married #2 Mary HARTER in 1818.
p. 84 Jonathan Everhard b. 18 Feb 1801 d. 6 Dec 1879. Sixth child of Jacob and Barbara. Married Mary WALL in 1826. Married #2 Catherine WALL. In 1831 he moved to Sharon, Ohio and died there.
p. 89 John Henry Eberhart, son of Paul Eberhart b. 30 Mar 1768 in Northampton County, Penn. Married 1793 to Mary HEWIT. He died in 1848 in Stark County, Ohio.

p. 93 Christian Eberhart, 3rd son of Paul Eberhart b. 9 Mar 1772 d. 9 Mar 1839 at West Moreland County, Penn. Married Anna Maria SNYDER.
p. 94 Paul Eberhart, eldest son of Christian Eberhart b. 1795 d. 1864. Married Sarah BERLIN.
p. 99 Abraham Eberhart, 2nd son of Christian and Anna Maria b. 28 Dec 1797 d. 7 Aug 1880. Married 1820 Esther AMAND. Lived in Venango and Mercer County, Penn: Dixon, Illinois: Benton County, Iowa:Chicago Lawn, Illinois.
p. 106 Rev Uriah Eberhart, eldest child of Abraham and Esther b. 4 July 1821 Married Margaret GIESEY in 1845.
p. 110 Rev Levi Eberhart, second child of Abraham and Esther. b. 4 Dec 1822. Married Rebecca XANDER in 1846.
p. 113 Rebecca CROUCH, third child of Abraham and Esther b. 1 Dec 1824. Married Charles WEAVER of Marion County, Penn. Married #2 Alfred CROUCH and lived in Benton County, Iowa.
p. 117 Hon. David Christian Eberhart, D.S., fouth child of Abrahm and Esther. b. 19 Nov 1826 Married 12 Dec 1854 Mary Elizabeth GERRY. Married #2 Wanetta Irene BENTON. A dentist in Shrewsbury, York County, Penn.
p. 122 Prof John Frederic Eberhart, A. M., fifth child of Abraham and Ester, b. 21 Jan 1829 Married Matilda Charity MILLER in 1864
p. 130, Manoah Henry Eberhart, sixth child of Abraham and Esther, b. 17 Jan 1831. Married Mary Elizabeth BRISCOE 1856 at La Porte, Indiana. Living in Benton County, Iowa, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Mount Vernon, Iowa.
p. 134 Rev Isa Amand Eberhart, M.D, Ph.D., seventh child of Abraham and Esther.b. 8 May 1834. In 1856 moved to Chicago. Married Malissa JACOBS 1864. Moved to Benton Harbor, Lansing, Techumseh and Adrian City, Michigan; Neehan, Wisconsin; Belle Plain and Marshalltown, Iowa; Chicago Lawn, Illinois. Entered Bennett Medical College.
p. 138 Rev Jeremiah S. Eberhart, A.M., Eighth child of Abraham and Esther. b. 22 Sept 1836 Entered the Upper Iowa Conference. In 1864 married Emma M. MAY.
p. 140 Mary Ann, Sarah, Amos, Abraham and Catherine Eberhart. Mary Ann ninth child of Abraham and Esther, b. 22 April 1839 d. 11 Mar 1840.
Sarah Tenth child of Abraham and Esther, b. 28 Mar 1841 Married Willis J. ROBERTS 1889.
Catherine Esther Twelth child of Abraham and Esther b. 27 June 1846 d. 27 Sept 1869. Married Royal C. TREAT in 1868.

p. 142 Joseph Eberhart, Third son of Christian b. 19 Mar 1800 d. 1882. Married Catherine KISTLER. In 1845 they moved to Kansas Territory.
p. 150 John Eberhart, Fourth son of Christian and Anna Maria, b. 18 June 1802. Married Susanna BERLIN
p. 153 Henry Eberhart, Fifth child of Christian and Anna Maria, b. 13 Aug 1809 d. Dec 1888. Married Susanna KECK.
p. 158 Elisabeth and Susanna Eberhart. Elisabeth, Sixth child of Christian and Anna Maria, married Jacob KISTLER. Susanna, the Seventh child of Christian married Michael BERLIN.

p. 159 Frederick Eberhart, the Fourth son of Paul, was born on the ocean, about 1775. Married a woman by the name of KECK.
p. 162 Frederick Eberhart came from Germany and landed at Philadelphia 30 Mar 1737. He settled in Chester County, Penn and died in 1852, 92 years old.
p. 164 John Eberhart married Sarah SHUBERT and lived around Philadelphia, Penn.

p. 167 John Adam Eberhart Duke of Alsace, Germany had four sons, Andrew, George, Martin L. and Adolphus.
p. 168 Andrew Eberhart and George Eberhart. Andrew son of John Adam, Duke of Alsace, Germany came to America in 1758. and settled in Cumberland County, Penn. He died abt 1795 in Washington Co, Penn.His first wife was a sister of General Mercer.
George Eberhart, youngest son of John Adam Duke of Alsace, Germany landed in Philadelphia when 18 years old. Called George FREY.
p. 173 Martin L. Eberhart, son of John Adam Duke of Alsace, Germany landed at Baltimore, Maryland before the Rev. War. Married Miss FULSE. Moved to Frederickstown with his brother, Adolphus, and had a glass business.
p. 176 Adolphus Eberhart son of John Adam Duke of Alsace, Germany b. 4 Jan 1760 d. 1828 Fought in the Rev. War. Married Sophia SPEELMAN.

p. 186 Christian Everhart b. 13 Feb 1720 in Pfaltz, Germany. Married 1753 Maria Sabilla GEIER. Lived in Londoun County, Virginia.
p. 196 Paulus Eberhart came to this country in 1744 from Pfaltz and settled in Carroll County, Maryland.

p. 199 -263 A short sketch of my life by Rev Uriah Eberhart Chicago Lawn, Illinois 1890.

Re: Eberhart book index LOOKUPS

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Hello Teresa,
maybe You can help me! see p. 106 Rev Uriah Eberhart, eldest child of Abraham and Esther b. 4 July 1821 married Margaret GIESEY in 1845.

I am researching the Gieße > Giesse > Giese > Giesey family of Paul Gieße b. 1685 in ?, d. 1752 in Lichtenau, Hessen / Germany.
One of his gr-sons, John Henry Giese (Johann Henrich Giesse), came to America in 1776, married and finally settled in Berlin, Somerset Co., PA. He was a reformed reverend. and had 11 children. 3 sons and 8 daughters.
2 sons reached adulthood and married:

1. Valentine - b. 1785, d. 1835 married Drusilla SHUGARS 10 May 1825 in Somerset, PA. They had 6 children, gender, name and birthdate unknown. 4 children were still alive in June 1847.

2. John (Johannes) - b. 14 Mar 799, d. 30 Sep 1861 married Elizabeth CABLE. They had 10 children. The 9th was:
Uriah Eberhart GIESEY, not a very common name I guess! Source: Historical & Genealogical Society of Somerset Co., Inc., assembled by Ebor Cockley Meyersdale, PA 1964.
Do You have any additional info on Margaret and is there a relation to Uriah Eberhart?
Thank You for Your time,

Re: Eberhart book index LOOKUPS

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"A Short Sketch of My Life..." Chapter LI
p. 216-7 "On June 11, 1845, I was United in the bonds of matrimony with Catherine Margaret GIESEY, of Ligonier, Westmoreland County, Penn. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Daniel KERRMY my presiding elder....Her father, John GIESEY, was the son of the Rev. Henry GIESEY, who was a German Reformed minister, and pastor of the same congregation in Berlin, Penn, over 50 years." "Near the close of the year {1845} we went by buggy to Allentown, Penn, where my brother Levi was married to Miss Rebecca XANDER."

p. 219 "...."a child was born" whose name we called Alvin Giesey. He was a welcome visitor."
p. 106 "Albert G. Eberhart, eldest child b. June 6 1847, in Leesburg, Cumberland Co, Penn...abandoned school for a positon in the postoffice in Chicago. Later he took up his abode in Omaha, Neb and engaged in trade and present he is managing 2 stores in Cincinnati, Ohio...married to his 3rd wife, Virginia Maria FRIEDLAND, of Norfolk, Virginia, but no children.

p. 220 "..we took up our abode in Shrewsbury, York county, Penn...Here our 2nd child, Esther Naomi, was born."
p. 106-7 Esther Naomi, second child born 9 Jan 1849....Cornell College, Mt Vernon, Iowa...teacher of both vocal and instrumental music...marrried 27 Oct 1870 to Duff PORTER, b. 21 Oct 1839 in dying in infancy; the other, John Albert PORTER, b. 13 Oct 1872 in Chicago.

p. 223 "We lived 2 years in Somerset and then moved to Ligonier, Westmoreland Co, Penn, where we lived in my father-in-law's house for 4 years...While yet living at Somerset, there came to us another son, whom we called John Abraham."
p. 107 John Abraham, third child of Uriah and Catherine, born 20 Jan 1850 at Somerset Penn, and departed this life, 13 Nov 1851 at Wellersburg, Penn.

p. 225 "..March 31, 1855, per railroad, and landed at Dixon, Illinois, April 4th...and commenced "tilling the soil""

p. 227 Lena, Illinois, here we buried my dear wife and 17 days only child...visions of her sister Belinda, in the celestial world."
p. 108 Henry Newton Eberhart, fourth child of Uriah and Catherine b. 15 Feb 1858 at Lena Illinois, and passed into the spirit world 3 Mar 1858.

p. 228 On 29th Dec 1858 I was again joined in marriage to Miss Lovincy Ann MAY of Hanover, Illinois."
p. 229-230 "We were sent to Council Hill.. and the birth of a daughter, whom we named Florence May .
p. 108 Florence May, fifth child of Uriah and first child of Lovicy, born 24 May 1860 at Council Hill, Jo Daviess Co, Illinois...attended Albion Seminary...went to Chicago to study music....studied the 'kindergarten' system of teaching at the Cook County Normal School...married 20 Dec 1881 to Herbert HAMMOND of Tipton, Iowa b. 20 Sep residing at 230 East 45th Street, child, Harold Eberhart HAMMOND b. 4 Dec 1882

p. 230 "I was transferred from the Rock River to the Upper Iowa Conference, and stationed at Anamosa, Jones County. We arrived there 6 Oct 1860.
p. 231 I made application for the chaplaincy into the 20th Regiment Iowa infantry, Aug 1862. Our regiment was organized at Clinton, Iowa. I arranged to have Alvin and Naomi go to school at Mt Vernon, and my wife with Florence go home to her parents, Father May's."
p. 254 I found that I could not endure the climate, "on June 15 1864, I was put on the boat "Mollie Able" and we started North. ..We landed in Chicago June 21 and took up our abode with my brother, J.F. Eberhart..Oct 1864, I accepted the State agency of the North-Western Freedmen's Aid Commission...In the fall of 1865, I entered the ranks of itineracy in the Upper Iowa conference and was stationed at Vinton, Iowa"
p. 262 "on March 24, 1883, after being in the itinerant ministry for 40 years, we moved to Chicago Lawn."
by Uriah Eberhart Chicago Lawn Ill, 1890

My email will change shortly to

Re: Eberhart book index LOOKUPS

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Surnames: Giesey

thank You so much for Your extremely fast and comprehensive mail! That is very seldom the case!!!

I assume that John Giesey named his 9th child - son - Uriah Eberhart, b. 19 July 1846 after his son in law!

Your info closes another gap, thank You.

Re: Eberhart book index LOOKUPS

Al f Hjalmar Giesse (View posts)
Posted: 1047131586000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Giesey
Hello Teresa,

while studying the info You kindly supplied a question comes up?

Are Albert G. and Alvin Giesey the same person?

Uriah and Catherine had 4 children:

1. Alvin Giesey, pages 219 and 231
2. Ester Naomi, second child b. 09 Jan 1849, pages 106-107,220 and 231
3. John Abraham, third child b. 20 Jan 1850, page 107
4. Henry Newton, fourth child b. 15 Feb 1858, page 227-228

On page 106 it is said "Albert G. Eberhart, eldest child b. 6 June 1847 etc.

I hope You can clarify this. Thank You again for Your time.


Re: Eberhart book

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Surnames: Eberhart
Dear Teresa,
I was wondering if there was a Benedict Eberhart that was mentioned. I know he was living in Will County, Illinois if 1880. Thanks
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