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John Smith, UEL, Sgt. in Jessop's Rangers/Corps, and daughter, Rebecca

John Smith, UEL, Sgt. in Jessop's Rangers/Corps, and daughter, Rebecca

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Inquiring about a Rebecca/Rebeckah Smith, daughter of John Smith, a Loyalist and Sergeant in Jessop's Corps/Rangers, who married an Amos Deming, son of Prosper Deming and Alice Graves/Gray? in Augusta Township, possibly about 1806, the same year she received land by Order-In-Council, 25 March 1806. Rebecca was baptized circa 1785, possibly in Augusta Township. Amos was supposedly born circa 1785? in Prescott, Ontario. He is said to have died in 1818 in Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, USA. Rebecca and Amos had, I think, one son, Prosper, 1814, and three daughters, Sophronia, Rebecca, and Jane.

The only info I have on Rebecca and her father is the info stated above. I am especially wondering if someone out there might have a little more information on Rebecca Smith and her father, John Smith, and Jessop's Corps. Maybe if she had any siblings, who her mother was, etc.? It would be nice to know if they came from the USA and if so from where, or if they were already here all along, as if I am interpreting what I've read, the true "Loyalists" were considered those who were already here and didn't come from the USA. Someone please correct me if I am wrong as I am in uncharted territory here.

Any assistance someone would be willing to give me will be very much appreciated.

Re: John Smith, UEL, Sgt. in Jessop's Rangers/Corps, and daughter, Rebecca

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Surnames: SMITH
According to the Loyalist Directory at, John Smith (designated # 7 since there are so many) has no detailed info. That indicates that perhaps none of his descendants has done the work on him in order to join UELAC.

Researching in this time period takes perseverance and requires a lot of work in microfilms. It would be worth getting the early Augusta census records on interlibrary loan from the Archives of Ontario to track your John Smith to verify family size and track from year to year since there were several Johns there at the same time. Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but you will probably have to follow all of them in order to sort them out.

It would also be helpful to check for a Loyalist land petition for him and then a location certificate to see if and where he was granted land for his service. That requires films from the Library and Archives Canada and checking the Ontario Land Records Index and any records indicated in it, which are available on microfilm from the Archives of Ontario. Once a location is determined, then you can order the film of the Land Abstract Book for Augusta Twp. to see what happened to the land after granted to him by the Crown. Those films are available thru the LDS FHLibrary in Salt Lake City.

You should be able to learn more about Jessup's Corps from history books, Google searches and from the Edward Jessup Branch of UELAC. Their website gives some history of both Jessup's Corps and Jessup's Rangers. There were several Jessup men who fought in the war.

The Grenville County Historical Society in Prescott may also have some information. Their volunteers will do limited research for a reasonable fee.

BTW, Prosper Deming married Alice Graves on 25 APR 1782 in Shelburne, Franklin Co., Mass. With the given name of Propser, I'd bet they were Quakers.

Re: John Smith, UEL, Sgt. in Jessop's Rangers/Corps, and daughter, Rebecca

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Thank you for the info Wunder Woman. The book I have been perusing on the inter net alleges that Prosper Deming was/is buried in the Quaker cemetery near the village of Athens Ont. Sans absolute proof, i.e. a photo of his stone and/or some kind of documentation on paper, that seems to imply he was a Quaker.

I assume "BTW" means "By The Way". I'm not up on the new lingo.

Re: John Smith, UEL, Sgt. in Jessop's Rangers/Corps, and daughter, Rebecca

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Surnames: DEMING
If Prosper Deming is indeed buried in the Quaker Cemetery at Athens, you can be assured he was a Quaker. However, I have visited that cemetery several times and there are only two stones where any name appears. One of those is for Eliza Derbyshire, wife of Harvey. But she did not die until 1863.

Quakers buried their own using field stones because carved stones were considered ostentatious. So it is unlikely that you will find a stone with name & dates for any Quaker who died before roughly 1850. After that the practice seemed to relax a little.

My husband's 4th gr grfather Josiah Bullard, who lived at Plum Hollow in Bastard Twp. before 1800, was a very early member of the Quaker meeting at Adolphustown before the group was formed in Farmersville (now Athens). According to The History of Leeds & Grenville by Leavitt (publ 1879) the Quakers in Farmersville met in Gershom Wing's cooper shop, which was located next to the still existing Quaker Cemetery on the east side of Athens.

Josiah died in 1847 and he has a stone in Sheldon Cemetery near Plum Hollow, which I'd guess was erected at a later date, since his wife Susanna who died in 1831 also has a stone. However, her stone gives an incorrect age, which I am sure was a math error as it was the age she would have been when Josiah died, not when she died, leaving me to surmise that both stones were erected later.

Also, since Prosper Deming was in Augusta Twp. by 1796 and he did not petition for land, that is a good indicator that he was an early settler. Many of the Quakers followed their Loyalist friends and neighbors to Canada.

According to census records, Prosper's daughter Alice Deming who married Friend Bissell was born in New York in 1788. And daughter Irena Deming was born in the U.S. ca 1790. So if Amos Deming was born ca 1785, more than likely he was born in the U.S. also.

For what it's all worth.

Sandy in Omaha

Re: John Smith, UEL, Sgt. in Jessop's Rangers/Corps, and daughter, Rebecca

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Sons and Daughters of American Loyalists by William D Reid

John Smith of Augusta, m. Irene Reid, 1789. (Pencilled note on back of card: Sarah Spicer, 1792; John bapt 11 Mar 1792; Mary, ditto; Dennis, bapt 27 May 1793, Iren Reid: Irene, bapt 11 March 1792; Lilly Isabel, bapt 1 June 1796)
Rebecca, bapt 12 Feb 1789; m Amos Deming of Augusta. OC 25 March 1806
Mary, m Aaron Brooks of Augusta OC 12 Nov 1811
John of Augusta OC 14 Jan 1812, of Wolford, OC 28 Oct 1835
James of Augusta, OC 26 June 1822
Benjamin of Augusta, OC 7 Jan 1824
Daniel of Elizabethtown, OC 12 Sept 1833, OC 14 April 1836
Susannah, m John Dunn, OC 28 Oct 1833
Joseph of Augusta, OC 30 May 1834

OC - I have copy of petition
Rebecca Deming of Augusta wife of AMos Deming Praying for Land as the Daughter of John Smith a UE Loyalist
Rebecca Deming recommended for a Grant of 200 acres as the Daughter of a UE Loyalist
Approved signed Peter Russell
A Grant Recording Councillor

Re: John Smith, UEL, Sgt. in Jessop's Rangers/Corps, and daughter, Rebecca

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Dear AnneBenson74

Thank you for the info. Not sure I completely understand it all yet. I do have one question though. What does OC stand for? Does it stand for Order of/in Council? And are the dates that follow OC the dates that the individuals named petitions for land was granted and/or marriage dates?


Re: John Smith, UEL, Sgt. in Jessop's Rangers/Corps, and daughter, Rebecca

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Yes, OC stands for Order in Council and the date that follows is the date of that order. There would have been a previous petition by each of the children for land as the son or daughter of John Smith UE Loyalist.

The Archives of Ontario would have copies of the petitions and OC's as listed for each of the children.
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