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Mystery Taylor Family

Mystery Taylor Family

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Surnames: Taylor, Baird
I have a Robert Taylor who married a Jane Baird in County Down Northern Ireland. Jane Baird was the daughter of Susanna Gibson and John Baird of Ballycopland Millisle Northern Ireland. Robert and Jane had children born in Ireland named John James, Eliza Jane, Thomas, William Robert and possibly a Frederick although unconfirmed. We know nothing of Robert other than he owned a farm in Bangor Newtownards County Down Northern Ireland. Eliza Jane his daughter is said to have mentioned to her grandchildren that her family were of title, meaning that they came from "blueblood". I have mentioned this in case someone remembers a Taylor family from this description. Names connected via children of Robert and Jane, these are; Lowry, Bennett, Tweedie, Baird, Walker;
names connected via Jane, these are; Gibson, Baird, Bitcon.
This Taylor family seem to have lived around the seacoast of Newtwonards, linking into areas such as Ballywalter, Greyabbey, Ballygilbert, Creigboy, Bangor. Any help to find my family would be gratefully appreciated. Sincerely S.

Re: Mystery Taylor Family

Janet (View posts)
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Surnames: Taylor, Angus, Martin, McGrath, Magee, Magilton, Smiley, Mack, King
Hi Shirley,

I've noticed all of your posts about the Taylor family from the Donaghadee, Ballycopeland, Newtonards area....unfortunately I am also at a loss as far as this mysterious family goes..but thought I might try to compare the few notes I have with you to see if anything rings a bell.

Would you know of my James Taylor? He had a brother Thomas Taylor...

James Taylor m. Sarah Ann Angus (c.1900)
children were:
Annie (born 1915)

I'm interested in your Taylor connection because it was always said that we had family in Australia. Of course..I can't prove this...and I guess that goes for alot of Irish.

See any familiar names?



James Taylor, a farmer in Ballyvester Donaghadee County Down, Northern Ireland

Shirley (View posts)
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Surnames: Taylor, Baird, Gibson, Waugh, McWha
Dear Janet sorry for taking a little while to respond to your message. Unforutunately whilst I know that family names such as Thomas, John, James follow throughout families until I can firmly establish my James Taylor's wifes name I am rather stuck on names. He was a farmer in Ballyvester Donaghadee County Down Northern Ireland. Apparently and this is only come thu families and can get distorted, Robert Taylor was one of other siblings and my GGrandfather, it is suggested there was many. It has also been said that there was similar names throughout. James Taylor (as mentioned above is my GGGrandfather). Whilst my family seems to be mainly from Donaghadee area they also seemed to spread within a radius and even to Belfast. It was mentioned that relatives lived in other areas but never clear where. Other countries was USA, Engl, I know some went to Australia but these are connected names such as Gibson, Baird.(Many family clans intermarried). I noted your McGee, there is a connection through McGee it is on one of my mesage boards. I would love to share any further information I am howver limited in the Taylor names but maybe if we keep sharing and asking questions and with family names we may be able to find a link. Apparently my Great Aunt who married a Hugh Baird from Greyabbey use to say to her chn and grndchn that her family had blueblood suggesting that she cam from a womfortable background. My GGrandfather is said to have had a brother who was killed on a motorbike in NI it is also said that Robert had a son who also was killed on a motorbike in NI. Robert Taylor who married Jane Baird died at a very young age (40) from a disease similar to scarlet fever. It has been suggested that My James Taylor married an Eliza Jane Waugh but I have yet to firmly confirm. There is a James Taylor and Eliza Jane who lived in Donaghadee and had a son Robert at about the time my Robert would have been born. Robert Taylor as above was born the 15th November 1866, my sister was born on the 15th Nov, could be just a coincidence. My Great Aunt was called Eliza Jane Taylor. We have a definate link with McWha of County Down Northern Ireland and those not far living form me in NZ now. McWha has been suggested to be a variation of Waugh. Much infor in one aspect but little in another. I will leave it at that for now and look forward to your thoughts. Sincerely Shirley

The names listed are family names that has been established as family connections

Re: Archer Taylor

Shirley (View posts)
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Surnames: Taylor
Dear Janet have just been rereading some of my old messages and came upon yours. I noted the name of Archer Taylor. Son of a James Taylor. Janet did this family of Taylor's own a gunnery shop on high street Donaghadee? Look forward to your reply. Shirley.

Re: Magilton connection

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Surnames: Magilton
Gday Janet,
I have been working on the Magilton families of Ireland, especially around Belfast, If you would like to sent me any information on your Magilton connection, then I will help you if I can.

Cheers, Matthew Magilton (Melbourne, Australia)

Re: Magilton connection

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hi i was wondering if anyone could help me? my GGG grandmother was Elizabeth Magilton from Belfast Born around 1833 she married a John Mullen born 1831 who was from County Tyrone.
they Lived in number 4 Forest street Belfast.

Re: James Taylor, a farmer in Ballyvester Donaghadee County Down, Northern Ireland

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Surnames: Waugh
Hi Shirley,

I don't even know if this thread is still alive! Just came across it and thought I'd try replying anyhow.

I'm Terry Waugh, son of Vincent Waugh (Farmer - Ballyvester), who is the son of Robert Vincent Waugh (Farmer - Ballyvester), son of William Hutchinson Waugh (Farmer - Ballyvester), who was a brother of Eliza Jane Waugh. Both children of William Henry and Mary Elizabeth (nee McKeag) Waugh.

Eliza Jane would have lived at my parents current farmhouse at no.1 Ballyvester Road. The Waugh Family moved to that current farm in 1860, so Eliza Jane would have been born there.

I have quite a bit of information if it is of any use, and as I am doing my family tree at the minute - anything you can share would be welcome.

I actually have some of the original wills of William Henry and Mary Elizabeth from when they died in 1896 and 1873 - Eliza Jane gets a mention!

Happy to send copies...

Hope to hear back form you


Re: James Taylor, a farmer in Ballyvester Donaghadee County Down, Northern Ireland

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Shirley, I also have a mystery Taylor family, have been told of a possible Irish connection with mine as well.
I have a Robert Taylor born around 1800 - 1810 ish, he married a Mary Balsom in 1837 in Dameral, Devon, England and later migrated to Port Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales.
It has been documented on his son's marriage and death certificate that his father was either a surgeon or a doctor out here in Sydney, Was wondering if you know if any of your ancestors came out to Australia around that time.
Thanking you
nee Taylor

Re: James Taylor, a farmer in Ballyvester Donaghadee County Down, Northern Ireland

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Hi Terry
My Mum is a cousin of your dads - Ethel Rankin, I too am researching my family tree and would be delighted at any information you could pass on. I have got as far as my mums great grandparents also, do you have anything going further back?
Love to hear form you on my email


Re: James Taylor, a farmer in Ballyvester Donaghadee County Down, Northern Ireland

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Hi Pat,

Yes indeed happy to share what I have - I can e-mail it to you. It is a spreadsheet (excel) and I have managed to get 5 generations back to about 1750 or so. Spoke to Dad last night and he knows Ethel - she is indeed his cousin!

Whats your e-mail address? Incidentally where abouts are you? I'm in Newtownards - happy to meet over a coffee and in fact show you all the stuff I have. I've just put it into a small book format and you can have a copy...

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