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Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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Surnames: Ansardi, Pelagalli
I am looking for anyone researching Pierre Ambrose Ansardi b. abt 1820 married to Azema Buras and Augustin Pelagalli b. abt 1830 married to their daughter Josephine Ansardi b. 1857.

Re: Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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Not related, but I looked at census records and found this info/
Name: Ambroise Ansardi
Age: 30
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1820
Birth Place: Italy

Name: Jerna Ansardi
Age: 18
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1832
Birth Place: Plaques
Gender: Female

Name: Josephine Burat
Age: 9
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1841
Birth Place: Plaques
Source Citation Year 1850 Census Place Plaquemines, Louisiana Roll M432_238 Page 270 Image 540.

Name: Ambroise Ansardi
Age in 1860: 41
Birth Year: abt 1819
Birthplace: Italy

Name: Aroma Ansardi
Age in 1860: 30
Birth Year: abt 1830
Birthplace: Louisiana

Ambroise age 9, Joseph 7, Baptiste 5, Dominique 4
Roseline 6, Josephine 3
Post Office: Pointe A La Hache
Source Citation Year 1860 Census Place Plaquemines, Louisiana Roll M653_414 Page 0 Image 249.
Dominique Ansardi 3rd Ward, Plaquemines, LA abt 1855 Louisiana Self Occupation: Planter
Dominque Ansardi died 21 Dec 1920 1853 Plaquemines age 67

Baptiste Ansardi 3rd Ward, Plaquemines, LA abt 1853 Louisiana Brother

Celestin Ansardi 3rd Ward, Plaquemines, LA abt 1863 Louisiana Brother
Name: Celestine Ansardi
Death Date: 26 Oct 1940 Age: 80 Years

Bernard Ansardi 3rd Ward, Plaquemines, LA abt 1865
Louisiana Brother

Sidonia Ansardi 3rd Ward, Plaquemines, LA abt 1868
Louisiana Sister

Father's birthplace: Italy
Mother's birthplace: Louisiana
Source Citation Year 1880 Census Place: 3rd Ward, Plaquemines, Louisiana Roll T9_465 Family History Film 1254465 Page 208.2000 Enumeration District 140 Image 0259.


Re: Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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Thank you for all that info. I have the census records for 1850 thru 1910 for most of the Ansardi family members. It's the Pelagalli's that I have trouble finding. I only have the 1900 census for Augustin, his son Augustin, daughter-in-law Cecilia & his grandchildren.

Thanks again for taking the time to help.

Re: Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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From the transcribed census records, names are spelled different and birth years are different.
If not your family, I tried I'm sure you have gone thru all the regular New Orleans books to look for them.

So good luck in your search

I know you have the 1900 census
1900 census
Name: Augustine Pellegalli
Age: 70
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1830
Birthplace: Italy
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Race: White
Immigration Year: 1844

Name: Augustine N Pellegalli
Age: 22
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1878
Birthplace: Louisiana
Relationship to head-of-house: Son

Name: Cecilia Pellegalli
Age: 15
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1885
Birthplace: Louisiana
Relationship to head-of-house: Daughter-in-law
Spouse's Name: Augustine N
Race: Black

Name: Augustin Pellegalli
Age: 2
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1898
Birthplace: Louisiana
Relationship to head-of-house: Grandson
Father's Name: Augustine N
Mother's Name: Cecilia
Race: Black

Name: Josephine Pellegalli
Age: 5.12
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1900
Birthplace: Louisiana
Relationship to head-of-house: Granddaughter
Father's Name: Augustine N
Mother's Name: Cecilia
Source Citation Year 1900 Census Place Police Jury Ward 10, Plaquemines, Louisiana Roll T623 577 Page 16A Enumeration District 41.
Name: August Pellegal
SSN: 435-78-5012
Last Residence: 70046 Davant, Plaquemines, Louisiana, United States of America
Born: 11 Mar 1897
Died: 15 Mar 1966
State (Year) SSN issued: Louisiana (1965 )
WW 1 draft cards
Name: Augustine Nicholas Pelagal
City: Not Stated
County: Plaquemines
State: Louisiana
Birth Date: 24 Feb 1876
Race: White
Roll: 1684929
DraftBoard: 0
occupation fishing
next of kin Mrs. Augustine Pelagal
signed up on Sept 15, 1918
Name: Josephine Pelazal / [Josephine Pelagal]
Home in 1920: Pointe A La Hache, Plaquemines, Louisiana
Age: 20 years
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1900
Birthplace: Louisiana
Relation to Head of House: Granddaughter
Father's Birth Place: Louisiana
Mother's Birth Place: Louisiana
Marital Status: Single
Race: Mulatto
Sex: Female

Name: Andrew Pelazal / [Andrew Pelagal]
Age: 38 years
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1882
Birthplace: Louisiana
ather's Birth Place: Louisiana
Mother's Name: Jospehine
Mother's Birth Place: Louisiana
Marital Status: Single
Race: Mulatto

Name: Jospehine Pelazal / [Jospehine Pelagal]
Age: 68 years
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1852
Birthplace: Louisiana
Relation to Head of House: Mother
Father's Birth Place: Louisiana
Mother's Birth Place: Louisiana
Marital Status: Widow
Source Citation Year1920 Census Place Pointe A La Hache, Plaquemines, Louisiana Roll T625_613 Page 10B; Enumeration District 17 Image 383.

Re: Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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Classification: Query
I have tried New Orleans, and went through page by page of the 1870 & 1880 Plaquemine census in case the spelling was way off. There are so many different spellings but they seem to be related in one way or another. Even my Grandmother was incorrect. She thought her mother's maiden name was PARAGARA!

Thanks again,

Re: Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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Classification: Query
This family spoke French, when they lived in Pointe a la Hache. I found them in the 1930 Census as PARAGOL, which is why your family member pronounced it so. I found a recent obituary, and saw Sonny and Sonny, Jr. with another son Etienne. I had two sons with no listed family, Louis, or Etienne. What was Sonny's real name? This family is in my book "Le Pays," under the Ansardi's. My info has two sons without family, Augustin, and Nick, and marriages for the older two brothers, Louis married "A. TREADAWAY," and Etienne married Josephine LaCHUTE(spoke French her whole life). I had no children for either, but one is the Sonny family. The daughter Josephine married Felix LYTELL. Olivia(omitted in book) married her cousin Sebastian ANSARDI(they were murdered). or is Adrian Andrew (m.Lena VINET)"Sonny?" This family is relatively close, with LaCHUTE, LYTELL, or TREADAWAY as the key members besides the ANSARDI beginning. I update the "Pays" information in my home computer, hoping to one day make 2nd Edition, Volume 2, which will have the next generation or two in the PELLEGAL family. I might have those LYTELL's figured out all the way too, when that book comes out. I have been reviewing about 20 years of obituaries, and some info seems to elude you when it isn't that big a family.

Re: Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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I did find an obit for Etienne Pellagal, Sr. born about 1909 and died 13 Sept 1993. His wife was Josephine LaChute and his children are: Cecilia Gros
Frances Ahysen
Dolores Todd
Darlene Pellegal
Etienne Pellegal, Jr.
John Pellegal

His parents were Augustine Paragola and Cecilia Dinet.
His brothers and sisters were: Adrian Paragola
Louis Paragola
Melda Lachute
Mary Lachute
Theresa Schexnayder
Nina Treadaway
the late:
Nickolas Paragola
August Paragola
Olivier (Olivia?) Ansardi
Step-brother of:
the late Bertha Lennon, Elizabeth Hauser & Louise Villanueva

I also have an obit for Olivia P. Ansardi, wife of Sebastian C. Ansardi if you need that.

I'm waiting for death certificates for Agostino Pelagalli and his daughter Elenora Pelagalli Barbier. Agostino (Augustin) was the husband of the late Victorine Honore I have no idea yet where he fits in but he was born about 1831 and a native of Italy.

Re: Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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Olivia Pellegal Ansardi and Etienne Pellegal were sister and brother. Olivia had two children Rogers Ansardi & Marilyn (can't remember her married name). Both of them are deceased and so are both of Marilyn's children (both died in car accidents/one in Texas and one in Pointe-ala-Hache. Rogers has two biological children and two adopted children (he was married several times) Mr. Etienne & Ms. Josie had several children: Etienne Jr./Sonny (was married to Joyce), Johnny, Delores, Darlene & I believe there is one more daughter. I know Sonny's children: Etienne III, Douglas, Brian & Todd. (Doug died recently of cancer) I would appreciate any information you have on the Ansardi family.
My father is Claude Ansardi Sr. (son of Sebastian Sr.)

Re: Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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Classification: Query
Somehow, I left Olivia out of her parent's information I had. I knew she was cousin to Sebastian, Jr., though. My biggest confusion was which son of Etienne and Josie was "Sonny," since his obituary did not mention his birth name. The few Ansardi family members I personally knew were those from Buras. Oh, I had Marilyn as Mary Odelia, married to a JONES. I had two other sisters for Etienne, Jr., Cecelia P. GROS, and Frances P. AHYSEN. The note I had tying to Etienne had Etienne, III as Steven Matthew,Sr.

Re: Ansardi/Pelagalli Lines

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Actually, I don't think that Olivia and Sebastian were cousins. Although, there is an incident were cousins were married. It's a generation prior to theirs. I have it @ home. I will get back with you on that.
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