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know my dad david doolin was addopted and by birth related to the worley family in texas near greenville. would like info on true family. knew of walter worley as being closest to dad. please help me find his family tree.
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i'm married to frank worley whose uncles name was walter worley and had lived in greenville was married to opal lappin worley,they had two children names are ann
and johnny worley. ann is still in the greenville area and johnny lives in the oakwood texas area. walter was a welder and had worked for mcdonald welding in greenville for many years and then was in business for himself before passing approximately in 1980. walter had 3 brothers,jesse,wesley and john and all have passed. but there are other worleys in the greenville area that may have more info.
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Hi, My name is Rhonda Worley-Parsley. I am the youngest child of John James Worley, Jr. In addition to his brothers who have been listed, he also had a sister, Molly Branch.
They were the children of Mary and John James Worley, Sr. John sr died as a result of a ruptured blood vessel YEARS ago and Mary remaired to John Acres. They lived in southeastern Oklahoma.

I don't have a lot of info on my family because my parents divorced when I was young and I had little contact with the Worley side of my family. Most say that John (my dad) was Native American and I know he looked it. I have a brother who claims that is not true...but we can't prove either way.
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I forgot...the boys also had a sister, Mildred. Her married name was Neuman and they also lived in TX....near GrapeVine. I think she has passed. She had two sons, Eddie and I can't remember the other son's name.
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Hi Rhonda, thanks for posting info about the Worleys. I talked to my mother in law and she did say that Mary Worley Acres was a full blooded Indian, said she thought her maiden name was Hansen or Hanson. Anyway, my husband remembers her to be Indian. He is blond and blue eyed but some of his cousins are darker skinned, black headed and dark eyed, and also smooth skinned lacking alot of body and facial hair. Anyway, seems the Worleys originated in England but descendants from Mary and John may have some Indian heritage! :)
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Thanks. I remember spending a huge amount of time with Grandma Acres as a child. She would brush my hair and tell me how I would become a teacher so that I could teach her to read because only little boys could go to school on the reservation. I and my siblings are so dark we are often mistaken for Mexican. My dad, John Worley, was black haired and very dark. I was told by a man who knew my Grandpa Worley that he too was Indian. This gentleman passed long ago. It was not uncommon for the people on reservations to take the names of missionaries. I have found one Mary Hansen on the Dawes Indian Rolls. The frustration is that my oldest brother now denies any Indian link and my entire family (mom's side) and people who knew my dad say he is nuts.
What is your connection to the Worleys?
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Hi Rhonda, I am married to Frankie James Worley, he is the son of Charlene and Jess Worley,Jess was John,Walter, and Wesley Worleys brother. That is awesome that you found Mary on the Dawes Indian roll, Frank is wondering who John Sr.'s father was and what part of the Worley side is Indian. It is frustrating that the search ends with John Sr, but it seems no one knows anymore than that. We would love to talk with you sometime, I'm sure Frank and you could really relate to your memories of Grandma Mary. Our phone # is 903-584-3344. Have a blessed day Lady!
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I don't think I found the correct MARY hANSEN on the Dawes Rolls because the age does not work. Grandma's mother was also named Mary Hansen which complicates the issue. I always heard that the tribe was either Cherokee or Comanche. There are several hundred Mary Hansens on the Cherokee Nation list. My mom thought they were near Tyler, which would be Alabama Quachita (I know I spelled that wrong.) The man who knew John Sr thought he was from Wisconsin. I was always told that Grandpa Worley was mostly Indian and that he died after rupturing a blood vessel. He wanted to show how strong he was and Picked up a car which put too much strain on his vessels. The man who knew him thought he was also Indian (perhaps Apache). There are John Worleys on the Dawes Rolls, but I don't think they are our John. I know that my dad was sometimes sensitive about being Indian. The story goes that he stood over the clerk when we were born and said that the birth certificate would say White....not Inidian. I was told that grandma Acres ran away from the reservation when she was old enough and married a white man because she could "pass." I don't know which husband this was because she was married several times.

In my family Bible, Grandpa Worley's father was listed as Filo Worley. I have not been able to locate him on any of the census records....I can't find any of the Worleys for that matter. It is really frustrating since I can trace my mom's family to the original family settler in Virginia.

Your mother in law might remember my mom. Her name was LaVenta but was called LaVennie. She was a nurse.

I live in Waco and my number is 254-265-1558. Thanks for the info. It has been really nice to have a Worley connection after all of these years. I last saw my dad, Grandma Acres and Grandpa John in 1980. I was in college at the University of Oklahoma and looked them up. (I became a teacher.) I would love to have stayed in touch with Grandma Acres, but I could not take my dad's drinking. All of my mom's relatives tell me he was a wonderful man before he started drinking, but he started drinking when I was a baby, so I don't remember him sober. I have heard great stories about his days as a police officer and game warden. I have seen some of the buildings he constructed as a carpenter.

Thanks for the info and I look forward to talking with you and your husband.
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Hi Rhonda, sorry so long to reply. I talked to Ruby Faye, another of yours and Franks cousins. She is Molly's daughter, she said that all she knows is that Mildred was from another marriage John Dent, and that your and Franks grandfather John Worley Sr worked on a boat. I searched about 2 hours here but never found a reference to a boat worker. But I did find a John and Elizabeth Worley from Virginia. Who knows? Well, will try to call soon.Take care
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Hi, I found two census listings; one was spelled Warley, the other, Barley. It was a fluke that I found them. My eyes hurt, so I am not looking any more for a few days. One of my sons has a band concert this week and the other has a lead in a college opera this week. Things are hectic. I sm also trying to get my gsrden planted between rain storms. Take care.
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