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Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

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Surnames: Dunham
I put together a listing (in alpha order) of Dunhams who were married in VA & WV from 1794-1904. Would if be helpful to anyone if I posted it here?

I did this for another family name and didn't hear from anyone so, before I do it again, I'd rather know someone can use it.


Re: Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

ann (View posts)
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I would be interested too. Thanks.

Re: Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

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Hi Ann,

OK here it is. I put it in alpha order by the Dunham person. Nex to it is the spouse, then the marriage date, then the county & state.
I have this on a chart but couldn't paste it here so this is the best I could do:

Aaron Dunham Mary Thatcher 18 March 1819 Berkley VA
Able Dunham Nancy Morlatt 24 Dec 1795 Berkley VA
Alex L.C. Dunham Alda B. Morrison 28 Jan 1900 Mason WV
Anthony Dunham Catherine Yoho 23 Feb 1865 Wetzel WV
Arrah Dunham Alpheus Tucker 23 Feb 1892 Taylor WV
Anthe Dunham Reuben Stone 1 Jan 1895 Mason WV
Benjamin Dunham Rebecca J.Brannon 30 March 1847Berkeley VA
Benjamin Dunham Elizabeth Manor 12 April 1813 Berkeley VA
Catherine Dunham Jacob Griffith 16 Feb 1873 Wetzel WV
Charles Dunham Elcy Postlethwait 9 Jul 1892 Wetzel WV
Charles W. Dunham Mattie Right 23 Dec 1900 Barbour WV
Clyde Dunham Hazel M. Knightlinger 6 May 1912 Crawford PA
Cora Dunham Hugh H. Swiger 19 Dec 1891 Marion WV
David Dunham Hannah Brummage 31 August 1801 Monongalia VA
David Dunham Catherine Buckhamer 09 Dec 1798 Berkeley VA
David Dunham Rebecca Merchant 30 March 1847 Berkeley VA
Dinah Dunham Mathew Gerrard 28 July 1806 Berkeley VA
Dora Dunham Monroe Kerns 31 May 1900 Wirt WV
Edgar Dunham Sarah Flinn 23 Jan 1883 Jackson WV
Edith Dunham Reuben W. Hall 8 Dec 1864 Taylor WV
Edward Dunham Mary Bonham 15 July 1681 Somerset, PA
Eliza Jane Dunham Andrew P. Palmer 29 Sep 1877 Wetzel WV
Elizabeth Dunham Wm R. Parkinson 27 Dec1847 Berkeley VA
Emily Dunham Albert Anderson 24 or 26 Sep 1886 Wetzel WV
Fannie Jane Dunham Edwin Locke 21 Mar 1895 Barbour WV
Friend Dunham Dora Wright 21 May 1895 Wetzel WV
George Dunham Elizabeth Bagby 14 Jun 1886 Cabell WV
George Dunham Georgia Thomas 15 Nov 1914 Albemarle VA
George D. Dunham Susanna Rush 09 Dec 1860 Wetzel VA
Hannah Dunham George Ladley 27 October 1820 Berkeley VA
Hannah Dunham William Watson 15 Dec 1797 Berkeley VA
Helen Dunham Robert Raddish 10 Nov 1727 King George VA
Iona Dunham Okey Miller 25 Oct 1899 Mason WV
Jacob Dunham Catherine Goodnight 21 Oct 1819 Berkeley VA
Jacob A. Dunham Lola M. Shurtliff 28 Oct 1874 Barbour WV
James Dunham Alzina Dalrymple 4 July 1842 Warren PA
James Dunham Susan Hughes 14 Apr 1864 Marion WV
James Dunham Sara Poulton 4 Sep 1891 Wetzel WV
James Dunham Sarah W. Willis 25 Aug 1872 Marion WV
James B. Dunham Mary H. Riley 17 Mar 1881 Taylor WV
James C. Dunham Elizabeth Young 24 Jan 1822 Berkeley VA
James N. Dunham Mary Ann Goodrich 23 June 1839 Marshall VA
James W. Dunham Nancy Dulaney 3 Dec 1871 Wetzel WV
Jane Dunham John Wilkinson 20 Dec 1798 Berkeley VA
Jesse Dunham Betsey Fell 1 Oct 1794 Newport, RI
John Dunham Polly Holiday 09 April 1806 Berkeley VA
John B. Dunham Sarah Frances Barr 29 Dec 1871 Jackson WV
John C. Dunham Rebecca E. Shuttleworth 5 Jan 1865 Taylor WV
Lavinia Dunham Richard P. Kinsey 2 Mar 1865 Taylor WV
Lillie Dunham A.H. Conley 29 Oct 1893 Wirt WV
Lizzie E. Dunham Franklin Moore 13 Feb 1896 Barbour WV
Lucinda Dunham Sanford Wade 19 Aug 1892 Wetzel WV
Lucy Dunham Cannon Lively 06 March 1809 Albermarle VA
M.E. Dunham W.S. David 31 Mar 1874 Barbour WV
Maria Dunham William Tyson 26 Dec 1844 Berkeley VA
Martha Dunham H.F. Clark 28 Oct 1893 Wetzel WV
Martha Ann Dunham William Pitt 29 Jan 1827 Albermarle VA
Martha J. Dunham Porter H. Morris 22 Feb 1893 Taylor WV
Martin F. Dunham Sallie Withers 12 Feb 1900 Taylor WV
Mary Dunham John Burge 30 Nov 1874 Marshall WV
Mary Dunham William Watson 20 Nov 1891 Wetzel WV
Mary E. Dunham Joel Hill 25 Nov 1894 Mason WV
Mary E. Dunham Marcellus A. Robbins 14 Oct 1899 Taylor WV
Mary Ellen Dunham Joseph Greathouse 13 Aug 1881 Taylor WV
Mary Jane Dunham James Henderson 10 May 1857 Taylor VA
Mary Jane Dunham James M. McCoy 3 Dec 1898 Wetzel WV
Mary M. Dunham John C. McDonald 5 Sep 1894 Taylor WV
Nancy Jane Dunham Wm M. Goodwin 14/17 Dec 1863 Taylor WV
Noah Dunham Olive V. Elder 5 Jan 1896 Taylor WV
Okey C. Dunham Leh McFee 14 Sep 1899 Wirt WV
Presly Dunham Virginia Guthrie 13 Oct 1891 Wetzel WV
R.J. Dunham Ettie L. Thompson 31 Mar 1881 Barbour WV
Rachel Dunham Joseph Kyle 26 April 1796 Berkeley VA
Resin E. Dunham Cora E. Gawthrop 17 Mar 1898 Taylor WV
Rosanna Dunham James Roach 02 March 1825 Berkeley VA
Samuel Dunham Rosanna Manor 22 October 1846 Berkeley VA
Sarah Dunham Peter Fortney or Tarlney 21 Feb 1798 Berkeley VA
Sarah Dunham John Williams 01 Jan 1874 Albemarle VA
Selvy Dunham Maggie Sharp 28 Dec 1897 Wetzel WV
Thomas Dunham Martha McNeal 18 April 1811 Berkeley VA
Thomas Dunham Hannah P. Mather 3 Sep 1873 Cabell WV
Thornton Dunham Louisa C. Wooley 25 January 1830 Jefferson VA
Walter Dunham Amanda Dulaney 8 Jul 1894 Wetzel WV
Wilford Dunham Polly Postlethwait 8 Jan 1897 Wetzel WV
William Dunham Mary Amanda Baxter 3 Sep 1863 Harrison WV
William Dunham Sarah E. Harr 16 Dec 1869 Taylor WV
William D. Dunham Martha Campbell 09 Oct 1834 Franklin VA

Re: Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

ann (View posts)
Posted: 1095030533000
Classification: Query
Thanks. I see a few possibilities. Thanks, I start searching those leads

Re: Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

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Surnames: Maxwell, Ball, Dunham, Postelwaite, Fowler, Foust, Bowling, Hasselbach
Friend Dunham Dora Wright 21 May 1895 Wetzel WV
From your board the above are my great, grandfather and great grandmother. They had two children Elmer and Elzie Dunham. Elzie and Winona May Dunham were my grandparents. My mother, Evelyn Dunham Maxwell had these siblings..all Dunhams. Raymond, Harold, Berneda and Arthor. All have passed except my mother who is 77 years old, today. Aunt Berneda married a Yates. They had Janie, Georgie (who was blind after the age of 15) and Sherry. I believe all have passed. If any of these match anyone please contact me.

Re: Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

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Surnames: Huggins, Dunham, Myers, Chambers, Nice, Eddy, Fox, Ashton
Hi Christine,

I have a Friend Dunham in my family tree but didn't have a spouse or children. I wonder if it's the same one.

"My" Friend Dunham was born in 1869 and his parents were George D. Dunham and Susannah ?

Do you have the names of "your" Friend Dunham's parents?


Re: Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

Christine Maxwell (View posts)
Posted: 1102477911000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Maxwell, Ball, Dunham, Postelwaite, Fowler, Foust, Bowling, Hasselbach
I found the below info posted under Friend Dunham's 2nd wife's, detail. I know it is the correct Dunham because my grandfather "Elzie's" information is all correct. We can not find anything on his brother Elmer

ID: I107111785
Name: Dora Adelia WRIGHT
Given Name: Dora Adelia
Surname: Wright
Sex: F
Birth: 12 Feb 1877 in Wetzel County,Wv
Death: 19 Nov 1934 in Wetzel County,Wv
Burial: Wileyville Cem.,Wileyville,Wetzel County,Wv
Change Date: 1 Apr 2001

Father: George WRIGHT b: Abt 1848 in Ohio
Mother: Lavina UNKNOWN b: Abt 1847 in La

Marriage 1 Friend Marshall CECIL b: Abt 1877 in Wetzel County,Wv
Married: 4 Sep 1902 in Samuel Furbee's Resident,Wetzel County,WV
Note: _UID7620434FF826D511B7F644455354000009C5
William Henry CECIL
Roy Curtis CECIL b: 12 Mar 1905 in Bebee,Wetzel County,Wv
Martha CECIL
Lavina CECIL
Florence CECIL
Lawrence CECIL b: 7 May 1908 in Bebee,Wetzel County,Wv
George Troy CECIL b: 25 Aug 1911 in Bebee,Wetzel County,Wv
Friend Boyd CECIL b: 3 Jul 1917 in Wileyville,Wetzel County,Wv

Marriage 2 Friend W. DUNHAM b: 24 Jun 1869 in Wetzel County,Wv
Married: 21 May 1895 in Wetzel County,Wv
Note: _UID7C20434FF826D511B7F64445535400000F25

Re: Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

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Hi again, thanks so much for posting the info. I had two of the names in my tree so I was able to connect the dots with your info.

BTW, we're 4th cousins, LOL.

Do you have George Dunham's (father of Friend) family info? I do, as far back as George's grandparents. If you need it, please let me know.

Re: Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

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Surnames: Maxwell, Ball, Dunham, Postelwaite, Fowler, Foust, Bowling, Hasselbach
Oh, yes!
Please send the detail to me!
How wonderful, you are saving me a lot of time.
My dear 77 year old mother, your great aunt right, is going to be elated. She did not know much about her father he had left home by the time she was 16. All I remember of him is seeing him in a casket when I was 4 years old! Are you in W Va? I am in Ohio. Oh, I have so many questions. Again, thank you, thank you!

Your Cousin ;->

Re: Dunham Marriages - VA and WV

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Your mom (Happy Birthday!) is my 3rd cousin, once removed.

I'm going to send the info to you via private email. I can click on your name and get your email addy from there - if it's wrong, please let me know.

I'm glad to be of help - so many people have helped me. Including you, with your family info!

Take care cuz!

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