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Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

Ernie Alderete (View posts)
Posted: 1144972880000
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You are cordially invited to join the Montezuma/Moctezuma DNA Project.

Our goal is to corroborate the beliefs, family legends and oral traditions of those who bare the mighty Moctezuma surname, or claim its regal ancestry.

Our hope is to obtain DNA from a verified Montezuma descendant to compare with the rest of our DNA on file in the project.

I believe I am descended from Petronila Cortez de Moctezuma, who was born in 1550 in Aguasclaientes, Mexico, and was the great granddaughter of Emperor Montezuma II, and granddaughter of Hernan Cortez.

Re: Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

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Hi Ernie:

I wrote to you on another forum, but thought that I'd also write to you here. I am trying to work on the Moctezuma/Ruiz de Esparza line too and trying to find relevant documents in Mexico City, so far with little success.

Was it you who got to look at Jaime Holcombe's paper work? I was wondering what kind of evidence he had for Martin Navarro and Petronila's marriage. I thought that the evidence was in the Aguascalientes State Papers. Yes? No?

By the way, Petronila would not have been born in Aguascalientes in 1550 because the city was not founded until 1575. There is a book about Moctezuma's descendants, but it does not give any information about Petronilla, so it was not very helpful.

I have been trying to search the Mexico City marriages circa 1595/1596 for a marriage of Lope Ruiz de Esparza and Francesca, but no luck so far at that.

Several of my friends are descended from this line. This is one of them, but I'm still trying to confirm all the links:

GENERATION NUMBER 1: MOCTEZUMA II, AZTEC EMPEROR was born about 1480 and died 1521 in Mexico City, In 1502, he was crowned Emperor.
GENERATION NUMBER 2: PRINCESS TECUICHPO DE MOCTEZUMA, daughter of Moctezuma II. Also known as Isabel de Moctezuma.
GENERATION NUMBER THREE: LEONOR DE CORTEZ-MOCTEZUMA, b. Mexico City, F.D., Mexico. Daughter of Techuipo de Moctezuma (or Isabel de Moctezuma), who was the daughter of Moctezuma II. Leonor married (1) CONQUISTADOR CRISTOBAL DE VALDERRAMA Abt. 1531. Cristbal de Valderrama died November 1537.
GENERATION NUMBER FOUR: LEONOR VALDERRAMA-CORTEZ-DE-MOCTEZUMA, d. Abt. 1562, daughter of Leonor de Cortez Moctezuma, granddaughter of Techuichpo de Moctezuma, great-granddaughter of Moctezuma). Leonor died Abt. 1562. She married DIEGO ARIAS-DE-SOTELO. He was born in Zamora, Spain.
GENERATION NUMBER FIVE: PETRONILA DE MOCTEZUMA, b. Aguascalientes, Nueva Galicia, New Spain (Mexico).
She was born in Aguascalientes, Nueva Galicia, New Spain (Mexico). She married MARTIN NAVARRO.
GENERATION NUMBER SIX: 1. ANA-FRANCISCA DE GABAY, b. Guadalajara, Jalisco, New Spain (Mexico); d. 30 Mar 1652, Villa de Aguascalientes; married LOPE RUIZ-DE-ESPARZA, supposedly in 1695 in Mexico City. He died 14 Aug 1651 in Aguascalientes.
GENERATION NUMBER SEVEN: Lorenza Ruiz de Esparza, born circa 1602. Married May 16, 1623, Aguascalientes to Luis Tiscareno, who was born in Triana, Sevilla, Espaa
GENERATION NUMBER EIGHT: Francesca Tiscareno Gabai, born March 24, 1625 in Aguascalientes. Married to Jose Delgado (a native of Pinos, Zacatecas)
GENERATION NUMBER NINE: Juan Delgado born August 1, 1647, Aguascalientes. Married on March 4, 1669 to Margarita Lopes de Lizaldi
GENERATION NUMBER TEN: Gertrudis Delgado, born October 22, 1686 in Aguascalientes. Married to Cristobal Garcia, (born Aug. 5, 1681)
GENERATION NUMBER ELEVEN: Bernard Antonio Garcia, born June 29, 1707, Aguascalientes...Married to Francesca (Cordoba) Escobar, August 30, 1730, Cienega de Ojuelos.
Generation 12: Miguel Antonio Garcia
Generation 13: Maria Dolores Garcia – mar. to Jose Nepomuceno Loera
Generation 14: Refugio Loera (b. 1828) mar. to Jose Manuel Serna
Generation 15: Rosalia Serna (b. 1853) mar. to Pablo Jimenez
Generation 16: Felix Jimenez married to Desideria Lopez
Generation 17: Manuel Jimenez (b. 1915) married to Delfina Gallegos
Generation 18: Angelina Jimenez (b. 1946) married to Donald Milligan

Re: Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

Posted: 1175758274000
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I did not see the previous message you mentioned.

It would appear we are related thru the seventh generation you have listed in your tree, our last common ancestors being Lorenza Ruiz de Esparza y Gabay and Captain Luis Tiscareno de Molina Y Marquez.

It has been hard to pin down Petronila Moctezuma precisely, I believe, because we don't have her entire name. Surely she had several first and last names as did virtually all of her contemporaries, including her older and more well documented siblings.

I do have the marriage record by Jaime Holcombe you referenced.

There are several family trees here on that mention Petronila, unfortunately some are private and so not available for comparison with our results. If everyone shared what they had we might be able to fill in some blanks.

I wish we could get that Aussie woman, Anna Layton, who investigated La Malinche to do the same for Petronila.

Check out my maternal (Rodriguez, Contreras, Montoya, Acosta, Porras, Vasquez, Serecedes, Cobos, Corral, Olguin, Gallardo, Robeldo, Najera, Suares, Caballero, Gutierrez, Caro, Aranda) home page:

And my paternal (Romo, Ramirez, Gonzales, Rangel, Moctezuma homepage:

My Moctezuma DNA Project:

My Alderete DNA Project:

My Moctezuma Forum:

Re: Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

Posted: 1281067870000
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Surnames: Moctezuma, Montezuma

I've just found your 2007 post ... what sort of document do you have from Jaime Holcomb?

Re: Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

Posted: 1324706888000
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Greetings, JohnnyPJ! It appears that you and my wife are distantly related as she descends from the Ruiz de Esparzas, Romo de Vivars and the Escaleras back to old Moctezuma himself. I have been given reason to believe that the Leonor de Moctezuma who married Cristobal de Valderrama may have been Moctezuma's daughter by another woman and thus half-sister to Isabel. Of course, Isabel de Moctezuma had a daughter named Leonor with Hernando Cortez which seems to cause some confusion. I wonder if you have proof of the connection of our Leonor as daughter to Princess Isabel?

Re: Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

Posted: 1326568523000
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There are a number of real historical references that that make this connection, so it is most likely pretty solid. I have been looking for documented descendants of the Sotelo de Moctezumas as this is one of the alleged ancestries of Petronila de Moctezuma.

There is a brief, tantalizing reference in the Codex Chimalpahin that suggests other Sotelo de Moctezuma descendants, but without naming any of them.

I have only recently seen a document in the Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara that actually names Petronila de Moctezuma and Martin Navarro. So I am pretty sure they did indeed exist. However, anything of their antecedents, at this point, is pure speculation as there seems to be no information. There is a cryptic reference is some of Jaime Holcomb's work, but I cannot locate it, and no one that I have corresponded with can produce it: so this is of little to no value.

The relevant historical texts do not mention them. They were apparently not involved in the extensive litigation of Moctezuma's descendents to get rights to the various encomiendas handed out by Cortez, or to get grants from the Spanish monarchy. There was too much money involved here not to have been involved, which suggests to me that Petronila de Moctezuma may not have been a descendant of Moctezuma.

Re: Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

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Not all of Moctezumas children were involved in the litigation in Spain. I'm trying to find concrete evidence of the marriage between Petronila Moctezuma and martin Navarro. It would be interesting to compare DNA from someone from this part of family to family in Spain. This litigation is mentioned in the book by Donald Chipman regarding children of aztec royalty.

Re: Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

Posted: 1477141256000
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I have a marriage record that mentions petronila de montesuma and her husband martin navarro. What I don't understand is why people keep getting it wrong about petronila's mother! Leonor Cortes Moctezuma was a cousin of Leonor Valderrama. Leonor's mother was Mariana Leonor, the sister of Isabel de Moctezuma. Leonor de Valderrama was NOT Leonor Cortez de Moctezuma or her daughter or their lineage. We are not descended from that family but Moctezuma's other daughter Mariana Leonor Moctezuma. I am descended from Elvira Marquez de Tiscareno another granddaughter of Ana Francisca de Gabay. Now I do have documentation to link the generations at least to Petronila.

Re: Moctezuma/Montezuma Dynasty DNA Project

Posted: 1513185520000
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Surnames: Moctezuma
Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to share the documentation you mentioned on the last line of your post? I am not a direct Moctezuma descendant, rather that pertains to relatives of a 1st cousin 9 times removed. Tiscareno is also a surname found in that line. Like you, I had read accounts of Moctezuma II leaving those two daughters AND a niece but as you well know, the accounts vary. My direct 8th/9th maternal great greats are tied in to the first/founding families of Teocaltiche, Ojuelos, Sierra Los Pinos, Aguascalientes and several of their first generations also established them selves in San Luis Potosi. They are primarily Juan Montanes, Maria de las Roelas Sotomayor, Lopez de Avila (Abila, Davila). Hope to hear from you, Arleen
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