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This might get you started. Bartlett is a CATE & HERNDON cousin

Ancestors of Dr. Bartlett Snipes DURHAM - 30 NOV 1998


1. Dr. Bartlett Snipes DURHAM. The city of Durham, NC is named for him.


2. William Lindsey DURHAM Jr. was born in 1786 in Orange County, NC. He died in 1847.

3. Mary SNIPES. William Lindsey DURHAM Jr. and Mary SNIPES had the following children:

1 i. Dr. Bartlett Snipes DURHAM.


4. William Lindsey DURHAM was born on 21 NOV 1754 in Orange County, NC. He died in NOV 1839 in Orange County, NC. William Lindsey Durham's will, dated March 8, 1837, was proved in Orange County in November Court, 1839. In it he named his living sons Archibald, Isaiah, William, John, and Thomas. Deceased children named were son Isaac and daughters Susannah Jolley and Frances Lacy. Granddaughter Nancy Durham, wife of Mark Durham, was also mentioned. His three sons Archibald, William, and John were named as executors. Witnesses were R. C. Poe and B. Strowd. He was married to Nancy Ann CATE about 1775.

5. Nancy Ann CATE was born in 1759. She died in 1824. William Lindsey DURHAM and Nancy Ann CATE had the following children:

i. Archibald DURHAM was born in 1778 in Orange County, NC.

ii. Issac DURHAM was born in 1783 in Orange County, NC. He died in 1835.

2 iii. William Lindsey DURHAM Jr..

iv. Matthew DURHAM.

v. Isaiah DURHAM was born about 1789 in Orange County, NC. He died after 1870.

vi. Thomas Seth DURHAM was born in 1790.

vii. John DURHAM.

viii. Frances DURHAM died before 1838.

ix. Susanna DURHAM died before 1838.

6. John Manley SNIPES was born on 2 NOV 1761 in Dinwiddie County, VA. He died on 24 NOV 1844 in Chatham County, NC. He was married to Sarah LINDSAY about 1786 in Chatham County, NC.

7. Sarah LINDSAY was born on 30 JAN 1770 in Chatham County, NC. She died on 5 APR 1861 in Chatham County, NC. John Manley SNIPES and Sarah LINDSAY had the following children:

i. Anne SNIPES was born about 1788 in Chatham County, NC. She died about 1827 in Chatham County, NC.

ii. Francis SNIPES was born on 24 DEC 1800 in Chatham County, NC. She died on 5 JAN 1880 in Chatham County, NC.

iii. Manley SNIPES was born on 20 JUN 1802 in Chatham County, NC. He died in 1862 in Chatham County, NC.

iv. Alfred SNIPES was born in 1805 in Chatham County, NC. He died in 1866 in Chatham County, NC.

3 v. Mary SNIPES.

vi. Tabitha SNIPES.

vii. Delilah SNIPES.

viii. Susannah SNIPES was born in 1820 in Chatham County, NC. She died about 1891.

ix. Sarah SNIPES.


8. Matthew DURHAM. In 1776 Matthew appeared on the Orange County Poll List with Thomas and John Durham. If he had left Orange County in the 1760s he returned by 1776.

Matthew Durham made a claim to 884 acres of land on the Haw River in southern Orange County in 1778. This location brought him into the area of Cane Creek where the Edwards and Hatches were also settling. The families would intermarry over the following generations.

Matthew Durham's will was dated December 9, 1795, and proved in Orange County, North Carolina, in February of 1796. He named only his wife Susanna and son Mark. Witnesses were Wm. Stroud and Lysias Durham.
He was married to Susannah LINDSEY about 1750.

9. Susannah LINDSEY died after 30 APR 1799. Susannah Durham made her will April 30, 1799. It was proved in Orange County the next month. She named sons Matthew, Lysias, and Mark, and daughters Mary Mecham and Jane Piper. Susannah and Sarah Piper were named as children of Jane. Son Lysias Durham was named Executor. Witnesses were Alexander Hatch, Frances Durham, and Oney Hutson. Matthew DURHAM and Susannah LINDSEY had the following children:

i. James DURHAM was born on 21 MAY 1750.

ii. Thomas DURHAM was born on 12 MAY 1752.

4 iii. William Lindsey DURHAM.

iv. John DURHAM1 was born on 16 JUL 1757. John Durham, son of Matthew Durham and Susannah Lindsey, was born July 16, 1757. He possibly married before 1785 Sarah Edwards. Some researchers show his wife as Mary Ann Payne.

Possible children of John:

1. Jinney Durham, b. c1800, d. c1825, m. 1820 William Hatch

2. Jesse Durham, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?

3. John Durham II, b. ?, d. ?, m. 1819 Jean Hatch

4. Alvis Durham, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?

5. Rena Durham, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?

6. Nathaniel Durham, b. ?, d. ?, m. 1811 Sarah Hatch

John Durham is shown by some researchers as having died in 1852. He appears to have left Orange County in the decade preceeding the 1810 Census.

v. Matthew DURHAM II1 was born on 16 JUN 1760. He died on 3 JAN 1834 in Monroe County, GA. Children of Matthew and Elizabeth were:

1. Jonnie Durham, b. ?, d. age 3

2. Susan Durham, b. ? d. ?, m. George Carruthers

3. John Spencer Durham, b. ?, d. age 1

4. Mary Durham, b. ?, d. ?, m. 1808 Thomas Pleasants

5. Matthew Durham III, b. ?, d. age 5

6. Simeon Durham, b.?, d. ?, m. 1817 Avarilla Traylor

7. Nancy Durham, b. ?, d. age 16

8. Seaborn Durham, b. 1796, d. 1877, m. [1] Nancy Stovall [2] 1829 ---- George

9. Sanders Walker Durham, b. ? d. ?, m. ?

10. Singleton Durham, b. ?, d. age 35

11. Saleta Durham, b. ?, d. in infancy

12. Shelman Durham, b. Dec 6, 1803, d. 1880, m. [1] Susan Sims [2] Cynthia Crawford

13. Grace Durham, b. ?, d. ?, m. 1826 John L. Ratliff

14. Sarah Durham, b. ?, d. in infancy

15. Fanny Durham, b. ?, d. in infancy

Matthew as a young man served in the Revolutionary War. He relocated to Hancock County, Georgia, and died January 3, 1834, in Monroe County, Georgia.

vi. Ambrose DURHAM was born on 15 JUN 1762.

vii. Sicious Lycias DURHAM was born on 12 NOV 1765. He died on 8 FEB 1838 in Orange County, NC. His will, dated September 5, 1837, named daughters Tabitha Gear, Mary Jane (a minor), and Susannah L. Sons identified were David, Dudley, and Tarleton. Executors were friends Wilson Atwater and Manley Snipes. Witnesses were R. C. Poe and Antho. Durham. Lysias' wife was not named and had probably predeceased him.

viii. Mary DURHAM was born on 1 JAN 1769. Mary Durham, daughter of Matthew Durham and Susannah Lindsey, was born January 1, 1769. She married ---- Mecham. Mary died leaving two deaf and dumb daughters.

ix. Jane DURHAM was born on 11 AUG 1772. She died before 1799.

x. Mark DURHAM was born on 15 AUG 1775. He died on 22 OCT 1841.

10. Thomas "Road Tom" CATE was born about 1730. He died in 1817 in Newberry County, SC. He had an estate probated in Newberry County, SC. Land was on Bear Branch of Cane Creek and on Toms Creek of Cane Creek which was probably named for him. Moved to Newberry County, SC in 1799 after selling his land on Bear Creek to John Cate Sr.

11. Elizabeth FUSSELL. Thomas "Road Tom" CATE and Elizabeth FUSSELL had the following children:

i. Aaron CATE was born about 1750 in Newberry County, SC. He died in Newberry County, SC.

ii. Thomas "Hatter" CATE was born about 1750. He died in 1812 in Orange County, NC. He had an estate probated in Orange County, NC. Tommy the Hatter. Land was on Cain Creek adjacent to Chrutchfield and Chambers. Only son who did not move to Newberry, SC

5 iii. Nancy Ann CATE.

12. Private William SNIPES was born about 1735 in Prince George County, VA. He served in the military between 1776 and 1781 in Revolutionary War, US. William was a member of the Chatham County Militia and appeared on the 1772 roll in Captain Isaiah Hogan's Company. There was also a Thomas Snipes in the same company who might have been William's brother. William later served as a Private in the Revolution.
He died about 1787 in Chatham County, NC. William and Sarah were pioneers in Chatham County, North Carolina. Their first four children were born in Virginia before the family made its way south circa 1769, settling near what is today Cedar Grove Church in Baldwin Township, northern Chatham County. The three youngest girls were all born in North Carolina. He was married to Sarah HERNDON about 1758 in VA.

13. Sarah HERNDON died in 1791 in Chatham County, NC. Private William SNIPES and Sarah HERNDON had the following children:

i. Thomas SNIPES was born on 29 SEP 1759 in Dinwiddie County, VA. He died on 5 MAR 1844 in Chatham County, NC.

6 ii. John Manley SNIPES.

iii. William SNIPES II was born in 1763/64 in Brunswick County, VA. He died in 1848/49 in Upson County, GA.

iv. Susanna SNIPES was born in 1767/68 in VA.

v. Sarah SNIPES was born about 1771 in Chatham County, NC. She died between 1806 and 1810 in Chatham County, NC.

vi. Rhoda SNIPES was born in 1775 in Chatham County, NC. She died in 1831 in Chatham County, NC.

vii. Tabitha SNIPES was born about 1776 in Chatham County, NC. She died on 18 AUG 1827 in Chatham County, NC.


18. William LINDSEY. He was married to Jane.

19. Jane. William LINDSEY and Jane had the following children:

9 i. Susannah LINDSEY.

20. Captain Robert CATE was born about 1700 in VA. He died before NOV 1765 in Orange County, NC.2 He had an estate probated on 5 NOV 1765 in Orange County, NC. Moved to the Roanoke River in NC and then to New Hope Creek and then to Cane Creek by 1751. He was on the first tax list for Orange County, was Commissioner of Roads, was known as Captain Robert Cate.

21. Elizabeth. Captain Robert CATE and Elizabeth had the following children:

i. Sarah CATE.

ii. Robert CATE died between 1779 and 1800 in Orange County, NC.

iii. Rebecca CATE.

iv. John CATE.

v. Richard CATE was born before 1716. He died in 1794 in Orange County, NC.

10 vi. Thomas "Road Tom" CATE.

vii. Charles CATE Sr. was born about 1739.

viii. Joseph CATE was born in 1756 in Orange County, NC. He died before DEC 1793 in Orange County, NC. He had an estate probated on 24 DEC 1793 in Orange County, NC.

24. Thomas SNIPES1 was born about 1710 in Prince George County, VA. Subject: Snipes Family
Date: November 29, 1998

The Snipes family, according to some researchers, originated in England. They arrived in the new world at Charlestown coming by way of the Barbados Islands and moving into the Carolina frontier before the Revolution. Brigadier General James R. Townsend, who formed the Snipes Family America in 1979, discovered evidence leading back to a Thomas Snipes of Prince George County, Virginia. This suggests another line.

Other early Snipes in Virginia include:

Thomas Snapp living at Elizabeth City, Virginia February 16, 1623.

Jane Snape transported September 9, 1648, by Randall Crew of Nansemond County.

Wm. Snapes transported November 14, 1653, by Colonel Richard Lee.

À"À Robert Snipes of Surrey County. His name first appeared circa 1719 in the Order Books as owing land on Grays Creek adjoining William Gray and Gilbert Gray.

Richard Snappe of Faller, County Oxon, married Dorothy ---- in County Oxon. Dorothy was the daughter of Osbalddeston of Nethercourt. Richard was born circa 1475.

Children of Richard and Dorothy were:

1. John Snappe, b. c1500, d. ?, m. ---- Harcourt

2. Thom Snappe, b, c1500, d. ?, m. ?

3. Roger Snappe, b. c1500, d. ?, m. [1] Elizabeth Harcourt

John Snappe/Snape, son of Richard Snappe and Dorothy -----, was born circa 1500. He married ---- Harcourt, daughter of Sir Symon Harcourt of Staunton Harcourt, County Oxon. John lived at Standlake, County Oxon.

Child of John and ---- was:

1. John Snape, b. c1540 , d. ?, m. c1560 ---- Redbourne

Thom Snappe, son of Richard Snappe and Dorothy ----, was born circa1500. Nothing else is known.

Roger Snappe, son of Richard Snappe and Dorothy ----, was born circa1500. He married first Elizabeth Harcourt. She was the daughter of Francis Harcourt of Witham, County Berks.

Children of Roger and Elizabeth were:

1. John Snappe, b. c1530, d. ?, m. Alice Redbourne

2. Walter Snappe, b. c1530, d. ?, m. ?

John Snape II, son of John Snape and ---- Harcourt, was born circa 1540. He married circa 1560 ---- Redbourne, daughter of ---- Redbourne of Standlake, County Oxon.

Child of John and ---- was:

1. Robert Snape, b. c1569, d. ?, m. Mary Pollard

Robert Snape, son of John Snape II and ---- Redbourne, was born circa 1569. He married circa 1600 Mary Pollard, daughter of William Pollard of Tollesbury, County Essex. After their marriage Robert and Mary lived in Maldon, County Essex.

Children of Robert and Mary were:

1. Robert Snape II, b. c1602, d. ?, m. ?

2. William Snape, b. c1604, d. ?, m. ?

Robert Snape II, son of Robert Snape and Mary Pollard, was born circa 1602. Nothing else is known.

William Snape, son of Robert Snape and Mary Pollard, was born circa 1604.

Truett states "This is the first and only reference to the name, WILLIAM, in the visitations of the Snappe - Snape families in either Oxon or Essex counties." He wonders if this might not be the William who was transported to America by Col. Richard Lee in 1653 and was still living in 1674. I think it much more likely that it would have been William's son. Most of those transported to the early colonies were young. Not only was the voyage physically taxing, but those who paid for the transport of the indentured servants certainly wanted to get their money back over the seven year period the servant had to work for them. It is not likely that a man 49 years of age would be a good prospect for investment.

William Snape/Snapes/Sneaps/Snipes was transported to Virginia by Col. Richard Lee prior to 1653. William patented land in Gloucester County, Virginia in 1674.

Child of William:

1. Robert Snipes/Sneaps, b. c1677, d. c1721, m. c1709 Ann ----

Robert Snipes/Sneaps, son of William Snape/Snapes/Sneaps/Snipes, was born between 1674 and 1680 and was in Surry County, Virginia, by 1714. He married circa 1709 Ann ---- widow of Melchizadeck Duché.

Children of Robert and Anne were:

1. Robert Snipes, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?

2. Billison Snipes, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?

3. Joseph John Snipes, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?

4. Thomas Snipes, b. c1710, d. aft1740, m. c1731 Susannah Thrift

An Ann Snipes, possible the wife of Robert, died intestate in Surry County, Virginia in 1774.

"Ron Johnson" He was married to Susannah THRIFT about 1730.

25. Susannah THRIFT. Thomas SNIPES and Susannah THRIFT had the following children:

i. Thomas SNIPES II was born in 1731. He died in 1754.

ii. Nathaniel SNIPES.

12 iii. Private William SNIPES.

iv. Elizabeth SNIPES was born on 28 NOV 1740.

26. John HERNDON was born about 1724. He was married to Sarah POMFRETT about 1744.

27. Sarah POMFRETT. John HERNDON and Sarah POMFRETT had the following children:

i. Pomfrett HERNDON was born about 1746 in Amelia County, VA. He signed a will on 8 OCT 1820 in Franklin County, TN. He died after 8 OCT 1820 in Franklin County, TN.

13 ii. Sarah HERNDON.


40. Robert CATE was born about 1670 in Poss, ENG. He died before 18 FEB 1729 in Surry County, VA. Quaker shoemaker Lived on Martins Brandon Neck in Prince George County. One mile south of the James River, one mile east of Wards Creek, and one and one half miles west of "Brandon" the plantation house of Nathaniel Harrison.

At a Court held 15th of April 1730 Inventory and Appraisement presented by Admx of the goods and chattels ordered recorded. The inventory was valued at L30-10-6 and included cattle, hogs, a horse, saddle and bridle, bedding, blankets, farming and household tools, plates and spoons, and a silver tankard. But the most important articles were "2 pcls of tand leather" and "2 pcls shoemakers tools and last".

41. Anna. Robert CATE and Anna had the following children:

i. Richard CATE was born about 1690. He died after 1759 in VA. Remained in Prince George County, VA on the south side of Blackwater Swamp

ii. Benjamin CATE3 was born about 1690. He died before 1779 in NC. Lived on the Eno River in Orange County and was on the first Orange tax list.

20 iii. Captain Robert CATE.

iv. William CATE was born about 1714. He died after 1740 in Roanoke, NC. Lived on Roanoke River near Robert, Jr. 1740. May have moved to Orange County, NC, also.

v. Thomas CATE3 was born before 1715 in Prince George County, VA. He died about 1770 in Orange County, NC. Moved to Cane Creek, Orange County, NC near Robert, Jr. Had land on the Haw River. No will.

vi. John CATE3 was born about 1725 in VA. He died before 1779 in NC. Lived on Flat River in Orange County and was on the first Orange tax list.

52. John HERNDON was born in 1700 in New Kent, VA. He died on 5 JUN 1786. Married twice He was married to Mary.

53. Mary. John HERNDON and Mary had the following children:

26 i. John HERNDON.

ii. Priscilla HERNDON was born about 1727.

iii. James HERNDON was born about 1730.

iv. Jacob HERNDON was born about 1733.

v. Mary HERNDON was born about 1736. I am seeing information on Edward Herndon (1678-1745) and wife Mary Waller

> (1674-1732), Edward died in Caroline Co., Va. He lived also in King and

> Queen Co., Va. His son, John Herndon (b-aft 1698-died 1786) was married

> also to a lady named Mary, I do not have her maiden name, it is their

> daughter Mary Herndon who married John Andrew Jasper (1722-1799).

> I am anxious to document this line and any information will be most

> appreciated. Thank you.

> Caron Withers Snyder


vi. Ann HERNDON was born about 1739.

vii. Joseph HERNDON was born about 1743.

54. John POMFRETT. He was married to Mary DEJARNETT.

55. Mary DEJARNETT. John POMFRETT and Mary DEJARNETT had the following children:

27 i. Sarah POMFRETT.


104. Edward HERNDON was born in 1678 in New Kent, VA. He died in 1758 in Caroline County, VA. He was married to Mary WALLER in 1698 in VA.

105. Mary WALLER was born on 23 MAY 1674 in Newport Pagnell, County Bucks, ENG. She died before 11 AUG 1732 in VA. Edward HERNDON and Mary WALLER had the following children:

52 i. John HERNDON.

ii. Edward HERNDON was born in 1702. He died in 1759.

iii. William HERNDON was born in 1706. He died in 1783.

iv. Richard HERNDON was born in 1708 in King & Queen County, VA. He died in 1754 in Orange County, NC. 10 August 1732 Court order of Caroline County to Richard Green to pay Richard Herndon 61 pounds of tobacco for testifying two days as a witness for Green.

Around the time of the Revolution, Caroline County was the third most populous county in Virginia. The county was created from Essex County in 1728.

Caroline is one of four counties created from "Old" Rappahannock County, 1656-1692. On a scale of 1-10, your probability of success in researching "Old" Rappahannock County and its quartet of descendants is an 8 or a 9 in its three eldest children: Essex and Richmond Cos created in 1692, and King George County created in 1721. In the royal baby of the family, Caroline, you will be lucky if you can score a "1."

Almost all of the colonial wills, deeds, and marriage records are gone. The few land and other transactions which remain may be found in survey books, chancery court suits of later date which sometimes recite earlier events, and transactions in surrounding counties which affected Caroline citizens. One salvation in researching Caroline is that its Court Orders were preserved from the year 1732; the first Order Book is no longer extant.

Complicating the problems even more is the fact that Caroline was not erected from a single county. Territory from Essex, King and Queen, and King William contributed toward the formation of Caroline in 1728. Of these, only Essex has relatively complete early records.

Caroline was also served by two waterways, the Rappahannock River on the north and the much smaller Mattapony on the south. During the colonial period, the Mattapony was navigable from the York River up to Aylett in King and Queen County. From there, goods were floated by raft to Caroline destinations. For this reason, and because the Rappahannock shore was patented some years before actual settlement began, the population of the interior of the county grew more rapidly.

Another difference which affected the settlement of Caroline was the existence of the vast Beverley Park tract, part of which was within Caroline's southeastern boundary. Robert Beverley, the historian, acquired this vast tract of land after Bacon's Rebellion in 1676. On it he developed a living model for the economic and agricultural policies which he espoused.

If Caroline County was abundant in creating four parishes within its borders, she was also thorough when she destroyed them. There is not a shred of a church record left in Caroline County until Baptist records begin about 1820.

Finally, many old landmarks and relicts are now destroyed or obscured, for Caroline has two features on its landscape which the other three counties do not have: a large military reservation, A. P. Hill, and a railroad.

The one bright spot in Caroline research is that the Court Order Books were preserved. Thomas Elliott Campbell, former Caroline county clerk and a lawyer, left us a tremendous legacy in his book. This resource contains thousands of Caroline County names: "Colonial Caroline, A History of Caroline County, Virginia," by T. E. Campbell, The Dietz Press, Inc, Richmond VA, 1954.

The following excerpts relative to Thomas Burk and other Caroline citizens are from Mr. Campbell's book:

P. 201: At the March term of the Caroline Court for 1768, which was the first term of the court under Blair's [John Blair, President of the Virginia Council] rule], a grand jury brought in presentments against John Burruss for "illegally preaching" at the home of Jacob Burruss in St. Margaret's Parish and at the home of Phillip Tinsley in Drysdale, Jacob Burruss for permitting the holding of "unauthorized" divine services in his home in St. Margaret's and Phillip Tinsley for permitting the holding of "unauthorized" divine services in his home in Drysdale, and John Thompson, James Gatewood, Thomas Terrell, Robert Chandler, George McNails, William Blades, Christopher Terrell, Robert Woolfolk, the son of Joseph Woolfolk, Thomas Burk, Martha Noden, Rachael Terrell, and Henry Terrell for attending "unauthorized" religious services at the home of Jacob Burruss . . .

P. 204: James Gatewood, Robert Chandler and Thomas Burk were leaders of the rising middle class and the chances are that their attendance [at the "unauthorized religious services"] was motivated more by politics than religion. They considered the Established Church as a tool of the great landlords and were interested in any movement which threatened to weaken it.

P. 217: One rejection [to building a mill] was on account of a peach orchard and the other resulted in a bitter lawsuit. When John Sutton asked permission to rebuild a mill he once operated near Burk's Bridge, the court denied the request because Thomas Burk had brought into production a fine peach orchard on Burk's portion of the old pond bed. Peaches were a luxury in the county and the basis of the most expensive locally distilled brandy.

P. 410: Much of the social life in colonial Virginia centered about the taverns. Here planters, traders, professional men and artisans met to discuss business and politics. Here cheats and speculators plied their crafts and wastrels hung out so long as they had, or were able to borrow, the means for dissipation. Here traveling troupes gave shows and games of chance flourished. Cards and dice were the favorite devices for gambling on the inside of the building, while on the outside bets were placed on wrestling matches, cock-fights, gander headpulling contests and horse races. The Caroline County Court granted licenses to ninety applicants to operate taverns between 1727 and 1781.

1734-50 - Thomas Burk I - at Sutton's stand; south side Mattapony at Burk's Bridge

P. 413: 1762-72 - Thomas Burk II - Burk's Bridge; the Burk family's stand.

P. 414: Of Caroline's colonial taverns only four remain standing in whole or in part in 1953. They are George Todd's Tavern at Villborro, Thomas Johnston's at Wright's Fork, the Murray-Haynes-Hubbarb-Broaddus' Tavern which is now the home of Miss Ivy Carter at Sparta, and Robert Farish's printing shop in Port Royal, which houses several taverns of that town.

v. Martha HERNDON was born in 1710. She died in 1766/67.

vi. David HERNDON was born in 1712. He died in 1795.

vii. HERNDON was born about 1714.

viii. James HERNDON4 was born in 1716 in King & Queen County, VA. He died in 1764 in Caroline County, VA. Volume 1745-49, Deeds, &c. (page 75) Aug. 15, 1746 John Picket, and Mary, his wife, of Caroline County to James Herndon, of Essex Co., for 5 shillings, convey 180 acres in Essex formerly purchased by said Picket from John Harper [See ant Harper's deed to Pickett, 10th 7ber. 1709].

(page 246) 10th 7ber 1709 John Harper to John Pickett, both of Essex County, conveys 244 acres, being part of 550 acres granted to Wm. Tomlin, Eded Gouldman and James Boughan by patent Oct. 1704.

Caroline County Order Books 11 July 1751 - With the approbation of the court, John Booth chooses James Herndon guardian who with William Herndon acknowledges bond.

108. John POMFRETT. John POMFRETT had the following children:

54 i. John POMFRETT.


208. William HERNDON was born in 1649 in St Stevens, New Kent County, VA. He died in 1722 in New Kent County, VA. Patented land in VA in 1673.

SIR WILLIAM HERNDON, The Crusader, lived in Kent County, south of London, Cradle of Herndons. Lived there during the reign of Edward III. His land still bears the name of Herndon Hall and is celebrated in England. In 1673 to 1674 WILLIAM HERNDON bought large tracts of land in New Kent County, Virginia. He was married to Catherine DIGGES in 1677 in VA.

209. Catherine DIGGES5 was born in 1656 in Hampton, Elizabeth City, VA. She died in 1729 in Caroline County, VA. William HERNDON and Catherine DIGGES had the following children:

104 i. Edward HERNDON.

ii. James HERNDON was born in 1683. He died in 1744.

iii. William HERNDON was born in 1685. He died in 1759.

210. Dr. John WALLER was born before 1650 in ENG. He died after 1680 in ENG. He was married to Mary POMFRETT on 13 JAN 1669 in Walton, Bucks County, ENG.

211. Mary POMFRETT was born before 1650 in ENG. She died in 1680 in ENG. Dr. John WALLER and Mary POMFRETT had the following children:

105 i. Mary WALLER.


416. John HERNDON was born about 1620 in Kent, ENG. He was married. John HERNDON had the following children:

208 i. William HERNDON.

418. Governor Edward DIGGES was born in 1620 in Chilham Castle, County Kent, ENG. He died on 15 MAR 1675 in Bellefield, York County, VA. 8 miles from Williamsburg, VA He had an estate probated on 30 JUN 1686 in VA. Proved on 30 June 1686 He was buried in Bellfield-Home, York, VA. He served in the military. Colonel Studied at Gray's Inn about 1637. Went to Virginia in 1650.

Bought Colonel John West's entire plantation on 11 September 1650, including the manor and 1,250 acres (Travis Point, Timson Neck, and North Bank of Queen's Creek).

Served as President of the Council & Governor under the Commonwealth of Cromwell from 31 March 1655 to 13 March 1658 with "much moderation, prudence, and justice." Appointed to the Council 12 November 1654. He was sworn of the Council again 19 April 1670.

In 1669 , he made a trip to London and was in close contact with several members of the Royal Society. He encouraged the silk industrty in VA. He imported Armenian and Turkish workmen, raised some worms, and taught his fellow colonists how to wind silk. In 1661, soon after his return, Charles II received a present of Virginia silk from Edward Digges. Charles II robe was made from VA silk.

His fine tobacco was marked "E.D."

An inventory of the estate showed it was the largest personal estate prior to 1696 in York County. It had a "hall parlor. yellow passage, yellow roome, ye back rooms against ye large roome, the red roome, the garretts, the back roome, the sellar, and the kitching." It passed to Elizabeth Page, her granddaughter. The manor house was destroyed by fire in the mid-1700s.

He was married to Elizabeth PAGE before 1651 in VA.

419. Elizabeth PAGE was born about 1631 in ENG. She died in 1692 in VA. Left personal property valued at 1,102 pounds. Owned 108 slaves and
lived in "six rooms and a cellar." Governor Edward DIGGES and Elizabeth PAGE had the following children:

i. Colonel William DIGGES was born in 1652 in St Mary's Parish, MD. He died in 1697 in Charles, MD. JP in 1671

Captain of horse in 1674

Cut off one of Thomas Hansford's fingers in a hand-to -hand fight

during Bacon's Rebellion, 1676.

Sheriff of York County in 1679.

ii. Mary DIGGES was born in 1655. She died on 10 MAY 1690 in VA.

209 iii. Catherine DIGGES.

iv. Ann DIGGES was born in 1658 in VA. She died on 22 NOV 1686 in Bolthrops, Warwick County, VA.

v. Colonel Dudley DIGGES was born in 1663 in Bellefield, York County, VA. He died on 18 JUL 1710 in VA.

420. Thomas WALLER was born in 1610. He died in 1682. He was married to Ann KEATE.

421. Ann KEATE. Thomas WALLER and Ann KEATE had the following children:

210 i. Dr. John WALLER.


family history

Donna Durham Lane (View posts)
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Surnames: Durham
My father's name was Tommie Jerald Durham. His father was Henry Louis Durham,and his grandfather was George Hardin Durham. I am trying to find my family roots and I know that my father's family came from North Carolina (county of Durham). I have been told that there was a Durham that was a doctor who is an ancestor and he had a plantation with slaves, possibly black relatives. I also have been told that our family tree is in the library. I don't know how to begin to find the information. Can anyone help me?

Durhams in General

Melodee Durham Lane (View posts)
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Surnames: Durham

My family tree as well starts in Durham N.C. Would like to chat . you can also reach me at

Isaac Durham

Claudia Ward (View posts)
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Surnames: Durham
I am trying to trace Isaac Durham, born about 1810 in North Carolina, possibly near Durham. He was living in Princeton, Mo in 1885 when he died. He was married to Nancy Campbell. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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