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Surnames: Falkinburg, Falkenburg
Looking for the descendants of Samuel Falkinburg, who's 1st wife is said to have been Alice (Mathis.)d/o Nehemiah Mathis & Elizabeth (Cranmer/Cramer) Falkinburg. {A marriage record for these people has never, to the best my knowledge, been found. Alice, is said have died unwed.
Around the time that Samuel, s/o Samuel & Alice was b. A Samuel Falkinburg was tossed out by the Friend's Society with no reason given in Quaker records.
Samuel's, 2nd wife, who's maiden name I do not know, may have been born in Mansfield Twp., NJ. She is the mother of his 2nd family.} Here is some of what I have on both families to date:

Descendants of Samuel Falkinburg
1 [3] Samuel Falkinburg b: 11/28/1764, not sure of b. location but, his Birth is recorded, Little Egg Harbor Twp., NJ, Quaker Records, d: 02/09/1839 Seneca Co., NY +Alice Mathis b: Tuckerton, Burl Co, NJ
.2 [2] Samuel C. Falkinburg, III. b: Bet. 1781 - 1788 ?; Assume Little Egg Harbor Twp., Bulington Co., NJ,d: Bef. 1862 +Mary Ann " Massey" Cranmer/Cramer,b: Abt. 1780,d: Bef. 1834
.....3 Charles Falkinburg d: San Francisco Harobr
.....3 female infant Falkinburg d: infancy
.....3 Fountain Falkinburg d: d.y.
.....3 Fountain Falkinburg
.....3 John Falkinburg d: Cape Henelopen, Near Lewes, DE
.....3 Lemuel Falkinburg, d: New York Harbor, NY
.....3 Mary Jane Falkinburg +Asa Jones b: Abt. 1818, d: Aft. 1870
.....3 Nelson Falkinburg
.....3 Hezekiah Falkinburg, b: Abt. 1811, d: 08/24/1836 +Nancy Ann/ Ann Nancy Rochelle/Rockhill b: Abt. 1810
.....3 Samuel C. Falkinburg/Falkenburgh, Jr., b: 1811 Note: Resided in Tuckerton when m. to Monrow, d: Bef. 1848 Lost @ Sea, Schooner, Greenberry Holsk +Sarah B. Monrow b: 09/29/1816 Note: Resided Tuckerton when m. to Falkinburg, d: 07/22/1878 Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ
.....3 [1] Timothy W. Falkinburg, b: 11/04/1813 ?; Note: Resided Tuckerton, age Abt 25 when m. Elizabeth Parker, d: 07/05/1878 +Elizabeth Parker, b: 11/06/1815 Age22y,20m,13dys when m. to Falkinburg d: 06/18/1839 Name of T. stone:Falkingburg, Buried Meth.Cem.,Tuckerton, NJ, @ age 23y,7m,19d. *2nd Wife of [1] Timothy W. Falkinburg: +Rebecca A. Cranmer, b: 12/18/1817; Note: Age abt. 28 when Otis was b. d: 10/09/1873
.....3 Josiah Cramer/Cranmer Falkinburg, b: 08/30/1815 Tuckerton, LEH Twp., Burlington Co, NJ d: 08/31/1887 Tuckerton, Ocean Co, NJ +Mary Rose Shourds, b: 10/29/1825 Tuckerton, LEH Twp, Burlington Co, NJ, d: 12/01/1907 Tuckerton, Ocean Co, NJ.
.....3 George H. Falkinburg, b: 06/22/1819 Tuckerton, LEH, Burl Co, NJ,d: 01/20/1849 Tuckerton, LEH, Burl Co, NJ
.*2nd Wife of [2] Samuel C. Falkinburg, Sr.: +Hannah Spragg/Sprague, b: Abt. 1806 Manahawkin, Stafford Twp, Mon Co, NJ d: 09/15/1862 LEH, Burlington Co., NJ
.....3 Phebe Elizabeth Falkinburg, b: Abt. 06/1834
.....3 Ellen Falkinburg, b: Aft. 06/1834
.....3 Fountain Falkinburg, b: Aft. 06/1834, d: Chesapeake Bay.
.....3 Hannah Falkinburg, b: Abt. 1839 of Tuckerton, LEH, NJ + Samuel Marshall, b: Abt. 1833 was from Phila, PA.

*2nd Wife of [3] Samuel Falkinburg: +Penelope ???, b: Abt. 1771 possiably in Mansfield Twp., NJ,d: 10/03/1846 buried Oak Hill, Seneca Co., NY
.2 Abigail Falkinburg b: NY d: Bef. 1839 +Elias Smith, b: ? Was once a resident of Varick, NY
.....3 Alta Smith
.....3 Samuel Falkinburg Smith
.2 Alzina Falkinburg, b: Seneca Co., NY +Elijah Babcock Who is reported to be from Mina, Chatauqua Co., NY
.2 Harriet Falkinburg +Samuel Jones
.2 Mary "Polly" Falkinburg +John Pulfrey
.2 Male child Falkinburg, b: Bet. 1791 - 1800 d: Bef. 1810
.2 Richard Falkinburg b: Abt. 1798 Varick, NY d: 01/21/1892 +Talitha ??? b: Abt. 1802 PA
.....3 Samuel Washington Falkinburg
.....3 Cecelia Falkinburg
.....3 Enoch S. Falkinburg
.....3 Edmund Falkinburg, b: Abt. 1831 d: 04/13/1848 At age 17, Buried Oak Hill, Seneca Co., NY
.....3 Mary Susan Falkinburg b: Abt. 1838 NY
.2 Joseph Falkinburg, b: Bet. 1799 - 1800 + Gertrude Gulick
.2 Avesta Falkinburg b: Abt. 1803 d: Abt. 1870
.2 Manday Falkinburg b: 1805 Lived in Varick, sometimes w/ her bro. Joseph

Re: Falkinburg/Falkenburg/Falkinburgh

Susan (View posts)
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Surnames: Pulfrey
Noticed a John Pulfrey in your message. Any further info on that person. I have a John Pulfrey (1771-1845) in my family from this area, but married to a Catherine Frantz (1786-1869). The other John Pulfrey, his son, was born 1813, died 1899, no record of wife/children.

Re: Falkinburg/Falkenburg/Falkinburgh

Theressa (View posts)
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Surnames: Pulfrey

This is all the additional information I have on this person: Cem. Records of Between the Lakes Cem. Page 838 shows a John Pulfrey buied there.

E-mail note I sent to my source: On Pg. 29 - Between the Lakes Cemeteries, Fayette Church Cem.- Fayette, NY Records, - "John Pulfrey d. July 29 1845 age 74-4-10" (He would have been born about 1771.) After his d. date and age you have written "Civil War" According to the above this John Pylrey died 12 years before the start of the Civil War. Could he be John Pulfrey, Sr., father of John Pulfrey who enlisted Nov. 6, 1861 in Third Artillery, Battery K.?

I didn't get a reply to the above.
Send me your e-mail address and I will send you my source's address perhaps you can learn more there.

Re: Falkinburg/Falkenburg/Falkinburgh

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Hi Theressa,

I realize that this thread is six years old, but I hope you might be able to help me out. I am a newbie at exploring genealogical resources.

In your post you mentioned:

.....3 Hezekiah Falkinburg, b: Abt. 1811, d: 08/24/1836 +Nancy Ann/ Ann Nancy Rochelle/Rockhill b: Abt. 1810

My research indicates that my Falkenburg family line may be thru this marriage. My great grandfather was Solomon Falkenburg. In early census records he is listed as Falkinburg. Born abt 1843, I have found records that take me back to his roots in Little Egg Harbor, Burlington, NJ. I know that he married Ann Lippencott (also a long family history in LEH) later known as Annie. In census records after 1860 Solomon's name is given with the spelling our family now uses "Falkenburg".

I have found records from that confirms his marriage to Ann Nancy Lippencott and lists the marriage date as 1864. This is un-sourced and I have not been able to find any records of the marriage at the NJ archives. also lists several other records for Solomon with a birth date of 1834. This is listed with other data that corroborates the correct identity... so I assume that there has been a transposition error here. In these records his parents are listed as Hezekiah Falkinburg and Ann Rockhill. Again this data is un-sourced, and I have not been able to find any additional information on to confirm this.

The only other records I have list him in the 1850 census with Rebeca Falkingburg and George Falkinburg (actually the digital information lists his name as Solomon Faulkinbury—but this is likely a transcription error) The ages might indicate that Rebeca is an elder sister.

I do know that my grandfather was a sea captain-- which seems to be consistent with the family. He moved to Brooklyn NY, NY where our current family lived for a few generations. In the census record Solomon is first listed as a sailor, then a sea captain, and finally (in New York) a shipmaster. Family oral history indicates that he sailed around the world. On what was to be his last voyage to sea, he was washed overboard during a hurricane in the Atlantic. This appears to be the fate of many members of the family!

My question: do you have any information that might link Solomon to Hezekiah and Ann? Do you have any recommendations for my pursuit of sources to validate this?

I realize that this is many years after your post, but here is hoping that you still are connected to and are interested in this.

If I can make this connection, I have a reasonably detailed pedigree for the family beginning with Solomon.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Don Falkenburg

Re: Falkinburg/Falkenburg/Falkinburgh

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I know this is an old thread but I am a decendant of Samuel Falkinburg. Do you know the story of Henry Jacobs Falkinburg, Sr? He would be Samuel I's great grand father.

My Falkinburg line goes like this Henry Jacobs, Sr - Henry J Jr- John- Samuel Sr.- Samuel Jr.- Josiah- Mary Elizabeth- George Washington Mott- Joel Allen Mott- John B Mott- Myself.

Re: Falkinburg/Falkenburg/Falkinburgh

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I have 2 questions.
First, Are you sure this Samuel was located in Little Egg Harbor before ending up there? and second Is he also buried in Oak Hill near Varick. Establishing this will solidify my Falkinburg roots. I am related through Samuel and his union with Alice.
Mary Hawthorne

Re: Falkinburg/Falkenburg/Falkinburgh

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Surnames: Falkinburg, Mathis, Truax, Cranmer
This is in response to your last two posts. Re Henry Jacobs Falkinburg, you might want to check my website I have quite a bit of information regarding the early Falkinburg family-- follow the link to Falkenburg History. Rather than simply quoting Leah Blackman's account, I have researched the original documents she used and tried to place all of this in the context of a story.

I am currently working on documentation Samuel son of John and Samuel II son of Samuel I. I found some notes authored by David Absalom which provided new data I had not seen before. The first Samuel (son of John) is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery near Varick, NY. He appears to have lived on one of the military tracts that was granted to Revolutionary war vets. However, I can find no documentation that he fought in the Revolution. His parents were staunch Quakers and involvement in the Revolution usually led to disownment by the Society of Friends. Samuel was disowned, but no reason is given in the Monthly Meeting Minutes of LEH. Samuel I was married to Alice Mathis. I have been looking for data regarding the death of Alice Mathis Falkinburg, because I have learned that Samuel I remarried his cousin Penelope Buffin and they lived in Varick. Samuel II son of Samuel and Alice returned to LEH where he fathered a large family (first marriage: Hannah Truax, second marriage: Mary Cranmer, many of whom were sailors and sea captains. My own great-grandfather was the son of Hezekiah son of Samuel II and Mary Cranmer.

Don Falkenburg

Re: Falkinburg/Falkenburg/Falkinburgh

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Thank you for your reply. I think I have seen your site. I had seen that site by David Absalom and that helped fill in the details as well. I had seen on the same site that David Falkinburg was also disowned for no reason. My cousin had found out that he was involved with raising money for the war effort. It is possible that Samuel was helpful in that endeavor. I also saw on the website for Cobblestone Farm Winery that their land was indeed given to Samuel Falkenburg by the state of New Your for services rendered during the revolution. I guess my question really is Do you have documentation that the Samuel Falkinburg who married Alice is the same Samuel who married Penelope and ended up in Varick NY?

I don't know if you are located near Varick but I am about 2 hours away and was up there. I took a picture of the grave. The stone is on the ground and in very bad condition. In fact, that section of the cemetery is in bad condition. I can send you an email of the photo if you like.
I am a direct decendant of Samuel Falkinburg.
My Great,great,great grandfather was Josiah Falkinburg, one of those sea captains.

Re: Falkinburg/Falkenburg/Falkinburgh

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Looking for Burial place of Mary "Polly" Falkinburgh and her husband John Pulfrey supposedly both died in Fayette NY

Re: Falkinburg/Falkenburg/Falkinburgh

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see the earlier post from Theresa. She talks about John Pulfrey. I'll look in the Varick cemetery the next time I head that direction. There are some other Falkenburgs in that cemetery if I recall correctly.
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