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Loghead/Logna/Lonacan/Longhead/Loughead/Loughheed - Morrison/Reacroft/Hart/Shannon/McCran

Loghead/Logna/Lonacan/Longhead/Loughead/Loughheed - Morrison/Reacroft/Hart/Shannon/McCran

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Surnames: Logna, Lonacan, Longhead, Loghead, Loughead, Lougheed, Morrison, Reacroft, Hart, Shannon, McCran
Similar-sounding surnames in Co. Sligo, Ireland include Lorgan, Loughron, Largan, Loran, Larigan, Lorton, Leggatt, Ludgott, McLysaght, Lockart, Lucid, Lysaght, Langhlon, McClelland, McKintaghlin, Oloughlan, Oloughlon, Oloughlin, McLaughlin, Leland, McTaghlan, Loohy, Luby, Looby, Loobey, Loran, Loughron, Longmoor, Lonacan, Logan, Lon, Loughlin, Loughlan, Laughlan, Loughnan, Loughnane, Cloonoon, Lanaghon, Lenahon, Londrigan, Longron, Lonnorgan, Lynchehan, McLynchehan, Olinnehon, Glennen, Langon, Lennon, Longon, Lonigane, Lorgan, McGladrigan, Oclennan, Loughna, Lane, Leakon, Logan, Loggan, Oleyne, McIlveen, Laing, Lynn

LDS microfiched IGI includes:

1. Patritius Loghna christened 20 Sept 1879, Michaeli Loghna and Maria Shannon, Aghanagh, Roman Catholic.
2. Anna Maria Longhead born 06 March, 1824, ?parents, Co. Sligo
3. Maria Lonacan christened 28 Nov 1858, parents Patritio Lonacan and Hannae McCran, Co. Sligo, Calry, Roman Catholic.
4. Marriage, Ann Loghead to John Morrison, 13 Aug 1846, Sligo, Ballymote, Eulafad. (Same couple, same date, also appears as married in Elaghfad, Ballymote Church, in a second listing).
5. Catherine Lougheed born 01 May 1866 to James Lougheed and Mary Jane Morrison, Co. Sligo, Skreen.
6. Elizabeth Lougheed born 1815, to Hugh Loughead and Alice, Co. Sligo.
7. Hugh Loughead born 1789, ?parents, (spouse, Alice), Co. Sligo.
8. Marriage, Hugh Loughead to to Alice, ?last name, 1820, Co. Sligo.
7. Jane Lougheed born 1820 to Hugh Loughead and Alice, Co. Sligo.
8. John Lougheed born 1825 to Hugh Loughhead and Alice, Co. Sligo.
9. Margaret Lougheed born 1812 to Hugh Loughhead and Alice, Co. Sligo.
10. Richardus Joannis Lougheed christened 14 April 1860, parents Jacobi Lougheed and Annae Reycroft, Co. Sligo, Calry, Roman Catholic.
11. Marriage, Robert Lougheed to Eliza Hart, 23 June 1845, Co. Sligo, Kilmacallan.
12. Warren Lougheed born 18 Aug 1813 to ?father, and mother Jane, Co. Sligo, Balamonte.

It is not uncommon to find names with slightly different spellings on records in one family, and for the names to actually change over generations.


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Researching Phibbs Lougheed born to William and Margaret Lougheed nee Smith at Clougher County Mayo in 1828 and married

Ann Jane Bell from Graniamore (Granumore - not sure of spelling) on 19.3.1850

They came to Australia in 1856-57 lived in South Australia about nine months and then came to Victoria where they settled at Stuart Mill and later St. Arnaud.

Re: Loghead/Logna/Lonacan/Longhead/Loughead/Loughheed - Morrison/Reacroft/Hart/Shannon/McCran

Gloria White (View posts)
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Do you recall the name of the paper or website you obtained this from....Warren Lougheed born 18 Aug 1813 to ?father, and mother Jane, Co. Sligo, Balamonte......

I am trying to find the fathers name and possibly the mothers maiden name.


Re: Loghead/Logna/Lonacan/Longhead/Loughead/Loughheed - Morrison/Reacroft/Hart/Shannon/McCran

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do you have any info on Ellen Loughead who married William Wilson .They lived in The Dyan Co Tyrone Caledon parish
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