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Zirpolo family of Boston Mass.

Zirpolo family of Boston Mass.

Valerie Zirpolo (View posts)
Posted: 980196246000
Hi my last name is Zirpolo.
my fathers name is Anthony Zirpolo
His mothers name is Sophie Zirpolo who died in 1985.
We are all from East Boston and the metro area surrounding, and also Florida and Newyork and italy.
i'm trying to find other family members in the Metro Boston area or surrounding or NY or Italy.


Fran (View posts)
Posted: 980271327000
Dear Valerie,

Hello. My grandfather and siblings are from Italy as well. They came to Brooklyn, New York in the late 1800's. I searched a family tree that was given to me by one of my relatives. I do not see a Sophie or Anthony Zirpolo. My great-grandparents' names were Generoso Zirpolo and Filomena Marra. My grandfather's name was Giovanna (John) Zirpolo. One of my relatives has done extensive research on my family. I will forward your messages to her. Maybe she has some information that I do not.

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My branch of the Zirpolo family originated in Volturara Irpino near Avellino. My great grandfather was Generoso Zirpolo and he had several brothers. There may be a connection.
Do you know the town in Italy that your ancestors came from?

Re: the zirpolos

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My grandfathers name was Michele Zirpolo from medford area. brothers James, Ernest ,Antonio believe two sisters also.some relatives lived in east boston. my fathers name Ralph.

Re: the zirpolos

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Hello maria,

I am researching the zirpolo family from Medford MA also. There must be a connection.. I have Fred & Margaret Nevins. Fred died in 1975 in Somerville, MA This is all I have now.

Re: the zirpolos

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Hello Diane, I'm from medford , grew up there. Lots of zirpolos lived and still live there. My grandfather michele(micheal) who's father was Generoso lived in north end of Boston before moving to Medford.there was a cousin Fred who lived in Somerville .and many cousins in east boston.Fred i knew was born sept,14,1880. wifes name was Letty.try going to ancestry .com ssdi search results. beleive we're related some where along the line.maria

Re: Zirpolo family of Boston Mass.

Susan Zirpolo (View posts)
Posted: 1003160924000
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My husband was Peter Zirpolo. He has a brother, Mark. Their father was Joseph Zirpolo of Sommerville, MA. He was married to Geraldine Conrad Zirpolo (Meany) also of Boston. Joseph has one brother and four sisters.

more Zirpolos from East Boston

Michael P Zirpolo (View posts)
Posted: 1014173362000
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Hello Dianne and Maria, I share my father's and grandfathers name Michael. All from East Boston. I live in Watertown. My Grandfather Michael Zirpolo was born here in the US and lived in East Boston his entire life. He was a longshoreman and always worked on the docks. DOB March 29 1895 - D. June 1968. His wife, my Grandmother was Angie Ambrosino DOB January 1901 - D. 01/04/71. They lived always in the Webster, Cottage Street, Jeffries Point areas. I was told his father, my great grandfather came over from Italy. That would date somewhere around 1890 I would think as my Grandfather was born in 1895. I was told that my Grandfather had brothers. I believe my Dad said one of his father's brother's name was John. I assume these brothers may be the link to the other Zirpolos in the Medford, Boston, Somerville areas. My father, Michael Francis Zirpolo, the eldest child was born in 1924 and resides now in Maryland. My mothers maiden name is Antonina Romano. She was born in Sicily. Both my father and mother grew up and married in East Boston in 1948. My Dad has a sister Anna Fogno of East Boston, a deceased brother Joseph Zirpolo DOB October 14,1929 - D. July 1978 and a brother Richard Zirpolo also of East Boston. I have 2 sisters Michele Helgeson, Jayne Clark and 2 brothers Paul Zirpolo and Glenn Zirpolo. I have cousins from my Uncle Richards family named Debby, Richard and Michael who also live in East Boston and Revere. Both my cousin Michael (a popular name in our family) and myself work for the USPS. Ironically I have heard of other Zirpolos in the Post Office, specifically Ralph and Patty of the Stoneham / Medford areas, Im sure there is a link somehow and would like to know how. I can ask my father for more information. I have very light features (dkblond hazel) although full Italian. My parents told me I picked up genes from my Dads father - my Grandfather. My Dad mentioned his father had family roots in Northern Italy. A town named Avellino rings a bell but I would have to ask again. Please reply. Would like to learn more about who our ancestors were. Its incredible, I thought I was one of very few with this name :)

Re: more Zirpolos from East Boston

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The Zirpolos seem to be all from a small town called Volturara Irpino.They sometimes married people from nearby towns so the name crops up in other villages but Volturara seems to be thye origin. The nearest city is Avellino and it is in the area of Campania - South of Rome.
Even though its in the south lots of people there have blue eyes and are light.
My great grandfather Generoso came here in 1906-his children came here earlier. He had brothers Alexander, Pellegrino, Giovanni,and Salvatore and sisters Concetta,Filomena, and Carmela. I have no idea if any or all of these people came to the US. Your Giovanni could be his brother. Do you have any more dates?
I know that there are lots of Zirpolos in the Boston area-originally in the Old North end. I have read the old Italian records from Volturara and other surrounding towns at the Family History Library. They have lots of records form this part of Italy on microfilm. When I started, I took down information on all Zirpolos so if you can find out the names of siblings of your ancestor and some dates I'll see what's in my files.

Re: more Zirpolos from East Boston

Valerie Zirpolo (View posts)
Posted: 1020032682000
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Hello Michael P. Zirpolo,

I am wondering if the Richard Zirpolo of EastBoston, is the same Richard Zirpolo whom is my uncle.
He lives in Orient Heights, EastBoston Mass.
We are all from East Boston Mass, Revere, and all the surrounding metro area.

Mabye you can contact me and we can talk,
I would like to see whom else you know from East Boston of the Zirpolo family, as most of us Zirpolo's are from there.
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