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Wykoff search

Wykoff search

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Looking for information on Wykoffs starting with 1.Claes Corneliszon 2.Pieter Claeson Wykoff,3.Nicholas,4.Jacob,5.John,6.Jacob,7.
Allen,8.Alchey Wykoff Pavey. (my connection)
Would love to have any information. I do have some early dates. Peg

wykoff history

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Garret P. Wyckoff, garret g. Wyckoff, Auke WIKOFF, William A. Wykoff, Charles Wykoff,
Issac Wykoff, George Wykoff, Earl Wykoff.....
this is my line. I have the complete history
of the wyckoff line from Pieter Claesen(founder of the wykoff line) wYCKOFF...EMAIL ME, PLEASE
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Mary Jo, Please e-mail me back. You didn't leave a e-mail address. Peg


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my e-mail is


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I have a lot of wykoff info if you want it.
I have the wykoff books put out by the wyckoff association. William Aukey Wykoff
(Aukey-4, garret g.-3, garreet pieterse-2, pieter claesen wykoff-1) pieter claesen was
the first wykoff who came over on April 7, 1637. Did you know that the wykoff is an
historical name? The house that pieter wyckoff built or lived in is still standing
in Brooklyn, new york. I was there last summer. Long lost cousin Mary Jo Wykoff from
clarendon, Pa.

Wykoff info/book

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Hi Peg.. I would very much like any info you have on the Wykoff's. My mother-in-law was Adaline Wykoff and her mother was a Brick who married a Wykoff. We know very little on the past history. How can I get the Wykoff family book? Is it available to buy somewhere? Anything you can tell me would be much appreciated! Thanks! email:
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i am trying to get info on peter wyckoff born in mid 1700s. he was son of jacobus wycoff, father of james claeson wyckoff. thanks

Re: Wykoff search

Mary Lee Wykoff (View posts)
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Surnames: Wykoff
My name is Mary Lee Wykoff. I live in Central Illinois. My father's name is William E. Wykoff Sr., and his father's name is Charles Wykoff, and his father's name is Jocob Wykoff.
All are dead and burried in the Trivoli, Il.
My dad's sister Beverly has traced our family tree back into the 1700's.

Re: Wykoff

mary strickfaden (View posts)
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Surnames: Wykoff
I was wondering if u could give me imformation on how to find a copy of the book about the Wykoff family. My Aunt Beverly Wykoff has traced the family tree back to before when they came to America. She completed it about 25 years ago.

Re: Wykoff

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This is a very old posting but I have the answer.....The NYC Geneological Society has two or three very large tomes entiteled....."The history of the Wyckoff's in the United States" apparently there are many spellings of the name but all go back to Pieter Claesen who came to New Amsterdam (NYC) in 1634...There are sooo many of us because he had 8 children and all of them lived to very old ages having many children. He had to add a Sur Name since the British forced a census at some point....the dutch didn't have sur names Pieter Claeson means Peter son of Claeson....he had become a judge by this time and he contrived the name which combined the beginning of the name of the area he emigrated from plus the dutch name for judge as I understand, having a contrived name makes Wykoff and it's various spellings all connected. Hope this finds you and meets with what you are looking for if you haven't found it yet.

Greg Wykoff
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