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C/Katherine Rome

C/Katherine Rome

Hinkler (View posts)
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Bert Hinkler, my uncle, a war hero and famous aviator is believed
to have married a Catherine Rome on the 21st May 1932 in Connecticut
There is no record as he seems to have used an assumed name (
(reason unknown)I would be very grateful if someone could let me have a list of the marriages on that date.
Or indeed any information about Catherine who was born in Scotland in 1901 and died in 1976.

Thanks very much


Bert Hinkler

Therese (View posts)
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Wow, a relative! Bert Hinkler was my mother's (Thelma Daddow), father's (Alan Watson), mother's (Francis Ellen Bonney), Father's (Alfred Bonney), sister's (Francis Bonney m J. Hinkler), SON = Herbert John Louis (Bert) Hinkler
Please contact me if you would like to contribute to the family tree I am putting together.

Re: Bert Hinklers' First Wife

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Surnames: Hinkler, Jervis
I believe Bert Hinkler was married to my Grandmother's, Grandfathers' sister. My Grandma has wanted to have her photo taken alongside the plaque (situated at Croydon Airport - 5 mins from where I live!) commemorating Bert's solo flight to Australia, for as long as I remember. I presume she was his first wife (I've read he was married twice and possibly not divorced!!!) and her maiden name was Jervis. Any information would be gratefully received!

Re: C/Katherine Rome

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Re: Bert Hinkler

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Surnames: Bonney
Please can you give me the birth date of Francis Ellen Bonney and Parents

Re: Bert Hinkler

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Surnames: Bashford, Basford, Ford
I am researching Bert Hinkler's ancestry as there is family lore that connects our families. I'm sorry but I cant really understand your post eg father's sister's mother's etc.
Can you please explain to me.
Another post has him marrying twice - do you have details on this?
Cheers Wendy

Re: C/Katherine Rome

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Hi Bert
Its been a while since your querie appeared on this site but I hope the following helps.

I do volunteer work at the new Hinkler Hall of Aviation in Bundaberg and Katherine has a story board all of her own in there.

She did indeed marry Bert on 21 May 1932 in Connecticut USA. The marriage was, of course, cut short by Berts untimely death in Jan 1933.

As to whether Katherine knew of Berts long time partner, Nancy Jarvis, a number of stories abound. Most agree that Nancy and Katherine knew each other but on what terms is, to the best if my knowledge, unknown.

The information in the magnificent Hinkler Hall of Aviation has been extensively researched and can be accepted as true in every respect.

If you ever have the opportunity it is well worth the visit, put aside at least 2 hours and be amazed and impressed by this great attraction and the man it celebrates.

But anyway, visit or not, try this link:

It is a concise but marvellously complete biography of Berts life including his marriage to Katherine,



Re: Bert Hinkler

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Iam a Hinkler. My Grandfather was Ernest F. Hinkler. Died 10-2-1959. He and his brother Edward (died 1961) came to the U.S. after w.w.II. Ernest married Sue Pero and had 2 children. My father; George Richard Hinkler and his sister.Ernest gave his last name to Sue's older 3 children do to their fathers death. They lived in Chicago,Ill. till their deaths. Sue died 11-19-1986. I am one of 4 children by George and Carnita Nemesia "Carino" Hinkler. I am the oldest Margaret Sandra "Hinkler" Nall 4-24-1952; Karen Ruth Hinkler(died5-9-1973)14&1/2 years;George Richard Hinkler Jr. 3-15-1961 & Janet Marie "Hinkler" Lipke,Titus 12-29-1963.I have 2 girls Nemesia Ann "Crooks" Theall 12-5-1970 & Tina Yvette "Nall" Bennett 2-28-1973. 5 Grandsons; James B. Fillers 1-28 1989;Johnathin B. Fillers 5-12-1992;Robert Thomas Theall 1-2-2009(mother Nemesia). Dominic N. Nall 4-17-1991 Marcus D. Bennett 12-21-1999(mother Tina). I was told that Bert Hinkler was Ernest & Edward's brother and they had a sister that became a Nun. I was also told that my grandfather was the only one to have children. I have a newspaper picture of Bert and Capt.R.H. McIntosh(who was with him when their plane went missing). This is all I have of Bert.I hope this is a big help to putting more leaves on the Family Tree!!!!!!!Margaret S. "Hinkler" Nall.

Re: C/Katherine Rome

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Classification: Marriage
Surnames: Rose, Rome, Hinkler
Mr. Hinkler was married to my Great Aunt, my Grandmother's sister, her maiden name was Katherine ROSE, not Katherine Rome. I think the mistake came about as Rome was my granmother's married name. Their maiden name was Rose and they were from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Re: C/Katherine Rome

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I would be very interested in any information that you could share about Katherine Rose. I am from the Hinkler Hall of Aviation in Bundaberg. This tourist attraction tells the story of Bert Hinkler his life and achievements. We only have limited information about his marriage to Katherine so if you can provide any information to me it would be most appreciated.
Thank you kind regards,
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