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tracing duggers

tracing duggers

kathleen Allen Dugger Tromp (View posts)
Posted: 955647733000
I have recently started looking for my geneaology through the Dugger Line, and hit a brick wall. I was told that my Aunt Maxine (Keradin) had done some searching, so I thought I'd try looking for the Karadin line. I just found her name in the SS listings (the only Keradin there, by the way. My dad was John Baker Dugger from Newport News, Va. Perhaps one of you folks could give me a hand.
thanks a lot
kat >^.^


JOHN J KARADIN (View posts)
Posted: 960419277000

tracing duggers

kathleen Allen Dugger Tromp (View posts)
Posted: 960443406000
I have not traced the keradin line yet, so i don't know where I fit in. At this point, I am just trying to figure out the DUGGER line, and had heard that Aunt Maxine had done a geneaology many years ago and I have been having a dickins of a time reinvinting the wheel.
Nice to hear from you.


Ken Karadin (View posts)
Posted: 975608098000
Hi .. I'm Maxine Karadin's son ... she died in the summer of 1999; I only know that she had found some of her mother's (Ward) relatives; don't recall what work she had done on the Dugger side .. her father was James Calvin Dugger .. my father may know.. let me hear from you and we can see ... Ken Karadin

Karadin reply

Kathy Tromp (View posts)
Posted: 975648110000
Hi Ken! I'm your cousin Kathy Dugger, Uncle John and Aunt Helen's kid. We were always at the "little table" at family functions, you probably don't remember my brother Kenny and me. I haven't found anything at all about Grandma D., so anything you have will be a blessing. I know so little because I never paid attention when I was a kid. Great to hear from you--I'll get back later--have to work now.

Hello ...

KEN KARADIN (View posts)
Posted: 975664276000
Sure I remember you guys ... though I was a little foggy just from the name where "Kathleen" fit in. I remember having dinner in your folks backyard ... must have been 1965 ... with a big bouquet of gardinias on the table that about made me gag ... having become a Southerner myself (24 years in Pensacola)I have become very fond of that scent, but as a rude Yankee child ... barf! I'll talk to my Dad soon and see if there's anything he has written down or some people he can put you in touch with. I know he and Maxine went to some reunion kind of things with relatives a grandmas in southern Ohio during the years before she died .... so there's somebody out there! Good luck ... my Karadin research on the web has turned up a possible relative in Australia, one in Hungary (where my grandparents came from), and the idea that we're probably Turks! And Turkish genealogy is complicated by the fact that before about 1923, no one had last names! Stay in touch ... Ken Karadin


Kathy Tromp (View posts)
Posted: 975682112000
Thanks so much, Ken! I'm glad you remember us--we were so little (I would have been eight in 1965) that I don't remember much except that you guys were nearly grown up, and Aunt Maxine admired the way we said "yes ma'am" in our little southern voices. She got a kick out of that!
kat >^.^

re: yours

Ken Karadin (View posts)
Posted: 975766269000
Yeah, that little :sir and ma'am: thing was a real issue that trip parents thought it was just the end, but us kids thought it was way sickening .. and all the sudden, we were the rude Yankee kids who didn't know any better ... ironic that now, as a Southerner, I have to tell people near my own age "You don't have to call me sir" and they say "Oh sorry, didn't mean anything by it .. that's just the way I was brought up!"

Yes sir!

Kathy Tromp (View posts)
Posted: 975859059000
I remember then grownups making a fuss about that. what a hoot to htink about it now! My husband and I have lived in Rhinelander WI for 23 years, so my kids grew up not saying it, either. I remember trying to remind them to say it when we'd visit VA. My niece Ashley (my brother Kenny's little girl) says it all the time, in that cute little southern accent.

Happy New Year!

Ken Karadin (View posts)
Posted: 980188745000
Hey Cousin Kathy - Sorry I dropped the ball .. December is one of my busy times .. you can see where I work and some of what I do at .. besides being the music man, I also take care of the web site ... in my (hah) spare time! Hope you all had a great holiday and are enjoying 2001 ... we're a tad bit cold this year ... first hard freezes we've had in 5 years ... but I'm enjoying the fireplace! - Ken
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