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Gogola> Germany>PA> abt. 1903

Gogola> Germany>PA> abt. 1903

Judy Wilkinson (View posts)
Posted: 970416739000
Seeking names of the parents of the following siblings or information reguarding the siblings:
1. Freda Gogola, b. 27 Nov 1900, Germany (emigrated at age 2)
d. 8 Jun 1974, Rosebud, Clearfield Co.,
m. Herman Brackman, b. 6 Apr. 1893, Germany, d. 18 Jun 1980, Pittsburg, Allegheny Co., PA.
2. Robert Gogola
3. Henry Gogola
4. Margaret Gogola
5. Katherine Gogola
6. Alma Gogola
7. Gurtie Gogola
8. (male) Gogola

gogola surname

DAVID GOGOLA (View posts)
Posted: 970514395000
any information on the surname gogolas please write back to me , my name david gogola thank you

Inquiry to your 10-1-00 mesage

Larry E. Annis (View posts)
Posted: 981995169000
Don't know how much help I can be regards to your search, however, you raised some questions for me. My mother is Marie Worgul-Annis age 77 and her brother is William Worgul Jr age 79. They live here in Michigan. My grandparents were William Worgul Sr. (1897-1975) and Martha Lipka-Worgul. (1902-1996) The Worguls emigrated to Coalport about 1902 from Germany while Johann Lipka (grandma's dad) came over in 1910 to Coalport. The rest of the family came over in 1912. (from Germany) My great grandma was Maria Lipka-Bogemil. She had two sisters and I am trying to find out more about the third one. My mother said she doesn't know her great aunt's name however, indicates she married a man named Lulla and when he died she remarried a Gogola. Could this Freda you make reference to have as a step mother a woman whose maiden name was Bogemil then married a Lulla then a Gogola??? If so then I have IDed the sister of my great grandma Maria Bogemil-Lipka. Rralize it is a long shot. My mom recalls her dad William Sr. making reference to Henry Brackman as they were only four years apart in age. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

robert gogola

martina gogola-hamm (View posts)
Posted: 984677363000
I just remembered something from a couple years ago I was going down the street in Coraopolis,Pennsylvania and saw a Robert Gogola mailbox He lives on thorn-run road in alleghenny county.That is about 25 miles outside of Pittsburgh.He is in the phone book


Judith Wilkinson (View posts)
Posted: 988142457000
The only additional information I have is Herman & Freda Gogola Brackman resided in Rosebud, Clearfield Co., PA. I will keep the information you sent and if I discover any connections I will contact you. Sorry about the slow response, Judith Wilkinson


Judith Wilkinson (View posts)
Posted: 988142696000
Thanks. Judith Wilkinson

Gogola in Rosebud, PA

Judy Wilkinson (View posts)
Posted: 988670889000
The inquries I posted were for my aunt in law who lives in another state. This week we spoke on the phone and I read her your message. As we spoke she started recalling things. She was reared in Rosebud, which is very close to Coalport. Her father worked as a minner for Hagerty Coal Minning Co. The company controlled the town, even the store. As a child my aunt knew part of the family lived in Michigan.
I learned Freda, my aunt's mother, had another brother named Rudy Gogola. Sisters Alma & Gurtie moved to CA before 1952. The names of the husbands are unknown, however one of them worked in Hollywood. Sister Margaret's married name was Price.
My aunt said the name Lipka sounded familiar and that perhaps the other names would sound familiar if I could pronounce them with a German dialect. I have a daughter in law that can help with the correct pronunciation. As we were talking my aunt recalled the given name of her maternal grandfather. She said it was Ralph. She had no knowledge of matermal grandmother having been married twice but Freda was 35 when my aunt was born and Freda's mother had died when Freda was a young adult. Thus my aunt never knew her grandmother. I think it quite possible it could have been a subject that was not discussed in the family.
The Gogola family in the Rosebud area are buried in Spangle Cemetery, Rosebud, Clearfield Co., PA. Maybe the first husband Mr. Lulla is burried there too? By the time Freda was grown her mother had died and her father married a lady with 8 children. Freda had only one, my aunt. Freda was 35 when my aunt was born, thus there are no other siblings to consult for information.
Freda and Herman are not listed in the SSDI but they would have registered. I recently learned with a name, vitals, proof of death and SSN of an individual you can obtain the SS-5 form from the Social Security Administration. This form is what is originally filled out by an individual when they want to obtain a SSN. Among the information is the individual's place of birth, father's full name, and mother's full name including maiden name. At present my aunt is searching for these numbers to acquire the above information. We learned a search can be done without the SSN but the chance of results is decreased. I will let you know what we find out.

Re: Inquiry to your 10-1-00 mesage

Posted: 994833426000
Edited: 1032965035000
Hi Larry,
We are still gathering information but the following has been found: The wife of Ralph Gogola was Wilhelmine Begomile. The name was hand written in an old German book. I would say Bogemil and Begomile were a match. What do you think?
You mentioned there were four Bogemil sisters. You named Maria Bogemil and now we have Wilhelmine. Do you have information about the other two sisters? Judy <>

Re: Inquiry to your 10-1-00 mesage

Posted: 994874565000
Edited: 1032965035000
Just found something that might be significant. Check out <>;
The ship Sanland arrived 18 Mar 1909. On the manifest are six men from Gelsencerher, Germany, which include: 1. Wilhelm Bogumil, 49y 2m, married. 2. Ernst Lalla, 26y 10m, married, 3. Johann Lipka, 30y 11m, married. I did not find the wives or children which is puzzling.
I would appreciated knowing what you think.
Cheers, Judy

Re: Gogola> Germany>PA> abt. 1903

margaret (View posts)
Posted: 1057759960000
Classification: Query
hi, my name is margaret gogola, the 1 listed on this page is not me, are there 2 of us? where is the other 1 located? i was under the impression i was the only margaret
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