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Alexander Gammie

Alexander Gammie

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I have been researching my maternal surname and have now hit a wall at Alenander Gammie b 1 Apr 1753 Marnock Banffshire. Is there anyone who can confirm if his father is Andrew Gammie? as this is the only lead I have.
Any other info on this line would also be a big help.

J MacD

Re: Alexander Gammie

Susan (View posts)
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John; I beieve this is my Alex. Gammie. I also have hit a brick wall, the info. in family search is wrong. The birthdates and gravestone inscriptions are not lining up. I believe that Andrew is too old to be Alex.'d dad, Andrew that I have is circa 1660? I'm still looking, but in the meantime maybe you could send me what you have on GAMMIE's and I'll compare it to my notes, and share what I have. My grandfather was John GAMMIE b. 1881 in Marnoch. Thanks, Susan

Re: Alexander Gammie

S.Gammie (View posts)
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Alexander GAMMIE b- 1 Apr 1753 to Andrew GAMMIE B-1711 and Janet WILSON. I have Alexander married to Elspeth TAYLOR 24 Dec 1771. Susan, the circa 1660 was probably Andrew's father, Dear Old George GAMMIE. Andrew would then have been 42 when Alexander was born in 1753. Which is not such a stretch on age.

Re: Alexander Gammie

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Surnames: Reidford Gammie Elder Cowie Wilson
I descend from George GAMMIE (7th great-grandfather), father to George GAMMIE (chr 24 Sept 1702) and Andrew GAMMIE (chr 16 Apr 1711). Andrew married Janet WILSON. Andrew and Janet are my 6x great-grandparents. I have no actual details or info, just names / some dates .. all the info comes from my 4C1R Alan Morrison of Glasgow, who is doing a one name study of REIDFORD .. which is my mother's direct paternal line. They married &/or are connected to so many of the names being researched by numerous folk who post to the Banffshire &/or Aberdeenshire message boards and mailing lists.

Andrew GAMMIE and Janet WILSON > son John GAMMIE chr. 29 July 1740. who married 30 June 1776 in Marnoch, Elspet ELDER chr 6 March 1752 Fordyce, Banffshire .. daughter of John ELDER and Janet COWIE (married 26 July 1746 Ordiquhill Banffshire > 6x g-gp)

John GAMMIE and Elspet ELDER (5x g-gp) had at least 6+ children. I have been in touch with a Stewart GAMMIE of BC Canada, who descends from a son I did not have .. Andrew I think, but Stewart and I do have the other children/linage, so we know we are connected. The children I have are: Elizabeth (chr 10 April 1779); William (chr 14 July 1786); John (chr 6 Sept 1788); Joseph (chr 17 July 1791); George (1793); Alexander (?). I descend from daughter Elizabeth who married John REIDFORD b1777 Marnoch.

Unfortunately I do not know anything more about the GAMMIE name, though I do believe Stewart has alot of info. Elizabeth's brothers would be my 4x great-uncles.

Hope this helps you with your GAMMIEs or you perhaps have other info connected to these GAMMIEs which might be helpful to me. I have quite a list of connecting names, with some details on many of them. Anyone clicking on my name can see all of them posted elsewhere.


Re: Alexander Gammie

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John ... please check my answer to Susan's posting. Who is your Alexander's mother? Siblings?


Re: Alexander Gammie

John MacDonald (View posts)
Posted: 1037815855000
If Andrew is his father (and I think he is, but as yet no proof) his mother would be Janet Wilson.
Unfortunatly siblings are where this branch breaks down a bit for me as I have two John's, John Gammie b. 27 Jul 1740 & John Gamy b.29 Jul 1946. This is not impossible but I have seen both John's as heir to your line and can't prove either as yet. (I have briefly play e-mail tennis with both Alan Morrison of Glasgow and Stewart Gammie of Canada as well)

Other siblings for Alexander include William b.10 Jul 1744, Helen (Gamy) b. 21 Apr 1746, Joseph (Gamy), James (Gamy) b. Jan 1751, Peter b.Apr 1759, Elspet Feb 1762.
I must stress though that I have not verified any of these other than they are in the Church of LSD's index which everyone tells me is incomplete anyway.

If you would like to compare notes feel free to drop me e-m to and I can send you my line as I see it.

Re: Alexander Gammie

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Surnames: Reidford Gammie

My 6x great-grandmother was Janet Wilson married to Andrew Gammie (b.1711). Actually if you have been touch with both Alan and Stewart, then there is no need for me to give you all the info again. Mine came directly from Alan, who is my 4C1R. I have not verified/re-checked Alan's work as I am quite confident he has done a thorough job of it. My main line is Reidford, of which Alan is apparently doing a one-name study. On thing perhaps would be to double check which John Gammie Elspet Elder married, on 30 June 1776, Marnoch. She was born in 1752, Fordyce, daughter of John Elder and Janet Cowie.

Is it perhaps possible that Alan did confuse the two Johns? I wouldn't have thought so. They also could have been cousins, but raised as brothers, hence the same names and being heir to the same *father*. I do not have any sblings for our John and one brother George, for his father Andrew. I would have expected your Alexander to have a sibling named George. Also, you have Gamy for all the siblings, so Gammie doesn't really *fit* with them. Most likely they are related (assuming they are in the same village/general location), but somehow the names were spelled differently. I have seen Gamie and Camie/Cammie used by others.

Are you by chance connected to any Reidfords, other than Elizabeth Gammie or other surnames closely connected to them in descending generations? I see some names turn up several times, Harper, Morrison, Pirie for example, down along the lines. Am sure many of them were marrying cousins or cousins of cousins.

If I can be of any help let me know, though I am not sure how I can.

Cheers ... Toni

Re: Alexander Gammie

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Surnames: Gammie
I too am a relative of John Gammie married to Elspet Elder. I am a descendent of their son Joseph Gammie born at Bridge of Marnoch he was my 4xGreat Grandfather. I am in contact with numerous relatives of my line.

Re: Alexander Gammie

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Surnames: Gammie Elder Cowie Reidford

You have another, for it seems we share the same 5 x great-grandparents, John GAMMIE and Elspet ELDER, daughter of John ELDER & Janet COWIE. I've had look at some of your other postings ... whilst I couldn't find an exact match with them (other than this GAMMIE/ELDER one), we do have some of the same surnames within our REIDFORD tree.

I've been saying Stewart GAMMIE, who also has John & Elspet as 5 x g-gp, is my 5C. I think I erred and he is a 6C. Of course, he would be the same to you. Have you been in touch with Alan MORRISON? Without Alan's generousity of sharing his research, I would most likely not have known about John GAMMIE & Elspet ELDER at this point in time. I do have some further info for him, but have not been able to make contact for quite some time.

There is also a plan to have a REIDFORD Reunion near Edmonton in the summer of 2009. The Alberta REDIFORDs are also direct descendants of John GAMMIE & Elspet ELDER.

Hope to hear from you again!
Toni ~ Ontario Canada

Re: Alexander Gammie

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Surnames: Gammie
I've been working on 2 reports, the Descendants of George Gammie, a report # 1 from Peter Macrae from QLD, Australia. Report #2 from Stewart Gammie, Canada. Both men generously emailed the report.

The report does have and Alexander Gammie b.1 Apr 1753 father is Andrew Gammie b1711 mother is Janet Wilson b1721. This Alexander married Elspet Taylor in 1771 b1750.

Peter and Stewart have trees on ancestry. Peter's is Macrae and Stewart is stewart.

If I can help let me know.

Judy Mace

PS My husband's mother was a Gammie.
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