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George Thomas Eagar

George Thomas Eagar

Shirley A Raymond (View posts)
Posted: 944562525000
I am looking for names of his parents Believe he was born in Oakland Ca Dec 25 1879I could be wrong about birth date He was my Granddad

George Thomas Eagar

R. Drew Eagar (View posts)
Posted: 944569973000
I don't have any specific information on a George Thomas Eagar in Oakland, but I have some information that may be helpful. A Thomas Eagar b.1 Mar 1830 sailed to San Francisco in 1846 with his mother, brother, and sisters. Thomas appears to have married Angeline Merrill in Oakland on 7 Sep 1854 and died 21 October 1900. Thomas was probably the only male Eagar in the San Francisco area in the mid-1800s since his only brother John travelled to Utah in 1847 or '48 and left no children in California. I descend from John. George Thomas MAY have been Thomas' son. There's plenty of Eagar information going back to the 1600s if you can make the link between George Thomas and Thomas. I have some other random information on Thomas Eagar if you want it - just e-mail me and I'll send it your way.

George Thomas Eagar

R. Drew Eagar (View posts)
Posted: 944570168000
Sorry, my e-mail is

Thomas Eagar

Colin Price (View posts)
Posted: 944585401000
Hi Drew,
My info is close but not identical to yours.
I have a Thomas Eagar born in 1830 at Sing Sing
He sailed with his widowed mother and siblings to San Francisco in1846 on board the SS Brooklyn
His father was also Thomas he was born in Tralee Co Kerry 1st Jan 1791.
His siblings were John,Lucy,Mary,Arrabella,William,and Williams twin Walter who died in infancy.
May not be the same Eagar but there were a number of Eagars in the area.
I don't have any record of a George.
Colin Price

George Thomas Eagar

Drew Eagar (View posts)
Posted: 944643386000
Hi Collin,
You're right, I forgot to mention Thomas' younger brother William. That makes two people in San Francisco in the mid 1800s that could pass on the Eagar surname. That would leave a good possibility that the George Thomas that Shirley is looking for is the child of either Thomas or William. It's at least a place to start. George's middle name Thomas makes it even more compelling. While Lucy's daughters remained for a time in California, they would not have had children with the surname Eagar. I know that Lucy's oldest son John left California before 1849 (I don't have the exact date at my fingertips, although I have a book about the group John travelled with back to Salt Lake) so that would only leave two people in San Francisco that could have children with the Eagar surname (unless another Eagar moved to San Francisco between 1845 and 1870, which would make the whole thing more complicated).

Hey Collin, what is your Eagar connection? I'm descended through William Walter Eagar, son of John Eagar, son of the Lucy/Thomas Eagar we're talking about. I would love to find out more about other Eagars out there. Lately, I've been particularly curious about why Thomas was at Sing Sing. I've tried to find prison records but they only go back to 1848. I don't think he would have been an inmate there since he had children the whole time he was there. Would he have been a guard or some other employee? Just a bit of trivia I've been trying to track down.

Thomas Eagar connections

Colin Price (View posts)
Posted: 944672861000
Hi Drew,
There were other Eagars in San Francisco which I will try to search out.
You have probably done enough research to know how time consuming it is
and what a tangled web of similar names one has to sort.
My Eagar connection is through a female line a couple of generations ago.

I think I have a significant conection for you that will take you back multiple generations and many name changes
I am a little short of time at the moment but I believe we have a common ancestor in
Francis Eagar of Ballinvoher and Ballyinane Born 1710 married to Honoria Hickson of Dingle and died in 1772 at Brackloon
I think your Thomas Eagar (B1791 in tralee) was his grandson
I need time to check it out. If he is I have a history for you.
To answer your questions Prison work is a feature of many branches of the eagar family.
Your Thomas after he migrated in 1810 lived in Auburn, Cayuga County, NY Where he worked for many years on the construction
of the Auburn State Prison. He later went to work on construction at Sing Sing where he died 9th June 1840.
Following his death Lucy Buell his widow took the younger children to SanFrancisco.
The eldest son John did not go as he already had family of his own.
He later went to Salt Lake.
Please contact me directly on Email my address is
if you can confirm any of the info I have given.
I am not sure where you live but many of your relatives are in Arizona.
You will recognise from my address that I am Australian.
Colin Price.


Colin Price (View posts)
Posted: 944685530000
Drew, when I re read the text of the earlier reply
for some reason my address was left out after the words "my address is"
I don't know if that is intended by the host who wnts to
increase his "hits" I will try again.
The address is if this one is deleted by the
host you will find my address on an earlier message in February titled address.

John Eagar

Drew Eagar (View posts)
Posted: 944687910000
Thanks for the info on Thomas Eagar - He is a distant ancestor, but it's still good to know that he wasn't in Sing Sing as a convict.

My information varies somewhat concerning John Eagar, son of Thomas and Lucy Buell. John did come on the Brooklyn. His name is on the list of people that booked passage on the ship as published in the Times and Seasons newspaper published by the Mormons in New York that chartered the ship. You can see a copy of it at He later recounted the journey in a letter in which he describes seeing icebergs as they passed around the cape. Look at for excerpts from John's notes. He became assistant editor at San Francisco's first newspaper and actually owned property in San Francisco.

John was the only member of his family that stayed with the Mormon church - all of them appeared to join the church in New York - that's why they took the ship - it was chartered to take a group of Mormons out west.
John went to Salt Lake in '47 or '48 and married Sariah Anna Johnson. If you have information regarding an earlier family of his in New York, I would be interested to know about it.

I have been able to put together a bit of information about John's family and descendents and I have Eagar pedigree information going back to Alexander b. about 1635 and his father Robert, but I don't have much historical information beyond names and dates before John. I'd love to find more - I enjoy putting stories to names. The prison info sounds interesting, I'll e-mail you about it.

Thomas John Eagar.

Colin Price (View posts)
Posted: 944695098000
Thanks Drew,
I now wonder who the John Eagar was that wrote letters back
to Ireland in 1848. Unless the recipient from whom the info came didn't know that he had moved??
Or maybe its a different John.I will check back with my Irish contact, Though I havn't had a reply from her for a while.
I hadn't checked the shipping as they are not on my direct ancestral line.
I just store anything I get to fill in the puzzle and you never know where
a piece fits.
My other info fits; John B(13th July 1823) Married Anna Sariah Johnson July 1 1849 they produced 8 Chn.

A note on Thomas his father. Lucy Buell was his second wife.
He married first Mary Ann Leonard in 1820
She died in Child birth 5th June 1821 she was 24years 3months old.
The child also died.
All of my research was done in Ireland and through contacts like yourself.
I do have some interesting notes but I'm not keen on typing over and over it
would be easier to send cut and paste attachements on direct Email.
If you provide your email address I will see what I can sort out for your branch of the family.
I had another look and I am now fairly certain that Francis of Ballyinane was the Grandfather of your Thomas.
However I cannot go back any further with the Eagar name than the Robert Eagar of Queens County and Father of Alexander
Who moved to Co Kerry.However in my direct line and I believe in yours
We have a Tallis-Eagar marriage Tallis-Coddington marriage which leads
directly into reseached family trees.
I had an interesting Eagar experience which I sent to one of your Arizona kin
When I started my research during a trip to Ireland I was not looking for Eagars it just turned out
that way.
There are so many dead ends that I follow any line male or female that can be found

Colin Price
in Melbourne


Bruce Creawford Eagar (View posts)
Posted: 944996846000
Attention Colin Price
Dear Colin Do you have any info on a Thomas Eagar born approx 1860 Northern Ireland married to margaret Wylie , they had five children Tom, Ettie, Annie,Maggie, and Michael Phelan (my father)
I now live Calgary Alberta Canada
Thank you fo your assistance
Bruce C Eagar
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