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Dahlstrom>Sweden>MN and ND

Dahlstrom>Sweden>MN and ND

Bev Green (View posts)
Posted: 947615096000
I am looking for any information on my great
grandfather Carl Dahlstrom he was born in
Sweden and immigrated to the USA in
November 1879 to Polk County MN. Carl Dahlstrom
adopted and gave my grandfather his name in
the late 1890's. His name was William Dahlstrom.
I would like to get in contact with anyone who may be related.


Sherrie Zemrowski (View posts)
Posted: 949396965000
Did he also have a brother that was adopted? I am not sure but I remember my mother telling me about her grandfather and brother being adopted as their parents died on the way over so the other couple adopted them. Not sure of the names. I am just now getting into this.


Bev Green (View posts)
Posted: 949398171000
Hi Sherrie:
I am like you just starting out and this
family has been a blocker for me. My grandfather
William Dahlstrom was born in Beltrami Polk County, MN
on March 2. 1893. He married my grandmother
Elizabeth Lee in June 1916 in Hankinson, Richland County, ND.

William was adopted by Carl Dahlstrom sometime in
the late 1890's. I do not know the story behind this adoption and that
is what I am trying to find out and more about Carl Dahlstrom.

From Carl's immigration records I have that he was born in Sweden
in 1855 and immigrated to the Port of Detroit in 1879. He signed the papers
on May 10, 1881. He received his second papers on July 13, 1898.
This maybe very near the adoption date of William.
Carl gave William his name. My uncle told me that the birth
certificate for William originally said "Baby" on it.
I have a feeling that Carl and William were not related to start with. As
William had been adopted once before Carl adopted him.
I don't know if any of this makes sense to you, but it is about all I have.
You can email me at
Thank you for replying.

Carl Dahlstrom

Nancy Harvey (View posts)
Posted: 949849830000
Dear Bev,

I don't know if this will help you. My grandfather used the name Dahlstrom (his was first name was Oscar)when he immigrated to the US. His actual last name was Stille and he was from Gotland in Sweden. He had a brother named Carl.

There's a story to why he did that. His father farmed all the kids out to a neighbor named Dahlstrom after his wife died. At any rate, if you look up the parrish records from Gotland circa 1866, you should find the surname. My grandfather was born in 1866.
Maybe you will find that one of the children from this family is the Carl you are looking for. Also look at the name Stille to see if your Carl did the same thing as my Oscar when they immigrated and just took the name Dahlstrom.

The records are available through microfisch at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Let me know what you find out.

Nancy Harvey

Carl Dahlstrom

Bev Green (View posts)
Posted: 949857411000
Thank you for the info on the Dahlstrom name. I
am not sure when I will be able to get to a FHC as
the nearest one is 130 miles away. I will let you
know when I do what I find out.

Johan and Augusta Dahlstrom

Debbi (View posts)
Posted: 957136531000
Looking for family of Elmer Henry Dahlstrom brn. 11-8-1887, died 9-10-1951, parents Johan and Augusta Dahlstrom

Re: Johan and Augusta Dahlstrom

Karen (View posts)
Posted: 1002060585000
Classification: Query
Elmer Henry Dahlstrom was my uncle, my father was Fritz Gustaf Dahlstrom. Uncle Elmers daughter Grace lives within 10 miles of me. Anything you can tell me about my Grandparents would be SOOOOO very welcome. Karen

Re: Johan and Augusta Dahlstrom

Karen Wiese (View posts)
Posted: 1002494468000
Classification: Query
Johan and Augusta had several children. Ellen, Lydia, Walter, Fritz, Elmer, Lillian I don't think I have left any one out. I have several pictures, one of Ellen is quite beautiful. My father was Fritz. Karen (Dahlstrom) Wiese

Re: Johan and Augusta Dahlstrom

Posted: 1106502877000
Classification: Query
Johan and Augusta had Lydia whom I knew well, my great aunt, and her sister Lillian was my grandmother. Lydia had Marie and Eleanor, Eleanor's children are in California. I think Marie may not have had children. Lillian had Jeanne and Dorothy, and Jeanne was my motherl. Lydia was Lydia Dahlstrom Rosendahl married to Martin Rosendahl. What else do you know?

Re: Johan and Augusta Dahlstrom

Posted: 1106503030000
Classification: Query
My grandmother is lillian dahlstrom marchialette. Her sister was Lydia Dahlstrom Rosendahl. What info do you have?
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