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COFFEY-POWERS-Ireland>Nova Scotia-pre1900

COFFEY-POWERS-Ireland>Nova Scotia-pre1900

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I am searching for more information on a BRIDGET COFFEY, father BARNEY COFFEY both born County Waterford, Ireland. Bridget married MICHAEL POWERS, also County Waterford. Their daughter, MARY POWERS b. abt 1869 got married "just off the boat" to Jean Adrian GEDDRY. Any of this familiar to you? I have a picture of Mary Powers at one of my web pages-write if interested.

Irish origins of the Coffey family

R Fleck (View posts)
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I am aware that Coffey is an Irish family name, but I thought "Coffey" was an altered form of the true Irish name. Is anyone aware of this information and also where in Ireland most of the Coffeys hail from?

Coffey origins in Irland

Paul Coffey (View posts)
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The Coffey Family Originated in several Counties in Irland Including Cork County.
The Original Galick Name Was Cathamageus.
The First Coffey To Come To America Was Edward Coffey Who Came here in 1690 and married Ann Powell.

Coffeys in Ireland

Michelle Coffey (View posts)
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The name originates in the counties of Cork and also Wicklow; there are some Coffeys in Cork still but Wicklow Town in Co, Wicklow, also known as the Garden of Ireland has the largest number of families by the name, of which I am one.

Coffey/Coffee name origins

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The name Coffey is an English rendering of the Irish Cobhthaigh or Cobhthach, which means "victorious" . As is true with many other Irish names it was in earlier times given as O'Coffey and O'Cobhthaigh, meaning "of the family of" or "descendant of". The name Cobhthaigh (Coffae) is Gaelic, originating from Celtic bands that roared over much of Europe in the 3rd and 4th centuries, B.C. and invaded Ireland sometime later. The Cobhthaigh line is traced back to Cobhthaigh's grandfather Olliol Flann Beag, King, of Munster (about 240 A.D.), and from there to the brothers Ithe and Bile, relatives of Milesius, King of Spain. In 803 A.D. Fergus Mos O'Cobhthaigh brought the leaders of the 3 most powerful warring clans of Eire, the O'Briens, O'Niels, and McCarthys, together at Tara, the ancient capitol of Eire, where a peace treaty was signed. For his diplomacy and respect for law and order he was made supreme judge of Eire, a position which has been hereditarily held by the family for seven

Members of this family seem to have settled in various parts of Ireland, but there were 3 main septs. The best known was O'Cowhey, O'Cowhig, or O'Coffey of Fuin Cleena, chief of Triocha Meona, now the barony of West Barryroe, Corca Laoighe (Cork county)in Munster. These once powerful chiefs had seven castles along the coast and ruins of them still exist.Sources:
MacLysaght, Edward, Irish Families, Their Names, Arms, and Origins, 3rd Ed, New York: Crown Pub. 1972
I am researching the line that descends from James Calton Coffee, born in Rabun County, Georgia in November of 1819. Still have no father listed for him, though many Coffees lived in the county at that time.

Jeremiah Coffey

Bill Anderson (View posts)
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In my Giltinan histroy I have a Jeremiah Coffey Married Johanna Giltinan..most like in Country Cork Ireland about 1850.
my site


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had son PATRICK COFFEY (BORN c 1840)
somewhere in IRELAND.
When where were the parents married ?

First Coffey in America

Sandra Sleeth Adams (View posts)
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Wasn't the first Coffey immigrant John Coffey
born in Ireland about l620? He married Mary
Jollifee/Jollife in Virgina and their son was Edward
Edward Coffey, born around l670.

William Edward Coffey

Ken Coffey (View posts)
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Irish born about 1880, then to England as orphan. Then to Canada, married Florence. Died in 60's. Know any connections?


Mary L.Pennington Severin (View posts)
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Edward is the earliest known of our Coffey ancestors in America.Some researchers list his birthplace as Ireland;others, Virginia.
Would like to share information.He married Ann-Annister-Anester Powell prior to 1700, and in his will dated Feb 14, 1715-16,gave the names of his children.
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