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Bodoh Family Tree

BODOH Family tree

Robbin Wallace (View posts)
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Surnames: BODOH
WOW !!!! THANK YOU !! That was a great help. I can't belive I actully found someone who knows of BODOH's much less the right family.
Bernice Bodoh was my Grandmother.She did marry my Grandfather Dwight, they had 7 children :Gary (my father), Shirley, Dennis, Randy, Doris (Dolly), Dwane, Dwight ( Butch) Jr. Shirley and Dwight have passed away.
Do you happen to know the names of Charles 8 children, I only have 5. Or do you know the names of James 13 children?
Again Thank you, you are a great help as my father didn't pay much attention growing up and Grandmother has passed away.

Bodoh Family Tree

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Surnames: Bodoh, Harvey
Sorry about the empty message!

According to my records from my late grandfather's (Clair Bodoh) information and information from L. Bodeau:

Joda (Joseph) Bodoh was born June 1, 1879 and died 1967. He married Winnie Harvey (born 1883). They had 3 children: Bernice, Mildred, and Marcus.

1. Bernice married Dwight Combs and had: Dennis and Doris.
2. Marcus married Margaret Hintz (Margaret's other spouse - Stanley Wingate).

Now for Joseph's parents:
Charles Beaudin (born 1843 and died 1918 in Clintonville, WI) married Edis Joubert (b 1847 and d Oct 5, 1924). They had 8 children (one being Joda or Joseph).

Charles' parents were James William Beaudin (or some variation of the name) and Louisa Lemonde (or some variation of the name). James William was born in Canada in 1812 and died in 1874 in Duck Creek, Brown County, Wisconsin. Louisa was born in 1813 in Brittany France and died Nov 28, 1895 in Bear Creek, Outagamie County, Wisconsin. This couple had 13 children. We believe that the couple moved from Canada to New York. They are listed in the mid 1800s census records near Malone, New York (of course with a variation of the name). The family then moved to Wisconsin (and may have left some family members behind in New York.)

So far variations on the surname are: BODOH, BODA, BODAH, BODEAU, BAUDIN, BEAUDIN.

Please let me know if you need more information!

James Beaudin / Bodoh family

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Surnames: Bodoh, Beaudin, Beaudoin, Baudin
1. James William\\Jacques Guillaume Beaudin\\Beaudoin
Birth: 1812, Canada
Death: Dec 1874, Duck Creek, Brown, WI
Mother: Josette BODOH (1781-1865)- not sure if this was his mother???

Spouse: Louisa LeMond(e) Dit Ludovicie Normandin
Birth: 1813, Brittany, France
Death: 28 Nov 1895, Bear Creek, Outagamie, WI
Marr: 1834, Malone, NY?

James and Louisa's Children:
1. Joseph
2. James William II (1836-1918)
3. Mitchel (1838-1920)
4. Julius (1841-1909)
5. Charles (1843-1918)
6. Louise (1844-1927)
7. Abraham (1846-1921)
8. Angeline (1847-1909)
9. Josephine (1854-)
10. Richard (1855-1926)
11. Clementine (Emma) (1857-1873)
12. John (1859-)
13. Delia (Marie) (1862-)

Information on the Children and Grandchildren of James and Louisa:
1. JOSEPH BODOH (no known information)

Birth: 10 Jul 1836, Malone, Franklin Cty, NY
Death: 10 Jan 1918, New London, Outagamie, WI

Spouse: Julia Balthazar
Birth: 8 Dec 1844, St. Athanace d'Iberville, Quebec
Death: 19 Mar 1912, New London, WI
Father: Moises BALTHAZAR (1820-1890)
Mother: Josephte LeBLANC (1822-1901)
Marr: 25 Dec 1860, Fond du Lac

Children: Jessie B. (1862-1941)

George Henry (1863-1934)

Frank (1866-1920)

Edmund (1869-1929)

Malvina (1871-1880)

Delia B (1874-1915)

Mary Jane (1879-1975)

John (1882-1915)

Alice (1887-1957)

iii James (1888-1945)

Birth: 1838, Malone, Franklin Cty, NY
Death: 1920

Spouse: Mary Carry
Birth: 1844
Death: 1920

Birth: 25 Nov 1841, Malone, Franklin county, NY
Death: 23 Dec 1909, Green Bay, Brown, WI

Spouse: Louise Joubert
Birth: 20 Mar 1845, Michigan
Death: 23 Jul 1879, Waupaca Cty, WI
Father: Julius JOUBERT
Mother: Louisa JOUBERT
Marr: Jun 1863

Children: Isabelle (Izzy)


Louisa (Wisie") (1864-)

"Dell" Delphine (1866-)

Julius "Jule" (1867-1923)

James (1870-)

Mary Ann (1873-1957)

Other Spouses Agnes Elixira ROUSSEAU
Death: 13 Sep 1894
Marr: 12 Feb 1880, Little Wolf, Waupaca, WI

Children: Marymay (1880-1932)

Josephine (1884-1961)

Jeanette Belle (1890-1970)

Rena May (1892-1979)

Benjamin (1894-1894)

Birth: 6 May 1843
Death: 1918, Clintonville, WI

Spouse: Edis Joubert
Birth: 15 Jun 1847
Death: 5 Oct 1924
Marr: 15 Jun 1863

Children: Charles (1864-1868)

Ida (1866-)

Emory (1868-1942)

Benjamin (1871-1952)

iiAbraham (1875-1940)

Joda (Joseph) (1879-1967)

Olive (1880-)

Archie (1884-1966)

Birth: 12 Dec 1844
Death: 7 Apr 1927, Gladstone, MI

Birth: 1919

Other Spouses Peter SURPRISE
Death: 1909
Marr: 1860

Children: David






Abe or Thomas


Birth: 18 Apr 1846, Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY
Death: 24 Dec 1921, Ramsey, MI

Birth: 11 Jun 1853, Nekimi, WI
Death: 24 Apr 1948, Wakefield, MI
Marr: 8 Apr 1872

Children: Mary Louise (1872-1873)

Josephine (1874-1874)

John (1875-)

Edward (1878-1897)

JAMES JOSEPH (1881-1955)

Will (1884-1929)

Charles (1886-)

Ben Edward (1889-)

Bridget Ethel (1891-)

Frances Mildred (1894-1970)

Harry Ed. (1897-)

Birth: 8 Jun 1847, Plattsburgh, NY
Death: 2 Dec 1909, Bear Creek, WI

Spouse: Frank GUYETTE\\guyelle
Birth: 16 Apr 1845, Fond du Lac
Death: 15 Apr 1895, Bear Creek, WI
Marr: 18 Aug 1864, Fond du Lac, WI

Children: Frank Jr. (1866-)

Belle (1868-1950)

Charles (1870-1944)

Mary (1874-)

Joe (1876-)

Madeline (1881-)

Mitchel (Mickel) (1883-)

Will (1886-)

Alex (1887-)

Ambrose (1890-)

Other Spouses Saul BRICCO
Marr: 1889

Birth: 15 Jun 1854, Plattsburg, NY

Spouse: Frank BENWARE
Marr: bef 1876

Children: Elsie

Birth: 8 Apr 1855, Fond du Lac, WI
Death: 2 Jul 1926, Hibbing, MN

Spouse: Albina Norman
Birth: 1860
Death: Jul 1956
Marr: 6 Aug 1878, Duck Creek, WI

Children: iiAbraham (1881-1950)

Eva (1896-)

George (1885-1963)

Josephin (1879-1958)

Frank J. (1887-1969)

Wiolan (1900-)

Birth: 27 May 1857, Fond du Lac, WI
Death: 1873

Birth: 1859, Fond du Lac, WI
Death: Ironwood, MI

Spouse: Mary ARSELIN
Birth: 1856
Death: 23 Oct 1912
Marr: 25 Jul 1881

Children: Howard

Other Spouses Anna Laura BEDFORD
Marr: 19 Jan 1914

13. DELIA (Marie) BODOH
Birth: Jul 1862, Suamico, Brown, WI

Spouse: Gilbert ASHLEY

Other Spouses Hubert HASLIN\\Assilan, Hubert ARSELIN
Marr: 2 Jun 1879, Suamico, Brown, WI


We are attempting to find out the parents of James and Louisa. If anyone has any leads, please let me know! Thank you!

Re: James Beaudin / Bodoh family

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Same name, same area, we must connect somehow. One question for now, was your Angeline married to a Young? I have a Joseph Beauin married to an Esther Dupuis, living in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, NY. I think they came about 1830 or so from the Gaspe are of Quebec. It would be fun to find another family to connect ot. Hope to hear form you.

Re: James Beaudin / Bodoh family

Jean-Pierre Joncas (View posts)
Posted: 1007048170000
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I would be interested in knowing if you have more on Joseph Beaudin and Esther Dupuis. Those names are familiar in the Grande-Rivière area.
Jean-Pierre Joncas

Re: James Beaudin / Bodoh family

Sandra Lee (View posts)
Posted: 1007082328000
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Joseph(abt 1800) and Esther(b. 1813) settled in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York about 1830-35, from Canada. I found them in the 1840 census of that village. I am pretty sure that Esther was a Durett from St. Philippe, Laprairie. Father was Antoine and mother a Rougeau. I found Durett living in Plattsburgh, next door to Joseph and Esther in 1840. I have a Amable(sp?)Dupuis as a godparent of my grandmother and often wondered how that family tied in to mine. I don't know who, someone told me that my branch came from the Gaspe area. I am not at all sure though about this. I wonder if Joseph and Esther met in New York or they knew each other in Canada. I would then concentrate on the Laprairie area because that is where Esther was from. They belonged to St Peter's French Catholic Church in Plattsburgh. The names of their children:Joseph, Esther, Mary, Susan, Joshephine and John Baptiste. They stayed in Plattsburgh for the most part but Malone and Olws Head were some of the places they lived at one time. I found a John, Michael and Ansable Boda in Clinton near by but don't know it they are related.

Re: Bodoh Family Tree

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I know it has been some time since you wrote this, but I was doing research on the Bodoh name(my husband is Alvin) and I saw a mistake. Marcus and Margaret Hintz were married (3 children: Marcus Jr, Alvin and Janet (she was married to Stanley Wingate) not Margaret. Also the Combs had more children than Doris and Dennis, there is also Gary, Dwight, Jr.(deceased) Dwayne, Shirley(deceased) and Randy.
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Surnames: Bodoh, Balthazar, LeBeau, Peebles
I am looking for information on Edmund Bodoh b. 1869, d 1929, son of James William Bodoh & Julia Balthazar. He married my aunt, Armina LeBeau (born 2 Oct 1868 Fond du Lac to Joseph LeBeau & Hermine Foucher [(my grandparents] 1 Oct 1889 Deer Creek, Outagamie, Wisconsin. Do you have birth & death dates and a list of their children? I only have Edmund Jr. & Anna who married Clarence Peebles, possibly in Fond du Lac, date unknown.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Re: James Beaudin / Bodoh family

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Julius bodoh was my gggrandfather and his daughter rena is my ggrandmother. she married joseph benoit.

Re: James Beaudin / Bodoh family

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Surnames: Beaudin/Bodoh/Boudah
Thanks for your interest. I will check to see if there is a possible link between our two families. Do you discover one? Hope so!
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