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Accessing an obituary

Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1316875699000
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I can't figure out how to access the below obituary. Can someone help me?

Web: Rootsweb Obituary Index
about Burman "Bun" Francis
Name: Burman "Bun" Francis
Obituary Date: 19 Apr 2000
Death Date: Abt 2000
Death Place: Ned KY>Norway ME
Age: 78
Birth Year: abt 1922
URL: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.c...

This record is not from Ancestry and will open in a new window. You may need to search for the record when the web page opens. For more information on web records, click here.

I clicked on:

Go to website

The below came up, but there's nothing to click on & it just stays there.

You are about to view a Web Record
In addition to the billions of records on Ancestry, we are now searching the web to bring you even more records about your ancestors.
This record is not from Ancestry
The page will open in a new window
You may need to perform a search to find the record when the page opens

I don't know if it matters or not, but I use Ancestry's "Old Search".

Thanks to anyone who can help!!


Re: Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1316877411000
Classification: Query

Several people misunderstand just what the RootsWeb Obituary Index is.

It is merely an Index of published obituaries. The Index is created by individuals and no actual obituaries are available as links.

All you will see on the Obit Index is:

FRANCIS, Burman "Bun"; 78; Ned KY>Norway ME; Sun Journal; 2000-4-19; cgdbout.

See this link for more complete information:

Re: Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1325557954000
Classification: Query
I am disappointed when I see an Obit WEBPAGE. I click on it & only get the basics. Sometimes the whole obit is available on Ancestry & sometimes not. Very disappointing!

Re: Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1327956298000
Classification: Query
I, also am very disappointed in this avenue of search..there is not any additional help after you go to this website.

Re: Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1327967495000
Classification: Query

I'm unclear what sort of additional help you are expecting.
You get the person's name, date of death, paper the obituary was published in, etc.

Using that info I've then done a Google search and many times found the full obituary online somewhere- usually a funeral home website.

Re: Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1328470814000
Classification: Lookup
Duh!! Before they started denying us access to the newspapers we could read the total and entire obit. of the person on the history, family, relatives and where they lived and worked, ect. That's what I expect and used to get. I REALLY feel cheated every time I see I've been cut off from the paper and funeral home coverage. I do not wish to risk a worm by leaving a secure site. Are you going to start charging us extra for this, too.

Re: Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1328478887000
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To the best of my knowledge, Ancestry hasn't removed any newspaper databases that were previously online. Ancestry doesn't own all the databases that they present online, many of them are licensed. Should the owner choose to not renew such a license to Ancestry (and I believe that that has happened in the past) there isn't really anything Ancestry can do.

In respect to the Database this thread is about, it has *never* offered the full obituary.

Re: Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1328483648000
Classification: Query
To defend this mean you have information we are not privy to or prehaps you need to try it. From the message board, you are correct--But the newspaper section will lead you to the the funeral parlor. as far as getting anywhere else other (in Ancestry) save your time and go else where as the other suggested Gravefinders, Familysearch, Genweb, genweb and bring it back since I've not found it with ancestry. Unless they have move things around again.

Re: Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1328557492000
Classification: Query
Surnames: William Robert "Bob" Coggins.
I have the same problem.. I do NOT like the referral to Fold3. I've never been able to access an obituary on Fold3, and don't know why I can't. I get there, and it's like I have to start a new search.

Re: Accessing an obituary

Posted: 1328763566000
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Surnames: Mayes and others
I can not figure out how to use this. I have tryed several times. Mostly the names aren't there and even if they are you can't open to get any info. Just a complete waste of time. I probably won't even try any more. dot
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