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my grandfather's last name

my grandfather's last name

tiffany norton (View posts)
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is Vidovich a Hungry surname or an Austria surname?

Re: my grandfather's last name

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VIDOVICH is a Croatian surname.

Prior to 1918 the Kingdom of Croatia was part of the Habsburg Empire, thus the confusion with Austria and Hungary.

Ellis Island has 256 records for VIDOVIC (original Croatian spelling where there is a / over the C giving it the sound of CH) and and another 56 for Magyarized VIDOVICS and Italianized VIDOVICH. One is listed as Slovak but the name is of Croatian origin no doubt also some Slovenian.

Austrian is not an ethnic group, about 95% of people in present day Austria are of Germanic origins. Ethnic Hungarians call themselves Magyars (mud yars) Hungary was a name given by outsiders who thought the people there were Huns however they were not they were Magyars.

Hope this is not too confusing.

What was your GMs first name? When did she come to the US? Where did she settle? Answers to those may help trace her exact place of origins. If she indeed came from Croatia there is a great deal of info available that may help you discover your roots and build a family tree.

The root of VIDOVIC is Vid, a male given name which translates to Vitus. The IC ending means son of so the name is a patronymic name meaning son of Vid. Not unlike the type of names in other countries like Johnson, Peteson, etc..

VID m Slovene and Croatian
Croatian and Slovene form of VITUS
VITUS m Ancient Roman
Roman name which was derived from Latin vita "life". Saint Vitus was a child martyred in Sicily.

St. Vitus
d. 1095 Feastday: September 15

St Vitus Church was the church of my Grandfather's village in Croatia. And there is a St Vitus Croatian church in Lorain, Ohio and a Slovenian church by that name in Cleveland. Evidently there were 2 St Vitus.

Benedictine monk in the community near Bergamo, Italy. He was a disciple of St. Albert.

St. Vitus
Feastday: June 15

Unreliable legend has Vitus, the only son of a senator in Sicily, become a Christian when he was twelve. When his conversions and miracles became widely known to the administrator of Sicily, Valerian, he had Vitus brought before him, to shake his faith. He was unsuccessful, but Vitus with his tutor, Modestus, and servant, Crescentia, fled to Lucania and then to Rome, where he freed Emperor Diocletian's son of an evil spirit. When Vitus would not sacrifice to the gods, his cure was attributed to sorcery. He, Modestus, and Crescentia were subjected to various tortures from which they emerged unscathed, and were freed when during a storm, temples were destroyed and an angel guided them back to Lucania, where they eventually died. So much for the legend. What is fact is that their cult goes back centuries and that they were Christians who were martyred in Lucania. A great devotion to Vitus developed in Germany when his relics were translated to Saxony in 836. He is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and is the patron of epileptics, those afflicted with St. Vitus' Dance (named after him}, dancers, and actors, and is a protector against storms. Feast day - June 15th.

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland Ohio

Re: my grandfather's last name VIDOVICH

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Opps excuse me I meant your grandfather

Re: my grandfather's last name

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The name VIDOVIC' lists in the Slovak Republic's phone book.

Re: my grandfather's last name

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I saw your posting. Do you know what "DOLOVIC" is? I was told it's my ancestors surname, and that it was changed to DOLLOWITCH in America. This may help in my quest for relatives. Thanks!!! Rozalyn

Re: my grandfather's last name

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Hi Rozalyn,

I can tell you that there are 22 listings in Croatian phone book for DOLOVIC (sounds like doe low vich) mostly in that area of NE Croatia around the city of Cakovec.

Just a couple of answers may help find his info.

What year did he come to America?

Was he married when he arrived?

Where did he settle?

What language did he speak?

Robert Jerin

Re: my grandfather's last name

Rozalyn Larson (View posts)
Posted: 1041005482000
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Thanks for your quick response. I will need to look into those questions and get back to you. Thanks!!


Rozalyn Larson (View posts)
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Mr. Jerin, here is some additional information: Joseph Dolovic, born 3/18/1863 in Gottendurf Germany. He is listed in some family correspondence as being born in Hungary. Anyway, he came to Ellis Island when he was about 15 - which would be around the year 1878. He met and married his wife in the US. I believe they settled in Oregon. they married in 1893 in Portland Oregon. Thier first born was born in Oregon in 1894. I have no clue what language he spoke. If this helps, I do have Joseph's fathers name as John Dolovic, born 1837 in Germany as well. Maybe this will help, let me know if it does. I would love to continue my research on these relatives! I have tried the LDS website and also the Ellis Island website without much luck. Thanks,


Kalman Vidovich (View posts)
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Surnames: vidovich
I would like to find relatives.

My grandfathers brother after the 2nd World War go to the USA with his son They name was Tibor and Ferenc/Frances Vidovich They from Hungary, Budapest. His last postadress /i only this know/, 1, Stramberry Hill Ave.,Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Re: my grandfather's last name

dr T.Former (View posts)
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Denying the existence of ethnic Austrians or their nationality was the rational used by 3rd Reich in March 1938. Similar logic was used in 1918 when deciding the fate of "Southern Slavs". Equating the language spoken with the ethnic background, origin or nationality is a 19th Century concept, now obsolete. The Establishment of the Duchy of Austria
September 17, 1156
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