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Wissembourg Census 1836 Lookup

Wissembourg Census 1836 Lookup

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Surnames: BAUS, DENNY

I understand there is a 1836 census for the town of Reichshoffen, Alsace. I was wondering if anyone had any information or could do a lookup on a George Baus (b.1823) or a Frances Denny (b.@1820). I have only that a son of theirs Alphonse was born in that town in 1851, so I'm hoping the parents might be located there.


Re: Wissembourg Census 1836 Lookup

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1836 Wissembourg census
Bourg: Rue de l'Etoile 222
This family is listed Catholic
Andreas Bas, 60y, Menisier
Barbara Kuhn, wife, 60y
Jacob, son, 24y, soldier, Pontonnier
Francis, son, 20y, Menuisier
Charles, son, 17y
George, son, 12y

There are many Denny's listed, but I could not locate Frances Denny.

Re: Wissembourg Census 1836 Lookup

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Surnames: BAUS, DENNY
Thanks! Do you think she might be under the name of Francoise or Francisca? She did use the name Francisca on a later 1880 census in Philadelphia. She may have had a brother Joseph Denny (b.@1818). He is listed in on the 1870 Census living with them. Whether he is a brother, I do not know. Do you know if there are any later emmigration records for George Baus and Frances Denny, with children Helen(1850), Alphonse(1851), Eugene(1852)? They emigrated about 1855-1856. I read some messages from this board that talk about an Alsace Emigration Book.

Best Regards,

Re: Wissembourg Census 1836 Lookup

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I found a Joseph Deny listed in Vol II of the Emigration Book.

Joseph Deny
Birth Year: 1815
Birth Place: Reichshoffen
Emigration: 01/01/1835 to America
Source: 1

Source Legend: Military conscription lists of the Canton Wissembourg, from the years 1830 to 1870. The year of immigration is only the year when the emigrants already have left Alsace. It can be they migrated many years before that date.

In the same Vol:

Ferdinand Baus
Birth year: 1837
Birth place: Reichshoffen
Emigration: 01/01/1857 to America, carpenter

I did not find Joseph listed in the 1836 census and if he is the one you are looking for, then he emigrated before that census was taken.

My suggestion to you is to order the film through the family history center nearest you and go through the films. There is a wealth of information to be had for you. In 1815 (and through to now) the civil records are forms (fill-in) and are easily read in French. Prior to that is the challenge as they are in German Gothic script. There are many people who can help you with that.

I looked the census over again for you and Frances (or any variation of) Denny is not listed. I have Denny/Deni/Deny in my tree, but they are from Croetwiller and Trimbach.

Re: Wissembourg Census 1836 Lookup

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Classification: Query
Surnames: BAUS, DENNY
Thanks for your help! These are the only documented facts I have which are believable and why I'm searching in this locale for clues:

George Baus was born 23 Apr 1823 in Alsace.
Frances Denny was born around 1821 in France.
Joseph Denny was born around 1818 in France (possible relation).
George and Frances are married and have three children in France:
Helen Baus is born around 1849 in France.
Alphonse Baus is born 11 Oct 1850 in Reichshoffen.
Eugene George Baus is born 25 Feb 1852 in France.
George Baus arrives from France and petitions for US citizenship in 1856 in Philadelphia.

I don't know if the parents are from Reichshoffen, but at least George is from the Alsace Region.

So I should order the 1836 census on microfiche from LDS Family History Center? Is it worth getting the Alsace Emigration Books?

Parish and Civil Records

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I am sorry I was not specific for you. The records I suggest you order are the Civil and Parish Records for Reichshoffen to see if your family is there in that village. Since you have the birth dates of George's children they would show up in the civil records, then you can trace the family back. You would most likely also find the marriage record for George and Frances, which would state the village she is from. The records are very easy to transcribe, and there are help sheets that the family histories put out for you to translate from French to English. I see so many people on this list that have the villages of origin, but are so hesitant to order the films. Its not really that difficult to decipher the French language. The civil records are pre-printed forms that are filled in, starting 1815 forward. The German Gothic script is more difficult and you would most likely need some help with those records.

Re: Parish and Civil Records

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Surnames: BAUS, DENNY
Ah, that make sense. I didn't read your message correctly before. I'll see about getting the records and try to use my French which I have forgotten from school!

Thanks very much!

BAUS in Reichshoffen, Alsace, France

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Surnames: BAUS
I saw your thread of messages in 2009 about George Baus and Frances Denny in Reichshoffen, France. Please contact me at about this family. I have been researching all BAUS's in this town as I have a hypothesis that George Baus in the Uncle of the immigrant Lewis Baus, who is the great grandfather of my first cousin, for whom I have been researching for 2 years.

Objet : BAUS in Reichshoffen, Alsace, France

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You'll only have to translate...

Mariages de Reishoffen en 1848, page 3/10

Reichshoffen, le 07 Juin 1948 18:00PM
Acte de mariage de:
- BAUS Georges, menuisier, domicilié à Reichshoffen
- âgé de 25 ans, né à Reichshoffen le 22 avril 1823
- fils légitime de
- - André BAUS, 69 ans, menuisier, domicilié à Reichshoffen, ici présent et consentant
- - Barbe KUHN, 71 ans, sans profession, domiciliée à Reichshoffen, ici présente et consentante
- DENY Françoise, cuisinière, domicilié à Reichshoffen
- âgée de 28 ans, née à Reichshoffen le 16 Juin 1820
- fille légitime de
- - feu Jacques DENY, décédé à Reichshoffen le 19 janvier 1824, agé de 40 ans
- - Madeleine GASTIAN , sans profession, âgée de 67 ans, domiciliée à Reichshoffen, ici présente et consentante
Parmi les témoins, habitants de Reichshoffen,
- Michel HUMIGE, 67 ans, journalier, oncle de l'époux
- Alex Napoléon FRITSCH, 37 ans, cordonnier, cousin de l'épouse
- André BAUS, 43 ans, menuisier, frère de l'époux
Take a look at :

Re: Objet : BAUS in Reichshoffen, Alsace, France

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Thank you very much. I did not have that marriage record. If you e-mail me at I will be happy to send the data I have to-date on this and other BAUS branches living in Reichshoffen. And to share the United States data about George and Frances after their 1856 immigration to Philadelphia, PA. I have a hypothesis that George is the Uncle of Lewis/Louis Baus and his brother Victor Baus who also immigrated to America. Lewis/Louis Baus is my primary focus. My hypothesis is that his and Victor's father is Charles Baus, b. abt 1819, brother of George, and his wife Marie Anne Sorg. I have gotten through most but not all of the Reichshoffen censuses on the Bas-Rhin archives website. I have not yet started on the BMD data for Reichshoffen, Charles
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