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"History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

"History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

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Surnames: Gibbs
I have a copy of Amos Barron's "A History of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, DeSoto Parish 1840 - 1881, Sabine Parish 1881 - 1968," written in 1968. It is a typewritten manuscript and has an excellent index by Annie Sandifer Trickett from 1983.

I am willing to do lookups in Mr. Barron's book. My mother is a Gibbs of Pleasant Hill and remembers him from her childhood.

Brenda Rigby

Re: "History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

Danny Martin (View posts)
Posted: 1030323213000
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My mother's family came from Pleasant Hill. Do you have any information on the Columbus Barnhill family or P.P. Bridges?
Thanks for any help you can give me.

Re: "History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

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Surnames: McCausland, McCauslin
I would appreciate any info. your book may contain on the name McCauslin, McCasland, or McCausland. Thank you for your help!

Re: "History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

Brenda Rigby (View posts)
Posted: 1030671523000
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Angela --

I don't see anything under any of those names -- sorry. There are some McColough and McCullin, but nothing that fits your spellings. Sorry.

Brenda Rigby

Re: "History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

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Danny --

Sorry I didn't respond to you sooner. For some reason, I didn't get notified about your message.

Re: Barnhill. Amos Barron lists these names: F. C., Mrs. Finn C., Ruby, Ruby DARNELL (presumably a maiden name), and Zoe. No Columbus, unless that's what the "C" stands for. It says, among other things, that the hotel in Pleasant Hill came under the ownership of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Barnhill from Marthaville. They had two girls, Zoe and Ruby.

If you'd like me to give you the rest of the information about the Barnhills, reply here and I'll do so.

As for the Bridges family, there are 20 or 30 entries on them. Can you give me some names, and I'll give you what's there.

Brenda Rigby

Re: "History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

Danny Martin (View posts)
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Dear Brenda,
Thanks for responding. I have checked with my mother. Her
grandfather's name was Francis Columbus Barnhill. Her mother was Rebecca Gillispe (spelling might not be right. They were both from Marthaville and they did own the hotel. I remember going to the hotel quiet a bit until my great grandmother died in 1952. Some of her brother and sisters were Silas, Blanche, Cass. My Mother remembers her Great Grandmother, Thornie, lived in a room off the porch. After Francis died in 1919, my grandmother married Daniel Finn. We have never been able to find out anything about Finn except that Ruby traced that name back to Wisconsin, but we don't even know if that is where he came from.
On the Bridges side of the family, there is my grandfather, Orel "Bullet" Bridges, his father John Milton Bridges and his Grandfather, Plummer Bridges. I would also be interested in finding out if any of the Bridges or Barnhills had any record of Confederate service.
Thanks for anything you can let me know.

Re: "History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

Paula Byles (View posts)
Posted: 1032889140000
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Surnames: Allen
Would you mind checking to see if your book mentions a school by the name of "Blue Ridge"? I was told that the land was donated for the school by W.P.Allen. My guess is that it was built around 1925 or later in Pleasant Hill. Thankyou for your help.

Re: "History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

Brenda Rigby (View posts)
Posted: 1032897907000
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Paula --

I don't see a reference to a Blue Ridge school or to a W. P. Allen. There is a Dr. W. G. Allen in the book, but not in reference to the school. There are several mentions of the high school being expanded or renovated in the mid-1920s, but neither the name of the school nor your Allen is shown connected as to them.

I'll ask my mother, who grew up in Pleasant Hill about that time, if she has any more information.

Brenda Rigby

Re: "History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

Paula (View posts)
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Surnames: Allen
Thanks Brenda. I'm getting this information from my mother in law. She said that her father, W.P. Allen donated the land for this school so that her sisters Helen and Ellen would have one to go to. My mother in law was born in 1921 and her sisters in 1918 so I could be off on the date quite a few years.

Re: "History of Pleasant Hill" Lookups

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On page 20 of Amos Barron's book, it says,

"Mr. W. B. Atkins and family moved from the old town and built the Hotel and Livery Stables.... In 1914 Mr. Atkins died. The rest of the family moved to California. Mrs. Atkins died in 1944 and was brought back here for burial.

"After they sold the Hotel and Livery Stable they built a home where Mrs. Thomas Hardee lives.

"The hotel changed hands two or three times. Finally Mr. & Mrs. F. C. Barnhill from Marthaville became the owners. They had two girls, Zoe and Ruby. Later Mr. Barnhill died and Mrs. Barnhill married a Mr. Dan Finn. Ruby has died. Zoe married Orell Bridges and they live at Lafayette, La."

On page 35, there are several Barnhills listed as being buried in the Pleasant Hill cemetery:

Barnhill, F. C. 1855 - 19191
Barnhill, Mrs. F. C. (Finn) 1877 - 1952
Barnhill, Rugby (Darnell) 1907 - 1948

For the Bridges you mentioned:

On page 28:

"Mr. John Bridges, his wife was Velda Jacobs. Their children were Milton, John, Orell, Murray and another boy. Can't think of his name. Angie married Carlisle Gaddis; Dessie Mae, Vernie and Reitha. [I believe the first children named were all the boys, and the girls followed, but that's my interpretation. BCR] Mr. Bridges was a Deacon in the Baptist Church. Mr. & Mrs. Bridges are both deceased and are buried in the Spring Ridge Cemetery."

There's a J. M. Bridges -- don't know if that's your great-grandfather, John Milton:

"The timber business for cross ties and lumber has been an outstanding asset to the town.... J. M. Bridges down the railroad [apparently the location of his milll, BCR] and later succeeded Mr. Ives...."

Page 27:

"The W. H. Mosely family moved to town and lived in the Henry Davis home, North edge of town. He was a conductor on the T. & P. R. R. He died around 1926 or 27 leaving his wife, Emily, who was a Campbell. Their children; Edward, Paul and Herbert. Madge married John Bridges. They had one girl, Geraldine." [I believe he is saying that Madge was one of the Mosley children and the only one about whom he had more information, but I'm not sure of that interpretation. BCR]

Page 31, about the Pleasant Hill High School:

"The school had grown to where they needed more ground, buildings, etc. so Mr. John Bridges donated ten acres. He also opened up the Bridges addition."

On the same page, in a listing of the senior class for 1926-27 are three Bridges: Vernie, Lillian and Zelma.

On page 53, in a listing of "Settlers -- Early, and of Later Years":

"BRIDGES - George (wife Phoebe Scott), Joe (first wife Holder, second Ott), Jack & family, Bryant (wife Louisiana Reed), John (wife Ellen Arie) and Willis (wife Lessie Bufkin) and their families."

On page 56, in a list, "Those Buried in the Wallace Cemetery":

Bridges, John 1863 - 1944
Bridges, Mrs. Ellen Arie 1854 - 1950
Bridges, Bryant [no dates]
Bridges, Louisiana R. [no dates]

There's no listing for Plummer Bridges.

Although there are no listings for a Gillespie, there are several that could be alternative spellings. There is a Miss Blanche Gallaspy listed as a teacher in the period 1903 - 1915 on page 51 in a discussion of Wallace schools.

References to a Camile Glaspie:

Page 28:

"Mr. & Mrs. Q. W. Gregory came to town from Wallace. She was Nettie Redding. They bought the Bridges place near the school building. Their oldest son, (George), ; .. Robert married Camile Glaspie.... They were active in the church. Mr. Gregory was a Deacon and a member of the Town Council." [The paragraph about Mr. John Bridges and his wife, Velda Jacobs, immediately follows this paragraph, so perhaps they were linked in Amos Barron's mind. BCR]

Page 31, in the listing of the senior class for 1926 - 27, Camile Glaspie is also shown along with the three Bridges students.

S. C. Glaspie is mentioned in three places:

Page 19:

"The Hardee and Glaspie Co., Ltd. was composed of Mr. T. W. Hardee, President; Mr. H. H. Kennedy and F. H. Tarver, Vice-Presidents; S. C. Glaspie, Secretary and A. J. Barron, Treasurer. Later Mr. Glaspie, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Tarver drew out of the business and it was reorganized as the T. W. Hardee Company, Inc...."

Later on the same page:

"The sales force of THE HARDEE AND GLASPIE CO., INC. and of the T. W. Hardee and Company, Inc. were S. C. Glaspie...."

Page 21:

"The Gooch-List home was occupied by the following after Mr. List moved to the River: The Ives of the Ives Lumber Company; Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Morrow; Dr. & Mrs. J. C. Armstrong; Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Glaspie and Will Emmons."

Page 38, about the Methodist church:

"The following active workers in 1948 were ....and some of the active men were ... S. C. Glaspie...."

I don't know if these folks are any relation to your Gillespie, but I thought I'd send them on just in case.

Hope this helps.


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