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Looking for decendents of Pierre Quesnel

Looking for decendents of Pierre Quesnel

Nickolas Laurin (View posts)
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I am the 8th Great-Grandson of Pierre Quesnel. Pierre was born about 1630 in France. He married Marie Poulard. Marie was born also in 1630 in France. They had one son named Olivier. Olivier was born in 1654 in Ste Malo, Bayeux, Normandie, France and died on May 15, 1719 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. Olivier married Catherine Prudhomme on January 15, 1679 or 1680 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They had 12 children: Jean Bte. Quesnel, Jacques Francois Quesnel, Jean Pierre Quesnel, Charles Quesnel, Marie Elisabeth Quesnel, Marie Catherine Quesnel, Dominique Quesnel, Raymond Quesnel, Joesph Quesnel, Marie Madeleine Quesnel, Joseph Quesnel and Louise Quesnel. Jean Bte. Quesnel is my 6th Great-Grandfather. He was born on October 31, 1681 in Montreal, lle De Montreal, Quebec, Canada and died on August 11, 1763 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. Jean Bte. married Marie Gourdon on January 20, 1704 or 1705 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. She was born on May 17, 1684 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada and died on January 22, 1708 or 1709 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. They had 2 children: Michel Antoine Quesnel and Marie Madeleine Quesnel. Jean Bte. Quesnel then married Jeanne Aubuchon on August 18, 1715 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Jeanne was born in 1684 and died on (unknown). But, buried on May 21, 1779 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. They had 9 Children: Catherine Quesnel, Marie Anne Quesnel, Marienne Quesnel, Jean Baptiste Quesnel, Marie Joseph Quesnel, Charles Quesnel, Amable Quesnel, Jeanne Quesnel and Marie Josephite Quesnel. Jean Bte. Quesnel's son Michel Antoine Quesnel from Marie Gourdon is my 5th Great-Grandfather. Michel was born on October 25, 1705 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada and died on June 17, 1760 in Oka, Quebec, Canada. Michel married Angelique Lafeuillade on April 09, 1736 in Ste Anne De Bout, De L'ille, Quebec, Canada. Angelique was born about 1710 in Soulanges, Quebec, Canada and died on August 17, 1810 in Soulanges, Quebec, Canada. Michel and Angelique had 11 children: Angelique Quesnel, Antoine Quesnel, Michel Quesnel, Marie Anne Quesnel, Louis Quesnel, Bernardin Quesnel, Marie Hippolyte Quesnel, Marie Hippolyte Quesnel (unsure), Charles Quesnel, Amable Quesnel and Jean Baptiste Quesnel. Michel and Angelique's son Antoine Quesnel is my 4th Great-Grandfather. Antoine Quesnel was born on October 22, 1737 in Ste Anne Du Bout, De l'lle, Quebec, Canada and died on August 17, 1827 in Haut De La Chute, Quebec, Canada. Antoine married Elizabeth Seguin on November 15, 1762 in Oka, Quebec, Canada. Elizabeth was born on July 08, 1745 in Oka, Quebec, Canada and died on February 27, 1808 in Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada. Antoine and Elizabeth had 13 children: Antoine Quesnel, Marie Josephite Quesnel, Francois De Sales Quesnel, Jean Baptiste Quesnel, Venant Quesnel, Dominique Quesnel, Joseph Amable Quesnel, Jean Baptiste Quesnel (unsure), Catherine Quesnel, Marie Anne Quesnel, Paschal Benjamin Quesnel, Jean Noel Quesnel and Benjamin Daniel Quesnel. Antoine and Elizabeth's son Benjamin Daniel Quesnel is my 3rd Great-Grandfather. Benjamin Daniel Quesnel was born in 1812 in Rigaud, Quebec, Canada. I do not know when he died. He married Marie Saint-Denys. Marie was born about 1814. Benjamin Daniel and Marie had 13 children: Marie Reine Quesnel, Antoine Quesnel, Marguerite Hedwidge Quesnel, Philomene Quesnel, Francois Xavier Quesnel, Marie Georgine Quesnel, Joseph Hilaire Quesnel, Pierre Alphonse Quesnel, Marie Azilda Quesnel, Marie Olympe Quesnel, Marie Louise Quesnel, Zotique Quesnel and Marie Leocadie Quesnel. Benjamin Daniel and Marie's daughter Philomene is my 2 Great-Grandmother. She married Alexis Lorrain. They had 11 children. Their son Napoleon is my Great-Grandfather. I am hoping to hear from all decendents of the first Quesnel. I would love to hear from all of my distant cousins on this side. My e-mail address is:

Thank you and hopefully to hear from my family,
Nickolas Laurin

Re: Looking for decendents of Pierre Quesnel

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I just want to specify that there are thousands, but most likely, hundreds of thousands descendants of Pierre Quesnel today.

Richard Chaussé

Re: Looking for decendents of Pierre Quesnel

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Our line follows from Pierre down to Michel married to Angelique Lafeuillade (though I have her last name as Gavillon). Their son Antoine is your 4th g-grandfather and his brother Amable is my 5th g-grandfather. I enjoyed your post. Thanks

Re: Looking for decendents of Pierre Quesnel

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In your list you are missing a generation. You list Benjamin Daniel Quesnel as the child of Antoine and Elizabeth. She died in 1808 and he was not born until 1812. I have the missing information for you. Email me And I will send you the information.

Re: Looking for decendents of Pierre Quesnel

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I'm generation 11 of Olivier Quesnel first Quesnel in Canada from Bayeux
1st Olivier Quesnel 1651-1719 & Catherine Prud'Homme ?-1736 - married Montreal Québec January 15 1680

2nd Jean Batpitste Quesnel 1681-1763 & Marie-Anne Gourdon 1684-1709 - married January 20 1705 Lachine Québec - he remarried August 18 1715 in Montréal Québec to Jeanne Audubon 1690-1779

3rd Michel Antoine Quesnel 1705-1760 & Angelique Gavion (Gavillon) dit Lafeuillade 1710-1810 married April 9 1736 Ste-Anne du bout de l'ile Quuébec

4th Antoine Quesnel 1737-1827 & Elisabeth Séguin 1744-1808 narrued November 15 1762 Oka Québec

5th Jean-Baptiste Quesnel 1770- ?? & Geneviève Besnaire (Besner) dit Pre-A-Boire 1776- ??? married November 4 1793 Vaudreuil Québec

6th Antoine Quesnel around 1797- ?? & Félicité Lemay dit Delorme married June 24 1818 St-Anicet Québec

7th Francois Quesnel 1826- 1916 & Elisabeth Chrétien 1832-1889 married July 13 1852 St-Anicet Québec

8th Antoine Quesnel 1860-1931 & Rosalie Latreille 1863-1951 married February 5 1183 St-Albert Ontario

9th Victor Quesnel 1894-1983 & Emela Cléroux 1903-1968 married February 2 1925 Vars Ontario

10 th Gérald Quesnel October 13 1925-February 15 2004 & Dolorèse Grignon September ? - February 14 1991

11th Me Lucienne Quesnel February 19 1963 have one daughter and one son name Doré back to my midden name 2007 divorce

Re: Looking for decendents of Pierre Quesnel

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I have as my 3rd generation
Michel Antoine Quesnel 1705-1760 & Angelique GAvion (Gavillon dit Lafeuillade 1710-1810 married April 9 1736 St-Anne du bout de l'Ile Québec
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