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Corryong Families Info

Corryong Families Info

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I am looking for any info on RIXON, SCAMMELL, FARDON, MOLLOY, SMITH and HOARE of Corryong, Victoria. These people are my direct line and would love more info. Thanks Michelle

Re: Corryong Families Info

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Surnames: Fardon, Molloy, McVean, Briggs, Scammell, Seaton, Lebirer, Rixon, Smith, Hoare, Goodwin
Fardon, Molloy, McVean, Briggs, Scammell, Seaton, Lebirer, Rixon, Smith, Hoare, Goodwin

These are all my families that I'm interested in from the area too Thanks

Re: Corryong Families Info

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Surnames: Collins, McVean, Paton
I have a Sarah Collins married to William Stevenson McVean.
I am related through Sarah's sister Frances Collins who married James Paton from Corryong area.
Any relation ?

Re: Corryong Families Info

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Surnames: McVEAN, FARDON
I'm not really sure I have a William Thomas (Bill) McVEAN married Catherine Florence FARDON (My great great Aunt) and I have 2 sons for them but only I of their names Donald Fardon McVEAN. If this sounds right to them I would love to hear more. It is possible depending on her age that Catherine and Bill may be their Grandparents or Great Great Grandparents. I would love to know.

Re: Corryong Families Info

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Surnames: McVean, Collins
Hi there
I don't have much on the McVean's as I have more on the Collins side of the family, but I do have the following:

1. William Stevenson1 McVean was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He married Sarah Collins 1877 in Digger, Victoria, daughter of William Collins and Mary Gadsby. She was born 29 March 1858 in Adelaide, South Australia, and died 1914 in Corryong, Victoria.

Children of William McVean and Sarah Collins are:
+ 2 i. Selina Jane2 McVean, born 1877 in Tintaldra, Victoria; died 1945 in Corryong, Victoria.
+ 3 ii. William Thomas McVean, born 1879 in Towong, Victoria; died 1941 in Corryong, Victoria.
4 iii. Laura Annie McVean, born 21 September 1881 in Corryong, Victoria. She married Edgar McKoy 1905.
5 iv. Donald Stevenson McVean, born 1883 in Corryong, Victoria; died 1940 in Corryong, Victoria. He married Marian Evelyn Hale 14 February 1919.
6 v. Ada Frances McVean, born 1886 in Corryong, Victoria; died 1958. She married Samuel William Harrison 1907; born in Ballarat, Victoria.
7 vi. Gilbert James McVean, born 1888 in Corryong, Victoria; died 1946 in Tallangatta, Victoria.
8 vii. Clara Maude McVean, born 1890 in Corryong, Victoria; died 1963 in Melbourne, Victoria. She married ? Manton.
9 viii. Alfred Edward McVean, born 1892 in Corryong, Victoria; died 1913 in Corryong, Victoria.
10 ix. Emily Maude McVean, born 1895 in Corryong, Victoria.
11 x. Allen Glen McVean, born 1898 in Corryong, Victoria; died 1948 in Corryong, Victoria.
12 xi. Stanley Maurice McVean, born 1900 in Corryong, Victoria; died 1955 in Wodonga, Victoria.

2. Selina Jane2 McVean (William Stevenson1) was born 1877 in Tintaldra, Victoria, and died 1945 in Corryong, Victoria. She married (1) Unknown Abt. 1900. She married (2) Unknown Abt. 1901. She married (3) Michael Frederick McDonohough 1909. He was born in Ballarat, Victoria.

Notes for Unknown:
Could be a Scammell ? as son has Scammell as a middle name

Child of Selina McVean and Unknown is:
13 i. Olive Myrtle3 McVean, born 1900 in South Melbourne, Victoria.

Child of Selina McVean and Unknown is:
14 i. Henry Rupert Scammell3 McVean, born 1901 in Corryong, Victoria.

Child of Selina McVean and Michael McDonohough is:
15 i. Eira Iona3 McDonohough, born 1911 in Corryong, Victoria.

3. William Thomas2 McVean (William Stevenson1) was born 1879 in Towong, Victoria, and died 1941 in Corryong, Victoria. He married Catherine Flora Fardon.

Child of William McVean and Catherine Fardon is:
16 i. Donald Fardon3 McVean, born 1912 in Corryong, Victoria; died 1971 in Corryong, Victoria. He married Isabel Nellie Sheather 1937 in Albury, NSW; born 24 August 1913 in Corryong, Victoria; died 1991.

Hope this fits into your family line.
I have more on the Collins family as they are the ones I am researching
Good luck

Re: Corryong Families Info

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Surnames: McVean, Scammell
Hi Deb,
I was just wondering if you found out more info on Selina McVean with regards to the Scammell Link??
Thanks Michelle

Re: Corryong Families Info

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Hi Michelle
No I haven't got anything new, but I found a link on the Net that might give some clues to Selina..

Hope u have more luck

Re: Corryong Families Info

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Surnames: Scammell
LOL That was me trying to get some BDMs I have another person who is trying to make the connection as well!!
I guess we may never know, all the Scammell's in the area were related and belong to me (hee hee) and I have even tried to match up any of the Scammell males around the same sort of age but still no luck!! Maybe there is a family connection somewhere else and she just used the name and it wasn't the child of a Scammell at all....who knows

Re: Corryong Families Info

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In a town of Benambra,Victoria there was a family by the name of Rixon and also a family by the name of Scammell. You may have to get in touch with the Cemetery Trust in Benambra or the Historical Society in Omeo as most of them may have died and the christian names could be on your list.

Re: Corryong Families Info

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Surnames: Collins, Luke, Dykes, Mason
Hi Deb. Sarah Luke and John Collins are my great-great-great-grandparents. I would like to know more about them - I have very little.

These are the details from the shipping record:
1839 On the Susan, John farm servant & Sarah Collins house servant both 40; and their children Charlotte 21, William 19 (= Emily’s F) , James 17, Robert 15, George 12, Mary 10, Sarah 8. Protestant.
John b Ninsbergh Hampshire
F= Robert Collins/ M = Mary Dykes
Sarah b Mottispond Hampshire
F = Moses Luke/ M = Caroline Mason;
William farm servant & Charlotte house servant both born Michelhurst Hampshire. Villages for younger children not noted. Bounty Immigration NSW 1828-1842, CD-rom, Digger, Reel 1307.

William (1819-1901) was my great-great-grandfather.

I have discovered that the village names were entered incorrectly: Ninsbergh = Timsbury, Mottispond = Mottisfont, and Michelhurst = Michelmersh. You can find some good historical detail, including free BDM records, if you google these village names.

Some years ago I also found on the net a tree which traces our family back to East Tytherley (not far from these villages) in the 17th century. Forebears of Moses Luke go back to Edward & Alice Luke, parents of Augustine Luke, b. East Tytherley 1680. Lukes in Lockerley Hampshire from at latest 1711 until after 1761.

I think that Sarah McVean was the daughter who looked after Mary Ann Collins (nee Gadsby)widow of William Collins, when she was elderly. William McVean must have been a very kind man.

Other info:
30 June 1792 marriage of Robert Collins and Mary Dike at St Andrew’s Timsbury.

23 July 1797 baptism of John Collins, son of Robert & Mary Collins, at St Andrew’s Timsbury.
23 Dec 1817 marriage of John Collins and Sarah Luke, St Mary’s Michelmersh.

23 Jan 1820 baptism of their son William at St Mary’s; subsequently:
1821 James
1824 Robert
1826 George
1829 Mary
1830 Anne
1831 Sarah
This is the family group which migrated with John and Sarah to Australia in 1839 on the Susan.

Anything you have on John Collins and his wife Sarah Luke, and/or on William Collins and his wife Mary Ann Gadsby, I would be most grateful to receive. My email is

Kind regards

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