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Smith-Wadleigh, Exeter NH, 1600s

Smith-Wadleigh, Exeter NH, 1600s

Maggie Musselman (View posts)
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I am looking for information on the immigrants, Robert Wadleigh and Sarah Smith, who married on 6-17-1654 in Exeter NH. If anyone can help, it will be appreciated. Thanks. maggie

Robert Wadleigh, Exeter, NH, 1668

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We have a family history that includes Robert and Sarah Wadleigh of Exeter, NH. The book contains copies of deed records and family history but none has been entered in a geneology program file. My great grand father married Hattie Belle Wadleigh and they lived in Green Ridge, MO.
Robert Wadleigh was Justice of the NH Supreme court from 1693-1697.
Born Bristol, England, abt. 1627, Died 1708/09.

Wadleigh family

Maggie (View posts)
Posted: 986543974000
Hello Howard. Thanks for the information that you sent to me via
I wonder if you have anything on the Sarah Wadleigh that I have as Sarah Smith, b. abt 1632 Exeter, NH, died sometime after 1698 in Exeter? You have her as Wadleigh. How did you come by the gook with copies of deed records, etc? If you come up with anything else, contact me at , okay?
thanks again. Maggie

Robert Wadleigh

Garilynn Wadleigh (View posts)
Posted: 988742285000
I may have some info for you. If u are still interested, please E-Mail me (Please put Robert Wadleigh in the Subject). I have a small amount of info you may already have.

Re: Robert Wadleigh, Exeter, NH, 1668

Margil W. Wadley (View posts)
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I am just beginninng my search; however, I have printed material from a Boston library sufficient to make me believe that I am a very distant descendant of this Robert Wadleigh. I also know about the river and park named for the Wadleigh family in/near Exeter.
Please send details about / and or how I can obtain the book.
Thank you!
Margil W. Wadley, PhD

Re: Smith-Wadleigh, Exeter NH, 1600s

Margil W. Wadley (View posts)
Posted: 1000949085000
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I have some material on the Robert Wadleigh who immigrated about 1628 from Bristol , Eng. He first settled in Mass and later moved to NH.

Many of his descendant mived to Maryland and Georgia, where one of them owned a railroad in / near Macon GA . This was in the 1840-70 period. I have not quite made the connection to my family but what else could explain it . My grandfather came from ARK; his parents from Tenn.
Please write.

Re: Robert Wadleigh, Exeter, NH, 1668

Dan Wadleigh (View posts)
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I'm also related to Robert Wadleigh and was wondering if you found anything regarding his father's history in England. Robert was married to Sarah Smith. Mother and father are John Wadleigh (married Mary Goddard). That's as far as I've gone and I'm having difficulty finding out additional history in England. Have you learned anything?

Re: Robert Wadleigh, Exeter, NH, 1668

Margil W. Wadley (View posts)
Posted: 1001128211000
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From the New Hampshire Historical Society Library , Concord:

The Wadleighs of New England
John Wadleigh, "The Planter" ; born 1600-1606, England; married Mary--- (?) Died previous to Sept 16, 1671; was a ship carpenter and was the first of the name to settle in New England. He was one of the Colonist on the patent of Richard Vines at Saco, Maine, who took possession of his grant in 1630, arriving at that time fromEngland bringing with him a number of settlers with their families.
The name of his wife is not known other than Mary. They had three children- Robert, Mary, and John Wadleigh.
March 31, 1650, John Wadleigh took quite and peacable possession of the premises in his Indian right, laying the whole continent from Cape Poirpose Falls, and so down to the seaside and further assigns the same as it shall be inhabited for the town of Preston, (alias , Wells); and to this as in the same a like case required, wee, the witne(s)es, have subscribed our names. (Bournes History of Wells). etc.
Does this help?

Re: Robert Wadleigh, Exeter, NH, 1668

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This is the same John Wadleigh from our family tree.
John Wadleigh, b. Abt. 1600, d before 9/16/1671, England
Robert Wadleigh "Captain", "Judge", b. 1627, d 1708/09, Bristol, England
Henry Wadleigh, b. 5/16/1666, d. 12/3/1693, Exiter, NH
Joseph Wadleigh, b. 9/1698 Exiter, NH, d. 4/14/1779 Kensington, NH
Joseph Wadleigh, b. 9/1722, d. 12/31/1808
William Henry Wadleigh, b. 8/28/1791, d. 10/30/1828/38?
Daniel Foster Wadleigh, b. 3/20/1814, Kinsington, NH, d. 4/12/1898 Green Ridge, MO ( Went to Rutland, IL, 1855/56 then to MO)

Re: Robert Wadleigh, Exeter, NH, 1668

Margil W. Wadley (View posts)
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Thanks much.
I have most or all of these and many more up to 1932 in that line.
I may have not been clear in my first message about my lack of certainty of being a direct descendant, but cannot imagine another earlier or contemporary branch. My cousin(George Robert of Searcy, ARK) and I
have no solid evidence of a link to those from 1630 to 1840, but a reasonable link from 1776 to 1800 into Maryland, VA, KY, Tenn, Ark, and Tex. (I was born in TEX). At some point in that Maryland branch, the spelling changed to Wadley.
My stuff needs lots of refining and more work, but when cleaned up will be made available. As I have stated previously, I'm really new at this--so be patient with me--I can use all the help offered.
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