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Please help

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I am looking for a friends great great grandmother , She do not know her mom and dad name or how many siblings and children she had

Her name is Marie Tonsager born october 4 1865 in Eidsvold , Norway she died in 1962 , They think Marie's mothers name was Lora and fater Anders hMarie's huband was Ola Olsen Rasumssen

Please help ,
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She needs to start with her name and birthdate and work backwards. Information needs to be gleaned here in the USA before jumping the pond to Norway with hearsay information. Tonsager is Tønsager in Norway. I have the Eidsvold books, but need more information to find anything. Where did Marie go? To America? When? How do you know this? Name of her husband and where married? Children born to the couple? Who is related to you? Where did they live in America? Do you have copies of obituaries and death certificates?
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Minnesota, Death Index, 1908-2002 about Mary Rasmussen
Name: Mary Rasmussen
Birth Date: 4 Oct 1865
Death Date: 7 May 1962
Death County: Lincoln
State File Number: 009894
Certificate Number: 009894
Certificate Year: 1962
Record Number: 1500035
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Prot. ref. Side Døypt År Sokn/Kyrkje Ekte/Uekte
1101 48 081 014 14.01.1866 1866 Eidsvoll E
Rolle Still./sivilst. Førenamn Etternamn Bustad Kjønn Fødd dato Fødd år
8659 Barn Marie K 04.10 1865
8660 Far Frihandler Andreas Guldbrandsen
8661 Mor Hst. Laura Hermandsdatter Sundgaarden
8662 Fadder Fuldmægtig Hans Larsen M
8663 Fadder Sigvart Guldbrandsen Tønsaker M
8664 Fadder Edvard Evensen Tønsaker M
8665 Fadder Karoline Christiansd. Sundgaarden K
8666 Fadder Marthea G. Tønsaker K
Digitalarkivet 2012. Rettar til databasen: DIS-Oslo/Akershus-KROA og Eidsvollsmennene. Versjon frå 09.07.2004. Talet på oppslag: 90502 (11 i dag) WebCens © Jan Oldervoll 1998-2012
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Information on domicile
Previous domicile Next domicile
Data on domicile:

Census year: 1865
Municipality: Eidsvoll
Municipality number: 0237
Name of domicile: Smedgaarden øvre

Number of persons in this domicile: 46
Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity
Mikael Christoffers. Gaarder g Garver, Forpagter 1835 Nannestad
Caren Larsdatter hans Kone g 1824 Ullensaker
Johannes Olsen ug Garversvend 1844 Hurum
Andreas Gudbrands. Tønsager g Frihandler 1828 Ejdsvold
Laura Hermansdatter hans Kone g 1840 Ejdsvold
Hans Andreassen deres Søn ug 1864 Ejdsvold
Maren Andreasdatter deres Datter ug 1865 Ejdsvold
Carl Edvard Evensen ug Tjenested. 1849 Ejdsvold
Jørgine Christoffersdatter ug Tjenestep. 1843 Ejdsvold
Gustava Davisdatter ug Tjenestep. 1852 Ejdsvold
Hans Larsen g Formand ved en Trælasthandel 1823 Ringeriget
Karoline Christoffersdatter hans Kone g 1829 Hillestad Sogn
Karen Marie Hansdatter deres Datter ug 1858 Drammen
Ole Christian Hansen Søn ug 1859 Drammen
Carl Andreas Bergh g Lejeboer, Arbejder 1819 Odalen
Thora Tjøstälsdatter hans Kone g 1825 Odalen
Ole Sigvart Carlsen deres Søn ug Jernbanebetjent 1848 Ejdsvold
Hilda Marie Nikoline Carlsdatter deres Datter ug 1854 Ejdsvold
Charlotte Amalie Carlsdatter deres Datter ug 1858 Ejdsvold
Thora Caroline Carlsdatter deres Datter ug 1864 Ejdsvold
Peter Eng Carlsen Son ug 1861 Ejdsvold
Marie Hansdatter ug Tjenep. 1845 Ejdsvold
Even Jørgens. Siggerud g Lejeboer, Arbejder 1813 Ejdsvold
Marte Larsdatter hans Kone g 1820 Ejdsvold
Johan Peter Evensen deres Søn ug Sergeant 1840 Ejdsvold
Anton Evensen deres Søn ug Matros 1845 Ejdsvold
Jørgine Evensdatter deres Datter ug 1853 Ejdsvold
Inga Evensdatter deres Datter ug 1856 Ejdsvold
Marte Karine Evensdatter deres Datter ug 1858 Ejdsvold
Thea Evensdatter deres Datter ug 1860 Ejdsvold
Anne Thorgersdatter ug Even Sigeruds Tjenep. 1844 Ejdsvold
Hans Christoffersen g Lejeboer, Smed 1821 Ejdsvold
Anne Marie Thorkildsdatter hans Kone g 1821 Odalen
Thora Martine Hansdatter deres Datter ug 1849 Ejdsvold
Henrikke Hansdatter deres Datter ug 1853 Ejdsvold
Marie Hansdatter deres Datter ug 1855 Ejdsvold
Edvard Hansen Søn ug 1859 Ejdsvold
Indiana Hansdatter Datter ug 1861 Ejdsvold
Eli Hansdatter Datter ug 1864 Ejdsvold
Jakob Matisen g Lejeboer, Saugmester 1833 Christiania
Olena Nilsdatter hans Kone g 1828 Skedsmo
Hagen Martinius Jakobsen deres Søn ug 1858 Skedsmo
Magdalene Jakobsdatter deres Datter ug 1860 Skedsmo
Carl Johan Jakobsen deres Søn ug 1862 Skedsmo
Anton Jakobsen deres Søn ug 1865 Ejdsvold
Caroline Amundsdatter ug Tjenestep 1850 Ejdsvold
Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC)
The Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tromsø N-9037 Tromsø, NORWAY
Updated: November 10th 2004
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Classification: Query
Teljingskrets Listenr. Prestegjeld Gard
642 9 19 Eidsvolds Præstegjeld 28c Sundgaarden, Tønsakergaarden
Nytt hushald Førenamn Etternamn Kjønn Fam. stilling Sivilstand Yrke Fødd år Fødestad Nasjonalitet Trussamf.
4318 1 Lars Johns. M Logerende Ug Landhandler 1834 Eidsvold n s
4319 1 Andreas Guldbrands. M Husfader G Ølhandler 1828 Eidsvold n s
4320 Laura Hermandsd. K Kone G 1840 Finstad Anex Næs Rommerike n s
4321 Hans Andreass. M Deres Søn 1864 Eidsvold n s
4322 Marie Andreasd. K Datter 1865 Eidsvold n s
4323 Hulda Kristine Andreasd. K Datter 1870 Eidsvold n s
4324 Gustav Adolf Andreass. M Søn 1872 Eidsvold n s
4325 Maren Andreasd. K Tyende Ug Tjenestepige 1850 Eidsvold n s
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Classification: Query
#99 right page is her confirmation record

Source information: Akershus county, Eidsvoll in Eidsvoll, Parish register copy nr. I 4 (1877-1884), Confirmation records 1880, page 127.
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Re: Please help

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Che was born and died in Norway as we know at the same place

Thank you for helping

Re: Please help

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I just got to know Marie died in Hendricks, MN

Re: Please help

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This look like it is her family , Can you fine more info about every one in the family , If they where married
What is the name and birth place of Anreas , father and Laura the mother

Thank you
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