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Surnames: Conneiry
Researching Kennedy family of Barratoore, Kylebrack, Loughrea. Other families associated are Conneiry and Shiel.

Kennedy b. 1804, - E. Galway

Jean Jamate (View posts)
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Surnames: KENNEDY, Fell
My g-g grndmthr, Mary Kennedy b. 1804, married Charles Fell in Parish of Tynagh, Co. Galway in 1839. Emigrated to US in 1847. Known children John, Jane, Bartholomew. Do not have any other info. about her. Would like to know of her parents or siblings.

Re: Kennedy in Galway

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Surnames: Comer
My maternal Grandmother, Mary Francis (Molly) Comer (married William A. Moore) was originally from Loughrea parish in Galway. She was the eldest of 8 children of Sonny (or Patrick) Comer, and his wife who was Annie? Kennedy-Comer.
As my grandmother was one of only two in her family to emigrate, many of my Comer and Kennedy Cousins still reside in Galway. In fact My grandmother's sister and brother (Patrick - Paky) still lived at the same location where my Grandmother was born in 1898.
I'd be interested to know if you find a connection with your Kennedys to my Comers and kennedys

Re: Kennedy in Galway

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Surnames: Comer, Moran
Can I first say that the Comer/Kennedy line is actually my
husband's line. I have a Mary Comer born in 1898 to Patrick
Comer and Mary Moran.
The Mary I have was the oldest of 8 children. Her siblings were Martin b.1899, Anne b.1900, Elizabeth b.1901 who married ? Conners, Ellen b. 1903 married John Kennedy, (this is the Kennedy line, Patrick (Sonny) b. 1905 married first May Callanan and 2nd Sheila Kavanagh, Catherine born 1906 and Delia born 1908. I lived for some years in this area as my husband was born there and I remember Sonny and also Delia. I have been told some of the Comers emigrated to Boston. Are you sure of the name of Mary's mother?

Aideen Coughlan

Re: Kennedy in Galway

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Surnames: Comer

Your husband and I are in fact cousins. I looked at the family tree info, and yes this is definitely my grandmother's family. She was Mary, the eldest, we called her Gramma Molly. Your husband may even have met my brother Richard, who travelled to that area, met Sonny and Delia and other cousins. He went about 15 years ago, on his honeymoon with his wife Andrea. One of our cousins came to visit at roughly the same time, Joseph Kennedy, he went on to Texas I believe to teach school, but the interesting thing is that he could have passed for a member of my family, he looked very much like either myself or my brother Richard.
Please pass along my greetings to your husband, what is his name and from whom is he descended, also have you ever been able to proceed further back with the line, the tree stops at Patrick Comber and siblings born about 1815.
Thanks again for the information, my mother who is 72 this year, and Mary Combers daughter was thrilled when I told her. She has also visited Ireland, and when I was reading all the various names, cousins of hers and such, she had commentary for all of them. this has been a most fruitful endeavor, and I thank you for your part.

Charlie Harrington
Pomfret CT USA

Re: Kennedy in Galway

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Surnames: Comer
i am a kennedy with roots in ballinakill co galway my great uncle married a ellen comer. bob kennedy my grandfather was james kennedy my great grand parents was james kennedy and ellen shiel and my great great grand parents where john kennedy and mary conniery

Re: Kennedy in Galway

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john kennedy was called bob and he was the kennedy that satyed in irelnad with my grandad james and rest of sibingd went to america

Re: Kennedy in Galway

Charles Harrington (View posts)
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Surnames: Comber
I amfairly certain we have at east one and possibly a few family connections. I have Kennedys, Combers, and Shiels in my family tree.
My Grandmother Mary Francis Comber was born in Liss near Loughrea in 1898, her younger sister Ellen Comber was born in the same area in 1903, could this be your great aunt?
I have another Ellen Comber from a previous generation. My grandmother's father was a Patrick Comber b. 1856 in Loughrea, he had a sister Ellenora who was born in 1865. This generation had a couple of connections to the Shiels of that same area.
Anne Comer, the 2nd child b. 1838, married a James Rafferty, thier daughter Mary Rafferty married a John Shiel.
Bridget Comer, the 3rd child b. 1849 married a Jerimia Shiel and they had 8 children:
John Shiel b. 1878 married Bridget Cahill
Michael Shiel b. 1879 married Bridget Rafferty
Mary Shiel b. 1881 emigrated to US andmarried Otto Lunburn and lived in Franklin Massachusetts, USA
Catherine Shiel b. 1883 emigrated to Boston USA married a Peter Burke (I met Catherine when I was a Young boy, she was at that time our oldest living relative at 90 plus years.
Jerimiah Shiel b. 1885 married Jessie Curry
Julia Shiel b. 1887 married Stephen Whelan
Thomas Shiel b. 1894 married Catherine Callanan.

Let me know if anyone here connects to your Shiels, combers or Kennedys.

There are presently cousins of mine in Galway, Joseph Kennedy who is the son of Annie Comber I believe and his son Joseph recently emigrated to the US and last I knew was in Texas teaching school. He visited with us about a dozen years ago when he first arrived in the US.

Another branch is a cousin of my mothers, probably another descendant of Annie Comber-Kennedy, John Francis Kennedy living in California.

Re: Kennedy in Galway

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Surnames: kennedy
ellen sheil was my great grandmother she married james kennedy in 1880,s ot there abouts my great uncle Bob (john) Kennedy married ellen comber in 1920's are there abouts. You will find that kennedys, combers and sheils in ballinakill are in fact related. i think there is a link between ur family and mine. I am still trying to trace the kennedy line and from the information I have gathered since going to ireland as a little girl and just starting my family tree i know that lots of people left that area to go to amercia in the era we are talking about.
maybe ur sheils and combers are related to mine ie brothers and sister who stayed in ireland

Re: Kennedy in Galway

Charles Harrington (View posts)
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Surnames: Comber
Hello Cousin!!! I'm 99% certain of that!!!

My grandmother Mary Francis Comber known as Molly was born in 1898 in Loughrea, the eldest daughter of Patrick Comber and Mary Moran. Molly had a younger sister Ellen born in 1903 who married a Kennedy. I'm looking at a picture of Ellie Kennedy right now, that was taken when my older brother went to Galway about 15 years ago. The picture is of a Christy Kennedy, my brother Richard Harrington, Ellie Kennedy and Martin Kennedy. If my guess is correct, the Christy Kennedy in the picture is the son of Ellie.
I also know of a cousin Joseph Kennedy who is close to my own age (I'm 43), maybe a year of two younger. He left Ireland about 15 years ago to teach school in Texas. On His way to Texas he stopped and visited with us in Massachusetts, spending the christmas holiday season with our family. He could pass for my twin!!!
Additionally, going back another generation. My grandmother's father, who was also a Patrick Comber was one of 11 children of a Patrick Comber and Mary Hooban. My grandmother's aunt Bridget Comber, born in 1849 married a Jerimia Sheil and they had 8 children, one was named Julia Sheil, born on Feb. 2 , 1887. Another of my grandmother's aunts, Anne Comber b.1848 married a James Rafferty, their daughter Mary Rafferty married a John Sheil.
I have tons of info on our Combers going back to the fist Patrick Comber I have, who was born in 1815.
I think we are actually related twice in your line, first with Ellen Sheil who may very well be the daughter of my Mary Raffety and John Sheil, and then again in the next generation when Bob Kennedy married Ellie Comber.
Where are you now????
Many of the Sheils emigrated to Massachusetts. Which is where most of my family resides.
By all means feel free to email me direct at
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