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Munger, Philip & Salmon

Munger, Philip & Salmon

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Munger, Philip & Mary
Munger, Salmon
Mathews Munger, Ruth [No Results]
Denis Munger, Charlotte [No DENIS surname found]

The scanning method of these books often result in missing every occurrence of a searched word or name (m is often mistaken for x, c/e, 1/I, etc.). ALSO… the directory lists only the HEAD of household, with exception of town biographies.

>>> There is more on Reuben & Joseph, among a few others. <<<

* History of Chautauqua Co (Andrew Young) 1875*
War history (pages 179-180)
Capt. Tubbs' Company- Dec. 20, 1813, to Feb. 3, 1814.
Captain Martin B. Tubbs. Lieut. Peter Ingersoll. Ensign Guy Webster. Sergeants Miles Webster, Joel Barrell, James Knapp, Nathaniel Barney, Jonathan S. Pattison. Corporals Salmon Munger, Ira Clothier, Allen Denny, Asahel Burnham, Uriah Nash, Moses Hines. Fifers Wm. Wilcox, Thomas Nevins. Drummers John Bartoo, Samuel Nevins.

Hanover (sections from page 427)
It is designated, “The First Hanover Baptist Church, Nashville."
Its constituent members were: Dea. Joseph Brownell and Rebecca, his wife; Dea. Salmon Munger and Charlotte, his wife… Of these, Mrs. Munger is believed to be the only survivor.

Pomfret (page 474)
In the south-west part, Bela Kelly and Reuben Munger bought parts of lot 42, on the south line of the town; and Joseph Munger was an original purchaser of part of lot 34, in 1817. In 1854, (perhaps much later,) B. Kelly, S. & E. Kelly, and P. Munger, resided on lot 42.

*History of Chautauqua Co (Edson & Merrill) 1894*
Hanover (page 643)
Nashville is believed to have had the first church organizatioil in our town, bearing the title "The First Hanover Baptist Church, Nashville." This church was established probably in 1811, the Rev. Joy Handy being its founder. The following eleven persons were the original members: Deacon Joseph Brownell and wife, Deacon Salmon Munger and wife, Uriah Nash and wife, John Huntley and wife, James B. Knapp, Darius Sayles and Anna Morehouse.

Their first house of worship was built in 1851, and has since been several times repaired. Their church clerks have been: Miles Webster, James Knapp, Nathaniel Hopper, Silas N. Slawson, A. Vinton, John S. Bettis. Deacons: Joseph Brownell, Samuel Munger, Silas Nash, Samuel Taylor, Nathaniel Hopper, Nelson Wheaton, Caleb Roberts.

Re: Munger, Philip & Salmon

D Green (View posts)
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Salmon and Mary MATHEWS MUNGER can be found in the MUNGER Book 1639-1914 that was complied in 1915 by Jeremiah B. MUNGER.

Salmon was the fourth child out of nine for Philip and Mary (unknown surname) MUNGER.

Salmon was born 10 February 1766 in CT. He died near Saratoga, NY on the 8th of May, 1814.

He married Mary MATHEWS in 1786. Mary was born in 1762 place unknown she died the 17th of October, 1836.

They had the following children, who were all born in Saratoga, NY:

Salmon b 18, December 1786 *
Luther b 7 September, 1788
Ruth b 28, October, 1790 *
Gideon b 22, April 1793 *
Rufus B. b 16, May, 1796 *
Samuel b 31March, 1799 *
Calvin b 8, April 1802
Luther b 26 September, 1805*

Salmon MUNGER was a farmer. Luther his second son, was supposed to have been stolen by Indians. He had been with his elders in the forest or field, and when they came in for dinner in response to the horn, he was sent on an errand to the "trip-hammer shop" but never returned. A search of many days and many miles around failed to give any clue to his fate. It is said his mother was never known to smile after this event. She named her last child in memory of the little boy whose fate was never known.

* In the MUNGER Genealogy book it shows the marriages and families of these children.

Salmon MUNGER is my 5th Great Grand Uncle, our common ancestors are his parents, Philip and Mary (unknown) MUNGER. Salmon's youngest brother, Thomas is my 5th Great Grandfather.

I will be more than happy to look up any of the family in the book. Philip served in the French and Indian War.

This MUNGER line is from Nicholas's second son Samuel b East Parish, of Guilford, CT 1662-5, he died in the same place on the 5th of March 1717 at the age of 56 years, he married Sarah HAND, they had eight children.

Re: Munger, Philip & Salmon

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Surnames: Sayles Sales Munger Monger

In 1812, Deacon Salmon Munger named his newborn son, Darius Sales Munger, b. Hanover. Darius Sayles mentioned as a member of his church in 1811.

Ahab Sales/Sayles
Had 4 children per Letters of Administation dated 26 Dec 1797- Balltown, NY.
Believe his wife must have died about that time as she isn't mentioned in the document.

Delila Sales b. btw. 1780 and 1790
Darius Sales b. abt 1886
Ester Sales b. 4 Jun 1787 (twin)
Elijah Sales b.4 Jun 1787

Phillip and Thomas Monger of Stillwater were assigned as administrators of the children's assets.

Phillip being Salmon's grandfather and Thomas his Uncle.

Was wondering if there is any known link between these families? Perhaps Ahab Sayles m. to a daughter of Phillip?

Ron Miller

Re: Munger, Philip & Salmon

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In the 'The MUNGER Book' by J. B. MUNGER the following information can be found on Philip, Salmon, Thomas and Darius.

This family is through Nicholas's second son Samuel.

282 i Salmon (Salmon,5 Philip,4 Joseph,3 Samuel,2 Nicholas,1). b. Saratoga Springs, NY 18 December 1786; d Hanover, Chautauqua, NY 11 December 1845; married Charlotte DENIS,______, 1808 daughter Daniel and Mary (WOLF) Denis; b Monmounth County, NJ_______, 1791; d Emmetsburg, Iowa, ___August 1882. Her homes was near Sandy Hook.

Children 7th Generation

790 i Lydia b Saratoga Springs, NY 1809 died young

791 ii Darius Sales b Chautauqua, NY 21 August 1812
married Julia PHELPS

792 iii Daniel Denis b Chautauqua, NY 1 May 1814
married Pheobe FERRIS

793 iv Ruth b Saratoga Springs, NY 5 February 1816
married Stephen W. SOULE

794 v Charlotte b Hanover, Chautauqua, NY 22 June 1818
married Alanson KING

795 vi Salmon Lewis b " " " 24 March 1820
married Emeline SMITH

796 vii Cornelia b " " " 1822 died young

797 viii Cordelia b " " " 11 March 1824
married 1st Seth MURRAY
married 2nd John DARRAH

798 ix Justin Bishop b " " " 19 January 1826
married Elizabeth FOLTS

799 x Mary b " " " 23 July 1828
married Johnson FOSTER

800 xi Infant b " " " 1830 died young

801 xii William Dix b " " " 19 April 1831
married Catherine CROSS

802 xiii Electa b " " " 6 May 1833
no marriage listed

803 xiv Ellen Panama b Silver Creek, 27 May 1837
married Rev Bennett MITCHELL

" Salmon MUNGER bought land in the 'Holland Purchase' about 1809 or '10, locating in what is now Chautauqua County, NY. Here he had begun to make a home where neighbors were few and Indians plenty, when as a 'Minute Man' he was called into the army, leaving his young wige and infant son in their wilderness home. He was located at Buffalo, when that place was burned by the British." ' Coporal, Capt. Tubbs company ( Reg't. not given).
" Near the close of the war, returned to Saratoga County, where he remained about two years, when he again moved his family to his wilderness home with his family." Here in the course of the years and with the assistance of his sons, became possessed of a fine farm. In addition to farming, he was a stock buyer and contracter. Member of the Baptist church; deacon for many years.

791 ii Darius Sales MUNGER (Salmon,6 Salmon,5 Philip,4 Joseph,3 Samuel,2 Nicholas1). b. Nashville, Chautauqua, NY 21 August 1812; d Wichita, KS, 5 December 1879; married Julia PHELPS, at Forestville, NY 7 August 1834, daughter James and Ruth (STOUGHTON) PHELPS; b Westfield, Mass., 10 March 1814; d Wichita, KS 18 March 1894.

Children 8th Generation

1483 i Julia Helen b Silver Creek, NY 16 August 1835
married Enoch RICHARDS

1484 ii Charles Phelps b Manitowoc,WI 18 September 1837
married 1st Mrs. Vestella C. (POINDEXTER)RIDWAY
married 2nd Mrs. Mary M. (WORNELL) COAKLEY

1485 iii Melissa Love b " " " 27 June 1840
married David X. WILLIAMS

1486 iv Amelia b " " " 29 September 1843
married _______AUSTIN

1487 v Mary Ellen b Canton, Lewis, MO 17 March 1855
married Granville P. WATSON

Darius S. MUNGER was one of the first settlers at Manitowoc, WI, removing to that place in the spring of 1837. Was a carpenter and builder; a man possessed of remarkable natural mechanical ability. Was Tax Collecter, Justice of Peace, Postmaster. Had much to do in the upbuilding of the town of Manitowoc. It is said his son was the first white child born there. Late removed to Missouri, and in 1868, proved up a claim on the Osage lands for a town site, which later became the city of Wichita, Kansas. He built the first dwelling in town, which was residence, hotel and postoffice.

Wichita First Dwelling

Wichita's fisr dwelling house, after being hid from public view for some thirty-seven years, has suddenly emerged from its seclusion, and now for a few days presents the most interesting of holiday treats.
This house is the homestead of D. S. MUNGER, erected in 1868 on the claim which he proved up on the osage lands for a town site, at the suggestion of a Burlingame land company.
What was Mr. MUNGER'S home, is now known as 901 North Waco Avenue, where for a generation was the home of the late Commodore W. C. WOODMAN, Wichita's pioneer banker.
P. J. CONKLIN has for several yeats owned the land, and some time ago sold to DR. J. H. FULLER the historic dwelling, which was concealed in the WOODMAN home. It is now for the reason that DR. FULLER has workman engaged stripping off the WOODMAN house which has been as a shell to the historic old first dwelling, and is removing the MUNGER house to a pemanent location closer to the river banks.
It will be recalled that in the spring of 1910 Mr. CONKLIN presented to the city of Wichita a log cabin which occupied his premises, and this cabin was removed to Central Riverside Park, near the Zoo. It was described by some persons as the MUNGER cabin. A number of old-timers called the EAGLE'S attention to the fact that this was a very grave inaccuracy relating to the early history of Wichita, causing the EAGLE to secure from Mr. MUNGER'S daughter, living in this city, an authentic story of the MUNGER home, which they stated was still concealed in what has been known in Wichita for many years as the old WOODMAN home.
The EAGLE printed a number of letters from old-timers who identified the building now in Riverside as a trading-post, in no way connected with the MUNGER home.
The MUNGER homestead was Wichita's first dwelling, hotel and postoffice. As soon as the Indian lands could be proved up for homesteads, Eli P. WATERMAN proved up one claim, ehich he sold, and D. S. MUNGER proved up a claim further to the north. Mr. MUNGER arrived in Wichita in the spring of 1868, and commenced immediately the construction of his home, a work which occupied most of the year. Mrs. MUNGER remained in Topeka, their daughter Mary (Mrs. WATSON of this city) attended Bethany Seminary at that place. In the spring of the 1869 the daughter joined her father, Mrs. MUNGER coming in the fall. The building was constructed of logs for the most part, and were cut by Mr. MUNGER on what was known as Teuchel Island near the junction of the two rivers. He went to the island in a skiff, cut down the cotton woods and hewed them out with an adz, and carefully joined them. This house was pretentious considering the labor necessary in those days of pioneering, when many plains men were content with sod houses, dug-outs or rough puncheons.
Mr. MUNGER lathed the house, cutting windows and splitting them for the purpose. For plaster he burned his own lime, building a kiln on the river bank back of the house. He used buffalo hair to bind the plaster. He hauled the window glass, sash and flooring from Emporia, overland in frieght wagans.
A small log addition on the north end of the house was Wichita's first postoffice, if one may ignore the fact that the "really and truly" first postoffcie was Mr. MUNGER'S black silk hat. In this log postoffice room was a table about three feet long, on which were piled cigar boxes for pigeon holes. Here Miss Mary MUNGER, fourteen years old when she came to Wichita, acted as assistant to the postmaster.
On the north gable of the house, the exterior was plastered, and in the plaster pebbles were embedded in a effort to put a mark of distinction to the first dwelling. ( Wichita EAGLE, 24 December 1911).

Darius's father is brother to Thomas who is my line.

I will finish the family information as time permits.

Re: Munger, Philip & Salmon

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In the 'The MUNGER Book' is the following information on Philip. There is no information on any Ahab SALES/SAYLES marrying into the MUNGER'S. There are severaL Adah's in both of Nicholas's sons family lines. In the Index there are NO families with this last name.

24. v Philip MUNGER (Joseph,3 Samuel,2 Nicholas,1). b___ Conn., 6 April 1735; d Stillwater, NY 9 June 1809, ae 74 yrs.; married Mary _________; b________, 1739 d Stillwater, NY 9 June 1803 ae 64 yrs. Both are buried in family burial place on the farm where they formerly lived.

Children 5th Generation

80 i Sarah b Conn 19 January 1760

81 ii Samuel b " " 25 August 1761
married Sarah (______)

82 iii Timothy b " " 1 November 1764
married Naomi MATHEWS

83 iv Salmon b " " 10 February 1766
married Ruth MATHEWS

84 v Mary b " " 6 October 1768

85 vi Calvin b " " 12 November 1770

86 vii Anna b " " 12 November 1772

87 viii Thomas b Stillwater NY 29 April 1775
married Martha'Patty' RISDEN ( This is my line)

88 ix Mary b " " 6 January 1779

Philip MUNGER served in the French and Indian War, in several successive yearly enlistments. From these records he is believed to have lived at or in the vicinity of Cornwall, Conn. It will be noted that this name is variously spelled in these old records.
" Philip MUNGER, member 2d company, 2d reg't, Lieu't Col' WHITING, enl, 17 April, disch'd 20 November 1755." He had just passed his 20th birthday at time of enlisting.
Philip MONGAR, member 8th company,3d reg't Capt' John JEFFRY, enl, 9 April, disc'd August 1756." (Following note at bottom of list)
"Add Andrew BARTON, 26 weeks; Hustus GIBBS 1 mo's pay; Phillip MUNGER, 1 mo. Endorsed: Capt' JEFFRY, January 1757, Muster rolls." This company marched from Cornwall, Conn."
"Philip MONGER, member Capt' Nathaniel EVARTS' company pf tje 4th Reg't of Conn., troops, enl 10 April disch'd 11 November 1758." (Conn. men in French and Indian War.)

Tombstone Records

Found in an old cemetery on the farm formerly owed by Philip MUNGER od Stillwater, Saratoga, NY

Philip MUNGER died 6 December 1809 in his 74th year.
Mary, wife of Philip MUNGER, died 9 June 1803 in her 64th year.

Samuel MUNGER died 1 October 1845 in his 85th year.
Hannah, wife of Samuel MUNGER, died 20 January 1840 in her 68th year.

Shelemiah MUNGER, died 20 June 1847 aged 23 years.

Lewis MUNGER, died 13 March 1840, aged 23 years.

Daniel MUNGER, died 4 December 1855, aged 70 years and 11 months.
Elizabeth, wife of Daniel MUNGER, was born 5 June 1788; died 31 January 1835.

Timothy MUNGER, 8 November 1825
Naomi, wife of Timothy MUNGER, died 5 August 1839.

Ezra MUNGER, died 26 August 1880.
Mary B., wife of Ezra MUNGER, died 29 October 1898.

Philip MUNGER bought the farm containing this burial place in 1806. As his wife, Mary, who died in 1803, is buried here, it is presumed they occupied the place previous to purchasing it. Since the purchase of this farm in 1806, it has been continuously in the family.
We have papers to show that Philip MUNGER lived in Stillwater in 1782. Records show that the First Baptist church of Stillwater was organized in 1790. The books and records where it was previoulsy were lost during the war (Revolution).
A list of names of members beginniing with 1790, and continuing to and including 1835, has the names of Philip MUNGER, Joseph MUNGER, Benjamin MUNGER, Hatie MUNGER, Abigail MUNGER.
Another list, beginning 15 June 1816, and to 1835 inclusive, has Daniel MUNGER, Betsey MUNGER, Charity MUNGER TRAVIS, Polly PLACE MUNGER, Sam MUNGER, Nayoma MUNGER, Sarah MUNGER NORTON, Mary MUNGER, Hannah MUNGER, Timothy MUNGER, Lois MUNGER, Martha MUNGER, 1819; Shelmore MUNGER, 1835. ( Given by Willard S. MUNGER 1911).

Re: Munger, Philip & Salmon

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From the 'The MUNGER Book'

87 viii Thomas MUNGER (Philip,4 Joseph,3 Samuel,2 Nicholas,1) b Stillwater, NY 29 April 1775; d________: married "Patty" (Martha) RISDEN, _______, 1799, dau ________; b Bennington, VT, 5 January 1781, d ____.

Children 6th Generation

290 i Charles b Stillwater, NY 15 March 1800
married _________HUNGERFORD

291 ii Elizabeth b " " 17 March 1802
married Rev. Elisha Brewster SPARKS * This is my line

292 iii Marilla b " " 10 November 1803
married Hamilton COLE

293 iv Leonard b " " 13 June 1805
married Jane SPRAGUE

294 v Charity b " " 12 June 1807
married John TRAVIS

295 vi Cyrena b " " 20 May 1809
married Darius COLE

296 vii Eben b " " 24 April 1811
Shows a mark that there is a marriage, no marriage can be found

297 viii Catherine b " " 18 November 1813
married Elijah COLE

298 ix Harvy (spl in book)b " " 1 September 1815
married same thing as for Eben

299 x Mary b " " 20 December 1817
married N_______C. REMINGTON

300 xi Sarah b " " 23 July 1820
married Henry HULL

301 xii Naomi b " " 22 July 1823
married Henry JONES

302 xiii Thomas b North East, PA 20 October 1825
married Nancy COLTON

Re: Munger, Philip & Salmon

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From the 'The MUNGER Book'

83 iv Salmon MUNGER ( Philip,4 Joseph,3 Samuel,2 Nicholas,1) b____, Conn., 10 February 1766; d near Saratoga, NY, 8 May 1814: married Ruth MATHEWS, __________,1786 b__________, 1762, d 17 October 1836

Children 6th Generation

282 i Salmon b Saratoga County, NY 18 December 1786
married Charlotte DENIS

283 ii Luther b " " 7 September 1788

284 iii Ruth b " " 28 October 1790

285 iv Gideon b " " 22 April 1793
married Judy Manchester DEWEY

286 v Rufus Ballard b " " 16 May 1796
married Maria S. ANDRUS

287 vi Samuel b " " 31 March 1799
married no listing for wife read note at bottom of page

288 vii Calvin b " " 8 April 1802

289 viii Luther b " " 26 September 1805
married Ann Eliza CHESEBRO

Salmon MUNGER was a farmer, Luther, his second son, was supposed to have been stolen by Indians. He had been with his elders in the forest or field, and when they came in for dinner in response to the horn, he was sent on an errand to the "trip-hammer shop" but never returned. a search of many days and for many miles around failed to give any clue to his fate. It is said his mother was known to smile after this event. She named her last child in memory of the little boy whose fate was never known.

** Samuel b Saratoga, NY______, 1799, d New Orleans, LA., in 1830-31. Had wife and two children, whom he preceded to New Orleans. Sent for his family, but on their arrival, his wife could find no trace of him. Supposed to have been murdered by "River Thugs."

Re: Munger, Philip & Salmon

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Surnames: MUNGER
It appears as none of Philip MUNGER'S (Joseph,3 Samuel,2 Nicholas,1) daughters married. In the 'The MUNGER Book' none of the daughters are listed as being married.
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