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Koosje Kortbeek

Koosje Kortbeek

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Surnames: Kortbeek
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Re: Koosje Kortbeek

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Your great grandfathers naturalization certificate has his wifes name

Name: Pieter Vos
Age: 35
Birth Date: 29 Sep 1890
Birth Place: Julfaas, Holland
Residence : Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Spouse's Name: Petertje Priem
Event Date: 10 Feb 1926
County: Salt Lake

Re: Koosje Kortbeek

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UR G GF passed in 1981

Peter Vos 29 Sep 1890 Nov 1981 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Re: Koosje Kortbeek

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Thank you so much. I will add this to my tree. And yes my Great Grandmother's given name is Petertje, but my family called her Grandma Nellie.

Re: Koosje Kortbeek

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your great grandmother passed in 1961. She is at the same cemetery as Peter in Utah. Just got to Find a grave........
A marriage record for that time period ecause of Dutch law is not available as of yet.

Re: Koosje Kortbeek

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If you order there death certtificates and get parents names you should be able to go back n time via the Dutch national data base

Re: Koosje Kortbeek

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Thank you

Re: Koosje Kortbeek

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The marriage is available on Genlias, as is the birth of Pieter Vos. The birth of Petertje Priem can be found on familysearch.

These are their details:

Pieter Vos
Born Jutphaas 29 Sep 1890
Son of Ernst Vos and Koosje Kortbeek
Married Utrecht 31 July 1912 to:
Petertje Priem
Born Putten 12 Aug 1891
Daughter of Arris Priem and Hendrika van de Vlag

The parents and siblings of Pieter Vos:

Ernst Vos
Born Amerongen 20 July 1856, died Utrecht 05 Jan 1914
Son of Pieter Vos and Elsje van den Heuvel
Married 1) Jutphaas 19 Jan 1881 to:
Koosje Kortbeek
Born Utrecht 14 Nov 1857, died Utrecht 10 Jan 1909
Daughter of Hendrik Vos and Catharina Kraak

1. Hendrik Vos (male)
Born Utrecht 29 June 1880, died Jutphaas 03 Mar 1881
Named at birth Kortbeek, at marriage parents legitimized, after that Vos

2. Pieter Vos (male)
Born Jutphaas 20 Dec 1881, died 07 Dec 1886

3. Hendrik Vos (male)
Born Jutphaas 02 Oct 1883, died 06 Feb 1886

4. Matthijs Nicolaas Vos (male)
Born Jutphaas 12 July 1885, died 10 Jan 1891

5. Elsje Vos (female)
Born Jutphaas 13 June 1887, died 19 Jan 1891

6. Hendrik Vos (male)
Born Jutphaas 20 Jan 1889
Married Nijmegen 21 Jan 1916 to:
Johanna Henrietta Kersten

7. **Pieter Vos (male)**
Born Jutphaas 29 Sep 1890

8. Catharina Hendrika Vos (female)
Born Utrecht 03 May 1893
Married Utrecht 03 Nov 1915 to:
Hessel van den Berg

9. Albertus Vos (male)
Born Utrecht 23 Jan 1895
Married Enschede 12 Mar 1921 to:
Jetje Geertruida Brinkman

10. Jacoba Ernestina Vos (female)
Born Utrecht 15 Mar 1897
Married Utrecht 07 Feb 1918 to:
Bartholomeus van Ee

11. Ernst Vos (male)
Born Utrecht 13 June 1900, died 08 Oct 1905

12. Nicolaas Wilhelmus Vos (male)
Born Utrecht 1903 (birth records not yet public)
Married Utrecht 06 May 1931 to:
Hendrika Johanna van den Broeke

After the death of Koosje Kortbeek, Ernst Vos remarried:
Married 2) Utrecht 31 Jan 1912 to:
Eva van der Woude
Born Utrecht 16 Aug 1860, died Utrecht 21 Oct 1934
Daughter of Casper van der Woude and Henderikje van Laar
Widow of Antonius Hubertus Schaeken

You asked for details of Koosje Kortbeek. These are her parents and (half) siblings:

Hendrik Kortbeek
Born Utrecht 14 June 1830, died Utrecht 28 Mar 1881
Son of Dirk Kortbeek and Jacoba van den Berg
Married 1) Utrecht 26 Aug 1857 to:
Catharina Kraak
Born Utrecht 04 Jan 1830, died Utrecht 14 Nov 1866
Daughter of Johannes Kraak and Catharina van Karsbergen

1. **Koosje Kortbeek (female)**
Born Utrecht 14 Nov 1857

2. Catharina Johanna Kortbeek(female)
Born Utrecht 09 Sep 1859, died 23 Apr 1928
Married Utrecht 12 Oct 1881 to:
Barend van Dijk

3. Hendrik Johannes Kortbeek (male)
Born Utrecht 20 Nov 1860, died 05 Aug 1861

4. Johanna Hendrika Kortbeek (female)
Born Utrecht 07 Apr 1862

5. Dirkje Kortbeek (female)
Born Utrecht 25 Oct 1863, died 06 Aug 1864

6. Hendrik Kortbeek (male)
Born Utrecht 01 Feb 1865, died 14 July 1865

7. Hendrika Kortbeek (female)
Born Utrecht 06 Nov 1866, died 23 Feb 1867

After the death of Catharina Kraak, Hendrik Kortbeek remarried:
Married 2) Utrecht 25 Nov 1868 to:
Maria Grimmelikhuisen
Born Utrecht 12 Aug 1834, died Utrecht 13 June 1897
Daughter of Anthonie Grimmelikhuisen and Johanna van den Heuvel

8. Maria Kortbeek (female)
Born Utrecht 16 Oct 1869, died Utrecht 10 Mar 1923
Married Utrecht 12 Aug 1891 to:
Jan Jacobus de Graaf

9. Hendrica Kortbeek (female)
Born Utrecht 31 Dec 1871, died 05 Mar 1872

10. Hendrik Kortbeek (male)
Born Utrecht 28 Aug 1873, died 21 Apr 1874

11. Johanna Cornelia Kortbeek (female)
Born Utrecht 29 Jan 1875
Married Utrecht 16 May 1900 to:
Roeland de Man

12. Hendrik Kortbeek (male)
Born Utrecht 03 Feb 1878, died 05 Jan 1879

13. Hendrik Kortbeek (male)
Born Utrecht 08 Dec 1880
Married 1) Heerde 06 Aug 1910 to:
Hendrikje Verwey
Married 2) Utrecht 11 Nov 1920 to:
Francina Jacoba van Manen

All information found on (also with an English interface)

As you see, the infant mortality rate was very high. Quit sad when you think about it.....

If you need anything else, please let us know!

Kind regards,

Re: Koosje Kortbeek

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I really did not look close enough when I told you yesterday I did not see the marriage of your grandparents. It is on and you can find more information there. There is an English vwersion. Here is ther marriage

Source Civil register - Marriage
Archive location Het Utrechts Archief
General Number of finding aid: 463
Item number: 528
Municipality: Utrecht
Type of record: Huwelijksakte
Record number: 514
Registration date: 31-07-1912
Groom Pieter Vos
Age: 21
Place of birth: Jutphaas
Bride Petertje Priem
Age: 20
Place of birth: Putten
Father groom Ernst Vos
Mother groom Koosje Kortbeek
Father bride Arris Priem
Mother bride Hendrika van de Vlag

Re: Koosje Kortbeek

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Oh my goodness, thank you so very much, my mother will be so happy to know what you have told me. What a great Mothers Day gift you just made possible. Thank you again.

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