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The Huddleston/huddlestone name

The Huddleston/huddlestone name

LaurenceHuddleston (View posts)
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I am probably posting this memo in the wrong area etc , but i do not understand these damn computers! I was checking , the page for Spilsby ,my home town in the uk & found to my surprise the huddleston page. There are very few huddlestons
left in this area ie spilsby/toynton lincolnshire,I know of two uncles in mansfield & leicester, and I would like to correspond with any Huddlestons world wide, as you must be ok with a name like yours!


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Surnames: Huddleston
To which Huddleston are you related? Do you have a web page?

English Huddleston locations

Don Cordell (View posts)
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Surnames: Huddleston, Huddleson, Hudelson, Hudleson, Huttleston, Huddlestone, Huddlestun, Hudleston
The earliest Huddleston area seems to be Sherborn in Elmett, 13 miles SE of Leeds in Yorkshire, where it is surmized that perhaps the English Aethel meaning God in Anglo Saxon was renamed Hud the name for God in Teutonic as the Teutonics invaded that area in the 900's. The grandson of Alfred the Great was Aethelstan, it is possible then the Aethestans became Huddlestone. On a very detailed map of the Leeds area I find the site of King Aethelstans Palace about 300 yards from Huddleston Hall. Indeed there was a Huddle of Stone, a stone quarry in this area, and that stone was considered to be of the best quality and use to build Winchester Cathederal, haveing been taken by barge around the east side of England down to London. A book on West Riding Yorkshire written in the 1800's tells a lot about this stone quarry, and the Huddleston's.
In later generations the Huddlestons settled in other area's such as Millom in Cumberland, in Sawston Hall in Cambridge, in Lincolnshire, and many other places. The Huddlestons always seem to have been in positions of power, large land owners and Lords and Barons. This would somewhat account for the early connection perhaps to the royalty before William the Conqueror in 1066. My research showed that the castle of King Aethelstan was torn down by William the Conqueror to remove any signs of previous rulers. The map I have is a British Ordinance map, and in quite detail. My ancestor was a Valentine Huddlestone who immigrated to the State of Maryland in 1663, but we do not know where he came from.
There are about 26 known Huddleston immigrants to America before 1900. I've been tracing the decendants of many of these lines since 1971, aided by a book done on the American Huddleston lines by an American Congressman George Huddleston from Birmingham, Alabama in 1933. My great grandfather Samuel Brown Huddleston started this research in 1876, and got others also interested in tracing the family lines. So far none of us know the English ancestry of any of the Huddlestons in America prior to 1850. The didn't seem to come to America as wealthy, tho my own Valentine arrived as an indentured servant who was to receive 50 acres of land in Maryland after serving his indenture of 3 years, he was soon free, and purchasing many other pieces of land. There is no record of the disposal of all of this land, but soon he had immigrated north to Dartmouth, Massachusett's where the Pilgrims had settled in 1620. He owned some 600 acres of land there and then also in 1698 bought 800 acres of land in Bucks Co, PA, just north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Neshaminy Creek, this land he then deeded to his daughter Katherine's husband Joseph Collins, of New Jersey. Joseph Collins and his wife did not settle on this land.
The interesting thing about this area is that there was a Henry Huddleston who came to Bucks Co, about this time, and he also settled on Neshaminy Creek in what is now the town of Langshorne, PA. That Henry died in 1706 but his very large home he built still survives to this day. Many of the descendant of Henry settled in Bedford Co, Virgina, and in what is now around Charleston, West Virginia. These descendants of this line are all over America. As are most Huddleston lines.
I still believe there is a connection between Valentine, and this Henry.
Valentine was possible the son of a Sir Ferdinand Huddlestone, who had a son Barentyne, and Ferdinand was known for having 7 sons that served King Charles in the Army, and perhaps our Valentine was really this Barentyne, who may have just changed his name in Maryland, tho the arrival records do show him as Valentine. There were many of the surname of Valentine in the colonies at this time too.
Valentine was born in 1628, and died in 1727, age 99. He was about 41 when he married a widow of a friend of his (John Chamberlin of New Jersey), the widow a Katherine Chatham who had arrived in Boston Massachusetts in 1660 dressed in Sack Cloth as a sign of her Quaker beliefs became Chamberlins wife and mother of his 5 children by previous marriage, and then had 4 children with John, who then died in 1667. Katherine then married Valentine, and he became the step father to the 9 children and had 4 more children with Katherine, the first son Henry born in 1672 . This Huddleston must have had a lot of character to have taken on that challenge. There were other Huddlestons who later in the early 1700's immigrated into our state of Virginia, and South Carolina.
Then there are some Hudelsons who seemed to have come to America from Ireland. Yet all descendants in America regardless of the spelling still consider being of one family lineage in England, Huddlestons.
Many of these families also have the hand down story of being descended from Alfred the Great. Strange HUH?
Hope this gives you an idea of who we are.
Don Cordell
Lancaster, Los Angeles County, CA

Henry Huddleston of Bucks co.,Pa.

Greg Huddleston (View posts)
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Surnames: Huddleston
Henry Huddleston Sr. was born:1660 Leeds,England purchased land in Bucks co. by 1690. Valentines' Henry is a different one

Henry Huddleston II of Bucks, Co, PA

Lucalee Williamson (View posts)
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I am also a decendant of Henry Huddleston II. Nice to meet you, cousin.

Re: Henry Huddleston II of Bucks, Co, PA

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Hi cousin! I am also a descendant of the same Huddleston. My grandmother was Myrtle Huddleston,b.7-11-1874

Re: English Huddleston locations

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I have to reply. Partly because I loved the history lesson, and MAYBE you might just be the person with the thread of information I need to hunt down old Greenbury Huddleston, that great-great grandfather of mine.
My 1850 cencus sheet tells me he was living in McLean Co, Ill. with wife Sarah Merrilield and his 9 children.
He was born 1815 in Ky. His father was from Va.
He moved North and bought land with brother Thomas.
He moved to Henry Co. Iowa, raised his family and is buried in White Oak Cem. in Henry Co. Iowa

Though I am sure he was a wonderful man, you'd have to be with all those kids-----he is haunting me. I can not take him back any farther then where he lays right now.

Can you help? Or point me in a direction? I'll will cross my fingers.

Thank you in advance,

Re: English Huddleston locations

Alan Huddleston (View posts)
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Surnames: Huddleston, Charlton
You seem to know alot about the Huddlestons. I have traced my line to a John Huddleston B. 1693 (England) M. Elizabeth Charlton 1712. I am trying my hardest to find John's parents and or Elizabeth's parents. I am also looking for the Ship they arrived on, etc. Any and all information would be appreciated and I will share what I have. Thanks Alan

Re: English Huddleston locations

Jerry Alton Huddleston (View posts)
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There is a book on ancestry and descendants of Valentine Huddleston who emigrated to Maryland ca.1663 .He married catherine (Katherine )Chatham Chamberlain.They were the parents of three children. Title= The name and fanily of Huddleston---Authors Roots Research Bureau (New York,New York)c1984

Re: English Huddleston locations

Sally Humiston Eubanks (View posts)
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I just stumbled onto your message to Laurence Huddleston of England and was facinated by the history lesson on the Huddlestons. My great grandmother, Mary Miley Huddleston Hickman links me to this family. She and my great grandfather John Hickman came to Kansas in 1882 from Oak Hill, WV. Their daughter Sallie Tilden Hickman Humiston was my grandmother.
Thank you again for letting me into the history of the Huddlestons.
Sally Humiston Eubanks
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