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Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr.

Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr.

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J.L.(Jim) Woolbright USAF Ret,
I am a descendent of Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr. of Townville, SC who married Elizabeth Brissey of Greenville, SC. If you believe this to be the same family that you speak of, please send a reply.
Sincerely, Natalie

Re: Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr.

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Yes this is the folks you want.
1.2a.5.8 Bailey Rupert WOOLBRIGHT Sr. (1907-1985) & Florence Elizabeth Brissey (1911-) See below

The Woolbrights in America are descended from three brothers who came from Norfork Co. England to Maryland, c 1766. ( See below)
Mary Woolbright was the daughter of Barnabas and Martha Adams Woolbright, his second wife.
1. Mary WOOLBRIGHT (1797-1881)
| 1.2a William Samuel WOOLBRIGHT* (1820-1897) & Harriet N. Fant (1826-1870)
| | 1.2a.5 William Newton WOOLBRIGHT (1863-1928) & Mary (Myrtle) Bagwell (1868-1961)
| | | 1.2a.5.1 Lessie WOOLBRIGHT (1886-) & Samuel WEST Dickson Sr.
| | | 1.2a.5.2a Justin Earl WOOLBRIGHT* (1888-1922) & Julia E. Compton (1888-1911)
| | | 1.2a.5.2b Justin Earl WOOLBRIGHT* (1888-1922) & Lucy Moore
| | | 1.2a.5.3 William Edward WOOLBRIGHT (1890-1969) & Aksiah Cromer
| | | 1.2a.5.4a George Lewis WOOLBRIGHT* (1891-1982) & Gratha Elizabeth Whitfield (1896-1967)
| | | 1.2a.5.4b George Lewis WOOLBRIGHT* (1891-1982) & Ida Nell H. Parker (1916-)
| | | 1.2a.5.5 Ola Mae WOOLBRIGHT (1893-1978) & John Wilson Reeves (1887-1963)
| | | 1.2a.5.6 Clarence Guy WOOLBRIGHT (1895-1964) & Mattie Nell Bolt (1900-1964)
| | | 1.2a.5.7 Lillian Marie WOOLBRIGHT (1901-1991) & Hugh D. Newton Jr. (1898-1995)
| | | 1.2a.5.8 Bailey Rupert WOOLBRIGHT Sr. (1907-1985) & Florence Elizabeth Brissey (1911-)
| | | 1.2a.5.9 Dorothy Velna WOOLBRIGHT (1910-1959) & Milton Duane ( Jack) Hembree (1891-1961)
1.2a.5.8 Bailey Rupert WOOLBRIGHT Sr. (1907-1985) & Florence Elizabeth Brissey (1911-)

I have just completed Volume Four: 250 years of woolbrigh heritage in america: Descendants of Barnabas and Martha Adams Woolbright, about 500 pages all together. This is a Five Volume set altogether covering the descendants of the Three original woolbright brothers.
I can sent you sniipets from this book if you like on your immediate family for starters. Including dates and places and family yarns and all that good stuff.

I sure would like to correspond with you as I will probably be in your part of the world (if you live in mid. S. C ) as we will be visiting Clemson and Townville areas in Sept.
Jim Woolbright, Atlantic Beach Fla.

Re: Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr.

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Jim, is this part of Besty Woolbright family...she married Timothy Haney...daughter Elizabeth Haney. Bestys father B Wollbright and moter Eliabeth Saunders. Im gather info on this line of Woolbrights. Thanks deb

Re: Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr.

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Well this is great! I was just researching my very own family tree. I am Angel Lewis, Daughter of Debbie woolbright and grandaughter of the late bailey rupert woolbright jr. I have heard my mother talk about you and missy.

Re: Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr.

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I am Angel Lewis, Daughter of Tony lewis and Debbie woolbright, grandaughter of the late bailey rupert woolbright jr, great grandaughter of the late rupert woolbright sr. and elizabeth woolbright.

Re: Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr.

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Haney (Hainey)Betsy Woolbrigth -Haney (Hainey) was a half-aunt to Mary Woolbright who was the direct line forebear of Rupert Bailly Woolbright. Contact me at for full details > I also have a 300 page book on the history of the Mary Woolbright her forebears and descendants

cousin JIm Woolbright, Atlantic Beach Fl.

Re: Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr.

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nn Mary Woolbright was the D/o Barnabas (Sic) & probably his second wife, Martha Adams. His first wife, SAUNDERS died 2-5 years before Mary was born. Contacta me at and I will give you me phone number. Jim Woolbright

Re: Bailey Rupert Woolbright, Sr.

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I would appreciate getting a 2013 update on our family to add to the attached. Contact me at wolbrite@bellsouth,net for pre-1800 Family history of your family line

(1) 1 Bailey Rupert WOOLBRIGHT , Sr.
Birth: 2 May 1907, Townville, S. C.
Death: 9 Oct 1986, Emory Univ. Hospital, Atlanta, Ga., age: 79
Burial: Townville Baptist Church Cem.
Father: William Newton WOOLBRIGHT (1863-1928)
Mother: Myrtle Iona Bagwell (1868-1961)

William Newton purchased 180 acres from his father in 1884, the year of his marriage. Rupert was born here and later the land past to him and this is where he was living at the time of his death. This land joined Mary's farm which she settled on arrival in the mid-1800s and where Ben was born and still lived in 1995. Wilbur and his six siblings were born on the home place in another house that has since been torn down and replaced by The Big House. Bailey Rupert had a terrible temper "that would make the horns of a goat fall off" when he got upset.

Spouse: Florence Elizabeth Brissey
Birth: 6 Jun 1911, Greenville, S. C.
Death: 22 May 2003, at the home place, Oconee Co. S. C., age: 91
Burial: Townville Baptist Church Cem, Anderson Co. S. C.

INotes: She lived in n the Big House on the Home Place on West-Oak Hiway with sons, Philip and Steven. until her death in 2003. Her father-in-law had managed the Oconee County Providence precinct polling station, first in his general store, and after its close, next door in his home in 1928, when Herbert Hoover defeated Alfred E. Smith . Starting in 1932, after his death, Elizabeth kept the polling station (Provident Precint) for the next 64 years and 16 presidential elections, from Franklin Deleno Roosevelt to Wm. Jefferson Clinton in her front room. In 1996, the General Assembly voted to move all polling stations from private homes to public buildings (don't bring up the subject in her presence). She still has a copy of the 1932 ballot. The Old Woolbright Home Place used to make up most of Providence Precint

Research: 12269 W OAK HIWAY, SENECA, S. C. 29678 (864)882-0741

Children: Bailey Rupert (1929-2009)
Wilbur Newton (1935-)
John Earl (1938-1997)
Phillip Norton (1940-2005)
Steven R. (1942-)
Sandra Gail (1943-2005)
Betty Carolyn (1947-)

(2) 1.1a Bailey Rupert WOOLBRIGHT , Jr.*
Birth: 15 Dec 1929, Homeplace, Townville, S. C.
Death: 23 Jun 2009, age: 79

Divorced in 1980 and he married Mary and moved to Calif. until 1980 when they moved to White Plains, Ga. to work for his nephew, John Earl, the mobile home business.

Spouse: Billie Ann
Marr: Divorced before 1980

Children: Debra

Other spouses: Mary

(3) 1.1a.1 Debra WOOLBRIGHT

(3) 1.1a.2 Sandra WOOLBRIGHT

(3) 1.1a.3 David WOOLBRIGHT

Research: 910 Shiloh Rd. Seneca, S. C. 29678

(2) 1.1b Bailey Rupert WOOLBRIGHT , Jr.* (See above)

Spouse: Mary

Other spouses: Billie Ann

(2) 1.2 Wilbur Newton WOOLBRIGHT
Birth: 20 Sep 1935, In Oconee Co. west of Townville, S. C., age: 77
Occ: Farmer and real estate speculator

Has re-purchased portion of his grandfather's original farm near Townville. Was an engineer with Kendall Co. a manufacturer of medical supplies in Seneca till he retired and started raising cattle. Lives at Tokeena Crossing, south of Seneca in Oconee Co.

Wilbur N. Woolbright, 150 Prater Drive, Seneca, S. C. 29678. (864) 972-9872

Spouse: Shelby Ann Cole
Birth: 24 Nov 1937, Earl's Grove, Oconee Co. S. C., age: 75
Occ: Also works at Kendell Co.

D/o Thomas Millard Cole , b. 27 Aug 1911, Anderson Co. S. C. d. Jan 1974, Burial in Earl"s Grove Baptisth Church Cem. & Mildred Lois Shirley, b. 15 Aug 1915, Oconee Co. S. C. They were married 28 Aug 1931. Thomas was a deputy sheriff for years, liked his job and was highly respected as an honest, capable and dependable public official.

Marr: 25 Oct 1958, Earl's Grove Baptist Church, Oconee Co. S. C.

Children: Doretta Morrow (1960-)

(3) 1.2.1 Doretta Morrow WOOLBRIGHT
Birth: 29 Apr 1960, The big house at the home place near Townville, S. C., age: 53
Occ: works in Wachovia Bank

Research: Lives 4 miles south of Townville; 470 Dairy Farm, Westminster, S. C. 29693

Spouse: Ronald Martin
Birth: 1959, Earl's Grove Community , P.O. Westminister, Oconee Co. S. C, age: 54
Occ: Operates a dairy south of Townville.

Children: Benjamin Ronald

(4) Benjamin Ronald Martin

(2) 1.3a John Earl WOOLBRIGHT , Sr.*
Birth: 15 Jan 1938, Townville, S. C.
Death: 11 Dec 1997, of cancer. Living at the home place at the time of his death, age: 59
Occ: Disabled truck driver from Kendell Corp.
Educ: Served a period in US Army.

He and Mary Elizabeth Cox lived in a separate home on the original homeplace behind his Grandmotherk's house. She is retired from Kendall and is still living there. After his parents divorced, John, Jr. lived with his father and the two younger children lived with their mother.

Research: John Woolbright Sr. I guess I know him better than the rest. He was without a doubt a man with class. He was immaculate in dress, a joy to be with. Just the best thing that ever happened to be in our family. He taught us so much and gave us so much each day is harder without him. I am a little bit of a comiedienne and I used to love to make him laugh- I loved to see him
smile.....Kimberly Burczycki-Woolbright

Spouse: Nancy Linda Leigh Durham
Occ: Clemson Hairdresser
Marr: 1957
Div: 1971

Children: John Earl (1957-)

Other spouses: Mary Elizabeth Cox

(3) 1.3a.1a John Earl WOOLBRIGHT , Jr.*
Birth: 31 Oct 1957, Oconee Memorial Hospital, Seneca, age: 55
Occ: Mobile home salesman, jack of all trades and business owner

Kimberly and John had a mobile home agency in White Plains, Ga. When Bailey Rupert, Sr. died in 1986, B. R. Jr. moved to White Plains, Ga to work for his nephew. In 1991, John, Jr. moved up to Toccoa, Ga. to be closer to his father and in 1996 moved back to S. C. to operate Stateline Mobile Homes, Bailey Rupert, Jr. continues to live in Ga.

Spouse: Deborah Joy Brown
Death: Currently lives in Greer
Marr: 1975, Oconee Co S. C.
Div: 1981

Children: John Earl (1976-)
Joshua Edward (1977-)

Other spouses: Kimberly Burczychi

(4) 1.3a.1a.1 John Earl WOOLBRIGHT , III
Birth: 27 Sep 1976, Oconee Co. S. C., age: 36
Occ: Talented Guitar player, lives in Nashville, Tenn.

(4) 1.3a.1a.2 Joshua Edward WOOLBRIGHT
Birth: 13 Sep 1977, Oconee Co. S. C., age: 35

(3) 1.3a.1b John Earl WOOLBRIGHT , Jr.* (See above)

Spouse: Kimberly Burczychi
Birth: 31 May 1962, Warren, Michigan. Her family is from Poland, age: 51
Birth Memo: "goes by Kimber.'
Occ: homemaker,
published Poet, Singer, webmaster, grandma,
published Poet, Singer, webmaster, grandma,

Notes: D/o Dennise & Joseph Burczchi were married and divorced twice, the last time in 1967. They live in Foxwood Hills, Westminster,SC.
Woolbright Home Place used to make up most of Providence Precint (See Grandmother's notes above)

Marr: 1982, Providence Precint, Townville, S. C. (see grandmother's note

Children: Dena Leigh (1983-)
Justin Evan (1984-)

Other spouses: Deborah Joy Brown

(4) 1.3a.1b.1 Dena Leigh WOOLBRIGHT
Birth: 19 Jun 1983, Easley, S. C., age: 29

(4) 1.3a.1b.2 Justin Evan WOOLBRIGHT
Birth: 12 Aug 1984, Greenville, S. C., age: 28

(3) 1.3a.2a Melinda WOOLBRIGHT*
Occ: supervisor at Schlumberger

Notes: they live in Seneca,S.C.

Spouse: Lane Oliver
Birth: Walhalla, S. C.
Marr: c1978
Div: Divorced c1989

Children: Jeremy (1982-)

Other spouses: James Mulkey

(4) 1.3a.2a.1 Jeremy Oliver
Birth: 1982, Oconee Co. S. C., age: 31

(3) 1.3a.2b Melinda WOOLBRIGHT* (See above)

Spouse: James Mulkey
Occ: Seneca fireman

Children: Jamie Nicole

Other spouses: Lane Oliver

(4) 1.3a.2b.1 Jamie Nicole Mulkey

(3) 1.3a.3 Richard WOOLBRIGHT
Occ: works Schlumberger

Notes: Lives in Clemson

(2) 1.3b John Earl WOOLBRIGHT , Sr.* (See above)

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Cox
Birth: from Fairplay, S. C
Occ: retired from Kendal

Other spouses: Nancy Linda Leigh Durham

(2) 1.4 Phillip Norton WOOLBRIGHT
Birth: 25 Sep 1940, Townville, S. C.
Death: living 2005, age: 64
Occ: workedfor Kendall, retired on Mother's home place.

12269 W OAK HIWAY, SENECA, S. C. 29678 (864)882-0741

(2) 1.5a Steven R. WOOLBRIGHT*
Birth: 7 Feb 1942, Townville, S. C., age: 71
Occ: Appliance repairman

Spouse: Mary Simpson
Div: date unknown

Children: Melanie

Other spouses: Sherry

(3) 1.5a.1 Melanie WOOLBRIGHT

Son: Owen

Spouse: John Prater

Research: Have a son, Owens

Div: c1990

(2) 1.5b Steven R. WOOLBRIGHT* (See above)

Spouse: Sherry
Death: They live in Anderson

Other spouses: Mary Simpson

(2) 1.6a Sandra Gail WOOLBRIGHT*
Birth: 8 Aug 1943, Townville S. C.
Death: living 2005, age: 61
Occ: works for Valenite, Westminister (meter parts)

Spouse: Robert Simpson
Death: living 2005
Occ: Tree trimmer
Marr: 19 Aug 1960

Children: Robert (1963-2005)
Kimberly Elizabeth (1966-2005)

Other spouses: Cecil Albert Stuart

(3) 1.6a.1 Robert Simpson
Birth: 11 Sep 1963, Oconee Co. Hospital, Seneca, S. C.
Death: living 2005, age: 41
Occ: Badly burned in an accident at Duke Power
Educ: still working for them in a limited capacit

(3) 1.6a.2a Kimberly Elizabeth Simpson*
Birth: 13 Sep 1966, Oconee Co. Hosp. Seneca, S. C.
Death: living 2005, age: 38
Occ: Twice married and has two daughters, no other information

Spouse: Robert Spearman

Other spouses: Charles Prater

(3) 1.6a.2b Kimberly Elizabeth Simpson* (See above)

Spouse: Charles Prater

Other spouses: Robert Spearman

(2) 1.6b Sandra Gail WOOLBRIGHT* (See above)

Spouse: Cecil Albert Stuart
Birth: 8 Sep 1928, Anderson Co. S. C., age: 84
Occ: Retired from La France Industries; Anderson Co. owns a grocery store
Educ: Was an furniture maker and restorer of coverings.
Marr: 14 Jan 1971

Children: Parker (1971-)
Will Justin (1980-)

Other spouses: Robert Simpson

(3) 1.6b.1 Parker Stuart
Birth: 28 Nov 1971, Oconee Co. Hosp., age: 41

(3) 1.6b.2 Will Justin Stuart
Birth: 13 Aug 1980, died same date, age: 32

--Invalid Dates

(2) 1.7 Betty Carolyn WOOLBRIGHT
Birth: 24 Mar 1947, Townvile, S. C.
Burial: living 2005
Occ: works in the Townville School

Spouse: Jerry Edward Lyles
Birth: 25 Aug 1946, Anderson Co. S. C.
Burial: living 2005
Occ: Officer in the Reserves, full time NG duty, retired 2001
Educ: works for Valenite at Westminister [meter parts]
Marr: 26 Dec 1965

Children: Natalie Dawn (1969-)
Blaine Tyrone (1972-)
Tara Laigh (1978-)

(3) 1.7.1 Natalie Dawn Lyles
Birth: 6 Jan 1969, Oconee Co. S. C.
Burial: living 2005

Ass't. Head Teller, Oconee Federal Savings & Loan, Seneca, S. C. They live on
the Providence Precint.

Research: Had a stillborn daughter, Brittney Necole Baker, Townville Baptist Cem. 22 Oct 1985.

Spouse: Carrie Dwaine Glenn
Birth: 7 Oct 1968, Anderson Co. S. C.
Burial: living 2005
Occ: Contractor, Septic Tank Construction and Maintainance.

S/o Johnnie Gleen of Fairplay & Willie Mae Baker, Anderson Co. S. C. Johnnie owns a Diner and also operater-hauler of heavy equipment with his son.


C. L. Glenn  (More Info) , 115 Rogers Farm Rd. Townville, SC 29689 (864) 287 - 9638

Marr: 25 Jul 1982, Oconee Co. S. C.

Children: Kyle Dwaine (1989-)

(4) Kyle Dwaine Glenn
Birth: 25 Dec 1989, Oconee Co. S. C.
Burial: living 2005

(3) 1.7.2 Blaine Tyrone Lyles
Birth: 20 Mar 1972, Oconee Co. S. C.
Burial: living 2005

has a daughter, Tara.

Spouse: Sharon Stacy Kelly
Burial: living 2005

Has two children, Evelyn Laine & Jacob Tayler Lyles

(3) 1.7.3 Tara Laigh Lyles
Birth: 30 Sep 1978, Oconne Co. Hospital, Seneca, S. C.
Burial: living 2005

Spouse: Favion Skelton
Burial: living 2005
Marr: 24 Dec 1998, Townville Baptist Church, Anderson Co. S. C.
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