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Daniels Cemetery

Daniels Cemetery

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I am searching for information on the Daniels Cemetery which is no longer in use. Part of this cemetery is located behind the Parkway Manor Care Center in Arlington CO. the other part is behind a residence off of Olds Drive & Kimble Count in Fairfax CO. The only information that Fairfax County could give me was that when the residence was built ca 1950/60 the owner told Fairfax county that the graves had been moved. Where? They don't know. Does anyone know anything about this cemetery?Who could I contact in Arlington CO. to inquire about it? I am researching my husbands line. His g-grandfather, Joseph Daniels lived at Fairfax county House, Falls Church Twp., Fairfax CO. & at Bailey's Cross Roads ca 1860/1880 possibly till early 1900's.

Re: Daniels Cemetery

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Surnames: daniels, reynolds
We need to get together!!! I am related to the Reynolds family that is burried in that Cemetery. I have researched it myself. Family story is that the adjoining neighbor removed them. The Cemetery was part of the James Reynolds farm & used by the family. I believe the county calls it the "Daniels Cemetery" because "Uncle Bill" (William Daniels who married Elsie Reynolds) owned the lot next to it for many years. I believe the stones were removed after he died. There is some thought that the bodies were moved but I've found nothing to confirm that in the county records. There is still a relative that lives close to it! There are many members of our family that live local to it and wish to solve the mystery as well!!!!

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Hi Cindie,
Wow, what a story! But can't say I am suprised with the information about the cemetery. I have been researching my husband's Daniels line for About 8 years. I have hit a real brick wall.
While we were visiting in MD this summer we went to the Fairfax CO., VA mapping office. Not the one where the maps are sold but the place where they research & print the maps. The girl that helped us was really nice and showed us the map of that area. She said that the person who was in charge of that part hadn't finished. This was the same answer I received about a year ago. Different girl same office! <grin>
We went to the location of the cemetery. Didn't walk through the owners property but did go behind it to the Nursing Home and since there was no fence walked around that portion. I truly believe that at least some of the bodies were not removed because I can't find a burial place for my husband's great-grandfather Joseph Daniels. My husband's family wasn't big on passing down family history like mine has always been so it has been hard to trace them with any success. I have to assume that the Uncle Bill you mentioned is in some way related to my husband's line.
His grandfather was Horace Wilbur Daniels b. 4 Apr 1871 at Bailey's Crossroads. Family history relates that his father's name was Joseph Daniels. I found this
Page # 292(bottom of page)
Household # 166-167 House #61 Lines 38-43
DANIELS, John 63 M/W Farmhand 200 VA Eliza J. 22 F/W Keepinghouse VA
Rebecca 20 F/W at Home Marietta 13 F/W At Home VA
Fannie 18 F/W At Home VA
Fannie noted: Cannot Write
William O 15 M/W VA ## It was noted here that Fannie & William O were Deaf, Dumb, insane or Idiotic
As you know the Cleveland family lived in dwelling 58.
I'm not sure where this John Daniels fits in.

from 1870 VA Census Index Locality Falls Ch. CO.: Fairfax Series/Roll/Page M593/1632/39
1870 Fairfax CO., Falls Church Twp., VA Federal Census
1645 Book; Page # 293; Page 21
Household #162-163
DOVE, Robert 77 Male Farmer VA Property worth $400.00 60 Acres (b. ca 1793)
DANIELS, Joseph 23 Male Farmer Born:VA
, Amanda 35 F Housekeeper Born:VA
, Edward 22 FarmHand Born VA DOVE, Wm 26 Male Farmhand VA
DANIELS, Oscar 7/12 Male At Home VA
DOVE, Charles 14 Male At Home VA
I have Horace Daniels pension file. He was in the Spanish American War. So I know something about he & his family. His grandson told me that he enlisted twice. The second time they wouldn't let him re-enlist so it is said that he used his best friend's last name which was Cleveland. I can't put my hands on that letter so I'll have to check to see what given name he used.
Happy to hear from you and you can contact me at my e-mail address. I'd like to exchange info with you. With both of us working on this maybe we can find some answers.

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Surnames: Daniels, Dove Reynolds
I sent an email to confirm your address. There is so much to tell & exchange. I have been busy collecting since your reply!! Please feel free to contact me too!! Cindie

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Surnames: Daniels, Dove, Green
My name is Patty Teter, I am the daughter to Blanche Daniels. Her mother was Mary V. Dove and Archie Daniels. Looking for information on Horace Daniels, Mary Jane (Green) Dove. I have been looking for a very long time but have not been able to find much on my Daniels family roots.

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Surnames: Daniels
When your refere to "Uncle William Daniels", are you saying you are related to William Daniels?
Is the William Daniels...William Oliver Daniels, Jr. who was born 11 November 1883 in Fairfax County? He married an Elsie Eldoria(Reynolds?) b. 11 Aug 1896-d. Dec 1985

I have a copy of court case papers that were filed in the
Circuit Court of the City of Alexandria Virginia in early
1970's. It list the many heirs of William O. Daniels. Many
lived in Northern Virgina.
A. Alice R. WOODS is deceased. She is survived by husband and daughter....Thomas G. Woods, Jr. and Dorothy A. FOLAN.

B. Maggie E. SHIFFLETT is deceased. She is survived by one child, Charles E. Shifflett.

C. Harvey DANIELS is deceased. He was survived by his widow
Lillie Daniels, and his children...*Irving Daniels(deceased) and Viola Daniels COOPER. *Irving Daniels was
survived by his wife Ruth Daniels and three children,
Woodville Daniels, Nancy SANDEL, and Sandy K. ETTERS.

D. Thomas B. DANIELS is deceased. He was survived by two
children, Thomas B. Daniels, Jr. and Margarite Daniels.

E. Fred DANIELS is deceased. He was survived by his widow, Annie Daniels, and two children,*Edgar E. Daniels(deceased) and Dorothy C. UTTERBACK. *Edgar E. Daniels was survived
his widow Alice Daniels and five children, Evelynn V. SNOOTS, Jannette Jacqulyn Darcell CANDORE, Edgar E. Daniels,Jr., Rosemary Daniels WYKOFF, and Carolyn L. DUNFORD.

F. Frank L. Daniels(deceased-d.1938). Widow died in 1935(my notes). Five children, Russell L. Daniels, George G. Daniels, Melvin Daniels, Marie Daniels SPITLER, Charlotte Louise BROWN.
Russel L. Daniels was deceased. His widow was Pearl Daniels. Children, Russell L. Daniels, Jr., Jean Daniels KIDWELL
George G. Daniels is deceased. Son, George G. Daniels, Jr.
Melvin Daniels is deceased. Children, Melvin Daniels, Jr., Betty Marie WRIGHT, and Linda May HUFFMAN.

G. William Oliver Daniels, Jr. is deceased. He was
survived by widow, Elsie Eldoria Daniels and four children,
Clarence Daniels, Vivian SHIFLETT, Helen Daniels LEPLEY,
Irene Daniels SMITH

William O. Daniels

Mickey Daniels (View posts)
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Surnames: DANIELS
Hi Edward,
Is your William Oliver Daniels, Jr. the son of William O. Daniels b. 15 Sep 1855 d. 6 Mar 1926 married to Emma Jane Whitbeck?

Re: William O. Daniels, Jr.

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Surnames: Daniels, Whitbeck, Shiflett, Lepley, Smith
Yes he is. I believe he was born 11 November 1883. His wife was a "Elsie" ________. I have found more than one William Daniels married to an "Elsie".
William Oliver Daniels, Jr. children according to court records were: Clarence Daniels, Vivian Daniels m. ____ Shifflett, Helen Daniels m. _____ Lepley, and Irene Daniels who married a ____ Smith.

Re: Daniels Cemetery

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Surnames: Daniels/Cleveland
I was wondering if you are still doing research on the Daniels family. Don't know if we are related, I have seen the post and I am related to the John Daniels that lived next to the Cleveland family. They actually married into the Cleveland family. My grandfather was lecher Daniels mother was Fannie Daniels. He had a daughter Amanda that married into the Cleveland line.
I have been stuck on a lot of my research and am looking everywhere I can to break the wall.

Re: Daniels Cemetery

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hello, I am a grand daughter of kermit daniels, horace daniels is my great grandfather, i to am searching for information, grandpa used to tell us about his family some
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