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John Bell from County Lincoln - d. Apr. 20, 1886 in Green township.

John Bell from County Lincoln - d. Apr. 20, 1886 in Green township.

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Bell, Timson, Henderson, Cargill, Wyant, Zuck, Wooton, Smith

JOHN BELL, born March 19, 1826 in Lincolnshire, England - d. Apr. 20. 1886; married Mary ______, b. Aug. 10, 1832 in England - d. Aug. 2, 1881; married on ____ __, ____. Buried at Tabor. On Apr. 14, 1976, Donald W. Bell had their Century Farm. In 1860 and 1870 they are shown as living in Ross township, Fremont county, Iowa.

CHILDREN as far as known:
1. Eliza A., born circa 1853 in Ohio - d. ____ __, ____; married Albert A. Timson, b. ____ __, 1846 - d. ___ __, 1910; md. on June 26, 1871. Civil War veteran: Co. "C", 44th Iowa Infantry.

2. John Thomas, b. Nov. 14, 1854 in Ohio - d. Sept. 6, 1909; maried Zora Henderson, b. Nov. 17, 1856 - d. July 21, 1951; married on March 1, 1877. Bur.Tabor. In 1885, lived in the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 25, one mile north of Lone Willow county school (located in the southeast corner of section 26.) The south half of section 25 was absorbed by the Anderson Consolidation School District, while the north half opted out, only to be consolidated into the Tabor district in 1920.

3. Frances Lilly, b. circa 1859 - d. ____ __, 1935; married Lavern D. Cargill, b. ___ __, 1852 - d. ____ __, 1939; married on Feb. 4, 1879. Buried at Tabor.

4. Willis Benjamin, b. May 27, 1861 - d. Nov. 23, 1926; married Judith Ann Wyant, b. June 9, 1868 at Springdale, Cedar county, Iowa - d. Aug. 20, 1952; married on Apr. 7, 1886. Buried Tabor. Daughter of W. H. Wyant of Malvern. (Springdale, near West Branch in Cedar county, Iowa, was a Quaker community, home of Pres. Nixon's family, and the home of the Coppick boys, members of the John Brown group who tried to capture Harper's Ferry.)

5. Wallace I., b. Dec. 5, 1863 - d. Apr. 16, 1931; married Annie E. ________, b. aug. 15, 1862 - d. Aug. 10, 1928; married circa 1883. Buried at Tabor.

6. Mary Martha, b. 1867 - d. Aug. 19, 1881 aged 14 years.

7. Joseph Elton, b. Nov. 5, 1874 - d. Nov. 6, 1949; married Susan Alice Zuck, b. June 28, 1878 - d. Aug. 13, 1964; married on ____ __, ____. Bur. Grange Hall, Atchison county, MO. Daughter of Elbert A. and Elizabeth (Smith) Zuck. These Zuck's of Atchison county were related to the Zook's so well known at the Hepzibah Faith Home at Tabor.

8. Goodwin Seymour, b. ____ __, ____ - d. ____ __, ____; married Mary Rebecca Wooton, b. ____ __, ____ d. ____ __, ____; married on March 13, 1892 at John Zuck's . He lived in Atchison county, MO.

Re: John Bell from County Lincoln - d. Apr. 20, 1886 in Green township.

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Classification: Query
Hi again, Mr. Farwell. I have found some dates to help fill in some of those that are missing.

JOHN BELL married Mary Hallam in Ohio on November 21, 1851. Mary Hallam was a sister of John Hallam and Samuel Hallam, Tabor residents. I found verification that John Hallam was Mary's brother in his will, located at the Sidney courthouse.

ELIZA A BELL died January 12, 1929. She married Albert A. Timson, born December 31, 1846, at Dawes, Vermont. He died March 21, 1910. I have found both of their obituaries.

SAMUEL A. BELL was born after John Thomas. He was born December 29, 1856 in Iowa; died May 11, 1858; buried at Tabor Cemetery.

LILLIE FRANCES/LILLIAS FRANCES was born April 4, 1859 in the farm home southeast of Tabor. She died February 15, 1935. She married Lavern Cargill, born in New York December 8, 1852 and died March 8, 1939 at Tabor. I found obituaries for this couple.

WALLACE I. married Annie Eliza Foster.

There are a couple of extra names that I don't think were a part of this family. From Eliza Bell Timson's obituary: "She was one of a family of seven children, four of whom, Tom (John Thomas), Mattie (Martha), Samuel and Willis Bell, have preceded her in death. Lillie Bell Cargill and Wallace Bell remain to mourn her going.

And thank you for posting John Thomas, my great grandfather's, obituary! If you are interested, I have copies of obituaries for Albert and Eliza Timson, Lillie and Lavern Cargill, Willis and Judith Bell, Wallace Isaac and Annie Foster Bell, and a short obituary for Zora Henderson Bell.

CORRECTION: Only 7 children in John Bell's family

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Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Bell

Be sure to read "huskerglenn" 's post. Goodwin Seymour Bell was indeed the son of one John and Mary Bell (according to his Fremont county marriage license), BUT NOT of the John and Mary (Hallam) Bell who lived in the neighborhood of Lone Willow school. Joseph Elton Bell was his brother so that person should also be taken off the list!

My thanks to "huskerglenn" for the correction. -- W.F.

George Otte married Johanna Klinge on March 25, 1852

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Otte, Klinge, Martin, Dempsey, Ruse, Haning, Burt, Snowden, Goodin, Love, Carter, Liggett, Wilson, Jorgenson,

GEORGE OTTE, b. Feb. 9, 1830 in Schoningen, Germany/Valhausen, Germany - d. July 22, 1901; married JOHANNA KLINGE, b. March 19, 1834 d. June 27, 1891; married on March 25, 1852. He came to the United States with two younger brothers in 1849, in New York; then moved to Jackson county, Indiana; and in 1856 to Douglas township, Page county, Iowa. In 1865 moved to Fremont county, Iowa to three and a half miles northeast of Sindey. Their monument was erected in Oct. 1901 by Z. A. Moore of Glenwood. "They had 3 boys and 8 girls" (?).

(His brother Henry Otte, b. 1832, married Charlotte (Klinge) Saulkea in 1856; lived in Douglas township, Page county, Iowa.

FAMILY as far as known:
1. Rachel A., b. March 4, 1852 in Jackson county, Indiana - d. May 24, 1916 in Brooks, Oregon; married David Henry Martin, b. June 30, 1845 - d. Oct. 16, 1917; married on July 5, 1871. Buried at Salem, Oregon. Co. "C", 51st Missouri Infantry during Civil War.

2. George W., b. ____ __, 1854 - d. Feb. 20, 1905; married Anna Dempsey, b. ____ __, 1869 - d. ____ __, ____; married on Apr. 19, 1899. She was the sister of M. Dempsey of Imogene.

3. Annie C., b. Sept. 8, 1856 in Page county, Iowa - d. Feb. 19, 1932; married James A. Ruse, b. ____ __, 1854 - d. ____ __, 1933; married on Nov. 30, 1876. Son of David and Mary (Hiatt) Ruse. Buried at Mt. Zion.

4. William F. b. Nov. 22, 1859 - d. Feb. 18, 1925; married Eva Florence Haning, b. Jan. 2, 1863 - d. Sept. 1, 1942; married on Jan. 10, 1883. Daughter of Phillip and Mary (Burt) Haning. (Phillip Haning was a cousin of Mariah (Snowden) (Goodin) Love (My great grandmother. --W.F.) and of Mary (Snowden) Goodin.

5. Louis N., b. 1861 - d. July 1875 aged 13y 6m 1d.

6. Charles E., b. Feb. 22, 1864 in Page county, Iowa - d. July 20, 1923; married Dona Florencia Haning, b. Dec. 24, 1865 - d. June 9, 1955; married on Mar. 31, 1885 at sidney. Daughter of Phillip and Mary (Burt) Haning.

7. Albert G., b. June 15, 1867 - d. June 6, 1934; married Anna Kress Carter (an orphan girl), b. ____ __, 1875 - d. ____ __, 1962; married on Mar. 5, 1902.

8. Alzina, died Jan. 12, 1879 aged 8y 3m 4d.

9. Jessie A., born Dec. 13, 1872 - d. March 7, 1913; married Maude M. Wilson, b. ____ __, 1878 - d. ____ __, 1963; married on FEb. 20, 1896. She married (2) Frank Liggett on June 9, 1817. Daughter of S. and Amelia (Doty) Wilson. (Frank Liggett was a brother of my grandfather Walter Liggett. - W.F.)

11. Fred G. b. ____ __, 1876 - d. Jan. 28, 1929; married Mada Wilson. Divorced. He's buried at Waitsburg, Washington. They were the parents of Lowell Otte, one of Fremont county's most talented athletes as well as being a gifted poet. (See his posts here on Rootsweb.) She married (2) Albert Jorgenson.

12. James G., b. Jan. 24, 1878 - d. Oct. 24, 1900.

David Ruse married Mary Ann Hiatt on Nov. 28, 1848.

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Ruse, Hiatt, Otte, Martin, Lintner, Hodges, Trook, Hathaway

DAVID RUSE, born October 11, 1825 - died March 26, 1904; married MARY ANN HIATT, b. Nov. 15, 1826 in Hamilton county, Illinois -d. Feb. 9, 1903; married on Nov. 28, 1848 in Peoria county, Illinois. After their marriage they emigrated to Andrew county, Missouri and to Fremont county in 1851. Son of John and Delia Ruse. Buried at Mt Zion in Green township.....They lived in Colorado two years before their daughter Emoline was married.

CHILDREN as far as known:

1. Caroline, b. Oct. 10, 1850 - d. Jan. 17, 1870 in early life.

(2 ?). Edwin, b . March 15, _____ -d. Dec. 15, 1867 in early life.

3. James A., b. ____ __, 1854 - d. ____ __, 1933; married Anna Otte, b . ____ __, 1856 - d. ____ __, 1932; married on Nov. 30, 1876. Daughter of George and Anna Otte. Burial at Mt. Zion.

4. Nancy Frances, b. Mar. 3, 1856 - d. Nov. 26, 1935; married Charles W. Martin, b. Apr. 16, 1847 - d. March 27, 1939; married on Jan. 6, 1876. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth G. (Lintner) Martin. Lived at Sidney.

5. Emeline, b. May 6, 1859 - d. Sept. 24, 1926; married James N. Doty, b. ____ __, 1855 - d. March 27, 1926; married on Jan. 16, 1879. Son of Azoil and Dysa (Alexander) Doty. Buried at Sidney.

6. Amanda J., b. ____ __, 1862 - d. ____ __, 1938; married James F. Martin, b. July 15, 1856 - d. Jan. 15, 1944; married on Jan. 16, 1879. Son of Henry and Martha (Hodges) Martin. Buried at Sidney.

7. Sanford "Sam" , b. ____ __, 1867 - d. Oct. 5, 1931 at Gordon, Nebraska; married Gertrude Trook, b. ____ __, 1872 - d. ____ __, 1957; married on May 9, 1889. Daughter of Henry and Mary (Hathaway) Trook.

IN MEMORIAM: -- Respectfully dedicated to the memory of Grandma Ruse by Rev. Jos. Barkheimer:

Dear Grandma! Thou art laid to rest
..'Tis hard! but God knows best.
Free from sorrow, care and pain.
.. Its pangs, thou shalt not feel again.
But safe in God's bright home above,
..Securely rest in Jesus' love.

'Tis hard, to thus so rudely part
..Death heeds not cries, nor wounded heart.
A loved one gone! A vacant chair!
..No more thy kindly greeting there.
'Tis hard but God knows best,
..So rest: beloved mother rest.

No more we'll hear thy loving voice,
..Our heart's bereft: death leaves no choice.
Nor heeds the cries nor stay the tears
..Bereft through life - long weary years.
'Tis hard! but God Knows best,
..So rest: beloved one, sweetly rest.

So rest! thou loved one sweetly rest,
..Securely housed on Jesus' breast.
'Tis not far, the golden shore,
..Where death shall part us nevermore.
Free from all sorrow, toil and care,
.. Dear mother! we will meet thee there.

Re: George Otte married Johanna Klinge on March 25, 1852

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Classification: Query
Hi again, Mr. Farwell. You are really doing a great job of commenting on my family! It is a pleasure to read your postings.

Much of the information I have about George and Johanna Otte came from on-line, although I want to tell you that the Tabor (Iowa) public library has a very nice genealogy room. I found a pair of individual photos of these, my great great grandparents, in the Otte file. What a find!

I can add a couple of notes from what I was able to find:

2. George W.---I found an obituary, but even that did not give his date of birth nor of his death. I did find Anna Dempsey Otte on the Social Security Death Index. She eventually settled in Omaha. The date of birth was Dec. 28, 1868, and the date of her death was July of 1968.

3. Anna Charlotte and James Aanderson Ruse were my great grandparents. James was born June 21, 1845 and died Nov. 23, 1933.

7. I found very little information about Albert G. You provided info that I didn't have!

9. Maude Otte was on the Social Security Death Index. Her date of birth was Feb. 7, 1878, and date of death was May 27, 1963.

12. I found no further posts for Fred Otte.

You do great work, Mr. Farwell!!!

Re: David Ruse married Mary Ann Hiatt on Nov. 28, 1848.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Ruse, Smith, Black, Otte, Doty, Martin, Trook
I can fill in some of these dates for the Ruse family, with information from "The Ruse Book," compiled by Leland Ruse Smith and Evea Ruse Black. These ladies were daughters of Arthur Odell Ruse, granddaughters of James Anderson Ruse, and great granddaughters of David and Mary Ann Ruse.

2. Edwin was the 6th child, b. Apr. 5, 1865; d. D. 15, 1867

3. James Anderson Ruse, b. June 21, 1854, d. Nov. 23, 1933; Anna Otte, b. Sept. 8, 1856, d. Feb. 19, 1932. An interesting note from Anna's obituary: "Anna C. Ruse first saw the light of day in a covered wagon,.....her birth being the first birth of a white girl in Page county, according to existing records. Her parents, who had come from Germany some years before, had come west to Iowa and were locating in Page county when the little daughter was born. Their house was still unfinished and so the covered wagon was still their home."

5. James Doty, b. June 18, 1853

6. Amanda, b. Mar. 29, 1862, d. Oct. 12, 1938

7. Sanford, b. Mar. 21, 1867; Gertrude Trook, b. Dec. 21, 1871; d. Aug. 28, 1957

Re: John Bell from County Lincoln - d. Apr. 20, 1886 in Green township.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Bell
Hello! I am interested in obtaining e-copies of the Bell obituaries you mentioned in your email of 2010. I am Susan Bell Solomon, daughter of Donald Warner Bell, son of Alva Bell, son of Wallace Isaac Bell, son of John Bell, all of Tabor, Iowa. I hope you still have them available, as well as the obituary of John Thomas Bell, and if possible, the obit for our original John Bell and Mary Hallam!

I am a newcomer to genealogy, but want to find out as much as I can. I have begun our Bell/Warner tree on

I look forward to hearing from you!
Sue Solomon

Re: David Ruse married Mary Ann Hiatt on Nov. 28, 1848.

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Classification: Query

My great grandfather wrote that poem, Joseph Barkheimer. Does anyone know why he called her Grandma Ruse when they weren't related?


Re: John Bell from County Lincoln - d. Apr. 20, 1886 in Green township.

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Hi, Sue. In that email from 2010, I was incorrect in referring to an obituary for John Bell. As best as I can recall, I was thinking of the information that Mr. Farwell had supplied about the family.

I did post obituaries for John Thomas Bell and siblings and wives on my Hugh Irwin family tree on You are welcome to contact me at my home email address if you have any problem in accessing them:

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