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Landowners, circa 1870

Landowners, circa 1870

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Surnames: Edmonstone, Ellard, Elliott, Ellis, Emly, English, Enright, Erwin, Esmond, Eustace, Evans, Farrer, Fennell, Ferguson, Ffrench, Finch, FitzGerald, Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, FitzGibbon, Fitzmaurice, Fitzpatrick, Fleming, Fosbery, Fox, Franks, Freeman, French, Frend, Frewen, Fuge, Furlong, Furnell, Eyre, O'Grady, Darcy, EitzGerald
To view the first portions of this list please enter the word landowners and/or acres into the black search function (several eons) at this Co. Limerick IR Genconnect-Rootsweb Queries website.

Continuation of a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Limerick the latter part of the 1870s. Some owned property in Co. Limerick but lived elsehwere. Many, many more Irish owned less (or none at all) and their names would not appear here.

You can obtain more general data (from the 1860s, some earlier, some later) at your local LDS (Mormon) Family History Center in their microfiched IGI Index For Ireland. Located in catalogue card type drawers, there are 1-4 little black squares of fiche containing alphabetical surname information (civil registration, etc.) for each county in Ireland; these include all variant spellings located in that particular county.

1. Mrs. Edmonstone, address Torquay, Devonshire, owned 349 acres.
2. Richard Ellard, address Newtown Ellard, Pallasgreen, owned 865 acres.
3. Alexander Elliott, Reps. of, address Tancavalla, Listowel, Co. Kerry, owned 198 acres.
4. Cunningham Ellis, address Dublin, owned 1,550 acres.
5. Richard Ellis, address Glensharone Abbey, Fuerty,
owned 2,055 acres.
6. Lord Emly, address Tervoe, Clarina, owned 2,246 acres.
7. James English, address Cross, Pallasgreen, owned 34 acres.
8. John T. Enright, address Ardagh, owned 29 acres.
9. Rev. Henry Erwin, address Armagh, owned 496 acres.
10. James Esmond, address Ballinderry, Co. Tipperary, owned 654 acres.
11. Rev. William Eustace, address Abbeyleix, Queen's Co. (Laois), owned 483 acres.
12. Arthur Evans, no address given, owned 60 acres.
13. Charles Evans, address Henry-street, Limerick,
owned 159 acres.
14. Elyston Eyre Evans, address Ashill Towers, Kilmallock, owned 264 acres.
15. Francis O'Grady Evans, address Mallow, owned 324 acres.
16. Major Henry Evans, address Woodbine Hill, Youghal, owned 70 acres.
17. John Darcy Evans, address Clontarf, Co. Dublin,
owned 95 acres.
18. Thomas Darcy Evans, address Knockaderry, owned 875 acres.
19. R. H. Farrer, address Mitchelstown Castle, owned 801 acres.
20. James Fennell, address Blossomhill, Rathkeale,
owned 7 acres.
21. David Ferguson, address Smithfield, Croagh, owned 778 acres.
22. Johnstone Ferguson, address Surgeon, 15th Regiment of Foot, owned 138 acres.
23. Robert Ferguson, address Garyduff, Newcastle,
owned 1,435 acres.
24. Rev. F. F. Ffrench, no address given, owned 147 acres.
25. Rev. Frederick Ffrench, Reps. of, address Galway, owned 278 acres.
26. George W. Finch, address Maryville, Patrickswell, owned 143 acres.
27. William Finch, no address given, owned 38 acres.
28. Desmond J. E. FitzGerald (Knight of Glin), address Glin Castle, owned 5,268 acres.
29. Edward FitzGerald, address Limerick, owned 579 acres.
30. Edward Fitzgerald, address Skehacreggan, Ballycummin, owned 59 acres.
31. G. M. Fitzgerald, address 1, Tontine Buildings, Limerick, owned 59 acres.
32. James Fitzgerald, address Cragnacree, Kildimo,
owned 122 acres.
33. Right Hon. John D. Fitzgerald, address Merrion-square, East, Dublin, owned 1,324 acres.
34. John Vincent FitzGerald, address 2, Thornville, Rathgar-avenue, Co. Dublin, owned 289 acres.
35. Michael Fitzgerald, address Loughill Ho. Loughill, owned 215 acres.
36. Patrick FitzGerald, address Kilpenny Commons, Adare, owned 5 acres.
37. Rev. Richd. FitzGerald, address Ballydonohue, Tarbert, owned 403 acres. (Appeared as EitzGerald on index, prob. Fitzgerald).
38. Richard Fitzgerald, address Clareview, Tarbert,
owned 82 acres.
39. Caroline M. Fitzgibbon, address Fiji Islands, owned 172 acres.
40. Daniel FitzGibbon, address, Rathkeale, owned 75 acres.
41. John Fitzgibbon, address Ballysheedy, East, Limerick, owned 140 acres.
42. Lady Louisa Fitzgibbon, address Mount Shannon, Co. Limerick, owned 10,316 acres.
43. Captain Fitzmaurice, address Old Derry, Queen's Co., owned 173 acres.
44. Denis Fitzpatrick, address Ballyhaght, Kilfinane, owned 147 acres.
45. David Fleming, address Rathgoggin, North, Charleville, owned 67 acres.
46. Rev. Robert Fleming, address 15, Fitzwilliam-street, Upper, Dublin, owned 227 acres.
47. Thomas Fosbery, address Kilgobbin, Patrickswell,
owned 1,488 acres.
48. John Fox, address Martinstown, Kilmallock, owned 1 acre.
49. John Franks, address Ballyscadane, Knocklong,
owned 3,196 acres.
50. Thomas Franks, address Mallow, owned 1,234 acres.
51. Thomas Franks, Reps. of, address 21, Lower Fitzwilliam-street, Dublin, owned 427 acres.
52. Robert D. Freeman, address Monkstown, Cork, owned 114 acres.
53. Robert J. French, no address given, owned 42 acres.
54. Benjamin Frend, address Paris, owned 636 acres.
55. Benjamin Frend, address Boskill, Caherconlish,
owned 1,067 acres.
56. Margaret Frewen, address Castleconnell, owned 165 acres.
57. Thomas Fuge, address Youghal, owned 455 acres.
58. Alfred Furlong, address Leeson-street, Dublin,
owned 860 acres.
59. J. J. Furlong, address Killelah, Newcastle, owned 350 acres.
60. Smith Furlong, address Dublin, owned 369 acres.
61. Frederick Furnell, address Caherelly, Caherconlish, owned 124 acres.
62. George Furnell, address Caherelly, Limerick,
owned 1,741 acres.


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Surnames: Gunn, Gun
Adding entry for George Gunn to the Landowner List circa 1870s at the Co. Limerick Query website, but please note that Wilson Gun, with only one N, had the same address:

1. George Gunn, address Rattoo O'Dorney, Co. Kerry, owned 135 acres. (See #64 of landowner list above regarding Wilson Gun).


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Surnames: Gabbett, Gascoigne, Gavin, Geale, Gearon, Gibbings, Gibbins, Giles, Gillard, Gilley, Gleeson, Gloster, Goggin, Goold, Gordner, Gore, Gort, Gough, Grady, Graham, Greene, Green, Griffin, Grimes, Gubbings, Gubbins, Guerin, Guillamore, Guinan, Gumbleton, Gunn, Gun, Hall, Hamilton, Hanly, Hannon, Hanrahan, Hare, Harkness, Harnett, Harold, Harris, Harte, Hartigan, Hartnett, Hartopp, Haverty, Casey, Smith, Grove, Sullivan, Wise, O'Dorney
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Limerick, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Daniel F. Gabbett, address Oldcourt, Caherconlish, owned 1,193 acres.
2. Rev. Edward Gabbett, address Rectory, Croom, owned 326 acres.
3. Rev. Joseph Gabbett, address Ardvullen, Kilmallock, owned 3,518 acres.
4. Mrs. R. Gabbett, address Ballybrood, Co. Limerick, owned 357 acres.
5. Richard J. Gabbett, address Caherline House, Lisnagry, owned 1,005 acres.
6. Rev. Robert Gabbett, address The Vicarage, Foynes, owned 4 acres.
7. Rev. Robert Gabbett, and William N. Gabbett (a minor), address Vicarage, Foynes, owned 533 acres.
8. Windham Gabbett, address Mountrivers, Newport, Tipperary, owned 341 acres.
9. William Gabbett, address Mountminnett, Co. Limerick, owned 327 acres.
10. "Gas Company, Rathkeale," address Joseph Casey, Secretary, Rathkeale, owned 1 acre.
11. The Hon. F.C.T. Gascoigne, address Partington, Yorkshire, owned 7,766 acres.
12. Major George Gavin, address Kilpeacon House, Co. Limerick, owned 738 acres.
13. Capt. Michael Gavin, Reps. of, address Barrington-street, Limerick, owned 145 acres.
14. Hamilton Geale, address Durragh Lodge, Kilfinane, owned 484 acres.
15. Mrs. Geale, no address given, owned 489 acres.
16. James Gearon, address Broom Hill, Mitchelstown,
owned 345 acres.
17. William Gibbings, address Kilscannell, Rathkeale, owned 336 acres.
18. Jonathan T. E. Gibbins, address Dublin, owned 966 acres.
19. Catherine Giles, address Dublin, owned 147 acres.
20. Michael Gillard, address Ballingrane, Rathkeale,
owned 1 acre.
21. Alfred Gilley, address Castleconnell, owned 29 acres.
22. Margaret Gleeson, address Greenlawn, Bruff, owned 100 acres.
23. Michael Gleeson, address Cloghodoolarty, Fedamore, owned 1 acre.
24. Thomas Gleeson, address Corcomroe, Patrickswell,
owned 365 acres.
25. Capt. Edward Gloster, address H. M. 97th Regt. of Foot, owned 114 acres.
26. Capt. Richard Gloster, address Rockfield, Ballynacarriga, Pallaskenry, owned 452 acres.
27. William A. Goggin, address Eastwood, Glin, owned 952 acres.
28. William B. Goggin, address Burtonhill, Limerick,
owned 932 acres.
29. Ven. Archdeacon Goold, address Athea, Co. Limerick, owned 10,966 acres.
30. James Gordner, address Mallow, owned 310 acres.
31. Sir St. George Gore, Bart., no address given,
owned 488 acres.
32. Viscount Gort, address Isle of Wight, and 10, Warwick-sq., London, SW, owned 940 acres.
33. George Gough, address Birdhill, Clonmel, owned 2,398 acres.
34. "Governors of Erasmus Smith's Schools," address Dublin, owned 4,279 acres.
35. Robert Dean Grady, address Dublin, owned 577 acres.
36. Thomas Grove Grady, address Castleconnell, owned 481 acres.
37. Thomas Wm. Grady, address Dublin, owned 16 acres.
38. John P. Graham, address Cappanhane, Bruree, owned 574 acres.
39. Miss Graham, address Cork, owned 295 acres.
40. Mrs. Frances Greene, address Shannonview, Limerick, owned 51 acres. (Note, Greene and Green entries appear as shown on index)
41. Francis Greene, Greenmount, Patrickswell, owned 1,606 acres.
42. James Sullivan Green, address Dublin, owned 63 acres.
43. John Green, address Herbert-Place, Dublin, owned 629 acres.
44. Michael Green, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 4 acres.
45. Patrick Greene, same address, owned 7 acres.
46. Susan Greene, address Ennis, Co. Clare, owned 203 acres.
47. Peter Griffin, address Athavilla, Rathkeale, owned 7 acres.
48. John Grimes, address Lisnagry, owned 37 acres.
49. Rev. George G. Gubbings, address Kilpeacon, Patrickswell, owned 224 acres.
50. George Gubbins, address Miltown, Bruff, owned 208 acres.
51. Joseph Gubbins, address Oola Hills, Oola, owned 222 acres.
52. Joseph Gubbins, address Kilfrush, Knocklong, owned 809 acres.
53. Joseph Gubbins, address Grange, Co. Limerick,
owned 151 acres.
54. Thos. Wise Gubbins, address Dunkettle, Co. Cork,
owned 773 acres.
55. Rev. Wm. Gubbins, address Knocklong, owned 172 acres.
56. William Gubbins, address Gortakillen, Oola, owned 60 acres.
57. William G. Gubbins, address Castle Troy, Limerick, owned 59 acres.
58. Margaret Guerin, address Rathkeale, owned 50 acres.
59. Matthew Guerin, address Kilteely, Co. Limerick,
owned 22 acres.
60. Viscount Guillamore, address Caherguillamore, Bruff, Co. Limerick, owned 3,750 acres.
61. Edmond Guinan, address Rathkeale, owned 1 acre.
62. Rev. George Gumbleton, no address given, owned 3 acres.
63. H. Murray Gun, address Churchtown, owned 99 acres.
64. Wilson Gun, address Ratoo O'Dorney, Co. Kerry,
owned 20 acres.
65. Ambrose Hall, address Henry-st., Limerick, owned 5 acres.
66. Rev. Hugh Hamilton, address 40, York-street, Dublin, owned 43 acres.
67. Denis Hanly, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 18 acres.
68. Anne Hannon, address Kilpenny Commons, Croom, owned 8 acres.
69. Daniel Hannon, same address, owned 1 acre.
70. Johanna D. Hannon, same address, owned 31 acres.
71. John Hannon, same address, owned 1 acre.
72. Joseph Hannon, address Inch St. Laurence, Caherconlish, owned 58 acres.
73. Michael Hanrahan, address Kilpenny Commons, Croom, owned 5 acres.
74. Hon. Richard Hare, address St. Michael's Lodge, Devonport, England, owned 3,687 acres.
75. William H. Harkness, address Cragbeg, Clarina,
owned 4,323 acres.
76. Daniel Harnett, address Ballyduhig, owned 36 acres.
77. Daniel C. Harnett, address Glin, owned 480 acres.
78. Daniel W. Harnett, address Inch, Abbeyfeale, owned 266 acres.
79. John C. Harnett, address Abbeyfeale, owned 1,796 acres.
80. Daniel and Edward Harold, address Hartstonge-st., Limerick, owned 25 acres.
81. Edward Harold, address George-street, Limerick,
owned 17 acres.
82. James Harris, address Castlemungret, Limerick,
owned 138 acres.
83. Mrs. Anne Harte, address Cork, owned 1,098 acres.
84. Rev. Henry M. Harte, address England, owned 68 acres.
85. Mary Hartigan, no address given, owned 1 acre.
86. Michael Hartigan, address George-street, Limerick, owned 414 acres.
87. Patrick Hartigan, address Clorane, Croom, owned 301 acres.
88. Patrick T. Hartigan, address Cloonagh, Rathkeale, owned 566 acres.
89. Timothy Hartigan, address Skull Commons, owned 1 acre.
90. Timothy Hartnett, address Ballyroe, East, Ballingarry, owned 41 acres.
91. Edward B. Hartopp, address Dalby Hall, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, owned 4,545 acres.
92. Martin Haverty, address 3, Seaview-terrace, Clontarf, owned 247 acres.


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Surnames: Hayes, Healy, Hedderman, Heffernan, Henry, Herr, Hewson, Hiffernan, Hodder, Hogan, Holmes, Homan, Horgan, Hough, Howard, Howley, Hoy, Humphreys, Hunt, Hutchins, Hutton, Hynes, Ivers, Jackson, James, Jeffers, Johnston, Jones, Joynt, Judde, Kavanagh, Keane, Kearney, Lane, Rochford, de Burgh
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Limerick, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note - Many times middle names and unusual first names indicated related families.

1. James Hayes, address Tullyleake, Kilmallock, owned 1 acre.
2. Margaret Hayes, address Rathkeale, owned 1 acre.
3. Maurice Hayes, address Bosnetstown, Kilfinane,
owned 136 acres.
4. Maurice Hayes, address Tullyleake, Kilmallock, owned 2 acres.
5. Michael Hayes, address Knockballyfookeen, Pallasgreen, owned 70 acres.
6. Patrick Hayes, Reps. of, address (In Chancery),
owned 2,057 acres.
7. Timothy Hayes, address Prospect, Oola, owned 99 acres.
8. George Healy, address Ennis, Co. Clare, owned 2 acres.
9. John Hedderman, address Common, Ballinagarry, owned 1 acre.
10. John C. Heffernan, Reps. of, address Trinity College, owned 276 acres.
11. Patrick Heffernan, address Kilpenny Commons, Croom, owned 9 acres.
12. Thomas Heffernan, address Newtown Ho., Mallow,
owned 360 acres.
13. Robert Henry, address Togher, Tuam, Co. Galway,
owned 412 acres.
14. Thomas Herr, address Ballylanders, owned 14 acres.
15. Rev. Frank Hewson, address Dunganstown, Glebe, Rathdrum, Co. Dublin, owned 392 acres.
16. George James Hewson, address Hollywood, Adare,
owned 666 acres.
17. John B. Hewson, address Castle Hewson, Askeaton,
owned 1,435 acres.
18. John George Hewson, address Tullyhiney, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, owned 142 acres.
19. Robert Hewson, address Ennishcorish, Rathkeale,
owned 398 acres.
20. Rev. T. H. Hiffernan, address Newport, Co. Tipperary, owned 1,120 acres.
21. W.H.M. Hodder, address Hoddersfield, Carrigaline, Co. Cork, owned 414 acres.
22. Anne Hogan, address Rathkeale Cottage, Rathkeale, owned 57 acres.
23. David Hogan, address Raheen, Knocklong, owned 8 acres.
24. Ellen Hogan, address Ballinacurra, Limerick, owned 196 acres.
25. J. L. Holmes, Reps. of, address Ballynew, Bandon,
owned 77 acres.
26. Sarah Holmes, no address given, owned 153 acres.
27. William Homan, address Limerick, owned 83 acers.
28. John Horgan, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 2 acres.
29. Mary Hough, address Ballyshane, Newcastle, owned 26 acres.
30. Patrick Hough, same address, owned 13 acres.
31. Garrett Howard, address Cloghadoolarty, Fedamore, owned 11 acres.
32. Maj. John Howley, address Rich Hill, Lisnagry, Limerick, owned 621 acres.
33. William P. Hoy, address Australia, owned 623 acres.
34. John Humphreys, address Abbington, Murroe, owned 69 acres.
35. Daniel Hunt, address North Camass, Bruff, owned 137 acres.
36. John T. U. Hunt, address Friarstown, Grange, owned 730 acres.
37. Robert Hunt, address George's-st. Limerick,
owned 1,903 acres.
38. Robert M. Hunt, address Inchirourke, Askeaton,
owned 612 acres.
39. Rochford V. Hunt, address Lickadoon, Limerick,
owned 408 acres.
40. Samuel N. Hutchins, address Fortlands, Charleville, owned 97 acres.
41. Rev. H. Hutton, Reps. of, no address given, owned 457 acres.
42. William Hynes, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 3 acres.
43. Robert Ivers, address Castle Ivers, Athlacca,
owned 1,104 acres.
44. Hamilton Jackson, address England, owned 105 acres.
45. Francis L. James, address England, owned 375 acres.
46. Rev. Edward Jeffers, address England, owned 104 acres.
47. Wm. Johnston, Reps. of, address (In Chancery),
owned 366 acres.
48. Mrs. Margaret Jones, address Military-rd., Limerick, owned 94 acres.
49. William Lane Joynt, address Raheny, Co. Dublin,
owned 1,042 acres.
50. Maj. W.C.R. Judde, address London, owned 73 acres.
51. Bernard Kavanagh, address George's-st., Limerick, owned 98 acres.
52. D. Richard Keane, address 79, Talbot-st., Dublin, owned 90 acres.
53. Ellen Kearney, address Limerick, owned 12 acres.
54. James Kearney, address Darranstown, Kilfinane,
owned 19 acres.
55. Mary Anne Kearney, address Sunville, Pallasgreen, owned 37 acres.
56. Miss Olivia Kearney, and Mr. Hussey de Burgh, same address, owned 450 acres.


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Surnames: Keating, Kelly, Kenmare, Keough, Kieran, Kilbride, King, Kingston, Kirby, Laffan, Lane, Langford, Lansdowne, Latchford, Leahy, Leary, Leconfield, Ledger, Lee, Leeche, Lehan, Leslie, Leyne, Limerick, Lisle, Lismore, Liston, Little, Lloyd, Lock, Locke, Long, Longfield, Lowe, Lucas, Lutman, Lynch, Lyons, Lysaght, Gun, Evans, D'Arcy, Eyre, Marshall, Norris
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Limerick, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note, an unusual middle or first name may be a surname of a related family.

1. Denis Keating, address Kilcoleman West, Rathkeale, owned 26 acres.
2. Denis C. Keating, address Kilcoleman, Rathkeale,
owned 45 acres.
3. Denis Keating, Jr., same address, owned 25 acres.
4. Ellen Keating, address Ardnanean, Rathkeale, owned 78 acres.
5. John Keating, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 9 acres.
6. John Keating, address Ballyroe, East, owned 81 acres.
7. Michael Keating, address Kilcoleman, Rathkeale,
owned 43 acres.
8. Michael Keating, address Amiganbeg, Rathkeale,
owned 107 acres.
9. Michl. James Keating, address Butter Exchange, Cork, owned 69 acres.
10. Patrick Keating, address Ballyvinterourke, Rathkeale, owned 64 acres.
11. William Keating, address Kilcoleman, Rathkeale,
owned 21 acres.
12. James Kelly, Reps. of, address Castle Bagot, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, owned 2,177 acres.
13. Rev. John C. C. Kelly, address Shanagolda, owned 25 acres.
14. John Kelly, address Cloghadoolarty, Fedamore, owned 5 acres.
15. John Kelly, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 8 acres.
16. Earl of Kenmare, address Kenmare Castle, Killarney, owned 4,826 acres.
17. John Keough, address Kilpenny Commons, Croom, owned 3 acres.
18. Eugene Kieran, address Shannon View, Limerick,
owned 376 acres.
19. Daniel Kilbride, address Toomaline, Doon, owned 16 acres.
20. John Kilbride, same address, owned 17 acres.
21. Christopher King, address 66, Phibsborough-road, Dublin, owned 196 acres.
22. William R. King, address Bracknell, Berks, owned 300 acres.
23. Countess of Kingston, address Mitchelstown Castle, owned 250 acres.
24. James Kirby, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 9 acres.
25. James Kirby, address Moanoor, Oola, owned 89 acres.
26. Richard Laffan, address Cloverfield, Ballybrood,
owned 172 acres.
27. James Lane, address Cork, owned 226 acres.
28. Lord Langford, address Summerville House, Co. Meath, owned 3,855 acres.
29. Marquess of Lansdowne, address Derreen, Co. Kerry owned 1,526 acres.
30. Mary Latchford, address Rathkeale, owned 7 acres.
31. John Leahy, address Blossomhill, Rathkeale, owned 1 acre.
32. Timothy Leary, address Ballyanin, Bruff, owned 25 acres.
33. Lord Leconfield, address Petworth, Sussex, owned 6,269 acres.
34. Mrs. Ledger, address Kanturk, owned 84 acres.
35. Zacharia Ledger, address Kilbreedy, Bruree, owned 123 acres.
36. John W. Lee, address North Strand, Limerick, owned 30 acres.
37. William Norris Lee, address England, owned 526 acres.
38. George William Leeche, address Melbourne, owned 380 acres.
39. Patrick Lehan, address Island Dromagh, Co. Limerick, owned 109 acres.
40. Charles Leslie, address 36, Bride-street, Dublin, owned 642 acres.
41. Mrs. Margaret Leyne, address Clarinda Park, Kingstown, and Thos. D'Arcy Evans and Mrs. Evans, Knockaderry, Co. Limerick, and Wilson Gun, Rattoo, O'Dorney, and Charles Evans and Mrs. Evans of Henry-street, Limerick, together owned 427 acres.
42. The Earl of Limerick, address Dromore Castle, Pallaskenry, owned 4,035 acres.
43. Lord Lisle, address Kanturk, owned 211 acres.
44. Viscount Lismore, address Shanbally Castle, Clogheen, owned 1,194 acres.
45. Bridget Liston, address Lower Grange, Newcastle,
owned 64 acres.
46. Philip F. Little, address Monkstown, Co. Dublin,
owned 704 acres.
47. Arthur Lloyd, address Beechmount, Rathkeale, owned 304 acres.
48. Capt. Lloyd, address 35th Regiment, owned 259 acres.
49. Eyre Lloyd, address Prospect, Castleconnell,
owned 1,912 acres.
50. George W. Lloyd, address Strancally Castle, Co. Waterford, owned 1,034 acres.
51. J. R. Lloyd, address Up. Mount-st., Dublin, owned 55 acres.
52. Mrs. Louisa Lloyd, address Towerhill, Pallasgreen, owned 968 acres.
53. Mary Lloyd, address Harwood-sq., London, owned 171 acres.
54. Michl. Marshall Lloyd, address Ballyvoneen, Pallasgreen, owned 977 acres.
55. Richard E. Lloyd, address Elbana Hall, Irvinestown, owned 1,369 acres.
56. Col. Thomas F. Lloyd, address Beechmount, Rathkeale, owned 209 acres.
57. Thomas Lloyd, address Pallasbeg, Co. Limerick,
owned 704 acres.
58. Thomas E. Lloyd, address Heathfield, owned 314 acres.
59. "Local Government Board," address Custom House, Dublin, owned 55 acres.
60. John William T. Lock, address Shrewsbury, England, owned 872 acres.
61. Mary Locke, address Dublin, owned 131 acres.
62. Thomas Locke, also Dublin, owned 464 acres.
63. Nicholas Long, address Killrathren, Shanagolden,
owned 5 acres.
64. Richard Longfield, address Longueville, Co. Cork, owned 1,881 acres.
65. William Longfield, address Cork, owned 50 acres.
66. Richard Longford, address Kilcosgrave, Shanagolden, owned 177 acres.
67. John Lowe, address Sunville, Kilfinane, owned 3,204 acres.
68. Benjamin Lucas, address Maddyboy, owned 694 acres.
69. Maj. Lutman, address Bansha Castle, Bansha, owned 94 acres.
70. David Lynch, address Dromoher, Pallaskenry, owned 11 acres.
71. John Lynch, address Quarry Hill, Kilmallock, owned 21 acres.
72. Michael Lynch, address Martinstown, Kilmallock,
owned 3 acres.
73. Edward Lyons, address Cahervalley, Roxborough,
owned 60 acres.
74. Henry E. Lyons, address Croom House, Croom,
owned 1,665 acres.
75. John E. Lyons, address Croom, owned 1,329 acres.
76. Michael Lyons, address Rathkeale, owned 72 acres.
77. Philips Lyons, address Limerick, owned 117 acres.
78. Thomas Lyons, address John-st., Kilmallock, owned 20 acres.
79. W. H. Lyons, address Cork, owned 1,313 acres.
80. Charles Lysaght, address Annagurra, Ballylanders, owned 162 acres.


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Surnames: M'Adam, M'Carthy, M'Causland, M'Donagh, Macdonald, M'Donnell, M'Eneiry, M'Enerny, MacGauran, Mackey, M'Mahon, M'Murray, M'Namara, MacSheehy, Madden, Madigan, Magner, Mahony, Maley, Malley, Malone, Mansergh, Mansfield, Marley, Marshall, Mason, Massy, Vokes, Harte, Taylor, Rollo, Bolton
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Limerick, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note, an unusual middle or first name may be the surname of a related family.

1. Dr. M'Adam, no address given, owned 13 acres.
2. Alice M'Carthy, address Creeve Beg, Croom, owned 81 acres.
3. Chas. M'Carthy, Reps. of, address Blossom-hill, Rathkeale, owned 8 acres.
4. Daniel M'Carthy, address Cross, Pallasgreen, owned 44 acres.
5. Daniel M'Carthy, address Dublin, owned 472 acres.
6. Denis M'Carthy, address Blossom-hill, Rathkeale,
owned 1 acre.
7. Denis M'Carthy, address Castletownconyers, owned 150 acres.
8. Dominick M'Causland, address 12, Fitzgibbon-street, Dublin, owned 200 acres.
9. Bridget M'Donagh, address Blosson-hill, Rathkeale, owned 2 acres.
10. Neil Macdonald, address Steyle Park, Bruree, owned 354 acres.
11. Elizabeth M'Donnell, address Rathkeale, owned 63 acres.
12. M'Donnell, Mahony, and Co., address Cork, owned 1,027 acres.
13. Robert M'Donnell, address Rathkeale, owned 7 acres.
14. Michael M'Eneiry, address Liskennett, Croom, owned 2 acres.
15. John M'Enerny, address Ballycasey, Bunratty, Co. Clare, owned 2 acres.
16. F. MacGauran, address War Office, London, owned 43 acres.
17. James Vokes Mackey, address 9, Beresford-place, Dublin, owned 99 acres.
18. Rev. James M'Mahon, address Knockaney Glebe, Bruff, owned 179 acres.
19. John M'Mahon, address Kilreash, Ardagh, owned 11 acres.
20. Milo M'Mahon, address Ballynash, Foynes, owned 2 acres.
21. Thomas M'Mahon, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 12 acres.
22. John M'Murray, address Roxborough House, Limerick, owned 1,931 acres.
23. John M'Namara, address Ballycahane Castle, Croom, owned 150 acres.
24. Thomas M'Namara, address Corbally, Limerick, owned 784 acres.
25. John T. MacSheehy, address Portadown, Hollymount, owned 143 acres.
26. Richard Madden, address Cloghadoolarty, Fedamore, owned 1 acre.
27. Denis Madigan, address Lower Grange, Newcastle,
owned 112 acres.
28. John Madigan, address Ballymacave, Rathkeale, owned 1 acre.
29. Daniel Magner, address Lower Grange, Newcastle,
owned 134 acres.
30. Thomas John Magner, address Rathkeale, owned 93 acres.
31. Thomas, John, and John Magner, Jr., address Rathkeale, owned 168 acres.
32. Pierce Mahony, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 1,467 acres.
33. William A. Mahony, address 32, Leinster-road, Rathmines, Co. Dublin, owned 217 acres.
34. James Maley, address Amoganbeg, Rathkeale, owned 1 acre.
35. John, James, and Edmund Malley, no address given, owned 140 acres.
36. William Malone, Reps. of, address Corkamore, Co. Limerick, owned 63 acres.
37. Capt. Mansergh, address Cappawurra, Cashel, owned 187 acres.
38. J. Alex. Mansfield, address 17, Royal York-crescent, Clifton, Bristol, owned 131 acres.
39. Charles B. Marley, address Belvidere House, Mullingar, owned 453 acres.
40. Laurence Marshall, Reps. of, address Toomaline, Doon, owned 833 acres.
41. William Harte Mason, address Cooleen, Bruree,
owned 190 acres.
42. Charles Massy, address Australia, owned 284 acres.
43. Dowager Lady Matilda Massy, address Milford House, Castleconnell, owned 38 acres.
44. Edward Taylor Massy, address Cottermore, Haverford-west, South Wales, owned 4,620 acres.
45. Elizabeth Massy, address Stoneville, Rathkeale,
owned 1,138 acres.
46. Frederick Massy, address Ballingarry, Co. Limerick, owned 4 acres.
47. George Rollo Massy, address Usher's-quay, Dublin, owned 1,000 acres.
48. Hugh Massy, address Ballinacurra House, Limerick, owned 2,309 acres.
49. John Bolton Massy, address Ballywire, Tipperary,
owned 2,259 acres.
50. Jonathan B. Massy, address Glenville, Ardagh,
owned 716 acres.
51. Lord Massy, address Hermitage, Castleconnell,
owned 8,568 acres.
52. Mary Massy, address Cork, owned 1 acre.
53. Rev. W. E. Massy, address Castleview, Newcastle,
owned 8 acres.
54. William Massy, address Bansha Castle, Tipperary,
owned 169 acres.


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Surnames: Maunsell, Maxwell, Metcalf, Molony, Molyneux, Monteagle, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Moroney, Moylan, Mulcahy, Mulqueen, Murphy, Murray, Muskerry, Nash, Nesbitt, Neville, Newenham, Newman, Nixon, Nolan, Noonan, Norman, Nugent, O'Brien, O'Callaghan, O'Connell, O'Connor, O'Dell, O'Donnell, O'Donovan, O'Farrell, O'Grady, O'Halloran, O'Hanlon, O'Hara, O'Keeffe, O'Leary, Evans, Standish, Valentine, Vere, Susi, Spiers, Ottwell, Capel, Knox, Buckingham, Walthow, Waller
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Limerick, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note, an unusual first or middle name may be the surname of a related family.

1. Anne Jane Maunsell, address London, owned 250 acres.
2. Ven. Archdeacon Maunsell, Reps of, viz: Earl of Buckingham, Hon. Jane Knox, and Col. Wm. W. Maunsell,
owned 1,815 acres.
3. Daniel M. Maunsell, address Ballywilliam, Rathkeale, owned 4,231 acres.
4. Edmund and Frederick Maunsell, address Adare, Limerick, owned 358 acres.
5. Edward Maunsell, address Deer Park, Co. Clare, owned 26 acres.
6. Elizabeth Maunsell, address Lr. Mount-st., Dublin, owned 604 acres.
7. Capt. George Maunsell, address Dundalk, Co. Louth, owned 148 acres.
8. Henry Maunsell, address George's-st., Limerick,
owned 394 acres.
9. John Maunsell, address Edenmore, Raheny, Co. Dublin, owned 5,011 acres.
10. Joseph Maunsell, Reps. of, address Limerick, owned 1 acre.
11. Major Maunsell, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 274 acres.
12. Major R.G.S. Maunsell, address Limerick, owned 134 acres.
13. Richard Maunsell, address Oakley Park, Celbridge, owned 1,190 acres.
14. Robert James Maxwell, address Fitzwilliam-sq., North, Dublin, owned 1,049 acres.
15. Rev. Edward Metcalf, address 20, Adelaide-rd., Dublin, owned 58 acres.
16. Edmund Molony, address Ballyanin, Bruff, owned 34 acres.
17. Patrick Molony, address Cloghadoolarty, Fedamore, owned 1 acre.
18. Sir Capel Molyneux, Bart., address Castledillon, Armagh, owned 1,388 acres.
19. Lord Monteagle, address Mt. Trenchard, Foynes,
owned 6,445 acres.
20. Edward Moore, address Brighton-av., Monkstown,
owned 233 acres.
21. Thomas Ottwell Moore, address Kingstown, Co. Dublin, owned 29 acres.
22. W.J.H. Moreland, address Raheen Manor, Scariff,
owned 675 acres.
23. Edward Morgan, address Bridestown Ho., Rathcormack, Co. Cork, owned 279 acres.
24. John Morgan, address Park, Shanagolden, owned 342 acres.
25. John Spiers Morgan, address Cork, owned 158 acres.
26. Peter W. Morgan, address Ballynolan, Kildimo,
owned 159 acres.
27. Edmund Moroney, address Odellville, Ballingarry,
owned 267 acres.
28. Edward Moroney, address Kilbaha, Kilrush, owned 159 acres.
29. John B. Moylan, address Rathkeale, owned 1 acre.
30. Michael Mulcahy, address Ardagh, owned 1 acre.
31. Patrick Mulcahy, address Cloghakeating, Patrickswell, owned 7 acres.
32. John Mulqueen, address Cartown, Pallaskenry, owned 379 acres.
33. Edward Murphy, no address given, owned 606 acres.
34. J. Murphy, address 8, Merrion-square, East, Dublin, owned 59 acres.
35. Johanna Murphy, address Ballyanin, Bruff, owned 56 acres.
36. John Nicholas Murphy, address Clifton, Cork,
owned 1,352 acres.
37. Michael Murphy, address Ballinoe, Ballingarry,
owned 90 acres.
38. W. D. Murphy, address Mt. Mungret, Limerick, owned 122 acres.
39. Frances Murray, address Dublin, owned 183 acres.
40. Matthew Murray, address Ardagh, owned 11 acres.
41. Patrick Murray, address Ballisten, Shanagolden,
owned 776 acres.
42. Lord Muskerry, address Springfield Castle, Drumcolloher, Co. Limerick, owned 3,161 acres.
43. Charles F. Nash, address Ballycarthy, Tralee, owned 37 acres.
44. Miss Nesbitt, Leixlip, and Count Susi, Paris,
owned 620 acres.
45. Thomas Neville, address India House, Glengarry,
owned 210 acres.
46. Edward E. Newenham, address Maryborough, Douglas, Co. Cork, owned 238 acres.
47. William H. Newenham, address Monkstown, Co. Dublin, owned 1,591 acres.
48. Thomas Newman, address Listowel, owned 116 acres.
49. Rev. A. Nixon, address Cork, owned 123 acres.
50. James Nolan, address Parkwater, Shanagolden, owned 85 acres.
51. David Noonan, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 2 acres.
52. James L. Noonan, address Croom, owned 121 acres.
53. Jeremiah Noonan, address Coolrus, owned 25 acres.
54. Henry Norman, address Rathkeale, owned 49 acres.
55. Walter Nugent, Reps. of, address 28, Chester-street, Grosvenor-place, London, owned 448 acres.
56. Alice O'Brien, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 10 acres.
57. Aubrey Vere O'Brien, address Oldchurch, Limerick, owned 169 acres.
58. Daniel O'Brien, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 1 acre.
59. Edmond O'Brien, same address, owned 10 acres.
60. Edmond O'Brien, address Blossomhill, Rathkeale,
owned 1 acre.
61. Edward W. O'Brien, address Carmoyle, Co. Limerick, owned 4,990 acres.
62. James O'Brien, address Ballinalacken, Co. Clare,
owned 36 acres.
63. Capt. Michael O'Brien, address Rockfield, Kilpeacon, Limerick, owned 77 acres.
64. Miss O'Brien, address Lower Hartstonge-st., Limerick, owned 15 acres.
65. Michael O'Brien, address Assolas, Kanturk, owned 607 acres.
66. Timothy O'Brien, address Crescent, Limerick, owned 999 acres.
67. Francis O'Callaghan, address 5, North Mall, Cork, owned 177 acres.
68. Robert O'Callaghan, address Blackrock, Cork, owned 185 acres.
69. Florence O'Connell, address Hillview, Newcastle,
owned 53 acres.
70. Morgan O'Connell, MD, address Kilmallock, owned 85 acres.
71. Charles O'Connor, address Knockdromin, Croagh, owned 2 acres.
72. Rev. George O'Connor, address Patrickswell, owned 4 acres.
73. Michael O'Connor, address Newcastle, owned 159 acres.
74. Patrick O'Connor, Reps. of, address Portsmouth,
owned 145 acres.
75. Valentine O'Brien O'Connor, Reps. of, address 13, Beresford-place, Dublin, owned 837 acres.
76. John O'Dell, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 6 acres.
77. Mrs. O'Dell, no address given, owned 48 acres.
78. The Misses O'Dell, address Johnston House, Gounthane, Co. Cork, owned 20 acres.
79. Thomas H. O'Dell, address (In Chancery), owned 88 acres.
80. William O'Dell, address O'Dell Villas, Ballingarry, owned 26 acres.
81. Bryan O'Donnell, address France, owned 308 acres.
82. Charles O'Donnell, address Belfast, owned 243 acres.
83. John O'Donnell, address Moorestown, Kilfinane,
owned 113 acres.
84. John O'Donnell, address Bruff, owned 24 acres.
85. Michael O'Donnell, address Kilmallock, owned 93 acres.
86. William O'Donovan, address Millview, Shanagolden, owned 4 acres.
87. John O'Farrell, address Newenham-st., Limerick,
owned 10 acres.
88. Hon. Cecilia O'Grady, address Rockbarton, Bruff,
owned 4,977 acres.
89. Edward S. O'Grady, address Stephen's-green, Dublin, owned 1,438 acres.
90. James O'Grady, address Castletown, Kildimo, owned 532 acres.
91. James S. O'Grady, address Erinagh, Castleconnell, owned 141 acres.
92. Mary Jane O'Grady, Reps. of, address Elton, Knocklong, owned 1,045 acres.
93. Michael O'Grady, address Blossomhill, Rathkeale,
owned 4 acres.
94. Hon. Richard O'Grady, Reps. of, address Rathfreeda, Newcastle, owned 692 acres.
95. Standish D. O'Grady, address Aghamartir Castle, Carrigaline, Cork, owned 1,111 acres.
96. O'Grady, Capt. Standish, D. C., address Shanacloon, Castleconnell, owned 6 acres.
97. O'Grady, Capt. Standish, D. C., and Mrs. Walthow, same address, owned 621 acres.
98. Standish T. O'Grady, address Landscape, Clonlara, owned 1,170 acres.
99. O'Grady, The, address Kilballyownen, Bruff,
owned 1,943 acres.
100. Rev. Thomas O'Grady, address Hognaston Vicarage, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, owned 199 acres.
101. Thos. S. O'Grady, MD, address Dublin, owned 222 acres.
102. Waller O'Grady, address Castlegarde, Pallasgreen, owned 3,279 acres.
103. William O'Grady, address Martinstown, Kilmallock, owned 7 acres.
104. John O'Halloran, address Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, owned 8 acres.
105. David O'Hanlon, MD, address Rathkeale, owned 84 acres.
106. Mrs. O'Hara, no address given, owned 254 acres.
107. Michael O'Keeffe, address Common, Ballingarry,
owned 1 acre.
108. Richard O'Keeffe, address Newmarket, owned 109 acres.
109. Henry Evans O'Leary, address Forshan, Devonshire, owned 148 acres.
110. John Evans O'Leary, address Fortshannon, Glin, also
owned 148 acres.

Ideas for Research

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Hi Sandi,

Since Irish tended to pass down given names from generation to generation, I think it is very possible that your Jeremiah and this one are related. Please check the IreAtlas Townland Database for information on those townlands, parishes, etc.


I took a look, briefly, and I can't say for sure but it looks to me that your townland of Feenagh and the townland of Coolrus are both in the Barony of Connello Upper, Co. Limerick, although they have different parishes and PLU (Poor Law Unions) and would not have been close neighbors.

Your Feenagh is in the Barony of Connello Upper, Parish of Kilmeedy and the PLU of Newcastle.

Interestingly, Coolrus townland is in the Parish of Ballingarry, PLU of Croom, Barony of Connello Upper, which would seem to indicate a tie-in between all three landowners on the list. Additionally, it appears that there is a townland of Croom in the PLU of Croom.

Please check and print out what you find at the database for comparisons. It is kind of confusing, so you will need to analyze it.

I think (without knowing for sure) that these landowner Noonans are probably all related to each other in some way; while they don't seem to live next door to each other, they seem to be in the same general area, and your family seems to be also, at least in the larger division known as a barony.

If I were you, I would:

1. Print out all the information on these areas at the townland database. I think the "Irish Times" website also has a good townland database.

2. Find yourself some good maps at the library or on-line to analyze and pinpoint these areas.

3. Be SURE and check the Noonan families in the Mormon FHC records as these more well-to-do landowners would have lived there during that time (as well as the poorer families) and be found in the LDS (Mormon) IGI civil registration records. URL:

4. FYI, the above landowner list is from the year 1876.

5. Check and see what the Mormon FHC has available on microfilm in the way of censuses. I believe they have the Griffiths Valuation, 1901 census, and lots in between.

6. John Grenham's (new edition just out) "Tracing Your Irish Ancestors," is a wonderful book, and many of the records he mentions are on Mormon microfilm.

7. I understand that there is still a Valuation Land Office in Dublin at 6, Ely Street that has records of land transactions from the time of the original Griffiths Valuation to the present in their "Cancelled Land Books" and "Current Land Books."

8. I posted some other good general ideas for research at the Co. Westmeath Query (G-R) webpage in the middle of the landowner list there; there should be something there you can use in your own research. You can find my posts at the Co. Westmeath webpage by cueing in my name after setting the black search engine there to "several eons" and "posts only by," if the landowner list there has disappeared from sight. URL:

9. Do you have CyndisList URL for genealogy websites? If not, URL is

Jean Rice, Spokane, WA

Jeremiah Noonan/Landowner

sandi abell (View posts)
Posted: 946555200000
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Surnames: Noonan
Margaret Noonan's parents were Jeremiah and Margaret from Feenagh Limerick. Would this be the same Jeremiah and were there any other siblings? Please help!


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Surnames: Oliver, O'Meara, O'Neill, O'Regan, O'Reilly-Dease, O'Shaughnessy, O'Sullivan, Palmer, Patterson, Peacock, Peacocke, Pearson, Peppard, Philips, Piele, Pigott, Pim, Pitts, Plummer, Pollock, Poole, Powell, Preston, Purcell, Quaid, Quin, Rafferty, Rahilly, Rea, Ready, Reardon, Reddin, Reeves, Reilly, Revington, Ribton, Rice, Rich, Richardson, Riordan, Silver, Dease, O'Reilly, Price, Brudenel, Hewitt, Sheppy
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Limerick, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Some owned property in Co. Limerick but lived elsewhere. Note, an unusual first or middle name may be the surname of a related family.

1. Richard C. D. Oliver, address Rockmills Lodge, Kildorrery, owned 427 acres.
2. Silver C. Oliver, address Dunkettle, Co. Cork,
owned 2,156 acres.
3. John O'Meara, address Knockbally, Fooken, Pallasgreen, owned 69 acres.
4. Charles O'Neill, address Thomas-street, Limerick,
owned 34 acres.
5. Bridget O'Neill, address Blossomhill, Rathkeale,
owned 8 acres.
6. Patrick O'Neill, same address, owned 1 acre.
7. Thaddeus O'Regan, address Mount Earl, Adare, owned 160 acres.
8. Matthew O'Reilly-Dease, address Ravenswell, Bray, Co. Dublin, owned 446 acres.
9. James O'Shaughnessy, address George-street, Limerick, owned 550 acres.
10. Michael O'Shaughnessy, Q.C., address Harcourt-street, Dublin, owned 114 acres.
11. Pat. O'Shaughnessy, address Kilteery Lodge, Loughill, owned 133 acres.
12. Thomas O'Shaughnessy, address 112, Lower Gardiner-street, Dublin, owned 2 acres.
13. W. H. O'Sullivan, address Kilmallock, owned 2 acres.
14. Robert S. Palmer, address 4, Trafalgar-square, London, owned 1,681 acres.
15. Dorothea Patterson, address Rathkeale, owned 237 acres.
16. Mary Peacock, address 1, Wave Crescent, Bray,
owned 128 acres.
17. G. F. Peacocke, address Bride-street, Dublin,
owned 647 acres.
18. Rev. Price Peacocke, Reps. of, address Limerick,
owned 12 acres.
19. Thomas G. Peacocke, address Paris, owned 33 acres.
20. Charles Pearson, Rep. of, address St. Andrew, Blandford, Dorset, owned 38 acres.
21. John Peppard, address Salestown, Dunboyne, Co. Meath, owned 278 acres.
22. Robert S. Peppard, same address, owned 93 acres.
23. Richard Philips, address Gale House, Cashel, owned 480 acres.
24. Capt. Wm. Philips, address Portarlington, owned 7 acres.
25. W. T. Piele, address St. John's Wood Park, Hampstead, owned 1,669 acres.
26. H. A. Robert Pigott, address Capard, Rosenallis, Queen's Co. (Laois), owned 3,477 acres.
27. Mrs. John Pigott, address Dromagh, Kanturk, owned 483 acres.
28. William Pigott, address St. Catherine's, Leixlip, owned 393 acres.
29. John Pim, address 93, Upper George's-st., Kingstown, owned 720 acres.
30. Catherine Pitts, address Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, owned 261 acres.
31. Brudenel Plummer, address Killoory Glebe, Causeway, Co. Kerry, owned 1,773 acres.
32. Rev. T. F. G. Plummer, Reps. of, address Newcastle, owned 495 acres.
33. William Pollock, no address given, owned 135 acres.
34. Rev. Hewitt Poole, address Fitzwilliam-st., Dublin, owned 45 acres.
35. Caleb Powell, address Clonshavoy, Barrington's-bridge, owned 224 acres.
36. James Powell, address Ballylanders, owned 5 acres.
37. Daniel D. Power, Reps. of, address Ballingarry,
owned 131 acres.
38. James Power, address Chesterfield, owned 119 acres.
39. William D. Power, address Clonshire, Adare,
owned 1,125 acres.
40. Rev. M. Preston, Reps. of, no address given, owned 36 acres.
41. John Purcell, Reps. of, address Allamira, Liscarroll, owned 279 acres.
42. Martin Quaid, address Rathkeale, owned 9 acres.
43. William Quaid, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 8 acres.
44. Lord George Quin, address Belgrave-sq., London,
owned 889 acres.
45. John Rafferty, address Gortakillean, Oola, owned 3 acres.
46. John Rahilly, address Kanturk, Co. Cork, owned 174 acres.
47. "Cork and Limerick Direct Railway Co.," address Limerick, owned a portion of one acre.
48. "Gt. S & W Railway Co.," address King's Bridge, Dublin, owned 297 acres.
49. "Limerick and Castleconnell Railway Co.," address Limerick, owned 90 acres.
50. "Limerick and Ennis Railway Co.," address Limerick, owned 37 acres.
51. "Limerick and Foynes Railway Co.," address Limerick, owned 293 acres.
52. "Limerick and Waterford Railway Co.," address Waterford, owned 243 acres.
53. "Rathkeale and Newcastle Railway Co.," address Waterford, owned 50 acres.
54. Henry Jas. Rea, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 316 acres.
55. Michael Ready, address Common, Ballingarry, owned 13 acres.
56. Robert Reardon, M.D., Reps. of, address Doneraile, owned 69 acres.
57. Thomas Reardon, M.D., Kildorrery, owned 79 acres.
58. David Reddin, Reps. of, address Pallaskenry, owned 15 acres.
59. Edward H. Reeves, address Castlekevin, Mallow, Co. Cork,, owned 1,208 acres.
60. Robert E. Reeves, address Capard, Rosenallis, Queen's Co. (Laois), owned 593 acres.
61. Hon. Mrs. Augusta Reilly, address St. Brigid's, Clonskeagh, Dublin, owned 411 acres.
62. Patrick Reilly, address Martinstown, Kilmallock,
owned 2 acres.
63. Thomas Revington, address Ardhue, Limerick, owned 50 acres.
64. Sir John Sheppy Ribton, Bart., address Woodbrook, Bray, owned 1,146 acres.
65. Edward Rice, address Clogheen, Tipperary, owned 626 acres.
66. Capt. John Rich, address Woodlands, Castleconnell, owned 36 acres.
67. Richardson (minors), address Doon, owned 111 acres.
68. Patrick Riordan, address Blossomhill, Rathkeale,
owned 4 acres.
69. James Riordan, same address, owned 3 acres.

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