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Descendants of John Bartlett (1760-1822) of NC

Descendants of John Bartlett (1760-1822) of NC

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Hi all.

I'm looking for the descendants of John BARTLETT (1760-1822) m. Agnes Fisher RENFRO (1770-1850) in North Carolina. Specifically, I'm trying to prove that they had a son, William, born ca 1798.

Any help is much appreciated.


Re: Descendants of John Bartlett (1760-1822) of NC

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Here is the info I have on John & Agnes BARTLETT of Buncombe Co, NC - my focus is on the census records, but I've had help on this line from researching descendants:

[F1B3A4]. John BARTLETT b 14 Dec 1760 Perquimans Co, NC; d 1820 Buncombe Co, NC; m c1789 Buncombe Co, NC Agnes “Aggy” FISHER RENFRO b 1770 Buncombe Co, NC; d 1890 Sevier Co, TN >[B0,1,2|3,4,5][Agnes was said to be an Orphan; raised by RENFRO family; also said to be 120 when she died

A. Sarah “Sally” BARTLETT b 1791 NC [B0,1,2,3,4,5]; never married

B. Mary “Polly” BARTLETT b 1794 NC [B0,1,2,3,4,5]; never married >[B6,7]

C. Alice “Alley” BARTLETT b 1795 NC [B0,1,2,5]; never married >[B6,7,8]

D. William BARTLETT III b 1798 NC [B0,1,2]; m 1824 Buncombe Co, NC Margaret “Peggy” _____ b 1802 Buncombe Co, NC; d 1863 Buncombe Co, NC (Black Mountain) >[B2,3,4,5|6,7,8] [ck 1820]

E. Nathan BARTLETT b 1801 NC [B1,2]; m Charlotte _____ b 1800 NC >[B3,4,5,6,7,8]

F. Rebecca BARTLETT b 1800 NC [B1,2,3,4,5] >[B7,8]

G. John W BARTLETT b 1804 NC [B1,2]; m Mary _____ >[NC:R4,5,6]

H. female b 1804-10 [B1,2,3] NC [probably m aft 1830]

I. Joshua BARTLETT b 1807 [B1,2]; m Sarah CREASMAN

J. James BARTLETT b 1809 Beetree Creek, NC [B1,2,3]; d c1848 Beetree Creek, NC; m 1831 Elizabeth BURNETT b 1811 NC >[B4|5];

NOTE 1: the letters and numbers in brackets after an individual or after the family are my codes for census records - [B1,2,3] means this person or family was in Buncombe Co, NC census in 1810, 20, and 30; it's just my system]

NOTE 2: the PROOF that William descends from this line is in the census records - all the BARTLETTs in Buncombe Co, NC appear to come from the same family. Take a look at these census extracts and see if you come to the same conclusion (and do you know how the loose ends fit together?):

1800 Buncombc Co, NC; Census [p161:25]:John BARTLETT 20010-30010 [John b 1755-74; wife b 1755-74] [F1B3A4]

1810 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p264:3]: John BARTLET 32001-21210 [John b bef 1765; wife b 1765-84] [F1B3A4]

1820 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p122:4]: William BARTLEY 000100-10100 [Wm b 1796-02; wife b 1796-04] [F1B3A4D]

1820 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p122:9]: John BARTLEY 021201-01311 [John b bef 1775; wife b bef 1775] [F1B3A4]

1830 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p270:28]: Agness BARTLETT 0000 1-0000 2200 1 [Agnes b 1760-70] [F1B3A4*]

1830 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p237:27]: John BARTLETT 1000 1-0001 3001 [John b 1800-10; wife b ?] [F1B3A4H]

1830 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p238:]: Nathan BARTLET 0000 1-0000 01 [Nat b 1800-10; wife b 1790-00] [ndx=BRTLETT] [F1B3A4G]

1830 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p243:1]: Wm BARTLET 2100 01-0020 01 [Wm b 1790-00; wife b 1790-00] [ndx=BRTLET] [F1B3A4D]

1840 Buncombe Co, NC (N Div); Census [p150:4]: Wm BARTLET 2210 001-0112 01 [looks like 0112 replaced an erased 1120] [Wm b 1790-00; wife b 1800-10] [ndx=BARTLES] [F1B3A4D]

1840 Buncombe Co, NC (S Div); Census [p151:16]: Js BARTLET 1100 01-1200 1 [Ja b 1800-10; wife b 1810-20] [F1B3A4J]

1840 Buncombe Co, NC (S Div); Census [p151:23]: Aggy BARTLET ?01-0000 1200 1 [Aggy b 1770-80] [F1B3A4*]

1840 Buncombe Co, NC (S Div); Census [p163:26]: Nath BARTLET 0000 01-0000 002 [Nath b 1800-10; sibings?] [F1B3A4E]

1850 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p246:691]: Nathan BARTLET 49 Farmer b NC; Charlotte 50 NC [F1B3A4E]

1850 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p260:883]: J W BARTLET 45 Farmer b NC; Elbert H 22 TN; Mary 43 TN; Elizabeth DAVIS 20; Vance 21; Emiline 14; Delphina 13 Fatina 11; …; all b TN [F1B3A4G]

1850 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p316:1639]: Aggy BARTLET 80; Sally 55; Polly 32 [sic]; Alley 30 [sic]; Rebecca 45; all b NC [near H BARTLETT 21] [ndx=BUTTL] [F1B3A4*,A,B,C,F]

1850 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p318:1663]: H BARTLET 21 Laborer; Sarah 18; all b NC; both Married within the year. [NC-07]

1850 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p318:1668]: Wm BARTLET 52 Laborer; Peggy 48; Rebecca 25; John 23twins; James 23 twins; Josh 22; Sarah 19; Riley 15; Fidilis 12; Jas P 4; John R 3/12; all b NC [ndx=BURTLET] [Jas P and John R are probably sons of Rebecca … jvb]

1850 Buncombe Co, NC; Census [p320:1702]: E (f) BARTLET 39 Farmer; Emoby/Emaley (f) 17; John W 16; Martha M 14; Sarah M 13; James H 11; Sophronia E 9; Marilda A 7; Jacob L S 5; Leah L 4; Geo A 2; all b NC [NC-06]

NOTE 3: the alternating letter/number code in brackets is my numbering system for this line, which is part of BARTLETT-DNA Group F. The ancestors of John are:

[F]. Robert BARTLETT 1603 England-1676 MA; m c1629 Mary WARREN (dau of Richard WARREN/Mayflower)

[F1]. Benjamin BARTLETT 1633-c1691; 1m Susannah JENNEY; 2m 1656 Sarah BREWSTER (dau Love /Mayflower)

[F1B]. Samuel BARTLETT 1660-bef 1713 m 1683 Hannah PABODIE

[F1B3]. Samuel BARTLETT 1691 MA-1749/50 MA; m 1725 Hannah CHURCHILL b 1697 MA (dau of John CHURCHILL & Rebecca DELARIO)

[F1B3A]. Samuel BARTLETT III b 1726 Plymouth, MA; d 7 Apr 1780 Plymouth, MA; 1m c1754 MA [?NC] Betsy MOORE b c1730; d bef 1764 NC; Samuel 2m 7 Aug 1766 Plymouth, MA Elizabeth JACKSON b c1736 (dau of John JACKSON & Mary RATCLIFFE MOORE)

Also with matching DNA are Joseph, Joshua and Nathan BARTLETT from Southern VA and Northern NC (who settled in White/Overton Co, TN by 1800) - same generation as John, and probably about 1st cousins; and John BARTLETT d 1801 Greene Co, KY (he married Priscilla). These two families are closely related to the Buncombe Co, NC BARTLETTs, but we haven't found the link yet.

Many researchers believe the link is with the RENFROs - do you know anything about the RENFRO line?

Thanks again for posting; I hope to hear more from you.

Jim Bartlett

Re: RENFRO-DNA and Descendants of John Bartlett (1760-1822) of NC

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As you read through my previous post you'll note the very important role that DNA has played in sorting out this family, and tying it back to the Mayflower BARTLETTs in Plymouth, MA.

I highly encourage RENFRO researchers and genealogists to participate in the RENFRO-DNA Project. There are many RENFROs in Southern VA and Northern NC and getting DNA from male descenants will really help us sort them out (there are at least 3 very distinct BARTLETT lines from Southern VA, and DNA shows they don't relate for over 1,000 years - so we are now looking for records to link the matching DNA lines and don't need to look for records to link the different lines - it's really focused our research efforts).

You can have the same success with the RENFRO-DNA Project; all it needs is participants from the various lines. It is best to get at least 2 participants (widely separated cousins with a paper trail to a common RENFRO) from each line - when their DNA results match, you've validated, or proven, the paper trail back to the common ancestor. Different DNA results initially would indicate different RENFRO lines. If you're lucky and get minor changes in the DNA results, it will help sort out how the lines are connected and which research to focus on.

Although DNA is only a tool (it doesn't tell you your pedigree), it is extremely accurate, and therefor a very powerful tool. You can't say that about records, which are often inaccurate. But in the end you need both.

I encourage male RENFROs to participate in the RENFRO-DNA Project (female researchers: get your brothes, uncles, dad, cousins involved - give them a DNA kit as a very interesting/fun giftj; take a DNA kit to your next reunion) and move RENFRO research and genealogy to a new level.

Jim Bartlett
Admin Bartlett-DNA Project
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