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DNA Research?

Posted: 1384719015000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Beardsley, Beardslee
Are there any people with the Beardsley or Beardslee surname interested in testing and sharing dna information?

I have compiled information on nine people who have tested either y-dna or family finder (autosomal). Seven of the nine have lineages going back to William Beardsley (the immigrant, husband of Mary Harvie) and our dna confirms the close family relationship. Two of the testers' results indicate that they do not descend genetically from a Beardsley ancestor. Based on this data we have a fairly good dna baseline for the Beardsley family, but the sample size is still too small to clearly define the family lines (though some patterns are hinted at).

There are two new tests available for the y-dna, Full Genomes and the Big Y test just announced by ftdna. These tests are relatively pricey, but would reveal a tremendous amount of information for those interested in using dna to define/confirm lineages within the Beardsley family.

If there are others who have tested, or plan to test, I would be very happy to share the information I have. I have put together an Excel spreadsheet with the known information which I am willing to send to other testers so that we can compare and analyze results.

John Beardsley

Re: DNA Research?

Posted: 1386032208000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Beardsley, Birdseye, Harvie, Wilcockson
Hi John--

I'm a William and Margaret Wilcockson descendant, and am the admin for the Wilcox DNA project.

Our folks arrived on 'The Planter' with your folks and, in fact, many of the older genealogies identify our Margaret as a Beardsley/Birdseye. More recent research suggests she was a Harvie --another surname which should be familiar to descendants of 'The Planters' passengers.

I would be happy to assist you in setting up a Beardsley project at FTDNA --currently, the Beardsley testers seem to be folded in with variants of Beezley. Please feel free to contact me at

Lisa Wilcox

Re: DNA Research?

Posted: 1386036802000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Beardsley,Beardslee, Birdseye, Birdsly,Harvie
Hello Lisa,

Yes, Harvie is a very familar surname to us. William Beardsley was married to Mary (or Marie) Harvie, this couple are believed to be the original Beardsley immigrants to the US. They are my 9th great grandparents.

The Birdseye surname is also familiar, I believe it was originally a variation of Beardsley, along with Birdsly and Beardslee and a few others.

Beardsley testers are currently grouped in with the Beasley surname project, correct. I've been thinking strongly about setting up a true Beardsley surname project, but had been waiting until more of our surname test there.

John Beardsley

Re: DNA Research?

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Classification: Query
An independent project is likely to attract more participants, particularly when the admin shares the surname. Just sayin'

Re: DNA Research?

Posted: 1386039363000
Classification: Query
Agreed. :-) I just completed the application to create a surname project.


Re: DNA Research?

Posted: 1386044293000
Classification: Query
Yay you!!!!

Do feel free to contact me at the above adress or through the project page if I can help in any way.

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