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Mine Fatalities -- 1912

Mine Fatalities -- 1912

Tom Price (View posts)
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Surnames: Mira, Kukaruk, O'Boyle, Pipin, Stancavitch, Green, Murrick, Horosko, Yuchak, Zatawesky, Davis, Regi, Ruba, Jacobs
This morning when I was at the Anthricite Museum researching mine accidents, I copied the following and want to share them. They are from 1912, all are from the Scranton area, and all are fatal accidents. They are in the format: 

Date, Name, Nationality, Occupation, Age, Married/Single, # of Widows, # of Orphans, Name of Mine, Nature and Cause of Accident in Brief.

Jan. 3, Salvator MIRA, Italian, Miner, 42, M, 1, 5, Pennsylvania No. 1, Fatally injured by falling under cars.  He was riding on cars on his way home from No. 2 shapt to No. 1 breaker.  Died the next day.  Outside.

Jan. 3, John KUKARUK, Polish, Laborer, 22, S, Diamond, Instantly killed by falling down shaft.  He was working the Reider Vein.  On the way home he must have got confused and opened the self-closing gate at the foot and fell down shaft.

Feb. 6, Patrick O'BOYLE, Irish, Machine runner, 45, M, 1, Underwook, Killed at foot of shaft by being struck by piece of "Billy" block, which was broked by cross head.  It became stuck in shaft while bucked twa descending by later released itself and fell.  Shaft was being sunk.

Feb. Mike PIPIN, Slavonian, Laborer, 22, S, Pennsylvania No. 1, Killed by fall of roof at face of chamber. The miner left chamber in unsafe condition.

Feb. 13, Frank STANCAVITCH, Polish, Driver, 19, S, Pine Brook, Killed by miner cars on main road.  His lamp fell off his cap and while picking lamp up he was caught by the cars.

Feb. 15, Frederick GREEN, Scotch, Motorman, 21, S, Von Storch, Killed by mine cars on main road.  He fell off motor while teaching his brakeman to run it.

Feb. 16, Peter MURRICK, Slavonian, Laborer, 22, S, Pennslyvania No. 1, Killed by being struck by piece of roof that fell off rib in pillar place. The miner had told the laborer not to work there.

Feb. 29, Anthony HOROSKO, Polish, Miner, 44, M, 1, 3, Pancoast, Fatally injured by premature blast at face. Died March 9.

Mar. 7, Mike YUCHAK, Slavonian, Laborer, 22, S, Green Ridge, Fatally injured by fall of roof at pillar place.  Died a few hours later.

Mar. 7,  Thomas ZATAWESKY, Lithuanian, Miner, 44, M, 1, 5, Pancoast, Fatally killed by delayed blast at face.  He thought the squib had missed fire and returned too soon.

Mar. 15, William R. DAVIS, American, Bratticeman, 33, M, 1, 5 Diamond, Killed by setting off a pocked to gas at face of abandoned chamber.

Mar. 26, Otto REGI, German, Miner, 38, M, 1, 2, Pine Brook, Instantly killed by premature blast at face.

Mar. 27, Thordore RUBA, Slavonian, Miner, 39, M, 1, 6, Pancoast, Instantly killed by fall of roof 25 feet from face.

Mar. 23, Martin JACOBS, Lithuanian, Miner, 51, M, 1, 3, Von Storch, Fatally injured by premature blast at face.  He forced tight cartridge into hole with a steel drill, died May 25.

Hope this helps someone.  BTW, William R. DAVIS was married to my grandmother's sister.  If anyone connects, e-mail me direct.

Re: Mine Fatalities lackawanna & luzerne co

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Surnames: DAVIS
please let me know about how much info could i find at this anthracite museum...i am under impression my g-grandfather joseph davis aged 24 was killed in mine or industrial accident ca 1890, 91. lackawanna & luzerne cos both inform me they dont carry death records prior 1893. my brother & i found many websites on various accidents all over those counties and found 100's of victims' names, none of which is joseph davis, only a jas davis in ashley mine 1890. so i might need to pay a visit to this museum if there is enough info there. please let me know before i make the trip. the trip would be an effort financially & timewise...

Re: Mine Fatalities -- 1912

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Mr. Price....This is a wonderful gesture you've made to provide details of mine fatalities by posting this 1912 list online.

I am originally from the Wilkes-Barre area and would like to learn where this Anthracite Museum is located? I have been trying to locate a website that provides such data on a yearly basis, but they seem to be few and far between. Or, perhaps, I'm just looking in the wrong places!

I will be making a holiday visit "back home" within the week and would like to find out if this museum has any holiday hours?

Thank you again for your consideration.

Mary O'Donnell Mulcahy

Re: Mine Fatalities -- 1912

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I live in this area (Lackawanna County) and the Anthracite Museum is located in Scranton. If you are interested in Mining and the heritage of the coal industry (particularly if it is in your ancestry) you will love the visit to the museum and Steamtown National Historic Park (with authentic coal trains and steam locomotives). The website with hours and directions can be found here:

The Lackawanna Historic Society is nearby and the Lackawanna County Courthouse as well I would suggest a visit to the Albright Memorial Library on Vine Street in Scranton It is a beautiful building that houses many records including newspaper archives, directories and other historic memorabilia. If you are doing an extensive search, plan on many hours there.

Of course, the county was once all part of Luzerne. If you are going back beyond the forming of Lackawanna, you would have to make the treck (about 40 minutes drive) to Luzerne County Courthouse for the records there.

I would suggest calling the above places first, before you visit, to make sure of their holdings and the dates they cover.

Good Luck and best wishes!

Re: Mine Fatalities -- 1912

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I was thrilled to see this post --- I have been doing my family research and several of my relatives -- Schoens --were killed in the mines in and around Scranton, Pennsylvania. I've been to the Anthracite Museum many times --- was there when thy opened it, in fact! I grew up not too far away and my family still lives in the area. It's located in McDade Park near Keyser Avenue in West Side. It is a great place and you can even take a ride in a coal car down into the mines! If you can't find it, email me directly and I'll be happy to give you directions on how to get there. I can be reached at I have some info on the Schoen family as well back to about 1860 so far, but am still looking for a Jacob, Charles and Andrew Schoen from Scranton.

Re: Mine Fatalities -- 1912

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I have a William Davis in my family tree that was born between 1822-1851 and died between 1874-1914. He was married to a Mary Evans who was born between 1831-1854 and died sometime between 1875 - 1925. They had a daughter Jane Davis born on June 19, 1873 and died Feb 8, 1958. Jane had a son Elfred born July 28, 1905. Elfred married Ethel Schoen (born Feb 13, 1909) and that is how the connection is made into the Schoen Family, at least as far as I've found so far. I hope this helps! If I can help anyone or if someone has information on the Schoen Family from Scranton, Pennsylvania, please email me directly at

Re: Mine Fatalities -- 1912

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Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I have made note of the locations and links you suggested and will be following up on them in the coming months.

My father, both grandfathers and many uncles were all coal miners in the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton area, so you can understand my interest in the history of Coal Mining in that area.

Good luck in all your searching.

Mary M.

Re: Mine Fatalities lackawanna & luzerne co

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1900JUL14 died DAVIS, JOSEPH age 22 PETTEBONE breaker Fatal 93 59

I have a little more information about this accident if interested.

from Jerry
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