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sohland Family

sohland Family

Posted: 1269580797000
Classification: Query
Does anyone have access to Milwaukee directories from 1885 to about 1903? I'm hoping to find the elusive SOHLAND family.
Although I cannot find him (so far) on a census index, Alfred Frederic Shefer-Sohland and possibly others of the Sohland family seem to have lived in Milwaukee off and on from at least 1885 until 1902 when they came to Allentown PA. I wonder if the name was butchered in transcription (as I often find) anyway I found this confirmation that they were there:

The Milwaukee Sentinel, Thursday, November 19, 1885, page 6, column E, under:
F. J. Bigelow and wife to L. F. Sohland: lots 20 and 24, Block 16, Ludington’s Addition, 10th Ward, $370.

Not sure if this is the father of Alfred, who claimed to have been born in Chicago IL, although I have not found him there either as of yet. He and brother (?) William Sohland turn up on the census from 1910 on, but mysteriously I cannot seem to find them before this time, except for the following from 1908 where much of my info comes from.

From 1908 US Passport Application:
I, Alfred Frederic Shefer-Sohland, a NATIVE and LOYAL citizen of the UNITED STATES, hereby apply to the Department of State, at Washington, for a passport for myself, accompanied by my wife, Dora L., and minor children as follows: Minnie D., born at Milwaukee Wis., on the 2 of January 1900 and Manfred E., born at Allentown Pa., May 22, 1905, my wife, Dora L., was born March 28th 1877 at Hannover Germany.
I solemnly Swear that I was born at Chicago in the State of Illinois, on or about the 16th day of August 1872, my father was a citizen of the United States; that I am domiciled in the United States, my present residence being at Allentown in the State of Pennsylvania, where I follow the profession of Merchant;

Re: sohland Family

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Classification: Census
Surnames: SCHAFER

Name: Fred Schafer
[Freda Schafer]
Home in 1900: Milwaukee Ward 6, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age: 26
Birth Date: Aug 1873
Birthplace: Germany
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1895
Relationship to Head of House: Head
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany
Spouse's name: Dora
Marriage Year: 1898
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 2
Residence : Milwaukee City, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Name: Dora Schafer
Home in 1900: Milwaukee Ward 6, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age: 28
Birth Date: Mar 1872
Birthplace: Germany
Race: White
Gender: Female
Immigration Year: 1896
Relationship to Head of House: Wife
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany
Mother: number of living children: 1
Mother: How many children: 1
Spouse's name: Fred
Marriage Year: 1898
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 2
Residence : Milwaukee City, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Name: Minnie Schafer
[Mimie Schafer]
Home in 1900: Milwaukee Ward 6, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age: 4/12
Birth Date: Jan 1900
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relationship to Head of House: Daughter

Re: sohland Family

Posted: 1269790086000
Classification: Biography
Surnames: SOHLAND

Alfred F Sohland
Born: 16 Aug 1874
Chicago, [county], Illinois, USA
Died: 23 Mar 1956
Allentown, [county], Pennsylvania, USA
FATHER Augustus Sohland

Dora L Stuenkel
Born: 28 Mar 1877
Hannover, [county], [state], Germany
Died: 13 Apr 1953
Allentown, [county], Pennsylvania, USA

Minnie Doris Sohland
Born: 1 Jan 1900
[city], [county], Wisconsin, USA
Died: 27 Nov 1993
Lebanon, [county], Pennsylvania, USA

Manfred Sohland
Born: 29 Oct 1916
Allentown, [county], Pennsylvania, USA
Died: abt 1920

Re: sohland 1900 and before

Posted: 1269805150000
Classification: Query
Surnames: sohland
Thanks for the reply! We have and probably posted these items you referenced here. They all come from claims Alfred Sohland and his wife made later on in Pennsylvania. The problem is, we have no actual record of the Sohland family, like on 1880 or 1900 census, or Chicago or Milwaukee directory listings from before that time. Therefore Alfred’s true origins, whether he really was even born in this country or served in the Spanish American War, as he later claimed, are a mystery.
He does not seem to be related to the “Soland” (minus the h) family in Illinois at that time and William Julius Sohland, who pops up at the same time in Allentown and later Dauphin Co. Pa., listed Alfred as “person who will always know your address” on his WWII Draft card and on that document he claimed his “Place of birth Allentown Pa.”, while earlier (1910-20) he claimed he had been born in Saxony and was an “alien” on his WWI Draft Card. Alfred Sohland on the other hand dosent seem to have either draft record and I find no trace of him before 1908. He had to be somewhere. Did he actually come with (brother?) William only in 1905? Where his two children born outside the Midwest?
That would explain his/their not being in US records before that time, however I do find these tantalizing clues from Wisconsin in 1885-90 that I posted earlier.
I’m anxious to see any reference to the SOHLAND family name from before 1908.
Thanks! Ron S

Re: sohland Family

Posted: 1269807075000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Schafer, Sohland, Stünkel
WOW! You nailed it! Thank you so much as I'd been looking for this unsuccessfully since I found the passport app. This gives me the idea that he, they must be in the directory under Schafer?

By the way, thought you might like to see the "rumors" I've gotten from the other side of the Atlantic that make me question Alfred's identity and origin. Researching this in Germany has me stumped right now, those I've contacted have no idea how to proceed.

Distant cousin Georg wrote me from Germany 23 Sep 1998:
First of all, Alfred Sohland was born in Austria and yes, he had a conflict with the law, he killed somebody in a duel (Zweikamf um Ehre?). This was the reason to leave Germany, at first alone, his wife Dora Stünkel followed. But they came back later to Germany together with a son and a daughter Dora, took a flat in Hannover and he, Alfred, went near the border to Austria to get money from his “Erbschaft” (Inheritance). My mother told me that he had success and they left Germany immediately and in time. Some days later police asked for him. So they had luck.
But during the passage to USA they had bad luck: their son died because of Typhus and they had to bury him on sea. My mother is convinced that this is the very reason that they never came back. Again: at the moment, the classification must be ‘rumor’ …
In a postscript Georg added Sat, 24 Oct 1998:
My mother Hedwig again confirmed the story of a journey of Alfred and Dora Sohland back to Germany with more details: it must be in 1909 or so (actually it was 1908) because my grandmother Emma=Emmy was in the age of 17 and her aunt Dora asked her to go with them (good for me that she decided to stay in Germany;-)). And my mother confirmed explicit that Emma didn’t use the word aunt as children often do to adults. By the way, if the story is true, the secret police missed them and they lost a son (???) during the journey back on the Atlantic.

Of course I'd love to uncover the full story if anyone has any ideas of a next step?

Re: sohland 1900 and before

Posted: 1269807536000
Classification: Query
Minnie's birth is recorded in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Indexed at as:

Minna D. Schaefer
b. 2 January 1900

*note-- let me know if you need the information from this record. If so, I can obtain a copy for you at the Milwaukee Public Library. Or relay the information contained in the birth record.

Re: Schaefer-sohland 1900 and before

Posted: 1270061088000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Schaefer-sohland, Schaefer, Sohland
Thank you so much for Minnie's birth! So it is recorded in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin under Schaefer. Yes, if you can see the family info on this that would be great!

How much would it cost for a copy from Milwaukee Public Library? I'd also like to see Milwaukee address book listings for Schaefer, Fred or Alfred. Of course it may be listed as hyphenated name Schaefer-Sohland, probably from 1895 when he claimed to arrive to about 1903.

According to 1900 census they lived at 516 Walnut Street at that time. Interesting that his occupation is "artist" because after re-inventing (?) himself in Allentown (and claiming to be a native, Chicago born American) he became a very successful businessman.

Also, is there a naturalization index for Milwaukee County?

Thanks for all the help! We'd been chasing false leads on these fasinating folks, finding them listed as Schaefer
clears up some of the mystery.

Of course there is always plenty more mystery to solve as the world turns!
Thanks again!
Ron in Seattle

Re: Schaefer-sohland 1900 and before

Posted: 1270213134000
Classification: Query

Hard copy of birth record and 1900 City of Milwaukee directory listing found. Contact me and I will pop this into the postal. No cost. I couldn't locate this family in directory listings prior to or after 1900.


Re: Schaefer-sohland 1900 and before

Posted: 1270775256000
Classification: Query
Thank you Carolyn, received it today, you are a wonderful help to our research!

Re: sohland 1900 and before

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1363823548000
Surnames: Sohland Soland
"... The problem is, we have no actual record of the Sohland family, like on 1880 or 1900 census, or Chicago or Milwaukee directory listings from before that time ..."

No Sohland or Soland entries (so far) in "Milwaukee's German Newspapers; an index of death notices and related items" (1844-1950).
Gary Rebholz, compiler/editor
Milwaukee Wis.
Indexing Milwaukee's German newspapers continuously since 2007... helping to access our historic German-American culture.
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